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BS Psychology IV-

ACTIVITY 4: Literary Standards

Identify one literary piece assigned to you and critique it according to
the different areas. Explain briefly
Title: Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Role of Literature
achieved by the piece







The role that the peom Tree achieved, for me, is it was a
source of pleasure. You can be entertained by the way every
line of the stanza rhymes. Aside from that, it can show you
how lovely a tree is by its parts and that only God can make a
The poem has an aesthetic appeal in the sense that it gives a
picture of a tree wherein each part is described like its
branches which looks like leafy arms. Also, I can imagine a
tree in my mind and for me it gives a refreshing feeling.
As mentioned, I can form an image of a tree in my mind while
reading this poem and so I can think that like a tree, I am
created by God. With this, I can infer that I will value my life
as well as I will use my parts like my hands to help those in
need and praise God.
As I read this poem, I am delighted and positive because of
the poems simplicity and truthfulness. It lets you envision a
tree with its different parts as well as how it looks in different
seasons of summer and winter. It seems that this poem leads
you to a vision of a beautiful scene in nature, with trees all
around, and how it gives you a relaxing feeling.
This poem definitely reminds me to become a better person
because I am created by God. This also inspires me to spread
Gods love for me and be of help to others through my
course. It also tells me that like a tree, in my own simple way,
I can praise God by loving all his creations.
I remembered that I have read this poem when I was in
elementary but as I read it again, it doesnt fail to give me a
wonderful and lovely feeling. It gives me more insights about
my life and my existence. It reminds me of my purpose in life.
For me, this poem is always relevant. No matter how young
or old you are, I can really say that you can get a nice feeling
while reading this poem. No matter where you are from,
regardless of gender or culture, this poem is always timely for
it can give fresh insights about life.


This literary piece is distinct because such a simple 8-lined

poem can evoke different positive feelings. I like how the
author expresses his appreciation of a tree and how simple
are his words that you can easily read and understand.
Lastly, I love how he forms an idea of a tree and how he
recognized God as the mighty creator

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