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Present and future of social farming in

EU and in non EU countries – The role

of National Rural Network
Alessandro Monteleone – Rete Rurale Nazionale

Pisa, 27 maggio 2009

Main questions to discuss
• National Rural Development Policy →
Strategic priorities linked to quality of life
in rural areas and to social farming
• The role of National Rural Network
Rural development policy in Italy

1 National Strategic Plan (NSP)

21 Rural development programs (RDP)

1 National Program «Rural Network »

Drafted under the responsibility of

Ministry of Agricultural, Food and
Forestry Policies
Rural development policy in Italy

1 National Strategic Plan (NSP)

21 Rural development programs (RDP)

1 National Program «Rural Network »

Regions are the Managing Authorities

and responsible for the implementation
of RDPs
Rural development policy in Italy

1 National Strategic Plan (NSP)

21 Rural development programs (RDP)

1 National Program «Rural Network »

“Agricultural Policy” Ministry is the

Managing Authority

80 million of Euros for “EU compulsory”

and “national” measures
NSP: strategic priorities
 Enhancement of the attractiveness of rural territories: the
objective aims at creating external economies that favour … the
maintenance of minimum standards in the quality of the life of the
resident populations in rural areas.

 Key actions: creation of an adequate network of services for the

population that in and of itself contributes to creating local micro-
enterprises, in the field of information about employment
opportunities, culture and leisure time, health, home care for
persons, local transport systems, aid to children and help in entering
the world of work

 Target groups: youth, women, the elderly, seasonal and non-EU

workers, and persons in situations of hardship and exclusion

 In particular: promoting and supporting is tied to productive

enterprises, including agriculture and service, that operate in the
field of social agriculture (use of the farm for the satisfaction of social
needs, such as the recovery and inclusion of less favoured subjects,
didactic activities for school, etc.)
RDPs: thipology of interventions
1. Asili e asili nido
2. servizi integrativi e sperimentali per la prima infanzia (servizi ludico-
3. offerta di servizio di nido in famiglia
4. comunità di tipo familiare mamma-bambino o per persone con
5. alloggi e centri diurni per anziani
6. recupero di soggetti diversamente abili e/o a quella del benessere
personale e relazionale (ad esempio: attività assistita con l’impiego
di animali, horticultural therapy, ecc.),
7. avviamento al lavoro e formazione di soggetti deboli:
a. diversamente abili
b. detenuti
c. tossicodipendenti
The role of Rural National Network
Supporting the implementation of RDPs
- developing analysis and monitoring
- implementing supporting instruments on innovative and strategic
Territorial animation
- Regularly disseminating information concerning opportunities and
... and Networking through:
- involving new and different actors to stimulate discussion and
dialogue between peers
- promoting dialogue with other formal or informal networks
- overcoming the sectoral isolation of rural development
Rural National Network: organization
O rg a n iz za zio n e U N A C – R e te ru ra le n a zio n a le
U n ità d i
G e stio n e & C o o rdin am e n to

T a s k fo rc e T a s k fo rc e TF T TF T
R e te L e a d er M o nito ra gg io & V alu ta zio n e T em i s tra te g ic i B u o n e p ratic h e
C o o p era z io n e
& S u p p o rto ai P S R & In no v az io n i

U n ità d i s u pp o rto o riz zo nta le R is o rs e id ric h e

A m b ien te &
S u o lo
S e gre te ria tec n ic a d el C on d iz io n a lità
“T av o lo p erm an e n te di p arte n a ria to ” e C a m biam e nti c lim atic i
d e llo “O s s e rv a to rio in te rre g io n a le F o re s te
s u ll’ev o lu zion e d e lle zo ne rurali” B ioe n e rg ie
P a e s a g g io B io d iv ers ità
S ta ff C om un ic az io n e P ro ge tta z io n e
ed o rg a n izz a zio n e E v e n ti In teg ra ta e d i filie ra

In te gra zio n e fra

S taff S R e a ltre p o litic h e
L eg ale
G iov a ni

S ta ff P ari o pp o rtu n ità

T ra du zio n i & in terpreta riato
C o m pe titività

S ta ff
S is tem i in form a tivi

S ta ff
S e g re te ria
Rural National Network and social farming
Start up of national working group with institutional actors and other
stakeholders involved in the social farming (scientific and operational
Cooperation with other national rural networks
Participation with experts to the national and international communities
of practice
Promoting practical exchange of experiences and, if possible, pilot
Animation of institutional level responsible for the implementation of
RDPs and others Institutions responsible of welfare and socio-cultural
Monitoring at regional the level of the implementation of social farming
financed interventions
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