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Systems and

Services Overview
Integrated HVAC-R solutions in
commercial and industrial markets

Who we are
Trane is one of the worlds leading HVAC systems and controls providers, with an approach defined by continual innovation
and intelligent, customized solutions for diverse building and industrial processes.
We believe that integrated system and service solutions will best enhance building performance, improve quality of life for
building occupants and help building owners meet their specific business operational objectives.

Total lifecycle management

Building owners today are more and more concerned with the cost of energy, maintenance, service and other factors costs
that, in aggregate, can account for as much as 80% of total lifecycle costs. Thats why Trane offers support for every stage
of HVAC systems lifecycle.
At the planning and concept stages, we have the technical expertise and the knowledge of different building types for
specific markets to help ensure that initial specifications get off to the right start for maximum efficiency.
At the design stage, our wide-ranging equipment selection offers solutions to meet every need.
Finally, we offer a suite of services, from monitoring and maintenance to retrofits and replacement, that can help HVAC
systems run with maximum efficiency throughout a buildings lifecycle.

Working towards high performance buildings

Many building owners are now looking to save money and energy, reduce their environmental impact and leverage their
building to advance core business objectives.
Trane offers a holistic, assessment-based approach that looks at every aspect of a building to ensure it constantly
delivers as effectively as possible across the board. Trane offers Energy Retrofit Services, Energy Audits, Turnkey and
Comprehensive Solutions.

2 Systems and Services Overview

Understanding your business needs

We understand the needs of the different market segments and partner with you to develop and deliver the right systems
and services for your success.
Commercial buildings: In addition to HVAC-R application solutions for your commercial building
projects, Trane can help you identify specific areas for energy and comfort improvement. Trane has
developed one of the most open Building Management System (BMS) solutions available on the
market, catering to applications with fully optimized functions.

Data centers: High-tech environments demand superior reliability and climate control precision.
Trane systems, services and controls offer effective solutions unique to the challenge at hand.

Health care: For more than 50 years, Trane has helped healthcare customers enhance indoor
environments, improve patient outcomes and staff satisfaction, and achieve better financial and
operational performance through improved indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity and moisture control,
acoustics and energy efficiency.

Industry: Trane has a wide experience in industrial control applications, starting from simple
chillers to highly integrated HVAC-R system solutions that are optimized for improved efficiency,
productivity and reliability.

Lodging: Maintaining a high and consistent level of comfort is critical in the lodging industry.
Trane has decades of experience working with the hospitality sector from individual hotels
to global chains.

Integrated HVAC-R systems

Trane manufactures, manages and services HVAC equipment, systems and controls for buildings and industrial processes
all over the world. We are the industry leader in research and development as well as manufacturing. Whether it concerns a
system upgrade, renovation or new construction. Our projects focus on :

Energy and cost efficiency
Environmental responsibility
Technological expertise

State-of-the-art design
Meeting or exceeding environmental standards
Fulfilling the individual business needs of a client, no
matter how simple or complex

Outdoor chillers

Scroll compressor
13 to 48 kW

Scroll compressor - Axial fans

Odyssey CGA/VGA
20 to 60 kW

Scroll compressor - Axial fans

AquaStream 3G CGAM
50 to 460 kW

Helical rotary compressor - Axial fans

Series R RTAD
270 to 650 kW

Scroll compressor
Centrifugal fans
50 to 150 kW

Helical rotary compressor

Packaged and condenserless
Series R RTWD - RTUD
200 to 850 kW

Indoor chillers and condenserless units

Scroll compressor
Packaged and condenserless
50 to 150 kW

Scroll compressor
Packaged and condenserless
180 to 500 kW

Heat pumps Air-to-water

Scroll compressor
14 to 40 kW

Scroll compressor - Axial fans

Odyssey CXA/VXA
20 to 60 kW

Scroll compressor - Axial fans

AquaStreamTM 3G CXAM
60 to 440 kW

Air handling units

CLCF Climate Changer for

comfort applications
1000-45 000 m3/h

CLCP for comfort applications

For India and the Middle East only
1000-108 000 m3/h

HRCU pre-packaged unit for comfort

applications - For Europe only
3000-31 500 m3/h

CLCF Climate Changer for hospital,

laboratory and pharmaceutical applications
1000-45 000 m3/h

Terminal units

Fan coil units - Cabinet or concealed

UniTrane FCC/ FCK/ FVC
1 to 12 kW
4 Systems and Services Overview

Fan coil units - Cabinet or concealed

2 to 17 kW

Fan coil units - Cabinet or concealed

1 to 11 kW

Ductable fan coil units, with AC or EC

fan motor - UniTrane FCD/FED
1 to 16 kW

Helical rotary compressor - Axial fans

Series R RTAC
400 to 1 500 kW

Helical rotary compressor

Series R RTHD
500 to 1 450 kW

Centrifugal compressor
CenTraVac CVGF
1 400 to 3 800 kW

Centrifugal compressor
170 to 3 800 kW

Heat pumps Water-to-water

Scroll compressor - Packaged

60 to 190 kW

CCEB for customized applications

For Europe only
1000-250 000 m3/h

Ductable U-line fan coil units

3 to 4 kW

Scroll compressor - Packaged

210 to 600 kW

Helical rotary compressor

Series R RTWD
260 to 880 kW

CCTA-CCTB for customized

1000-140 000 m3/h

Ductable fan coil units, horizontal

4 to 33 kW

Cassette units - AC or EC fan motor

1 to 11 kW

Cassette units - AC or EC fan motor

1 to 4 kW


Cooling only/ reversible/ gas fired

Voyager I
17 to 32 kW

Cooling only/ reversible/ gas fired/

dual fuel - Voyager II
42 to 95 kW

Cooling only/ reversible/ gas fired/

dual fuel - Voyager III
81 to 165 kW

Split systems and condensing units

High wall
2.5 to 10.5 kW

Cassette units
3.5 to 12 kW

Multisplitsystem condensing unit

5 to 10.5 kW

Vertical discharge condensing unit

3.5 to 17.5 kW

Condensing unit
Scroll compressor R407C - RAUL
50 to 220 kW

Condensing unit
Scroll compressor R410A - RAUJ
75 to 470 kW

Close control units

Technology and comfort applications

Chilled water, air-cooled and watercooled direct expansion - Jupiter
6 to 22 kW

6 Systems and Services Overview

Convertible type
3.5 to 17.5 kW

Horizontal discharge condensing unit

3 to 17.5 kW

Tall floor
10.5 to 35 kW

Vertical discharge condensing unit

Scroll compressor TTA/ TWA
21 to 70 kW

Variable frequency drives

High tech applications - Chilled

water, air-cooled and water-cooled
direct expansion - Mercury
21 to 164 kW

TR1 Operation on fans and pumps

0.37 to 400 kW

This overview gives a summary of Tranes

extensive offering which may vary between
regions. For more detailed information
and individual product catalogues, contact
your local Trane commercial sales office or
visit www.engineer.trane.com

Trane Care services

Trane Care services offer predictive and preventive maintenance, management, monitoring, repair, retrofit, optimization,
renewal and enhancement services for heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration products and systems.




Oil analysis



Tube testing



Automatic tube

frequency drives

Heat recovery

Chiller control


Power factor

Leak testing


Noise reduction

air quality



Trane Select contracts

Trane Select contracts provides predictive and preventive service and management contracts for heating, ventilating,
air conditioning and refrigeration products and systems. They offer four different levels of coverage to best suit your

Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance: Each agreement is tailored to meet the budget and operating needs of your facility and can include both
preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running in peak condition and predictive maintenance services (such as oil
analysis) to identify potential problems before costly breakdowns occur.
Repairs: Our fast response factory-trained service technicians and diagnostic tools enable us to perform adjustments or
repairs when you need them.

Elite Start


All Trane engineers and technicians are

experts in refrigeration, airconditioning and
controls. Trane will take the extra step beyond
installation to perfectly adapt the system to its
environment, by taking control of and seeing to
an efficient and high-performance start-up.

Full range of HVAC parts and supplies:

Meeting the specifications of the original
Available in real time
Quick and efficient ordering and delivery
Reduced equipment downtime

Building Management Systems

Whether you manage one or multiple facilities, Trane supports you by selecting, designing and implementing the best
solutions for your requirements. Trane BMS solutions offer full flexibility by natively supporting the latest IT technologies,
such as IP networking and Web Services support.


Tracer ESTM


TracerTM SC


TracerTM UC



All system level controllers, such as Tracer SC or

Tracer BCUs optimize the overall performance of
the entire system they are in charge of.
For large systems using multiple controllers, Tracer
ES, an enterprise-wide management server can
be applied as to standardize the overall system
look and feel, even with non-Trane BACnet
system controllers, as well as extend the overall
system archiving capability, by using server-based

Tracer SC architecture embeds latest Web technologies

with pre-engineered applications enabling the use of
advanced energy conservation functions like:
Chiller Plant Control
Demand limiting
IP network

Random start
Tracer ES gives you direct computer access and control
to all your buildings taking energy savings, diagnostics and
scheduling efficiencies to a whole new level.

Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR) advances the quality of life by creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient
environments. Our people and our family of brandsincluding Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Schlage, Thermo King and
Trane work together to enhance the quality and comfort of air in homes and buildings; transport and protect food
and perishables; secure homes and commercial properties; and increase industrial productivity and efficiency. We are a
$14 billion global business committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring results.




Trane has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.
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