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Daily Writings-1103

a. Mrs. Billings- She always read to us in third grade and made it
interesting. She would read to us in different characters voices,
which made it enjoyable and made me want to read more than I
usually had
b. Mr. Furguson- He made me engage in my writing. He always
taught us different ways to connect to the story and relate it to
my life better. He also assigned a project that made me really
care about my topic and find a solution. I became extremely
involved in reading and wanting to continue to learn more about
my topic, for the first time.
c. Mrs. Atchley- She helped to make sure we always saw both sides
in every argument and that we were always well-rounded in our
writings. She challenged my writing ability and helped me
become a better writer through her skills that she shared and
helped me discover how to write different types of papers.
d. My parents- They would always read to me and helped me gain a
desire to learn how to read. I wanted to be like them and read to
my sister like they would read to me.
e. My Mimi- She would create stories about any topic I asked her to
before I went to sleep at her house. She would also bring me to
the library when she watched me and my sister over the
summer, so that we could listen to the story tellers and check
out books. She has always been an influential part of my literacy
2. A special place that was significant in shaping my literacy narrative
was my little table in the kitchen. This is where I began to work on all
academics and to understand them. When I was growing up, this table
was extremely important to me because it was my own small space
that I could sit and learn without being disturbed. I worked on writing
the alphabet there, to learning how to read the books they sent home
with us from school. It was so satisfying to me that I had my own place
to really connect and discover myself while I was growing up.
3. School book fairs were always a fun and pleasant experience for me.
We got to get out of class and spend as long as we wanted looking at
everything. My grandparents would always give me money when I told
them about it or showed them the flyer advertising some of the books
that were going to be there. Most of the time I would get a book from a
series about fairies, but I would also get something fun that I could
play with as well. Usually, there were funny looking pencils and
erasers, or even stamps that I would buy. If I didnt get anything during
school hours, my parents would let me at night after the PTO
meeting/Open house.

Daily Writings-1103

4. My bedtime ritual was almost the same every night, as long as I was
spending the night at my house. My dad would read a childrens Bible
to me at some point before I went to bed. My mom would always read
any book I wanted, a majority of the time it would be a book of nursery
rhymes. As I got older, my mom would transition into reading different
books, like the Bernstein Bears or Juney B. Jones. I stuck to a few
favorite books and we would read those together every night and
never really change it up. After we read, my mom would say the
prayers, tuck me in, and kiss me goodnight.
5. I had a computer at home and it was used occasionally, but it wasnt
until we started to go to the computer lab at school that I started to
use the computer and discover new enjoyable ways to use the
computer for learning. Once I learned about all of this, I would go home
and be on the computer a lot of the time because I thought it was cool
that I was taught a bunch of new exciting tricks. My first experience
creating a Power Point was in school when my teacher had us begin to
make Power Point, even though it was just one or two slides it was still
exciting to learn how to create something I thought just teachers knew
how to do.
6. I have a connection with August from The Secret Life of Bees, this is
from multiple occasions that I saw similarities between us. One basic
connection is that my birthday is in August and I like to stretch the
celebration out throughout the whole month, if I can, like she does
because it is her special month. She is also always willing to help
others no matter the circumstance, and I strive to be like that. I find
most joy when I am helping others and not being just concerned with
myself and she exemplifies that. She is the motherly figure in the
house and thats how my group of friends see me as well.---Rosaleen
learned how to write her name by writing her name over and over, like
most people did.
7. My parents both worked at my uncles baby store called USA Baby
for years. My dad was a manager and very involved with the store.
Four years ago they had to sell the store and my parents were both
unemployed. My mom began a job with Kasey Kahne a few months
later, and has been there ever since, but that process for my dad was
not as easy. He went through multiple jobs trying to find one that
would provide for us, because for some reason there were only jobs
available that was commission only. This job search lasted a little over

Daily Writings-1103
three of him being in and out of work. Thankfully, he found a successful
job to be apart of for almost a year.
8. I learned that my Dada, my grandpa on my moms side, doesnt have
much involvement with any of his family. He was sent to a catholic
school states away from where his family actually lived and did not
want to go there, so he ran away from the school and made his way
back to Georgia. He had to work and take care of himself and some of
his brothers. He now doesnt talk to any of his brothers and never
wants anything to do with them because they have always treated him
poorly. I know that I now do not want to research his side of the family
at all anymore.
9. My Grandma makes a delicious lemon pound cake that no one in my
family has been able to recreate. It has always been one of my favorite
things to eat growing up. Going to my grandmas house to spend the
night always meant that we got to help her make one. My favorite part
was getting to mix all the ingredients and eat the extra lemon icing. I
still love her her to make a lemon pound cake for me and my whole
family fights over who gets more than one piece.
If you steal from one another its plagiarism; if you steal from
many its research. Wilson Mizner. This quote speaks to me because it
explains that if you just rely on one person for research you are solely
stealing what they have discovered, and you possibly can run into the
idea that the information you have found may not be completely
accurate. If you look at many peoples work, if gives you the chance to
compare and contrast until you can decide on which research best fits
what you are trying to discover. With multiple people, you also have
the possibility to merge all of their work together so that you will not
completely copy one persons work. This quote really explains some of
the confusion and misconceptions about what plagiarism is actually
considered and it helps give an idea of how to not plagiarize.
Something I need help with on my family tree is the digital
aspect. I have a direct list of ancestors dating back to 1682, which
means that the list is lengthy and bulky. Im not sure if I should include
all siblings of every generation and all of their kids, or if I should just
include the ones that are directly related to me and ignore the siblings
because I have so many people to include. It would be really large and
hard to include every single person on this family tree while making
sure it is only five slides. I dont want to exclude anyone from my

Daily Writings-1103
family tree, but I also want to make sure the project is how it should
When studying to take my CNA exam my teacher stressed to us
the importance of being error free, as she did all semester. It was
important to be error free as we worked in the nursing home during
clinicals because if not we were putting other peoples lives in danger
and potentially causing extreme harm for them. We had to execute
each skill precisely as it said in the book, otherwise it was
unacceptable behavior and you could loose the right to the license you
were trying to earn. The actual exam had a skills section where you
were to perform a random set of skills given to you and you could only
make a few mistakes without failing. There were certain steps that
were bold in each skill, and if you missed that you automatically failed
because you were going to put that patient in direct danger. This
shows that in nursing it is extremely important to minimize the errors
that you make and not put the patient in any kind of danger.
In research projects, I have found that it is important to get your
information from a wide variety of sources. I have found that it is best
to find multiple resources about one topic and compare and contrast
those to find the information that is valid and that should be used in
the project. When trying to find the best information I use Google as
my search engine, but using site.edu:. to make sure that the
information is coming from websites that are .edu or .gov. I think
that it is important to never use just one source as your sole means of
research, especially when it is just Wikipedia.
Peer review is something that can be helpful in the writing
process. A majority of them time I have received helpful criticism for
my pieces, but I have discovered that it is essential to be picky in who
you ask to peer review for your work. It is important to choose
someone who will be honest with you, but who also cares enough
about the work in general to make sure that you are getting logical
feedback that will actually help out in the long run. If you do not pick
an appropriate person you can just get a everything looks good. I
know that it is important, but sometimes I dont like the process
because I dont want to be judged for the flaws in my writing, which
makes me feel self conscious about this my writing.
I think that we should care about the horrific event that
happened in Paris on Friday night. Terrorism is not something that we

Daily Writings-1103
should just ignore or pretend it is not as serious as it is or like it does
not matter as much as it does. France is one of our allies and they
cared for us during 9/11, like we should be doing for them now. In
times like these most people or places are going to need support to get
through it and it shows how terrorism is actively happening, which
could also cause a threat to our lives. We would want love and support
if something that tragic happened here again and we also know how it
feels and how hard it is to deal with it, so we should care for them.
A decision that I had to make since coming to UNC Charlotte was
if I could handle getting a job or not. I need at least fifty hours of CNA
work to even be considered for nursing school, but I wasnt sure if I
would be able to handle it while transitioning into college because I
never worked while I was in high school. I tried to think about if I
should try to juggle it with school or just try to obtain all my hours in
the summer, but then an opportunity came about that I couldnt pass
up: I was only going to have to work on Saturdays for six hours and
get paid well, so I decided to take the job. I now work on Saturdays
and Mondays and can do my homework during off times at work, so it
has worked out for my benefit and ended up with the best boss and