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Semiotic Analysis

Submitted to: Maam Salma Atif Sheikh

Course: Consumer Behavior
Date of Submission: Tuesday 20th October2015
Class: BBA 8- (N)
Group: 1
Abdul Wahaab Sikander
Syeda Alina Zainab
Muazima Batool Agha
Aroosa Kunwal
Usman Shams

Table of Contents



List Of Advertisements


Kleenex Tissues
Daisy by Marc Jacobs..


Knorr Chicken Stock.

Pepsi 9
Heinz Ketchup



In the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful, we are grateful to a bunch of
respected people in performing our assignment, since we had to take the help and
guideline, wand they deserve our greatest gratitude. The completion of this assignment
gives us much pleasure. We would like to show our gratitude Ms. Salma Atif Sheikh, for
giving us a good guideline for assignment throughout numerous consultations. We
would also like to expand our deepest gratitude to all those who have directly and
indirectly guided us in completing this assignment.


The study of relationships between signs and symbols and what they represent. Also c
alled semasiology
It is an act of analyzing the symbols, colors, images and texts in the print ads and
what concept do they carry about a particular brand.

1. Kleenex Tissues.
2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
3. Knorr Chicken Stock.
4. Pepsi.
5. Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Symbol: Badly Bruised Nose.

Object: A girl.
Interpretation: In the ad above, we see a young girl with flu, feeling pretty miserable.
The focus point is her bruised nose, while we can see her in low-spirits. We all have had
flu and to clean the follow-up we often use tissues. Kleenex, is positioned as one of the
disposable handkerchief brand that is hygienic and soft. The relationship between the
girl and her bruised nose is featured by the slogan Because not all tissues are Kleenex.
So, here, consumers are attracted by the idea, how advertisers explained the linked
between the toilet rolls, tissues and the state of flu. Also, why we should prefer Kleenex
over other tissue brands.

Sign (Nose)


Symbol: Perfume bottle.

Object: The juvenile girl.
Interpretation: In the above advertisement, we can see a young girl holding a
perfume bottle up in the air, and it seems more like she is worshipping the bottle. This
ad has been designed very astutely and innovatively. The girl is sitting in the middle of
daisy field and is seduced by the feminine scent, daisies all around her. Seems that she
feels like sitting in the daisies field after putting the perfume on. The beautiful array of
daisies that surround the cap attracts the consumers and the slogan used creates a sense
of better understanding between the consumer and the brand. However, the slogan is

not eye catching as it is merged with the colors in the sky but a simple yet elegant
statement, The fragrance for women.


Symbol (Perfume bottle)


Symbol: Knorr Cube.

Object: Pot full of Curry.
Interpretation: This advertisement shows a woman carefully putting the Knorr
Chicken Soup Stock on a Pot of fresh looking Curry with a smile on her face. It looks like
the finishing touch to a masterpiece which is augmented by the statement, Daal nahi
Kamaal!. The image gets Ethos and Logos from the person being a woman(who looks
like a mother) and then wearing a white Chefs costume. This gives credibility to the
advertisement as in the Pakistani households, woman make the food. Also, the Chefs
costume gives it professional food credibility. The woman being in her mid-thirties also
gives it a mothers care perspective. While on the flipside, the curry looks delicious even
without the Knorr cube, why add it? And the Knorr cube is an ingredient, not a topping,
so why is it being put on top of a garnished pot of Curry.


Symbol (Smile)


Symbol: Pepsi Bottle.

Object: Delicious looking food.
Interpretation: The above advertisement is one of many used by Coca-Cola and Pepsi
to attract the foodie customer segment. The image shows the girl holding a delicious
platter of food in one hand and a bottle of Pepsi in the other to show that these two
literally go Hand-in-Hand. The imagery also contains exclamations like Wow, Yum
and Mazedaar to support the image of excitement by the Models. The Slogan, Khana
Baney Exciting is also synonymous with the message of the picture. But, this technique
has been used by almost all cobonated beverage brands in Pakistan like coca-cola, Sprite
etc. and will not be anything out of the ordinary when a customer sees it.

Symbol (Pepsi)


Symbol: Fresh tomatoes.

Object: Ketchup bottle.
Interpretation: One of the most admired advertisement of its time, Heinz owned it.
This is a very creative and attention grabbing ad. In 2009, ketchup companies were
accused of using more preservatives than tomatoes. I the meanwhile, Heinz came up
with this advertisement. We see freshly sliced tomatoes, all bottled up, emphasizing on
the fact that is stated in the slogan too, i.e., No one grows Ketchup like Heinz. The
emphasized on the conviction that they use less or almost no preservatives. They know
that their consumers are health conscious and what their demands are. So meeting their
customers requirement was utmost important to them. The red color in the back
ground seeks attention and excites much of the mass to take some action.


(Ketchup bottle)

Symbol (Tomatoes)