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Developers help refugees to become Developers.
We turn the refugee crisis into a German Wirtschaftswunder.


1.5 million refugees will

come to Germany in 2015.
About 380.000 refugees will
stay in Germany and at least
80.000 will need education.

Zaatari refugee camp in

Jordan counting 80,000 refugees.

Source: FAZ, 5.10.2015, http://goo.gl/wSkdg9

Refugees on their way to Germany.

Germany lacks 41,000

Source: Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und
neue Medien e.V.

Graph Bitkom, 41,000 developers

are need in Germany..

We empower refugees to
become software
developers and find jobs as
developers in less than 12

Together we will contribute

significantly to the social and economic value
creation for Europe We will
turn a crisis into a victory.


Refugees apply through CodeDoor for a

scholarhip at udacity..com

Zanox AG provides Laptops.

Udacity conducts the education and certification.

Udacity and CodeDoor accompany the refugees

respectively through online and offline tutoring
and weekly team meetings.

While still studying the refugees will meet

potential employers at workshops and company
events conducted by CodeDoor.

After graduation the refugees contribute 10

developer hours per month for one year into the
system to support other refugees entering the



is a Silicon Valley based online university founded by

Sebastian Thrun (Google, Stanford). Udacity offers Nanaodegrees
in developer subjects that have been co-created with at&t,
facebook, github and hack reactor.
Udacity will provide scholarships to refugees in Europe.

Social Impact Lab

Social Impact Labs offers workshops, networking, office space and
free wi-fi for startups founded by people with a migrationbackground. The refugees educated by CodeDoor and Udacity
will be supported by Social Impact Lab.
Social Impact Labs are funded by KfW and JP Morgan.

Udacity & CodeDoor

study at Udacity.com and are

supported with laptops and team guides

through CodeDoor.org

Social Impact Labs

The refugees will meet in the labs, to study and to

attend workshops.

Value creation for refugees and society

Refugees regain hope and confidence

Integration will be pro actively reached
Innovation will emerge through the new cultural influences by the refugees

Great value creation for the economies

Phase 0: Germany (Launch: November 15)

200 - 300 per cohort (each 4-6 months)
3 cohorts per year: max. 900 graduates
Value creation for the German economy: 32 mil.
Phase 1: Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Launch: March 16)
300 - 1.000 per cohort (each 4-6 months)
3 cohorts per year: up to 3.000 graduates
Value creation for the German economy: 108 mil.
Phase 2: Europe (Launch: September 16)
1.000 - 5.000 per cohort (each 4-6 months)
3 cohorts per year: up to 15.000 graduates
Value creation for the German economy: 540 mil.



Udacity & CodeDoor open the door for a better live

through education and social integration.

Udacity and CodeDoor will empower people to become

software developers.

Udacity and CodeDoor will be THE way to find new

software engineers as employees.


Nicolas Ritouet, nicolas@codedoor.org

Alper Tekin, alper@udacity.com

Karan Dehghani, karan@codedoor.org

M: 0177 / 30 55 732

Claudio Bredfeldt, claudio@codedoor.org