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Welcome to the

Here you can find all the

information that help you to
prepare for the competition.
This include necessary technical
information about the provided
information about materials
and components provided.

A letter from us
Dear Teams,
We would like to express our sincere thanks and welcome to our
Pathfinder Robot Competition 2015 at UMNC.
Aspiring to ensure you make the most of your time here, we
have compiled various pieces of necessary information in this
guide to help you all get prepare for the competition day and
build your own functioning model to succeed in the final maze
We understand that participating in such competition involves a
lot of effort and we urge you to read through this guide with
patience to get a clearer idea to do as a team before and during
the competition.
If you need further information or requests, please feel free to
drop us an email or contact us through our website enquiry form.
We wish all the teams the best and to enjoy the competition!
Looking forward to see all of you in UNMC!

Best Regards,
PRC15 Organising Committee

Being there.. On time

This is a one-day event as all
the fabrication, coding and
racing will take place on
Saturday 14th of March
2015. Please make sure your
team members are present on
that big day, from early
morning till evening. Refer to

This event will take place at the
UNMC(University of Nottingham
Malaysia Campus) located at
Semenyih, Selangor. This event
is hosted at the fountain area on
campus and a map of the
campus will be provided.

Days Agenda


Checking-in and registration

Light snacks and beverages services


Open Ceremony
Competition Rules Briefing


Competition Officially Starts

Building and Troubleshooting


Lunch Service


End of building and programming sessions

Racing and lap timing begin on the track


Announcement of results and winners

Closing ceremony and prize giving

Transport & Directions

By Car
UNMC Campus at Semenyih is
located 3km east of the junction of
Jalan Broga and Highway 1 in
Semenyih, Selangor.
It can be
reached by road from Kula Lumpur in
about 45 minutes and from KLIA in
about 40 minutes. The distance
between Kuala Lumpur and the
campus is around 45km. Use either
Cheras-Kajang Highway, North South
Expressway and Kajang SILK
Highway or use SILK Highway
towards Sungai Long. Take the exit
to Semenyih, 2101A. Pass Sunway
Semenyih on your left (about 6km
away) and continue onto Jalan
Semenyih. The campus is located at
Jalan Broga which is 3km driving
distance from Semenyih town.
From Kuala Lumpur: Cheras-Kajang
Highway: Pay RM1.00 at Batu 9 Toll
and RM0.90 at Batu 11 Toll.
North-South Expressway: Pay
RM1.80 at Kajang exit.
Kajang SILK Highway: Pay RM1.00
at Sg. Ramal Toll and RM1.00 at
Bukit Kajang Toll.


We encourage carpooling as
visitor parking space on campus
are quite limited !

By Rail
The nearest railway station is in
Kajang Town (9 km from the
campus) where the (KTM)
Commuter and National trains stop.
A KTM service is available every 15
minutes between 6:00am and
11:00pm to and from Kuala Lumpur
at a cost of RM2.80 per trip.
There is an 8:15 AM bus service
running from Kajang KTM Station
and reaching the campus at 9:00
AM. Make this your last resort as it
will get you there a bit late.

By Taxi
Taxi Fare from Kajang KTM to
campus cost approximately RM2530.

Jalan Balakong and SILK Highway:

Pay RM1.00 at Sg. Long- Semenyih


From MRR2 and Sungai Besi

Highway: Pay RM1.30 at Mines
Selatan Toll and RM1.00 at Sg. LongSemenyih Toll.

KLIA Express offers train service to

KL Sentral Station, where you can
catch KTM Komuter trains to Kajang

Hotel and Services



There are several lodging

options available if you wish to
stay for a night before or after
the competition day. Most hotels
are located in the city of KL and
Kajang town. The latter is nearer
to the campus.

Two meals and waters will be

served throughout the day for all
team members to minimise time
loss. Nonetheless, there is a
cafeteria on campus operating
from 8AM to 10PM. Besides, for
team that have special request
like food allergic please inform
our committee team in advance
so we make the arrangement

You can go forward and book

rooms on behalf of your team,
and if you require assistance on
finding a hotel, please contact
us and we will be more than
happy to help you with that.

Other Services
 ATM machines are available
on campus.
 Wireless internet connection
coverage is available.
 A convenience store is open
24/7 on campus.

Your team can potentially opt for
sponsorship from the educational
institution you represent to cover
the transportation and
accommodation costs of your

Get prepared!
Registration payment

The registration fee per team is RM 200.The deadline for

payment is 28th of February 2014. This fee is inclusive of
participation, provision of building materials, components,
catering, and t-shirts. The payment is to be done by means
of a bank draft, transfer, or a cheque payable to the
following bank account.

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad

Acc Number : 301-879391-101

Confirmation email will

be sent once payment is

Keep in touch with us

You have already submitted an email address for potential
correspondence from us. We will always contact you using:
Additionally, keep an eye on our official website and
Facebook page for latest updates or further info, and even
some helpful advice. Also, it would be preferred to carefully
review the rules and regulations posted on the website for
your reference.

Prepare to fight!

Review the materials and

components provided
One clear rule of our competition is that you are only
allowed to use the core building materials and electronic
components provided by the organisers. This is to ensure
fairness among competing teams.
Therefore, make sure you review the list of materials
provided later in this guide, and research their properties
and typical usage.

Plan your strategy to win


You have to construct and develop some essential ideas

about the strategy your team will be using on the spot.
Remember that the time on that day time is very limited to
build and test your robot model.
So, you are advised to sit down with your team and assign
duties to achieve higher efficiency when building and coding.
It is a good idea to come up with a rough design and
dimensions for your robot body beforehand. That will surely
save you some time !

Familiarise your team with

You will use an Arduino Uno board to program your robot
to use the provided sensors to give operational instructions
to the motors moving the robot model. It is crucial to have a
programmer within your team to be able to code using the
Arduino IDE software.
If you feel your knowledge of programming Arduino is rather
limited, you can use various online tools to learn the
essentials needed before the competition day. Also, check
out the sample code provided.

Final Preparation

Pack up your gear

Although most of the core building materials and
electronic components are to be provided by us, you are
allowed to bring along tools you will need and other
necessary equipment that may not be provided by the
 Laptop with Arduino IDE software installed
 Any decorating materials to make your
robot unique (LEDs, coloring materials,
stickers etc..) Be creative!
 Although we will try all our best to provide
teams with various tools, we do encourage
you to bring any tools you may have
(multimeters, screwdrivers, cutters, glues
 Soldering guns will NOT be provided. If you
think you will need one, please bring your

Arrange your transport

Plan your teams commute to the venue early on to avoid
any confusion or rush. Make sure you make it to our
campus not later than 8AM in order to not miss any of the
important induction programs or model building time.
Refer to the transport section of this guide for more info.
You can also seek our help by emailing us.

You are all set!

Must know your way in!
The event is going to take place at the fountain
area which nearby the Nottingham Trent
Building. Fabrication, coding work and racing will
be done in the same location.

 Once you arrive to the campus, kindly follow the signage to reach
the competitions venue.
 Receive your teams booklet guide which includes a campus layout
map and activities venue locations for the whole day.
 Know your organisers. Approach them for any questions or guidance
needed. Make sure you accustom yourselves to the place once you
arrive in order to avoid wasting time.
 Attend the opening ceremony of the competition. This short segment
will contain valuable information that will assist your teams efforts to
build the robots model.
 Each team will be assigned a working station which will serve as
your space for team discussions, model building, and coding your
provided board. Please proceed to find your teams spot and set it
up to your liking.
 If needed, setup your teams laptop internet connection using the
universitys visitors WiFi network. Steps and credentials for doing
that will be provided on spot. You may need the internet connection
for any referencing throughout the building phase.

Materials and Tools provided to

Robot Building Materials

Cardboard sheets: thickness 3-6 mm

Plastic Containers
Cable Ties
Wheels x2
Wheel Coupling x2

 We encourage Go Green for this event so the main
raw materials for robot body provided will be
recyclable materials.
 Your team will build the robots body using the raw
materials provided that can hold all the needed
 Fabrication work will be done throughout the day,
and workbenches will be made available for teams
to do all the cutting and drilling processes needed.
 Assembling the robot and operating it is the main
challenge and gist of the competition in time. How
well you execute that is what will place your team
ahead of competitors.

Materials and Tools provided to

Robot Building Tools

Hot Glue Gun

Staple Gun
Screw Driver
Steel Ruler
Borsch Impact Drill

 Square Combination

All the tools will be

provided for mutual
use among the teams.

Materials and Tools provided to

Electrical & Electronic Components

Arduino UNO microcontroller

(6-15V) 5-pole DC motors x2
L298 motor driver board
10k Ohm resistors
Battery (Lipo 14.8V 2.2mAh)
Ultrasonic Sensors x2
Breadboard x1
M-M Jumper Wire
F-F Jumper Wire

 Teams are allowed to create custom circuit
boards. Any safety features by means of the
electronic and electrical circuits, rotating blade
protection, and software integration will be
valued when considering the design prizes
 LED lights or any form of decoration on the
robot will be a plus to the creative design prize

Technical Rules and Advice

 If any standard components are damaged, then a replacement part of
the same model will be used.
 Dealing with Lipo batteries requires intensive care. Teams must ensure
their batteries dont blow up by avoiding short-circuits.
 No auxiliary processor or other programmable device is allowed besides
the microcontroller provided by the organiser.
 Wireless connectivity to the robot during the race is not allowed.
 The microcontroller board will be programmed using Arduino IDE
available at http://arduino.cc/en/main/software
 During the race judges will perform a technical inspection for all entries.
This includes the vehicles specifications, dimensions, non-modifiable
parts and use of wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RF or other). In
case of any violations, the organising committee is entitled to disqualify
the corresponding team.
 The maximum time limit for each team is 7 minutes to complete the
track. Whichever robot that takes more than the allocated time will be
removed from the track.
 In the event of teams with same lapsing time, the robot will be
judged by the race judges, based on other features and overall design of
the robot.
 Each team gets a chance to undertake two officially timed lap on the
competition track in which the best time will be taken.
 Additionally, all the rules and regulations posted on the competitions
website do apply. Visit http://pathfindercompetition2015.comyr.com/