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Old Bridge, NJ 08857


Director Sales and Marketing, Business Development

Consultant to Startup and Early Stage Companies
Accomplished Business Development specialist, Senior Salesman and Manager / Account Marketing with extensive
senior-level operational experience in all aspects of assisting companies with sales cycles and marketing for brand
recognition and growth. Customer relationship development for longevity and direct responsibility for growth and
problem solving. Consult effectively with senior management to effectively prioritize activities and achieve defined
objectives, with the ability to translate business requirements into multi-million dollar revenue sources. Proven success
creating and accelerating revenue/sales growth, cultivating and developing new business, and obtaining optimal levels
of profitability in highly competitive market segments. Relationship builder and able negotiator, successfully presenting
and selling strategic business development programs to executive-level decision makers.

Strategic Business Development Technology Product Map Sales Management Uncovering problems - Creating
Solutions Client Relations Market Expansion Account Management Strategic Planning Education - Mentoring
New Business Development Product Management Market Penetration Contract Negotiation Diversification
Brand Management Sales Generation Goal Attainment Retail Brick and Mortar, E Commerce, Distribution
Channel Development.
Both business and product centric, a comfort level exists in multiple categories of product and a successful consultant
to startup, early stage and stalled companies regardless of size. People management skills exemplary.

JESS ASSOCIATES, Old Bridge, NJ 04/1992 Present ( Previously The FMS Group )
Owner -Sales and Marketing Executive for a Manufacturers Representative organization working with more than 40
companies to assist in sales, relationships and gross dollar growth. Filled a computer hardware requirement for a
newly emerging reseller market to both corporations and consumers in the computer hardware business.
Responsibilities included: All aspects of sales, customer marketing, channel management and team building. Drive
new product launches, build strategic alliances, and develop re-seller and distributor partnerships. Handle
negotiations, forecasting, product merchandising, mentoring, dollar and margin sustained growth for all companies
represented. Conceptualize and execute national growth strategies with a contract sales force as well as in-house
sales. Define, refine and execute financial, sales and marketing plans to achieve corporate goals on both a territory
and national level.

Identified market opportunities for diverse companies and laid the groundwork for successful product launches
with distributors, retailers, and ecommerce companies. Starting in computer hardware, peripherals, accessories
and consumables expansion with new companies in new categories provided more of a business centric
experience including operations as well as product.
Directed sales and marketing for Nexar computers to all major and midsized retail and distribution companies
both regionally and nationally filling the pipeline for consumer purchases.
Guided Evolution Technologies to license the MTV brand for its MP3 devices working initially with Radio Shack,
Circuit City, Comp USA, Best Buy, On-air and clubs as well as most midsized retailers and distribution.
Introduced Deja View. The first wearable digital video recorder into an almost ready market. Product won the
Gold ICON award from AD Week over 51 other competitors. While early in the technology evolution it did well.
Introduced automotive seatbelt retrofit, Lap Belt Cinch and C-G Lock for additional child, and passenger safety
in the auto aftermarket. Recognized by auto manufacturers as a solution to an existing problem. Success came

with Toys and Babies R Us, Pep Boys, Amazon and our distributor Hoerr Racing Products. Provided $ 1.5
million in added revenue and accompanying margin while working longer term sales cycles for future growth.
Generated sales through big box, hardware, and automotive channels for RDR Technologies, a Green
technology company, selling to Advanced Auto, OReilly, Auto Zone, Barjan, Napa, Walmart, Target, Costco,
BJs, Sams, Ace Hardware, True Value, and Sears. All products aimed at commercial and consumer sales.
Virtuu, both a desk top and air mouse capable of working presentations from 100 feet away. Sold mostly to VARS
to business for a complete presentation package
Spearheaded product launch for networking company Addtron Technology resulting in #1 market position for its
category for two out of three years during the early years of the internet and internal use.
Built northeastern territory for DTC a scanner manufacturer, expanding its retail and distribution channels to
dramatically improve companys market position in the consumer computer marketplace.

Additional companies introduced:

The Beamz Laser music product, Tech-Xccessories Cellular accessories, IceRage Designer mice, Invisa-Blok
Anti Mosquito product to prevent various diseases such as Malaria, Procleanse Water filtration system where
potable water is necessary, Pursonic Personal care products, CKK ( Cool Kind Kid ) Both a socialization and
anti-Bulling curriculum and retail product for K-8 children. Many other products diversifying into many categories as the
market, economy and personal interests changed.

Prior to Jess Associates:

Recruited by Fujitsu America to bring the east coast into a profitable position selling hard drives and printers
through VARS and Distribution.
Recruited by Larsam Distributors, as V.P. of Sales and Marketing for a newly developed computer division. They
were one of Star Micronics largest distributors. Accomplished $ 7.5 million in the first two years.
Recruited by Star Micronics to assist in bringing their innovative printer product to both consumer and
commercial markets.
Hired by Toshiba America ISD to introduce their two innovative entries into the laptop marketplace as well as
their 24 pin printers. Most of which were sold to corporate entities with large sales forces. Eventually gravitated to
the consumer.
MS in Education BS in Education and Psychology, PMP Certificate