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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Final Requirement and Examination

Name (Surname, First Name/s, Middle Initial)
Course, Year and Section
Student Number
Email Address
General Direction/Instruction: Read the instructions and questions well. Supply the
necessary answers demanded in one rtf file, named after your surname. Use the
format in this questionnaire. Feel free to use more space or add pages.


Plant a tree and document the activity. One tree per individual person (20pts)
1. Identify the species name and common name of the tree to be planted
(Species) Syzygium myrtifolium (common name) Eugenia
2. Photograph the seed, seedling, or nursed plant before planting.

3. Take a photo of the exact area for planting before the activity

4. Take a photo while planting the tree (digging, embedding, and

application of organic soil fertilizer like compost)

5. Take a selfie with the planted tree when it is at least 10 cm. tall.


Modified Essay. Identify and enumerate the biotic and abiotic factors that are
necessary for the survival of the tree. (10 pts)
The tree survived the ecosystem because of the components that exist as
it grows. The sunlight, water, soil (Edaphic factors), minerals, and rocks were
some of the most noticeable factors that affected its growth. There was no
necessary type of soil needed for a Eugenia, as long as the soil is not dry.
And it is needed to be watered everyday and absorb sunlight. Temperature,
wind, sun, precipitation, and humidity, called meteorological factors, were
also necessary in its deveopment, same with Carbon dioxide and other
gaseous materials. For its biotic factors, the earthworms that fertiles the soil,

any animal that gives off carbon dioxide, and the bacteria in the decomposed
manure were also necessary for its growth.

Essay. What are the general benefits from one tree? (5 pts)
One single tree absolutely gives you limited benefits than what a forest or
a group of trees may provide you. Bet even if they are alone, they still have
priceless worth for its benefits. It can provide shelter and warmth, and/or can
be your rendesvouz for an informal meeting, since it is also providing shed. It
bears fruits, could be a source of food good for snack, or merely make it
medicinal. Since it takes off oxygen, you can create fire beneath its leaves.
You can also have some fun climbing it up or staying beside it. It can absorb
an average of about 10 kg of carbon dioxide (if it is broad leafed) a year. And
last, its roots can absorb excess water or simply small floods.


Essay. Describe the benefits from a forest. (5 pts)

We, people, already have an inherent concept understanding that forest
is the lungs of the earth, and it works against climate change by stabilizing
the climate in general. It regulates the water cycle by absorbing and
redistributing rainwater equally to every species living within its range, which
is known as the economy of water. Generally, forests provide perfect habitats
for life to prosper on land. For a clear enlisting of the benefits from a forest,
see below.
Reduce flooding and low flow events by intercepting runoff and
mprove water quality by slowing the rate at which rainfall runoff flows to
and streams and trapping, using, or breaking down some of the
pollutants and
nutrients that are harmful to water quality
Improve water quality by lowering water temperatures with shade over
Provide fallen leaves to feed soil and aquatic organisms
Improve groundwater quality by increasing the amount of rainfall runoff
percolates into the soil and replenishes our main source of drinking
water, and by
breaking down or capturing toxins
Improve air quality, especially in the summer when air quality is often
compromised, by lowering temperatures, filtering dust, and absorbing
carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, airborne ammonia,
and heavy
metals, and by releasing oxygen


Help counteract the greenhouse effect and global climate change by

taking carbon
out of the atmosphere and storing it in the form of wood, and by
reducing winter
heating and summer cooling energy demands
Reduce erosion and help the soil recuperate where trees are planted
Reduce summer temperature extremes and air conditioning costs by
shade and the cooling effects of evapotranspiration, particularly in the
Reduce winter discomfort, energy loss and heating bills, and snow
with windbreaks
Increase crop and livestock productivity and soil sustainability by
sheltering fields
with windbreaks
Diversify the rural economy by providing income (or savings) from
forest products such as firewood, fence posts, maple syrup, pulpwood,
and lumber
(over 5,000 products are derived from trees)
Provide homes for wildlife
Preserve and increase the diversity of plants and animals (biodiversity)
which in
turn improves the overall health of the community ecosystem
Link natural areas together with plantings to provide travelways for
Increase the beauty of the environment in our community
Encourage healthy open-air activities
Provide living laboratories and outdoor classrooms
Reduce glare
Filter out harmful UV rays
Provide a calming environment by absorbing noise and improving
resulting in less stress, less crime, and traffic calming
Provide food, medicinal ingredients, herbs
Provide an opportunity for healthy community action and involvement
Increase property values
Provide a sense of place
Contribute to a quality of life that makes the area a desirable place to
live and to
establish enterprises
Provide spiritual and creative inspiration
Accentuate the seasons

What type of organism or species is the keystone in the whole worlds

ecology in all its history? (10 pts)

According to Nature.com, Keystone species are species that play a

disproportionately large role in the prevalence and population levels of other
species within their ecosystem or community. Without these keystone
species, a significant dramatic changes in the ecosystem might occur. In the
whole worlds ecology, I would say that the keystone species are the bacteria.
When the earth was first created, bacteria were present, and were making
more and more bacteria. Bacteria were the first to conquer the world and still
conquering. But since we are not just talking about its quantitative factor,
bacteria also has the dominant effect on earth. First, its function, which
cannot be enumerated one by one for there were millions and billions of
bacteria whove been having different functions. But one of its given
functions is to decompose. Decomposition is the process by which organic
substances are broken down into a much simpler form of matter. The process
is essential for recycling the finite matter that occupies physical space in the
biome. Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death.
From here, we can say that without bacteria, there would be no
decomposition, no new plant, no cycle, and therefore, no life at all. On the
other hand, the bad bacterias were also responsible for changes in the
ecosystem. Even those bacteria that can make one sick, when disappeared,
will have necessary changes not just within an individal but also in his
society/ecosystem. As a generalization, bacteria were the keystone species
on earth of all time, which when imagined to be on the top of an arch, were
the most necessary for having the worlds foundation, strength and form.


Bonus essay points. As a student, what can you best contribute in

maintaining a sustainable ecology? (Practicality, 5 points; Impact, 5 points)
In my 17 years of existence in this ecology, I might have already used
thousands of energy and resources. But what am I thinking about is, if I used
that amount of energy, what more about the whole earth. Isnt it much
devastating to the environment? So now, Ill start from myself. From the very
beginning of the day, I will never forget to turn off any appliances and unplug
them. Then, when brushing my teeth, I will use glass to save water, and also
not taking a bath for too long. In my workout routine, I will not use any
electronic exercise equipments, since it is also good to use body weight. In
ironing clothes, Ill polish my attires for the entire week once. If I am to go
somewhere not so far, Ill have my bicycle ride or walk down the street. When
buying, I will never request for a plastic bag. Ill use eco-bag or paper bag. In
eating, Ill try to take less meaty and dairy products for they are highlyresource intensive and inefficient. I would even have healthier body if I eat
vegetables. In my things, Ill search for what chemicals or things itself were
harmful to environment, Ill be knowledgeable enough to be able to omit my
things that are risky to ecosystem. Ill use reusable bottles for drinking when
not at home. In doing projects or anything, Ill apply the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle. Whenever weve given the chance, Ill encourage my parents to
install skylight and solar tubes, and use solar energy. Ill try to suggest to my
family to have a garden which could also be a business. Last, Ill try to read

more, and acquire knowledge about what harms our ecosystem and whats
good for it, which I will consequently share to other so they could apply it to
themselves and we all could spread the word. If all guys of earth would also
be like this, there might still be a chance to diminish the pollution and escape
from this partially unstained ecology.

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