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CONTENTS: Oral presentation instructions and guidelines for 8 graders.


1. - Introduction:
To start your presentation correctly you MUST greet the class and teacher, introducing yourself.
Give your name and grade. Then give the audience the topic of your presentation.
Example: Good morning teacher and class, my name is _______________. Im in 8 th grade _____. Im
here today to talk/speak about/ show, present, introduce my favorite sport.
2. Table of contents:
To continue with your presentation appropriately, you must show the table of contents. This is
done to let your audience follow and know the key points of your presentation. To name each
number, use the ordinal ones.
Example: To begin with/First of all/To start with, I will mention/show/indicate/point out the main
points of my presentation. First (1st) I will give you general information about the sport. Second,
Ill mention/show/indicate the sport history, Then etc.
3. About the sport: Here you give general facts about the sport.
Example: Here you can see a picture of my fav. sport which is _________________. (Then give the
4. Brief history of the sport: Here you provide information about the historical background
of the spot. (Show pictures).
Example: To continue/next/ to move on, I will show/indicate/point out a brief historical
background of ___________________.
5. Brief description of the sport objective: Here you have to provide general information
about the objective of the spot, including the points from the PPT.
Example: To continue, in _____________ you have to ________________ (provide information).
6. Rules of the sport. Here you have to mention the sport rules. You have to present a
minimum of 5 rules. You can find them on the web.
Example: Here you can see a picture of _____________ and Ill mention the 5 most important rules
of it.
7. Sport equipment: In this section you have to describe the equipment of the sport. Try to be
precise and concise, use words that you know. Remember to keep it simple, use the vocabulary
list from your notebook.
Example: To play/go/do ______________ you need ______________, ______________, etc. (list of
8. Remarkable athletes: Name and briefly describe 4 famous athletes from the sport. Use
words that you know and try to give details, for example, to the teams they play. Be precise.
Keep it simple. Then choose one of the athletes and provide additional information as a mini
biography. Include: date and place of birth, age, and personal achievements.
Example: These are some of the most remarkable athletes in ___________________. To add more
information to my presentation, I will provide a mini biography of _____________________.
9. Conclusion: This is the last point of your presentation. Here you must present the benefits
of the sport.
Example. To conclude, I can say that _______________ is the most _______________ sport. Besides it
helps me to __________________, __________________, ___________________ and __________________.