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Support Center Request (SCR)

This file describes the following topics:

System Requirements
Supported E-mail Systems
Configuring the SCR
List of Files Installed
Troubleshooting E-mail Problems
Contacting Technical Support

The Support Center Request (SCR) provides a standardized method for users to interact with
Technical Support and ensure that Technical Support has the required information to process the
user inquiry/request. The SCR is designed to enable users to more quickly and easily:
Resolve possible software defects

Receive technical support

Report feature requests ("Wish List")

System Requirements
Intel 486, Pentium, or fully compatible processor. A Pentium is recommended.
Windows 95 with Service Release 1 or later, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later, or

Windows 98.
Approximately 1 MB of free hard disk space.
Supported e-mail system. See the Supported E-mail Systems section below.

Supported E-mail Systems

MAPI (Messaging API)/Active Messaging based e-mail systems
NOTE: The are known problems with older versions of the Microsoft 32-bit implementation of
MAPI. Please see the Known Problems section below.
Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Mail
Microsoft Outlook
Novell GroupWise (v5.x and higher)

SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol)/Internet based e-mail systems

E-mail Connection

Eudora/Eudora Pro
Microsoft Internet Mail
Microsoft Outlook Express
Netscape Mail
Pegasus (SMTP)
Spry Mail

If you use an SMTP Email Client, such as those listed above, then SCR can connect directly to
the SMTP server and use its own Email capabilities to send the Email.

SCR is currently installed by several Hyprotech product Setup programs.
If you encounter any problems during installation, please contact technical support. See
the Contacting Technical Support section below.

Configuring the SCR

SCR is capable of using both MAPI and SMTP Email systems. The default email capability of
SCR requires an SMTP server, via which SCR can send Emails with multiple File Attachments to
multiple Recipients. However, SCR can also be configured to use a MAPI based Email Client,
such as Microsoft Outlook. Please Note that if you are using SCR with a MAPI configuration
it is not possible to specify multiple attachments or multiple recipients from within the
SCR environment. However, the MAPI client which is used will allow the user to specify
multiple attachments and recipients from within itself.
After installing SCR the Email settings need to be configured. To do this you need to run the SCR
executable file. This can be done via the Hyprotech product by selecting the Help menu item and
then clicking on Support Centre Request.
Alternatively you can run the executable directly. This is found by default in the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hyprotech\SCR.exe
When SCR is running select the Edit menu item, and then click on the Configure Email option
SCR will then display the Configure Email Form. If you are using a MAPI Email client, such as
those listed previously, then ensure that the MAPI Radio Button is checked.
With MAPI the only information which is required is your Email Address. Ensure that this is
entered and then click on the Save button.
If you are using an SMTP Mail Client, or have a connection to an SMTP server, you may wish to
configure SCR to use its internal Email system. To do this SCR requires further information.
Ensure that the SMTP Radio Button is selected, and then provide the User name you use to
connect to the SMTP server, the name of the SMTP server, the Port to which SMTP server
requests should be sent (25 by Default), and your Email address.

List of Files Installed

The following files (with versions) are installed by the SCR:
File Name
File Version
SCR Readme.rtf

Troubleshooting E-mail Problems

MAPI/Active Messaging
Please ensure the following:
Your MAPI/Active Messaging e-mail program is 32-bit.

You have Microsoft Active Messaging v1.1 or higher installed (see the Known Problems
section above).
Active Messaging is automatically installed with Microsoft Exchange 5.0 or higher and
Microsoft Outlook 8.01 or higher.
Your Profile Name is correct.

Please ensure the following:
The SMTP Server and SMTP Port are correct.

The value specified for Timeout Connect is adequate for connecting to your SMTP Server.
If your SMTP Server requires a login, your Login Name is correct.

Contacting Technical Support

If you encounter a problem which you cannot resolve or have a question which is not answered in
the BDK documentation, there are several ways to contact Technical Support.
The AEA Technology Engineering Software Website at http://www.software.aeat.com contains
a variety of information, including:
Information on other software products and services offered

Example cases and product information

Technical papers
News bulletins
Hyperlink to technical support e-mail

Sending e-mail directly to support@software.aeat.com. Please include the following

Your full name, company name, telephone and fax Numbers

Answers to frequently asked questions

Your version of BDK (this is shown in the Help, About BDK... menu in BDK).
A detailed description of the problem. Please include a sample case if possible.

Sending a fax. Please include the same information listed above for the e-mail. Contact
information is listed below.
Calling us (toll-free, where available). Please have the same information listed above for the
e-mail available. Contact information is listed below.

Hyprotech Ltd.
Suite 800
707 - 8th Avenue SW
T2P 1H5
Phone: (403) 520-6000
(403) 520-6060
Toll-free: 888-757-7836
E-mail: info@hyprotech.com
Copyright (c) 1997- 2001 Hyprotech Ltd.
All Rights Reserved