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Case Study 1: West Hatch Secondary

The C-Pen ReaderPen has made a dramatic
difference to the students life both emotionally
and academically.
This is the conclusion of Gay Shillaker, Specialist teacher
at West Hatch Secondary School in Essex following the
pilot of the C-Pen ReaderPen with one of her students.
The academy currently has over 1,200 students on roll,
with 102 on the Special Needs Register, 62 with English as
a Second Language and 210 Pupil Premium pupils.
Gay describes how the pen was piloted, We trialled this
pen with one of our Dyslexic Year 7 students. She uses the
ReaderPen every day across all areas of the curriculum
with a number of staff that includes myself on a one to
one basis. Staff are fully aware that the student uses the
pen and have allowed her to use it as and when required.
This is usually when there is continuous text to read and
the C-Pen ReaderPen gives her the independence so she
is not reliant as much on in class support.

Case Study 2: Ryde Academy

In summary I would consider the C-Pen
ReaderPen to be a huge success for the
reasons outlined above and I would highly
recommend it to other colleagues/schools and
students which is why we would love another

As a reading tool,
we have found it
to be a significant
improvement from
previous models of pen
reader in its ease of use
and functionality.

Ryde Academy is another school who has adopted the

C-Pen ReaderPen, with 4 students being allocated a
pen on a daily basis to use throughout the duration of the
school day. The pens were used in a multitude of lessons
encompassing a wide range of tasks, from revision to
reading tasks to group work activities. The school has
1,053 students, with 20% on the SEN register.

Andrea, Head of Learning

Support London School

The school felt the product would considerably enhance

the students access to learning being able to read words
effectively, independently and discreetly in the classroom.
Nicola Pritchett High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) at
Ryde Academy explains how they decided which students
should be equipped with the pen and the desired results
they were hoping to achieve.

Gay goes onto to add, The product has been most

beneficial in areas of the curriculum that involve large
volumes of reading and writing including English,
Geography and History. Furthermore the student has
found the eDictionary very useful because it reads out the
words as well as giving correct spelling and definition.

We use the Salford Reading Test, which helped us to

identify students with lower than average levels of literacy
who could benefit from the ReaderPen. The desired
outcome of using the pen was to ensure the students were
able to independently decipher difficult or unknown words
when reading through passages of text on a worksheet or
textbook, enabling them to fully understand the work as a
result. This would particularly aid students with dyslexia or
low reading ability.

So what does the student, other teachers and the Senior

Leadership Team (SLT) think?
Gay explains, Feedback from teaching staff, SLT and of
course the student herself have been very positive.
The main benefits being improved independence, fluency
of reading, improved comprehension, enabling her
to understand the text and extending her vocabulary
knowledge. This allows support to be redirected,
enhancing the values of the schools ethos to promote
independent learning, resourcefulness and resilience in
But how did this affect the students academic
Evidence from recent progress checks has shown a
marked increase in her National Curriculum (NC) levels
and she is currently working above target in English, Maths
and Science. As a consequence both her confidence and
self-esteem have greatly improved. The student does use
the pen at home and the parents are fully supportive.
They have been extremely impressed and encouraged by
her independence.
As she is now able to fully access the text she has the
confidence to not only read aloud without the use of the
pen but ask questions which she wouldnt have done
before. Her current reading age has now increased from 7
years 7 months in October 2014 to 9 years 2 months as of
17th May 2015.

So what did the students like about the pen?

The product appealed to the students because of its size.
The pens were portable, easy to use (with simple, basic
buttons) and were discreet which was an extremely
important feature for our students who did not want to
draw attention to the aid.

In my opinion it is
ergonomic, helpful for my
six, seven and nine year
old to scan words quickly
so the reading process is
not slowed down by them
having to stumble upon
words and ask for help. This
is what I wanted, so I am
happy with the pen.
Caroline, a parent
from Wiltshire

By having access to the pen, were there areas of the

curriculum that yielded greater benefits to the students?
The pens have been hugely successful in English lessons,
for reading/scanning through long extracts and also in
Science lessons, where students come across new and
challenging scientific vocabulary.
How would the school summarise the key benefits of the
C-Pen ReaderPen?
Nicola explains, The pens have enabled teachers to let
students read or look up difficult words independently,
differentiating a variety of texts, without having to ask for
help. The students using the pens all said they felt more
independent as they did not need to ask someone else to
read the more difficult words and they could get through
their work at a quicker, more efficient pace.

The C-Pen ReaderPen is a stand alone digital highlighter. The device has
three main features: text reading using a high quality natural speaking voice,
obtaining definitions from a Collins dictionary and capturing text remotely
to file or directly to a cursor point on any computer. Simply select your
application, scan, and enjoy the benefits!
Key Features
Instant word lookup in dictionary
Scan to hear words spoken aloud
Scan and save to file/copy files to
Scan text directly to PC/Mac/Linux
Record/listen to audio
1GB user space storage

Allows students to read the exam

questions themselves



USB Mass Storage memory

USB HID input

264x64 OLED display


>1GB user storage space

Optical Character
Recognition Engine



30 day trial
by the
JCQ for
exam use

for case studies,
reviews &

High quality natural

sounding text to speech
voice (British English)
Built-in speaker +
3.5mm earphone jack
Microphone for
audio recording
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
(micro-USB charging port)

To order a ReaderPen, ExamReader or any

other product we stock on a 30 day free trial,
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This brief case c

ontaining 10
ReaderPen is designed for easy storage
and movement around the school premises.
Package contents:
10 x ReaderPen, 10 x individual cases, 10 x
headphones, 10 x USB cables, 1 x attach case

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