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Predicting profession, a person is likely to take up and succeed, is
quite a complex job and it is one of the most sought after fields in
predictive Vedic Astrology. Numerous areas and highly
competitive environment; be it business, service, profession,
politics, etc., and its magnitude are the areas which have charged
the atmosphere making it quite difficult for the decision makers to
identify one which would be most suitable from the point of view of
success and also the potentialities of the seekers.
There are number of factors which help us in arriving at a decision
on this vital issue, viz. the nature of sign falling in the ascendant,
tenth house governing profession, second house ruling the status,
the impact of the third house which rules enterprising nature, the
eleventh house signifying income and the ascendant of dasamsa
(the divisional chart for analysis of professional matters) of a
native. All of the foregoing factors collectively govern the
magnitude of the professional matters. The sign of a royal planet
like the Sun, the Moon or affluent planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc.
indicate the level of affluence of the profession of a native and the
income, there from.
The lords of the second, third and ninth houses, if containing
mooltrikona signs, also act as the Sun. The strength of the lords of
these signs and the operating planetary periods hold the key to
decipher the planetary influences. Similarly, understanding the

nature of planets becoming significators for profession and the

planets exerting close influence on the houses ruling professional
matters is necessary.
The lords of the tenth and the second houses, if containing
mooltrikona signs, are considered as the primary determinants for
analysing the professional affairs. In case there is no mooltrikona
sign in any of these houses, then the lord of the first house is
considered the prime determinant. The planets closely influencing
the tenth and the second houses or the ascendant, if there is no
mooltrikona in the tenth and the second houses, or closely
influencing their lords by way of close aspects/conjunctions as
well as the planets placed in these houses act as secondary
determinants for analysing the professional affairs. The lord of the
ascendant of dasamsa containing a mooltrikona sign becomes an
additional primary determinant for profession. The close influence
of the lord of the third house on the houses ruling professional
matters or the third house, itself, indicates business ventures.
The significations of planets fructify during their own main/subperiod as per their strength. The readers may please note the
stress being laid on the strength of the planets. The weakness of
the planets in a nativity is the very reason of existence of this
divine science. It is but natural that a native may approach an
astrologer in the hour of difficulty and thereafter he may like to
utilize the services of this divine science without being faced with
the problems but to avoid the incidence of problems as also to
augment his ventures for optimum benefits. The real job is to find
out the true strength of those planets which are apparently strong
in the rasi chart of a nativity. As per Maharishi Parashara the weak
planets of the natal chart do not acquire any strength in any of the
Vargas. The weak natal planets, until and unless they are
strengthened, fail to bestow good results even if they are in

strength in the divisional charts or having maximum benefic

bindus in Ashtakvarga.
In fact delineating anything from a natal chart requires application
of the principles in a comprehensive manner. Most of the times,
the significators may be overlapping and indicating more than one
area of pursuit, while a person might have one of the area as a
hobby. Similarly, a planet signifies variety of occupations. For
example (1) the Sun signifies administration, practice of medicine,
politics, etc. (2) Venus signifies practice of life saving drugs, the
business of artistic nature, engineering or luxury items, financial
advisor's role, etc. (3) Mercury signifies dealing in writing,
accountancy, analytical studies, application of law, designing work
of engineering involving calculations, etc. (4) The Moon signifies
love and care, house keeping, public relations, etc. (5) Mars
signifies execution, commandership in the armed forces, initiative
and entrepreneurship, etc. (6) Jupiter signifies practice of law,
teaching, financial management, advisory roles, propagation of
spirituality, Astrology, etc. (7) Saturn signifies participation in
mass production involving large work force, low technology
industry, leadership of labor/industrial workers, service, etc.
What we have to see is which type of influence is more in
operation and has to synchronize the same with the operating
planetary periods. As a group, those planets which exert more
influence indicate the choice or area of profession. The
prominence, fame, wealth or notable contributions in various fields
is the result of a group of strong planets congruent in nature. The
group of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury may indicate the area of
profession as advisory role in financial institutions or in financial
matters, legal advice, or collectively legal and financial areas. The
confluence of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. as a group
may indicate good positions in administration. The confluence of
Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars may indicate a profession of

engineering. The confluence of Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun

may indicate a profession in the technology sectors. Further
classification in the major field depends on the leading role of one
of the significators. When the significators are weak or the main
period of weak planets is in operation, the natives go in for routine
jobs i.e. clerical or mechanics, sales representatives/assistants,
etc. or merely work as helping hands. For entering into business
the role of the third house and the Sun, Venus and Mercury is
supreme as they provide planning, trading and organizing
capabilities. Royal planets (the Sun and the Moon) and Mars, the
planet of executive authority, under the benefic influence of Jupiter
becoming significators of profession indicate involvement of
political career. Rahu gives impetus to the efforts. However,
success depends on the good placement of Rahu and neither it
should be aspected by or related to the functional malefic planets
nor it should be closely afflicting other planets in the natal chart.
Ketu in its main/sub-periods often retards the growth. Persons with
weak Mercury, which rules planning and analytical faculties, often
end up with losses in business because of mainly two reasons i.e.
(1) they depend on the wisdom of others; and (2) they take wrong
decisions when they are under great mental pressures.