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HARDGAMERS Guide running multiple

firefox with multiple IP on Linux VPS

This documents intend to give a method to running multiple firefox on linux vps as much as your
resource allowed and also if your VPS have more than 1 IP you can run firefox on same vps with
different IP Address. For this guide i will use DEBIAN 7 as my OS.
Why i wrote this guide ? i already try several method to run traffic exchange but not everything is
automated and at one point i gave up ( check my alexamaster screenshot, i already registered
several hundred days ago :D ).. in the last 2 weeks i do some testing for this method and i find out
this method is working greats so i thought i will share this method for anyone who just have
difficulty to jump in traffic exchange.
I will separate this documents into several parts :
Part 1 : Resources, this part will give you all website i use on this documents so you need to
register to these website
Part 2 : Reinstallation of your VPS OS, if your vps is a new vps or you dont have any services
running on your VPS you can perform this steps.. if your vps running some services ( example : web
services ) just skip this part.
Part 3 : VPS Preparation, this step is necessary for all users
Part 4 : installing and configuring vnc server, this step is necessary for all users except if your vps
already have vnc server installed
Part 5 : installing and configuring firefox, this step is necessary especially if you have more than 1 ip
on your VPS or have a lot of proxy IP.
Part 6 : Configuring firefox as a service and restart if firefox crash
Part 7 : Monetizing and monitoring
Part 8 : bonus part, installing WINE and Hitleap viewer
Part 9 : bonus part, SSH Tunneling
Part 10 : bonus part, small site that can give you small money for starting your journey
And you can rinse and repeat this method to earn more money...
Note : All payment processor i used is PAYPAL

Part 1 Resources
Register : IP Systems LTD
This is the most important things you should have. You will waste money for electricity bill and
internet bill if you run traffic exchange using your personal PC. I would recommend you to find a
very cheap VPS with at least 256MB RAM and 2 IP Address, of course the higher the resources it will
be better. And if you have more money to spare then you can bought more than 1 vps and
configured it with this guide to earn more money faster.
I will recommended you to buy from this website/provider :
IP Systems LTD
They sold a very cheap VPS. At this moment i wrote this guide heres their offer :

I personally use their VPS Standard and Professional to running this method.
Of course with this cheap vps that will some limitation, for example their support is not very good,
they will not teach you a step by step guide to enable some service and theres no phone support
only by ticket system. But for the uptime services they are very good.
So if you buy vps from my links, you can ask anything about the vps and linux by email me.
Just remember, i cannot guarantee for the uptime of the vps .. its all depend on the provider.

Register : Websyndc
websyndic is a traffic exchange that allow you to run traffic exchange on multiple VPS and also you
can add your website and theres an option to hide the referrer and choose unique ip with free. This
will be our main traffic exchange. But in websyndic you cannot sell your traffic credits for moneys.

Register : Alexa Master
alexamaster is another traffic exchange that allow you to run on multiple VPS. You can add your
website on this system but if you want to hide referrer you will need to become a VIP. On the other
side, you can request payouts to your paypal if you already get 30,000 points.
It will be your own choice , you want to buy VIP and add website that will we use to promote or just
running the autosurf to earn points and cashout.

Register : Hitleap
Hitleap is another traffic exchange that we can use. If the other traffic exchange use browse as the
main tools, hitleap use a client to run the traffic exchange. Hitleap client is a windows application,
but in this guide i will show you how to run hitleap in linux os especially debian 7.
Same with alexamaster, if you want to add site and hide referrer or even give a fake referrer you will
need to became premium member of this site. So my tips for this is , get a lot of vps running hitleap
client, find one or more method to create money with this traffic source then buy premium
membership on this site. If you just run hitleap client on 1 or 2 vps/pc it will be useless to buy
premium membership. But if you have multiple vps you can get a lot of money from this.

Register : Ebesucher
Ebesucher is Germany traffic exchange. Same with alexamaster, on this site you can add site or just
cash out some moneys. At this time i wrote this guide, every 100,000 point in ebesucher will give
you about 2 EURO and this is the minimal payout.
If you have vps on germany or good germany VPN, then this site will give you more money but if you
have vps outside germany it will take a long time to cashout. For example :
Germany IP can give you 300 Point / hours / ip , so everyday you can get around 7000 8000 points
/ IP. If you have 10 Germany IP/VPS you can cash out every 1-2 days that will give you around 30-45
EURO each month..
USA/CANADA IP only give you 80-150 point / hours / ip , so everyday you will only get around 20003000 points / ip. If you have 10 VPS/IP you need 3-4 days to cash out.
Another good point of this site is theres a paid mail system, sometimes you will get email from
ebesucher and can get point from this e-mail.

Register : Twistrix
Twistrix is a traffic exchange like websyndc, they allow us to hide referrer or even use custom
referrer for free. So this traffic exchange can be used for our CPM promotions. Theres no payout
options in twistrix.

Register : Adhexa
Adhexa is a CPM advertisement website where you will need to register as a publisher on this site.
They have minimum payout at $5. Register to this site especially if you use websyndic and/or

Blogspot or any other website

You will need a website to put your adhexa code to start getting money. The easy way is using
blogspot, but if you already have some website we can use those too, just remember dont put any
adsense code on the website we will use or you will get BANNED by google.
If you create blogspot, heres some tips :
1. Choose a simple and load faster theme
2. Create a quality content
3. Make sure your blogs is at least 2 weeks old before web put some code. A new blogs still
can be used but sometimes will get rejected when added to traffic exchange.
4. You will benefit also from real traffic to your blogs, so make sure you add the blogs to search

Putty is a ssh client to connect to our VPS. We will use this a lot, so its better you download this
from now.

Winscp is a ftp/sftp client that we can use to transfer files and/or edit files on VPS in GUI Editor. If
youre not familiar with putty / linux cli command like vi , then you will need this to edit some files.

tightvncviewer will be used to connect to vncserver on our vps.

Part 2 - Reinstall VPS OS

If you buy VPS from IP Systems LTD or use VPS with solusVM panel i will guide you how to do a
reinstall your VPS with DEBIAN 7. Just remember , if your VPS already configured for some services
like webserver, mailserver etc you dont have to reinstall your VPS or you will lost all of your files
and services
1. Login to your SolusVM Panel with your username and password. You will find the address,
your username and password at the confirmation email when you buy the vps. Remember
solusvmpanel is different with member login on vps website, make sure you find the right
one ( usually solusvm panel use port 5656 for example https://xxxx:5656/login.php )

2. Choose Reinstall button

3. Choose Debian 7 32 Bit Minimal as your OS, this is the lightest os for our projects. It just
consume about 3-4 MB of memory when running

4. Click Reinstall button on the bottom of the page

5. On confirmation dialog, click yes to start reinstall

6. Installation will started, wait 2-10 minutes ( on my vps usually about 2-3 minutes ) then
going back to your dashboard

7. Check your VPS configuration, on operating system part it should be Debian 7 32 bit minimal

Part 3 VPS Preparation

Login to VPS
We will use putty to login to VPS, and if youre not familiar with linux cli command then you will also
need to login using winscp .
Login using putty
1. Launch putty and put IP Address of your VPS on host name or ip address box. Port is 22 by
default, you dont need to change this. If you want to easily access your vps on the future, in
box Saved Sessions write a connection name for this vps and click SAVE Button, the next time
you running putty, just double click your connection name to start connect to your vps. Click
Open to start connection

2. There will be some warning just click Yes on the warning

3. Wait a while and you will need to input your username ( i use root for this tutorial ) and
password and you will get a prompt

Login using winscp

1. Run WinSCP and input your IP Address in hostname box, and also fill username and
password. If you want , you can save your connection by click on save button. Click Login to
start connecting to your server

2. Left windows is your local drive and right windows is your server disk. You can transfer/copy
files by dragging a file from left to right or right to left

Let putty and winscp open for the next step.

Update Debian 7
We will need to do some update on our vps before we use it so we can get the latest version of all
files and applications.
Edit source of updates
We need to edit source of update so we can get what we need, theres 2 way to edit this using putty
OR using WinSCP
1. Input this command as root on linux prompt : vi /etc/apt/sources.list
2. Press i ( i on keyboard, dont use capslock or shift )
3. Move to the bottom of the list using arrow keys on keyboard and start write these 2 lines :
deb http://packages.linuxmint.com debian import
deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ testing non-free contrib main
4. Press ESC :x ( press ESC button on your keyboard, release, the press : on your keyboard and
press x button and then hit ENTER button , dont use capslock or shift )
5. Write this command to check our files : cat /etc/apt/sources.list

Note : its okay if you put new deb line on top of the files or on the bottom

1. Change directory from root to / by double click .. folder
2. Double click ETC folder, then double click APT folder
3. Right click on sources.list file and choose edit
4. Write these two lines on the files :
deb http://packages.linuxmint.com debian import
deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ testing non-free contrib main
5. Click on SAVE icon ( first icon on the top ) and close the edit windows

Running update
This step need to be done using putty, you need to input this command on your putty console one
by one exactly as this :

gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 3EE67F3D0FF405B2

gpg --export 3EE67F3D0FF405B2 > 3EE67F3D0FF405B2.gpg
apt-key add ./3EE67F3D0FF405B2.gpg
rm ./3EE67F3D0FF405B2.gpg

5. apt-get update

6. apt-get upgrade

7. Press y then ENTER

Part IV Installing VNC Server and Firefox

On this part we will install VNC Server and firefox. For VNC Server to run, we will need a desktop
environment or windows manager, because this guide is for lowend vps and we doesnt use this vps
for daily usage we will use JWM ( Joes Windows Manager ) as our desktop. JWM is the lightest WM
on linux. Another tools we will use is virtual terminal ( xvt, x virtual terminal), because with JWM
you will get a limited GUI support and almost all operational in VPS will using virtual terminal.
1. apt-get install jwm xvt

2. Press y then ENTER

3. apt-get install vnc4server

4. Press y then ENTER

5. vncserver
6. input password you want to set

7. vncserver kill :1

In the next step we will need to create vncstartup file, you can use this with putty or winscp.
Do all this command on putty console
1. cd ~
2. > .vnc/xstartup
3. vi .vnc/xstartup

4. press i then start typing this ( or you can block this , right click and choose copy then in
your putty screen just right click to paste ) :
jwm &
[ -x /etc/vnc/xstartup ] && exec /etc/vnc/xstartup
[ -r $HOME/.Xresources ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
vncconfig -iconic &

5. press ESC button , release , press : button , release , then press x then enter
1. Browse to your home folder : /root
2. press F7 to create a new directory and give it name : .vnc
3. change folder to /root/.vnc by double click .vnc folder ( note : if you can find .vnc folder , in
winscp choose menu Options Preferences , then choose Panels and check options Show
Hidden Files then click OK ).
4. Right click on .vnc folder and choose new > File ( or press SHIFT + F4 ) and give it name :
5. On the edit windows , write or paste this :
jwm &
[ -x /etc/vnc/xstartup ] && exec /etc/vnc/xstartup
[ -r $HOME/.Xresources ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
vncconfig -iconic &

6. Press save icon and close edit windows

Next step we will create a script to run vncserver everytime vps reboot. This can be done with putty
or winscp
1. vi /etc/init.d/vncserver
2. write this content or paste with right click on putty windows :
[ -f /etc/vncserver/vncservers.conf ] && . /etc/vncserver/vncservers.conf
prog=$"VNC server"
start() {
. /lib/lsb/init-functions
echo -n $"Starting $prog: "
ulimit -S -c 0 >/dev/null 2>&1
for display in ${VNCSERVERS}
export USER="${display##*:}"
if test -z "${REQ_USER}" -o "${REQ_USER}" == ${USER} ; then
echo -n "${display} "
su ${USER} -c "cd ~${USER} && [ -f .vnc/passwd ] && vncserver :${DISP}
stop() {
. /lib/lsb/init-functions
echo -n $"Shutting down VNCServer: "
for display in ${VNCSERVERS}

export USER="${display##*:}"
if test -z "${REQ_USER}" -o "${REQ_USER}" == ${USER} ; then
echo -n "${display} "
export USER="${display##*:}"
su ${USER} -c "vncserver -kill :${display%%:*}" >/dev/null 2>&1
echo -e "\n"
echo "VNCServer Stopped"
case "$1" in
start $@
stop $@
stop $@
sleep 3
start $@
if [ -f /var/lock/subsys/vncserver ]; then
stop $@
sleep 3
start $@
status Xvnc
echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart|condrestart|status}"
exit 1
3. press ESC:x to save

4. chmod +x /etc/init.d/vncserver
1. change folder to /etc/init.d
2. press SHIFT+F4 to create new file and give name : vncserver
3. write or paste this content :
[ -f /etc/vncserver/vncservers.conf ] && . /etc/vncserver/vncservers.conf
prog=$"VNC server"
start() {
. /lib/lsb/init-functions
echo -n $"Starting $prog: "
ulimit -S -c 0 >/dev/null 2>&1
for display in ${VNCSERVERS}
export USER="${display##*:}"
if test -z "${REQ_USER}" -o "${REQ_USER}" == ${USER} ; then
echo -n "${display} "
su ${USER} -c "cd ~${USER} && [ -f .vnc/passwd ] && vncserver :${DISP}
stop() {
. /lib/lsb/init-functions

echo -n $"Shutting down VNCServer: "
for display in ${VNCSERVERS}
export USER="${display##*:}"
if test -z "${REQ_USER}" -o "${REQ_USER}" == ${USER} ; then
echo -n "${display} "
export USER="${display##*:}"
su ${USER} -c "vncserver -kill :${display%%:*}" >/dev/null 2>&1
echo -e "\n"
echo "VNCServer Stopped"
case "$1" in
start $@
stop $@
stop $@
sleep 3
start $@
if [ -f /var/lock/subsys/vncserver ]; then
stop $@
sleep 3
start $@
status Xvnc
echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart|condrestart|status}"
exit 1
5. click on save icon and close edit windows

4. right click vncserver file , choose properties and change permissions like this screenshot

Next step we will need to create vnc configuration file, this can be done using putty or winscp.
1. mkdir -p /etc/vncserver
2. vi /etc/vncserver/vncservers.conf
3. write or right click to paste this on putty screen :
VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 1024x768"
4. press ESC:x to save
1. change directory to /etc
2. press F7 to create new directory and give name : vncserver
3. change directory to /etc/vncserver
4. press SHIFT+F4 to create new file and give it name : vncservers.conf
5. write or paste this :
VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 1024x768"
6. press save icon and close edit window

Next step is to make vncserver start on boot, this can be done only using putty by running this
command: update-rc.d vncserver defaults 99

Lets reboot the server to make sure vncserver running by using this command : reboot
After login we will check memory usage and also disk space usage ( on my screenshot is vps with
only 256 MB of RAM ) by running this command on putty :
free m
df a

You can see that i only used 7 MB of memory ( check used i -/+ buffers/cache ) and 850MB of
diskspace. So we still have a lot resources we can use for firefox to running our traffic exchange :D.

Test VNCServer Connection

1. Running tightvncviewer you already download, and put your ip address on vncserver column
followed by :1
Sample : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1

2. Press connect
3. Input your password
4. You will get a screen like this :

Part 5 Installing and Configuring Firefox

Installing Firefox
1. You can install firefox using VNCServer or Putty, to launch terminal in VNC server , click JWM
on the left bottom of the screen and choose Terminal.

2. Run this command to install firefox : apt-get install firefox

3. Press y on confirmation page and wait until firefox installation finished
4. To test our new installed firefox, in VNCServer Terminal run : firefox

5. Set firefox as our default browser

6. Close firefox

Configuring firefox
Firefox maximum instance per VPS
For firefox configuration, we need to know how much firefox instance will be running on our vps ..
here is the guideline :

VPS with 256 MB of RAM maximum 2 firefox instance with each firefox open 3-6 tabs
VPS with 512 MB of RAM maximum 4 firefox instance with each firefox open 3-6 tabs
VPS with 1024 MB of RAM maximum 8-10 firefox instanace with each firefox open 3-6 tabs

After this, you need to know how much ip per vps you already have.. if you use my recommended

VPS with 256 MB of RAM will give you 2 IP Address, so you can use each firefox instance
with different IP. But you cannot run another firefox or hitleap viewer.
VPS with 512 MB of RAM will give you 3 IP Address, so you can running 3 firefox with
different ip for each firefox plus 1 firefox with proxy ip or hitleap viewer.
VPS with 1024 MB of RAM will give you 6 IP Address, so you can running 6 firefox with
different ip for each firefox plus 1 firefox with proxy ip and hitleap viewer or 2 firefox with
proxy ip.

If you only have 1 ip on your VPS, please find a working proxy for the rest of firefox instance you
want to run ( note : most of the time public proxy ip will be already in used by other users, so its
better to find some private proxy or more ip on your vps ).

Firefox Profile
After we find out how many firefox instance will need to configured, this time we need to create
firefox profile. One firefox profile will used in one instance , so if you want to run 3 firefox instance
we need to create 3 firefox profile. For convenient purpose, lets call the profile with firefox1 until
firefoxn. Heres step to create a firefox profile :

Login to your vncserver

Open terminal
Run this command : firefox profile manager
Rename first profile from default to firefox1 by click on rename button
Create new profile and give it a name firefox2
Repeat step 5 until you create profile as much as firefox instance you planned

Configure firefox
We need to configure firefox for each profile :
1. In vncserver terminal run this command : firefox firefoxn about:config ( replace n with
number of profile you want to configure, example : firefox firefox1 about:config ).

2. Click on the button ill be carefull, i promise! then on search part write : memory

3. Configure all parameter on the screenshot with a bold part to the value i set on the
screenshot ( normal parameter means it is default value ).
4. Confgure parameter : browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash user_set to false
5. Opsional, if you want to disable image loading you can change parameter
permissions.default.image value to 2.
6. Now, lets configure firefox preferences

7. On General Tabs, configure :

- Uncheck always check if firefox is your default browser
- When firefox start, set to show my homepage
- Homepage , click restore to default
8. On TABS tab, check only options Open new windows in a new tab instead and uncheck all
others options
9. On Contents tab, check Block Pop-up Windows and then click Exceptions and add
system.alexamaster.com and click Allow
10. On Privacy tab, uncheck options Tell sites that i do not want to be tracked and set history to
firefox will never remember history
11. On Security tab, uncheck all options
12. On Advanced options General Tab, uncheck everything
13. On Advanced options Data choices Tab, uncheck everything
14. On Advanced options Network Tab , if you want to use proxy for this firefox profile then
configure the proxy but if you want to use ip address that your VPS already have dont set
15. On Advanced options Update tab, set to Never check for updates and uncheck
automatically update search engine
16. Close the firefox preferences
17. Repeat this step for ALL FIREFOX PROFILE you created
Firefox Add-ons
Theres only 2 add-ons we will use , iMacros and AlexaMaster Toolbars if you will use alexamaster ,
1. Access your alexamaster account and install toolbars , restart firefox when needed

2. Install iMacros from : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/imacros-forfirefox/?src=hp-dl-upandcoming

3. Repeat installing add-ons on all firefox profile you will use
4. Create iMacros Script ( you just need 1 iMacros script for all of profile except if you want
some profile running different autosurf ), you can use iMacros editor from the add-ons or
winscp or putty. If you want to use winscp or putty, put your iMacros file on
/root/iMacros/Macros/ folder , write down your iMacros file name ( i personally use :
autosurf.iim to make easier ). Heres a sample script i use :
URL GOTO=http://twistrix.com/surf3.php?
URL GOTO=http://exc.10khits.com/surf?
URL GOTO=http://bit.ly/
URL GOTO=http://system.alexamaster.com/autosurf.php?
5. Explanation for the script :
- On TAB 1 , i run twistrix autosurf after that i open new tab
- On TAB 2, i run 10Khits autosurf after that i open new tab
- On Tab 3, i run websyndc autosurf. In websyndc autosurf we need to click Start Viewer
and then a new tab will automatically open ( websyndc use 2 tabs to run autosurf ).
- On TAB 5 ( remember, websyndc use 2 tabs so next tab we can use is tab 5 ) i run
alexamaster autosurf. Same with websyndc , alexamaster will open new tab to show
- If you want to run another traffic exchange, then start at TAB 7
Special note for adobe flash support, Im not recommended to install adobe flash player in our VPS
because it will crash a lot and also consume a lot of memory. So if you use ebesucher maybe you
wouldnt get maximum points. If you want to use ebesucher or any other autosurf that need flash
you can install from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ .and choose TAR.GZ downloads. Just
remember i dont recommend this, so do it on your own risk.

PART 6 configuring firefox as a service and auto restart when crash

Running 2 3 firefox instance with multiple tabs on limited resources VPS will make firefox crash at
some point ( in my experience between 5 minutes 2 hours, 1 instance of firefox will crash ). We
want everytime one of firefox profile crash they will automatically running again so we dont have to
monitoring every h ours for our VPS.
We also want to configure each firefox profile will use different IP public that our VPS have every
time it running so we can autosurf wih multiple ip from 1 VPS.
On the other side we need to make sure we are not violate any rules on our VPS provider, so we
need to limit some cpu and memory usage.
This part will to configure this automatic system that we will use.
We will need some tools to be installed :
1. Cpulimit to limit firefox cpu usage
2. Daemon tools and csh to running firefox as a service and autorestart when firefox crash
3. Force bind to running firefox with different IP ( we will need gcc and make to compile and
install force bind )
1. Run this command on vnc terminal or putty :
apt-get install cpulimit, daemontools, csh, gcc,make,wget
2. Press y for the confirmation
3. Configure daemontools with csh , run this command on vnc terminal or putty :
rc.local csh -cf 'svscanboot &'
sed -i "1 a\csh -cf 'svscanboot &'" /etc/rc.local
chmod +x /etc/
4. Download source code of force bind by run this command on vnc terminal or putty
wget http://kernel.embedromix.ro/us/force_bind/force_bind-0.12.tar.gz
5. Compile and install force bind
tar zxvf force_bind-0.12.tar.gz
cd force_bind-0.12
make install
This part will be a tricky and maybe need some reboot, please read and process carefully for each
Configure daemon tools basic
1. Make sure vncserver already running, you can access vncserver using tightvncclient and you
can run the rest of command on vnc terminal or putty, if vncserver not running after reboot
check again vnc configuration step.
2. Check if folder /etc/service exist or not








cd /etc/service
If those folder not exist then create it
mkdir /etc/service
Change directoy to /etc/service
cd /etc/service
To use daemontools, every service will need 1 folder under /etc/service and on those folder
will consist at least 2 files, supervise and run. Supervise came automatically from
daemontools and we need to create run files. Run files is a script that will be executed by
daemontools for our services.
Create one directory for 1st firefox profile and change to those directory
mkdir firefox1
cd firefox1
We will create 1 script to test daemontools already running or not,
vi run
press i and type :
DISPLAY=:1 exec firefox -p firefox1
Press ESC then : then x ( ESX :x )
Change mod of run and folder
chmod 755 /etc/service/firefox1/run
chmod 1755 /etc/service/firefox1
Run svcscan :
Press CTRL+C after 3-5 seconds
Check if supervise file exist on /etc/service/firefox1
ls /etc/service/firefox1
If command at step 10 return only run file then reboot the vps, if file supervise exists go to
step 12
Tes service
svstat /etc/service/firefox1
If theres an error : supervise not running , then run this command :
svscanboot &
Tes running services :
svc u /etc/service/firefox1
Check on vnc viewer , firefox should be running. Try to manually close the firefox, and
automatically firefox running again.
Stop the services so we can configure for autosurf and change ip
svc d /etc/service/firefox1

configure autosurf and ip

Before we configure autosurf , please check again how many profile and how many ip address we
have. If we only have 2 ip address then only 2 firefox profile can have different ip, another firefox
profile must be configured to use proxy in network options firefox.

To configure each firefox profile to use different ip that exist on VPS, we need to check IP address
that we have :
1. Running this command on putty : ifconfig

2. On my VPS with 3 IP address, you can see on the screenshot it have 3 venet0:x adapter with
different inet addr ( xxx.xxx.xxx.220 , xxx.xxx.xxx.221, xxx.xxx.xxx.222 ).
3. Make a note like this :
Firefox1 => xxx.xxx.xxx.220
Firefox2 => xxx.xxx.xxx.221
Firefox 3 => xxx.xxx.xxx.222
Every 1 firefox profile will get 1 ip address
Now lets configure daemontools for each profile, remember we already create 1 service firefox1 for
firefox1 profile so all we need to do for firefox1 profile is edit run file to do this we can use putty, vnc
terminal or winscp. This step is for firefox profile that will use IP address on VPS, for firefox profile
that will use proxy address dont do this step but jump to next step.
For putty and vnc terminal :
1. cd /etc/service/firefox1
2. vi run
3. press i then change like this :
export FORCE_BIND_ADDRESS_V4=xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
export LD_PRELOAD=${LD_PRELOAD}:/usr/lib/force_bind.so
DISPLAY=:1 exec firefox -p firefox1 -no-remote imacros://run/?m=autosurf.iim
4. parameter you need to change :


export FORCE_BIND_ADDRESS_V4= change xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to IP address for profile1

autosurf.iim , if you use another name for the iMacros script change this part
Press ESC then : then x and ENTER ( ESC:x ) to save run files
Test the script by running command : svc u /etc/service/firefox1
Check on vnc viewer, it should open firefox and running the iMacros script automatically
If iMacros have an error, stop firefox with command : svc d /etc/service/firefox1 and fix
iMacros script and test again like step 6.
If everything running like you want, we can configure another profile

Configuring another profile that will use IP Address on VPS:

1. Create folder for each profile, for example for profile firefox2 :
mkdir /etc/service/firefox2
2. Copy run file from firefox1 to the profile folder, for example :
cp /etc/service/firefox1/run /etc/service/firefox2
3. Edit run file on new folder :
vi /etc/service/firefox2/run
4. Change this parameter :
FORCE_BIND_ADDRESS_V4= change to IP Address for profile we are editing
exec firefox p firefox1 , change firefox 1 to name of profile we are editing
5. Press ESC : x to save and exit
6. Chmod run and new profile folder, example :
chmod 755 /etc/service/firefox2/run
chmod 1755 /etc/service/firefox2
7. Run the service :
svc u /etc/service/firefox2
8. Repeat step 1-7 for all firefox profile
For firefox profile that will use proxy server, heres a run script for the service :
DISPLAY=:1 exec firefox -p firefoxN -no-remote imacros://run/?m=autosurf.iim
Change p firefoxN to name of profile you are editing
Now everytime one of firefox profile crash it will automatically restart

Limiting firefox resource usage

We all know that firefox is hungry for resources and we run this on VPS ( cheap VPS ) so we need to
make sure we are not violate our vps provider. Every time VPS reboot we can try to force a
limitation for cpu and memory :
1. Open terminal in VNC server and running this command to limit cpu usage to 70% : cpulimit
e firefox l 70 &

2. To limit the memory it depend on memory of your VPS, i personally limit to 80-90% of
memory :
256 MB : ulimit d 240000 m 240000 v 240000
512 MB : ulimit d 480000 m 480000 v 480000
1024 MB : ulimit d 960000 m 960000 v 960000

Part 7 Monetizing and Monitoring

After our autosurf running, now its time to talk about monetizing. I will separate 2 kind of
monetizing :
1. Direct monetizing using autosurf, in this case using alexamaster and ebesucher
2. Monetizing using web/blog, in this case using ADHEXA for example and websyndc, twistrix ,
hitleap and 10Khits as autosurf.
Direct monetizing
Alexa Master is my favourite in direct monetizing for autosurf in linux VPS like this guide. All you
have to do is :

Register at Alexa Master

Login to Alexa Master
And click STAR on Autosurf part
On autosurf page you will find your autosurf link that can be used on our iMacros Script.

For every 30,000 points you can get $1 and the minimum payout is $1 to paypal.
To request payout theres some work to be done, you need to get a good votes :
1. Click on EARN POINTS
2. Click STAR on Vote Websites part
3. Make sure you read the rules and vote good or bad honestly
To request payout you will need :

Minimum 30,000 points

Minimum 1000 Good Votes
Good votes must be higher than bad votes
You must already registered more than 7 days
You dont have any pending payout request

Amount of good votes will determine how fast you can get your payment, with a good votes around
1000-1500 you will need 3 days to get your payment.
Income scenario using my method :
I use 2 VPS for this guide where 1 VPS have 2 IP and 1 VPS have 3 IP, so i can run 5 Firefox with 5 IP
to autosurf in Alexamaster. Each days in total i can get point around 3000-5000 points, so basically i
can reach 30,000 points every 6-7 days that means i can request payout $1 each weeks or in total $4
each month.
Maybe this is a little, but remember this is just from alexamaster and only using 2 VPS that cost me
around $9 / years. You can get more if you run more VPS, more IP, more browser. Alexamaster also
have several ways to increase points , you can access that on Earn Points Page

Actually i prefer to run Ebesucher on Windows VPS, because if you want to get more points you
need flash enabled browser and flash with firefox in linux as far as i know will crash a lot and hungry
resources ( CPU and Memory ). But if you have VPS with Germany IP i will recommend you to run
this on your VPS linux or windows.
Ebesucher have 2 kind of points , BTP is the point you get from autosurf and MTP is points you get
from mail exchange. The current rate for BTP and MTP are :
100,000 BTP = 2,10 EURO
100,000 MTP = 84,01 EURO
When you request payout both point will calculated together and the minimum payout is 2 EURO
To maximize your earnings, here some tips for Ebesucher :

Go to Traffic Exchange Settings

Check i would like to participate in the traffic exchange
Set surfbar turbo mode to active
Check all 3 options under turbo mode
Click SAVE
Go to Mail Exchange Settings
Check i would like to participate in the mail exchange
Check all personal interest
Select all language
Click SAVE

To start autosurfing/traffic exchange, you can click on SURF NOW links in member area start &
infos or you can copy your surfbar link on the area to run on VPS or another computer ( usually have
a pattern : http://www.ebesucher.com/surfbar/<username>. To increase your earning please
configure your browser :

Use firefox as your browser

Allow popup from ebesucher.com
Enable/install flash addons
DO NOT USE ANY PROXY SERVER. Proxy server only redirect by your browser, but addons
like java and flash will use your real IP. You need to use VPN or any other method that
redirect all of traffic from all of applications to proxy IP.

When running Ebesucher using VPS you need to be a little bit carefull , they allow you to give your
surfbar to another computer as long as have different IP Address but in their Terms of Services they
also stated : The surfbar may only be used on a computer that is connected to a monitor and has
to remain in the visible area of the screen. Using the surfbar on a virtual server is not allowed. So,
do this on your own risk.

Income scenario :
If you have VPS with Germany IP , you can get around 200-350 BTP per hours per IP, so if you use 5
IP, on each hours you can get 1000 1750 BTP or about 24,000 38,000 BTP each days. That means
you can cash out 2Euro every 3-4 days or about 20 Euro each months.
If you dont have VPS with Germany IP, you will only get around 80-150 BTP per hour per IP, so if you
use 5 IP, you can get 400 750 BTP per hours or about 9,000 18,000. That means you can cash out
2Euro every 6-10 days or about 6-10 Euro each months.
If flash is disabled maybe you will only get half of the points each hours.

Website/blog Monetizing
When you want to monetizing using CPM then you must create a website or blog that have some
good posts. If you dont have any blog/website you can use, then heres a little guideline :
1. Create a blog using blogspot, give it a name according to niche/post you will create ( avoid
porn, criminal, drugs niche )
2. Pick a good template for your niche ( just search on google, theres a lot of free blogspot
template )
3. Start posting every 1-3 days, and each days post around 2-5 articles
4. Submit your blog to search engine ( just search on google search engine submitter online )
5. If you know about google webmasters, add your blogs to google webmaster
6. Keep posting for 2-3 weeks and while you creating and posting on your blogs, keep autosurf
running so you can get a lot of points/credits.
7. After 1-3 weeks, register on CPM sites like Adhexa
8. Put on CPM Code on your blogs using widget ( if it is banner , put on sidebar, header and
footer with size compatible with your blogspot template ).
9. After your blogs have CPM code add your blogspot to autosurf sites.
If you really have a good blogs, theres a chance that you will get a real visitor from search engine. If
you have more than 100 unique visitor from search engine you can start to monetizing your bot
using different method for example using paid link shorter, pay per download sites , so keep posting
a good articales to your blogs.
You can have more than 1 blogs to increase your income.
Register on Adhexa is quite simple, they almost accept everyone and you dont have to submit your
site . After you login to your Adhexa dashboard, click on Ad Tags and you will find 3 banner code :
1. 300 x 250 , usually this is a bannner for sidebar widget
2. 160 x 600 , this is a vertical banner and can be used on sidebar widget
3. 728 x 90 , this is horizontal banner and can be used on header and/or footer
Put the code on your website. If you use blogspot, just add HTML/Javascript widget on sidebar,
header and/or footer and paste the code in the widget. Remember only 3 ads code on 1 page.

Minimum payout in adhexa is $5 , for CPM rates theres no information on the page but based on my
experience its usually around $0.3 - $0.5 / 1000 hits and adhexa only count 1 IP per 24 hours.
Just remember not every hits that came from autosurf like websyndc or hitleap will be count by
Adhexa. From my experience, for every 1000 hits i got from autosurce, adhexa only count about
200-300 hits.
The most easiest way to get a hits for our blogs is from Websyndc because we can set GEO targetting
and blank referrer for free and also approval of our site is quite fast. Downside of Websyndc is they
dont like some script from CPM sites and another ads any monetizing sites ( for example, you
cannot use image that hosted on imgchilli ), fortunatelly they allow adhexa cpm code.
Heres a setting for your website in Websyndc :

Hide referer
Unique ip
Visit duration 45 seconds
Geo-Localization : USA, Canada, UK, Germany , France ( you also can add another europe
country )
5. For visit per hours you must consider how much you earn per hours
This settings will cost you 9 credits per visit.
From my experience using this method, from 5 IP ( 2 VPS ) i can get 13,000 15,000 credits per days
so if i use 9 credits per visit, i can get around 1300 1500 hits per days ( depend on user online from
my geo localization ).
If adhexa only count 200 hits per days from 1500 hits i send from websyndc with CPM 0,5 that
means i only get $0,1 per days or only $3 per month.
But if you can spend more credits per days on websyndc theres a chance of higher conversion rate
on adhexa. If you can spend 100,000 credits per days, adhexa will count about 2000 5000 hits per
days and with CPM 0,5 that means around $1-2,5 per days.
Twistrix almost the same with websyndc, but approval process on Twistrix take a longer time than
websyndc. Twistrix support anonymous and custom referer for free and also they have a GEO
Targeting but their GEO Targeting is not good enough ( they dont have USA on their GEO Targeting
). This two reason make this site less recommended if we compare to websyndc.
The good side is they have custom referer and also random exposure time.
To add sites in Twistrix i recommended :

Exposure time set to random 30-45 seconds

Has sound set to no ( and make sure your website doesnt have any sound )
Traffic source set to anonymous or custom with google.com as referer
Do not enable geo targeting

Because Twistrix doesnt have USA as geo targeting, we will get a bit low CPM from Twistrix hits.
From my experience, using 3 IP ( 1 VPS ) on Twistrix will generate around 500-600 minutes

Hitleap client is running on windows, but in part 8 i will show you how to install hitleap viewer on
linux. Hitleap is one of the largest autosurf right now, they have a lot of users so we will get a lot of
unique IP from this programs. To fully utilized Hitleap potential we need to upgrade so we can use
blank referer/anonymous ( premium lite - $4/month ) or custom referer ( premium - $8/month).
Hitleap is here on the guide as a bonus, but dont try this on existing adhexa account with a lot of
earnings.. i cannot guarantee you will not get banned.
To add sites to hitleap is very easy :
1. Use random duration 30-45 seconds
2. Use direct or custom referer ( dont use free hitleap account )
3. If youre testing, put a limit on advanced options
Income Scenario Total
If you only have 2 VPS with total 5 IP and only using alexamaster, ebesucher and websyndc you can
get around $10-12 per month ( $4 from alexamaster, $5 from adhexa use websyndc , the rest came
from ebesucher ). With this, you already reach ROI in 1 month ( 1 VPS 512 is $6 and 1VPS 256 is $3,5
You can get more money, if you can fully utilize all the traffic exchange and also use this VPS as SSH
tunelling for some windows vps ( we will talk about this later ) or simply just increase the number of
vps you got to increase your income.

Even if we already configure automatic start for firefox, theres a chance something happens to our
vps that make everything crash. Theres some possibilityy of error for :
1. Vncserver crash, when this is happen all you have to do is start vncserver again or just
reboot the vps ( on my experience this can happen every 3-7 days )
2. VPS shutdown because resource usage too high, when this is happen login to your vps
control panel and power-on vps and set a limit for cpu and memory lower than before. I just
experience this at the first experiment before i put cpulimit and ulimit.
If you have a lot of vps to make you easy monitoring status of firefox that running, i will advice you
to add websyndc autosurf on every firefox profile. Websyndc have a feature to show all current IP
that using our autosurf. So we just need to login to websydc , click menu Earn Credits and then we
can check all the ip that running websyndc autosurf. If one or more ip missing that means our vps
have problems.

Part 8 install Hitleap Viewer on Debian

This part is a bonus part. I will show you how to install hitleap viewer on debian.
You will need to install vncserver before proceed with this part, so if you follow my guide you will
already installed and configured vncserver on part 4. If you jump to this part, please check part 4 to
install vncserver.
You also need to install WINE to running windows applications. For this we need to be carefull,
default wine from debian repository is an old version that not work with hitleap. We need to add
testing repository to get more higher version of WINE in debian. Fortunatelly if you follow my guide,
in part 3 you already add testing repository on your VPS.
Heres step by step to install and running hitleap on debian linux, run this command on vnc terminal

Make sure vncserver already installed

Make sure debian repository already configured
apt-get install wine
wget -O hitleap.msi http://hitleap.com/viewer/latest
wine start hitleap.msi
install hitleap like you install on windows
because we are install windows manager not a full desktop environment, there will be no
shortcut to hitleap in our vnc viewer. To running hitleap just run command : wine explorer
8. on file explorer, browse to drive C , folder program files, folder hitleap, folder hitleap viewer
then double click hitleapviewer.exe

9. use hitleap viewer like you use this on windows.

Part 9 SSH Tunneling

If you follow my guide then you will have several IP/VPS right now, but with limited resources you
can only run several traffic exchange on your VPS. On this part, i will show you how we can use
these IP from another computer with windows OS so you can do some online jobs using ip of your
Putty Configuration
We will use putty for SSH Tunneling :
1. run putty, on hostname you write ip of your vps server with port 22 ( like you want to access
to your VPS )
2. in category Connection SSH , check Dont start a shell or command at all and Enable

3. in category Connection SSH Tunnels , click on dynamic radio button and write 10 on
Source Port then click Add ( the result in box forwarded ports will be D10 )

4. you can go back to category Session to save your tunnel configuration so you doesnt need
to reconfigure every time.
5. Click Open to start SSH Tunnel
6. Insert root as username and fill the password of root when prompted.
7. Keep putty open.
Firefox Configurations
1. Go to firefox preferences and advanced tab networking , click configure networks.
2. Set proxy to manual proxy, and fill only in HOST SOCKS : localhost port : 10
3. Try to browse to www.whatismyip.com to check your IP.
Right now your ip will be detected as your VPS IP. Just be carefull with website that need flash or
java applet because proxy configuration on firefox only send traffic that use by firefox , java applet
and flash will still used your own IP.
For your safety if you want java, flash and all programs on your computer connect to internet with
your VPS IP ( like when you connect with VPN ) you need ProxyCap ( support SSH Tunneling without
putty ) or proxifier ( you will need putty to open ssh tunnel then set in proxifier to using socks proxy
you just created with putty ).
With this, you doesnt need to install VPN server on your VPS or use public VPN IP, so you can start
generate more income like running ebesucher on windows , earnhoney on windows or just for filling
survey and offer in GPT Sites.

Part 10 earn more money site

The method i described in this guide required you to buy vps , i recommend more than 2 VPS to get
a good result. But not everyone of us can afford to buy VPS even it is already cheap enough, so i
create this list and provide simple method to earn some extra money so we can start using this guide
Paid To Click
PTC almost wasting our time , especially if they have more than $3 minimum payout. If you want to
join PTC heres some tips :
1. Find old PTC that need just $1-$3 minimum payout, if you find this one you dont have to
worry being scammed.
2. Find newborn PTC that still on promotions period with $1-$3 minimum payout and high
earning per click. Always cashout when you reached the minimum.
3. Those 2 kinds of PTC will get you faster money if they have some Paid To offer ( offer wall )
or microjob.
4. Always register from USA IP using proxy, vpn or if you already have 1 VPS use your VPS
directly or ssh tunnel using your VPS IP.
Some list you can try :
1. Donkeymails this is a sample of old PTC that still survive and paying until now. Paypal
minimum payout is $1. Tips : paid2signup on donkeymails can give you faster money, just go
to paid2signup or paid2signup search country or paid to sign up usa only on donkeymails
member page and follow the instruction ( avoid offer that need you to pay ). If you do this
you can get $1 or more in 1-2 days.
2. Clixstation , Salimclix , firstbux are new PTC with minimum payout $2, $3 and $0.1 . You can
try this new PTC.
Tips :
- Clixstation will be hard to achieve, their rate per click is low. But they have an offer wall,
you can focus there to get the money.
- Salimclix give a higher rate than clixstation but they dont have an offer wall they just
have micro jobs. Focus on clicks and micro jobs to get the minimum payout
- Firstbux only have advertisement click. They give in total $0.005 per day right now. If
you want to cashout to paypal, dont cashout at $0.01 you will get nothing because of
paypal fee, wait until it reach $0.5 - $0.1
- This is new PTC, cash out when you reach minimum payout , becarefull if you want to
upgrade or rent a referal.
Get Paid To
Get paid to site is just like PTC Sites, you need to do some work to gain money. Heres a list of GPT
you can try :
1. Clicksincome , this is a unique site, you doesnt need to register only needed to input your
paypal email address and start working. Clicksincome use point system to reward your work
and every 20 points will converted as $0.01. with minimum payout only $0.02 it is easy work
to reach. Tips : focus on tab Instant, View and Click , you can get 500 point or more / days.
Always cashout at 500 points or more because they will cut your point 20 points as a fee

2. Get-paid.com , on this site you can do a lot of offer and surveys especially if you use USA IP.
Their minimum payout is $1.
Other Site
1. Interwrk , if you get accepted you will put 1 toolbar / add ons on your firefox then they will
send you minimum $0.02 each days if your firefox running at least 8 hours /days. Tips :
DONT USE USA or Canada IP. Invite your friend to earn more
2. Earnhoney , earnhoney is like GPT sites but very limited and we can earn by leaving our
browser open. They have payment method using paypal or amazon gift card with minimum
payout is $5 ( 500 honey ) or $1 amazon gift card for new user for 1st time cashout. You will
need flash to be enabled to earn. Tips : after registration, go to Earn Polls and click on
badge one by one . After you get all badges, go to Earn Games , and let the browser open
to play video. When video is playing you will slowly get Nectar and every 10 Nectar will
convert as 1 Honey. With this tips, on 1st day registration you can cash out $1 Amazon Gift
3. Yroo , yroo is a social network with discount items and cashback. You can get a lot of
discounts here. They have point system to reward their users and every 10,000 point can be
redeem as $10. Our goal is to get more points in this site. Tips : register with my link to get
a sign up bonus chase/treasure with a chance to get 10,000 pointsl.