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Name: Andrs Julian Useche

Date: 26-10-2015
GroupsCode: 1025127

Read the text and then answer the questions below PORTABLE POWER TOOLS




Personal Protective Equipment

Power tools present more hazards than hand tools due to the speed at which they operate. There are distinct differences
between the PPE suggested for use with hand tools and the PPE recommended for safe power tool use.
Eye protection, such as safety glasses or goggles, is especially important when using power tools. The speed in which drills,
saws, grinders, sanders and routers operate can propel small particles much faster and farther than do hand tools. Others
working around the area where power tools are used should also wear protective eyewear. Certain power tools may require
using a face shield, in addition to safety glasses or goggles. For example, a face shield is recommended while using a grinder,
due to the amount of hot metal particles generated.
Standard cotton or leather work gloves can protect your hands from minor scrapes and cuts while working with various
materials. Cut-resistant gloves are not designed for, or capable of providing protection against a moving blade or bit. The best
way to prevent injury from moving parts is to keep your hands on the tools' handles and keep all guards in place. Anti-vibration
gloves minimize the vibration created by hammerdrills and rotary hammerdrills.
Safety footwear is recommended when using power tools. Power tools are heavy and can cut you. Safety shoes with a
nonslip, insulated sole and a steel toe protect against dropped objects and misdirected electricity.
The higher sound levels generated by some power tools, especially if used over extended periods of time, may require the use
of earplugs or earmuffs.Even the use of a dust respirator may be necessary in sanding and cutting operations. Each
situation must be analyzed to determine the type of PPE that is required for the safe use of each type of power tool.
Along with PPE, proper attire is also important while using power tools. Tie back or cover long hair, wear loose fitting clothes
and remove all jewelry to avoid being caught in moving blades.
Proper Work Practices
Portable power tools are designed for a wide variety of uses. Circular saws, jig saws, drills,hammer drills, sanders,
grinders, routers and numerous other power tools save us time and effort on the job. The growing popularity of cordless
battery-operated tools is putting power tools to use in more places than ever before, heightening the need for awareness of
the dangers they present if not operated properly. The following safety rules are common to all power tools. In addition, each
type of tool has its own unique hazards, which must be taken into account.


What does PPE stand for? : Personal protective equipment


What is the main difference between power tools and hand tools (paragraph 1)?: The rate at which work: power tools more

c. What are safety glasses or goggles examples of? : They are elements of eye safety, which prevent particles from
entering our eyes. They are example of visual protection.

d. What is the biggest problem when operating a power tool? Paragraph 2 : The biggest
problem operating a power tool is the amount of chips or particles expel certain elements
to be worked. They can propel small particles.

e. Is a face shield a power tool? What is it?: Face shield. No, it isnt. It is a PPE.


Why is it advisable to wear a a face shield: By protecting the face, eyes and nose of hot particles that can expel
the elements that are working. Due to the hot metallic particles generated.

g. According to paragraph 3. Is it possible to protect your hands from grinders with gloves?:

h. Why? Its best to keep your hands on the handles of the tools they are using.


How can you protect your hand from injures? The best way is to keep your hands on the
handles of the tool.


What do anti-vibration gloves do? Minimize vibration created by rotary hammer drills &
hammer drills.

k. Why can power tools cut you? They can cut due to working speed.


How can you prevent foot injuries? Using safety boots.

m. What characteristics should your working boots have? Safety boots should have slipresistant soles, should be isolated and must have steel toes.

n. Why should tools operators wear earplugs in the working area? We must use any power
tools as much noise emitted.

o. What does a dust respirator help workers for? It helps to prevent your airway from dust bouncing some materials.

p. Besides PPE what else can you do to avoid accidents? Use extreme caution and operate the tools correctly.

q. What does attire means in Spanish?


What is the principal advantage of using Power Tools (paragraph 8 )? Save time and effort.

s. What is a good translation for cordless battery-operated tools ? The best definition is that "They are tools
that do not need to be connected to the power to use them."

t. What is the best title for this text in Spanish? Occupational safety.