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Child labor or how to take advantage of defenseless childen.

If you have planned a trip to New Delhi for this summer...Hide your children !
It is common knowledge that during the last decade child labor has been
greatly increasing in developing countries . It often qualified as modern
slavery. Indeed the 7th of June 2015 a sweatshop in New Delhi was raided. It
was discovered that children from nine to fourteen were forced to make
clothes in squalid conditions. In fact, the clothes were sold to the Indian
domestic market.
As a matter of fact , more and more sweatshops are brought out into the
open. For instance on the 13 of February 2014 a sweatshop also situated in
New Delhi was revealed. Soon enough it was discovered that Gap owned it.
Shiva Ganesha a young sixteen years old that worked there accepted to be
interviewed "I hated working there ! My job was tiring, unhealthy and
dangerous. After a while I had completely lost hope of ever being saved. To
sum-up my life was living-hell ! "
This story reminds us of the chocking testimony of Angela Rodriguez, a
mexican journalist who highlighted in a controversial book the presence of
sweatshops managed by the Kardashian family in Mexico. Children had to
produce clothes for the Kardashian clothing line. They were rarely fed .
Rumor has it once in a while Kim Karashian would come to control the
children's work. However no reliable source confirmed this information.
Despite the charges being held against them, the Kardashian family strongly
denied their involvement in this case.
However this testimony led the Save The Children Movement (STCM) to take
further interest into the Kardashian's overseas businesses. They dage2
deeper into the clothing line business and analysed hundreds of legal
documents concerning it. They exposed mutiple swaetshops in New Delhi,
Mexico, Buenos Aires and Dakar. One of them particularly stood out namely3
the New Delhi sweatshop. The horrifying cruel treatment of the children left
the STCM no other choice then to react immediatly4 by organising a raid.
The raid took place on the 13th February 2015.The activists discretely5
observed the sweatshop and waited until it was the right time. They had to
face the heavily armed criminals. After several minutes of shooting the
activists took the upper hand in the battle. They succedeed in their mission
but not without casualties indeed an activist named Patrick Tezuka died from
a bullet. Their remarkable bravery while facing the criminals was
acknowledge by the United Nations which testified of their gratefulness

toward them.
During yesterday's raid fourteen children ,that could also be qualify hostages,
were saved. The children lived in a very small room where they had to sleep,
eat, go to the toilet and work; They were badly ill-treated, most of them had
bruises and scars. Moreover they were extremely weak from exhaustion after
hours of non-stop working. According to Bhuwan Rhibu, leader of the STMC, "
The conditions in the sweatshop were horrible ! ". At the moment they are
seing a doctor they will then spend the night in a safe center. Tomorrow they
will see a magistrate.
Ever since the 2001 Nike child labor case, the World has been aware of the
cruel exploitement of the Third World countries children. It led to numerous
people uprising against child labor for instance throughout campaigns.
Indeed, thousands and thousands of people outraged by what is now called
"The Kardashian Sweatshop controversy" have started a campaign in order to
get all of the sweatshop to close. They hope that it will have an incidence and
not solely serve as new material for the next "Keeping up with the
Kardashian" episode...