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Reiser Relief Inc.

is a volunteer run non-

profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded by
Father Bernard Reiser, who has been
involved with Haiti outreach programs for
over 13 years. Reiser Relief is based in
Coon Rapids, MN and its mission is to help
the impoverished people of the Caribbean country of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
The social and environmental problems are the greatest challenges the people of Haiti are facing today.

In the midst of these problems, we are compelled to provide the essential services to aid in day-to-day survival.
The services we provide include: fresh water delivery, food centers, and housing, primary grade education and
eldercare facilities. Many projects are in or near Cite Soleil; the suburb of the Haitian capital of Port au Prince.

One of our original programs that we sponsored was the Village of Jesus, located in the
mountain area of Leogonne. There we built a center caring for abandoned women who Online Matching
have no place to live. It currently has dormitories, laundry facilities, kitchen, dining Grant Available!
area and bathrooms to accommodate these women. Double Your
Donation for Haiti.!
Reiser Relief supports two primary schools namely Terre Promise & Reiser Heights
Primary. Both schools made it through the earthquake though Terre Promise will need
extensive repairs and Reiser Relief and three other non-profit organizations are
proceeding forward to reconstruct. With your support, our school programs provide hope that comes with an
education for a better future. Children receive a daily meal at school and for many, this is their only meal for
the day. We engage in building and supporting school classrooms and sanitary blocks for sewage. Your
donations provide for so much; salaries for teachers, text books, food, uniforms and hope.

The number one cause for illnesses is the lack of clean water and our water deliver program brings life-saving
water daily to those in need. Fresh water is obtained from deep wells and trucked to the areas of need. The
water truck operates six days a week making four deliveries too many neighborhoods in Cite Soleil and
reaching numerous impoverished families where the local people carry the water home in
5 gallon buckets. With your help, we can affect thousands of lives for they cannot afford
to purchase the water on their own. After the earthquake the water truck is delivering to
tent cities, clinics and orphanages; for without the water we supply to these impoverished
people they cannot survive.

In March 2010 a plea for help to Reiser Relief came from Father Zucchi, the director of the Little Schools in
Port-au-Prince. Our first priority is providing food, water and shelter. The school provides educational
programs for over 10,000 children from pre-school to young adults. They focused on literacy and vocational
training to sustain their future. Many of the children, parents and staff are sleeping outside, in the streets or in
big courtyards. Most of the children and parents have no tent or food. The water towers (holding 10,000
gallons) have been destroyed. The food storage for school is gone.

The people of Haiti await your generous response and pray for God's abundant blessings upon you. We are
committed to providing essential services to aid in day-to-day survival of thousands. We live among abundance,
the Haitians in extreme poverty.

Help me to help them.

Love and Prayers, Reiser Relief Inc.
Father Reiser 1800 - 111th Avenue NW #320
Coon Rapids, MN 55433 USA
Phone: 763-757-2295