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Alyssa Rangel

Music 1306
Uvalde/3:30 PM
November 17, 2015

Teamwork Essay

In this essay I will be addressing a couple of questions on

teamwork in the participation of a class project. Teamwork
involves a group of two or more people working together to
achieve the same goal, in this case, it was to complete the lesson
on identifying the six characteristics of Romantictism. We were to
select 4 out of the 6 characteristic and give two examples of
music, one from the romantic period and another from other
music. Since there were 4 of us in our group we decided to each
pick a characteristic that we could work with and proceeded to
study it further and gather our information for our assignment.
Our group had decided since we were given time after class to
finish this project, to use that time wisely and get it done. We met
twice during class, and that gave us more than enough time to
complete our project. We all sat together and helped eachother,
as we needed some guidance if we got stuck or if it was just a
simple question, we were there for eachother.
We each contributed ideas when we first met, and after
discussions and reviews, we all agreeed on our plans for this
project. I made a few suggestions, the team listened and then we
acted upon the plan on how we were going to set out/display our
project. I made sure I was a good listerner, and opened to their
ideas and I felt they were opened to mine.
As a result, we did not experience any conflicts throughout this
project. We kept all our criticisim constructive, as we had all
agreeed we were going to put out our best work and strive for
excellence, and if we needed any help or ideas to just ask anyone
of us. During our project, we kept close in touch by either phone,

text, or email, which helped us move our project along at a good

pace. We all felt the group support and contributed evenly as we
all did our part to complete this project. We made sure all of us
were focused on the deadline of the project, by sending text
reminders to other members of our team, and also asked them if
they needed any ideas on how to finalize their part of the work.
Our few hours of working together, gave us opportunities to
develope a great friendship. I felt the combination of our
personalities offered a great potential for us to achieve our goals.
We always treated each other with respect, therefore, no one felt
left out, intimidated or dissatisfied with our finalized work. When
we all came to a consensus on any matter discussed for the
project, we moved on to the next step. I felt everybody
contributed equally, and without reservations on their part. We
motivated each other to keep on task and try to put out a great
project , as we talked, and worked as a team in harmony, until we
finished the project.
I am thankful to report there was no destructive conflicts during
this project, for we all understood it would effect our work
negatively, and conflicts would occur. We had clarified the
meaning of teamwork in the beginning, which I felt was
essential in guiding us through the finalization of this project in a
respectful manner to reach success.