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Larry, Dinora, Jaycie, Denise

I thought it was a good move to explain why you only observed a section
of the episode. Some may not be familiar with the term overkill. It was also a good
move to add the key elements from the entire episode and not just the 30 minutes.
The paragraph on the five minute mark is bit too condensed. I got
confused when you said Various memorials are shown in succession from press
conferences, to memorials, to newspaper writeups. Why is memorial repeated?
From 5-11 minutes, I believe there needs to be a transition between these
two paragraphs. I dont think that it was a good move to end the 5-minute paragraph on
a quote. Unless this is how it transitions in the show, I dont feel it is necessary.
The observations were very descriptive. The background information
given gave me a clear picture of where the observations took place in the episode. The
observations were able to allow me to picture what is happening without having to go
watch the episode.
It would have been helpful if you added a side note before your
observation as to why you chose this particular figured world and what key points were
made in your observations (this may have been added at the end of your observations
as well if you chose to do differently.
New Peer Group: Larry, Dinora, Brandon, Denise

Larry (unfinished)
Movie Interstellar(2014)

Background information and note: The observations below include several consecutive scenes
took place in different locations, each scene contains the interaction between at least two major
actors. Readers of this note need to be aware of the movie is based on scientific imagination,
not mythology or fantasy. Also essential background knowledge will be provided in parentheses
(hopefully). Time is formatted in actual movie time 0 to 0:42:00.
Literacy practices: Ways of communicating that are written and/or spoken
Artifacts: Physical obj, emotions, and ideas that have cultural significance within spec. figured
world/community of practice.
TARS: Coopers comment: A giant, sarcastic robot,
The military drone: The old days when resources are still abundant and
Actors: A significant person in observations that fulfills a spec. function/role in spec. community.
Other actors may be referred in the observations.
Cooper: a widowed father of two, former pilot, NASA astronaut and engineer. His tragic past and
unmatchable professional experience shaped him into the most powerful and moving character
in the movie.
Murph: Daughter of Cooper. Very talented in physics and astronomy. (Only her young version
will be discussed in the obs.)
Dr. John Brand.: Physicist works for NASA who devoted his lifetime working on the theoretical
machine that can save the human race.
TARS+CASE: Former marine corps combat support robots that redistributed to work for NASA.
This human-like robot adds a special humanity element into the movie that unfortunately will not
be covered in obs. 1.
Communities of practice:
NASA: Dr. Brand, Amelia, TARS, Cooper. All those actors are devoted to work on saving human
race from extinction. Although they have different purposes and duties in the whole project but
the same goal made them into an unbreakable community.
Cooper family: Cooper, Donald, Murph, Tom. A family consists of grandpa, dad, one daughter
and one son. These family members are united by Cooper's personal ability. (The balance
changed by Cooper's departure)
Figured world: A large social structure that has specific rules and conventions for appropriate
Literacy practices: literacy practices are ways of communicating both written and
spoken, verbal and nonverbal (such as body language). These can include basic every day
practices such as writing emails, texting, etc. or more complex tasks such as manners and

Parent-teacher conference: A complaint from school teacher to Cooper about Murph's behaviors
in school, or a collision between Cooper's value and the normal value of their figured world.
Observation 1:
0:01:20 Movie starts with Cooper dreams in a failed test flight. He wakes up, finds Murph is
looking at him against the door. She asks Cooper is he dreaming about the crash again, and
mentions I thought you are the ghost. Cooper urges her to go back to bed.
0:03:00 Switch to an interview on several old people narrate their observations on the
deteriorate natural environment, how dissertation starts to render the world unsustainable.
0:03:30 Switch scene to Cooper's family breakfast. Murph mentions the ghost once again and
mock by her brother Tom. Cooper tells her it might not be a ghost but she needs to be scientific
on the process of understanding the ghost.
0:05:00 On the way to school they encounter a flat tire, all the sudden (0:06:00) a drone flies by
and Cooper decides to chase it down.
0:10:00 Cooper, Tom, Murph arrive at school then Cooper goes to the parent-teacher
conference. Teachers ridicule about the drone on Cooper's truck, mention Tom would be a
farmer in future and not going to college. Their collision happens when teachers mention
engineers are not as useful as farmers, Apollo missions is just propaganda and wastefulness.
Cooper controls himself and exits with the excuse of bringing Murph to a baseball game.
0:15:00 Cooper and Murph arrive at home and found out several books are on the floor with no
reason for it. Murph thinks there is a ghost keep pushing the books off the shelf and trying to
communicate through a code.
0:17:00 At the baseball game Cooper informs Tom that Tom is going to become a farmer instead
of going to college. As they are developing conversation while watching the game, a sand storm
hits and they have to return to home immediately.
0:19:30 They arrive at home and realize the window in Murphs room is not shut. After huge
amount of dust comes in and they shut off the window, Murph and Cooper observe some
strange phenomenon: dust lands on the ground in certain pattern and it may contain some info.
A while later, Cooper figures out the info is a coordinate in binary, he decides to go the location
and find out who is behind. Murph wants to go with him but was rejected.
0:20:40 Cooper finds out she hides on the car but decides to bring her anyway.
0:24:00 The night falls, they are stopped by some fences in front of a facility. Cooper tries to pry
the fence then suddenly take down by taser by someone. Murph hears someone says dont be
afraid then sees something and yells out. A moment later the truck is driven into the facility
behind the fences by the unknown "person".
0:25:00 Cooper wakes up inside the facility in front of a brick-like tall robot. The robot speaks
like a human and interrogates Cooper how did he finds this facility. Cooper refuses his question
and asks him where is Murph. Dr. Amelia Brand shows up (goes by Amelia below, not elder Dr.
Brand), asks the robot TARS to back down. Then explains the situation: they are inside a secret
NASA facility, Murph is fine, NASA operates underground due to public opposition, and they
need Coopers speciality as a pilot for their most important mission, exploring the promising
world on the other side of a wormhole nearby Jupiter.
0:27:00 Continued tour in the facility, elder Dr. Brand explains Plan A: understand the ability to
manipulate gravity hence lift and rescue everyone on earth, but the theory is just one last step
from reality. Amelia explains Plan B to Cooper: they will have a large number of frozen fertilized
human eggs on board the ship, if Plan A fails, everyone on earth will be abandoned but the
human race can be preserved in the other world. Dr. Brand promises Cooper he would solve the
gravity problem by the time Cooper returns from the other world.
0:35:00 Scene changes, Cooper and Murph return to home, Murph locks herself inside her
room and upset with Coopers upcoming mission.

0:36:00 Short conversation between Donald and Cooper, Cooper expresses his determination
to go for the mission.
0:37:30 Next morning Cooper tries to persuade Murph to let go. Murph shows him the ghost is
trying to say STAY. Cooper promises her he will come back, gives her one of a pair of
watches, tells her time will run differently between him and her during his space travel. Murph
realizes Cooper doesnt have a return plan through his expression, throws the watch away then
burst in tears. Cooper keeps saying Im coming back until the scene changes while leaving
0:40:00 Short farewell with Donald and Tom, then Cooper drives away in his truck, TARS
human like voice counts down Main engine starts in T minus 10, 9. in the background.
Murph runs out house tries to chase Cooper. Scene ends.
Observation 2:
0:42:00 The rocket with shuttle have just left earth. TARS talks jokes and tries to ease everyone
from the acceleration process: Everybody good? Plenty of slaves for my robot colony? Then
Doyle explains to Cooper that TARS has this feature to fit in better with people. As Cooper
talking to TARS, the shuttle has just finished its acceleration leaving earth.
0:44:00 Crew prepare to dock the shuttle to their main ship, Endurance. People on board start
recalling the people they care on earth since this mission will probably makes them never seen
another human again. Also Cooper makes an agreement that keeps 90% of honesty since
TARS reminds him absolute honesty will not work with human being.
0:45:00 The crew boards Endurance, starts accelerate towards Saturn, their destination will be
the wormhole that leads them to the other galaxy.
0:48:00 The crew receives the last transmission from earth before they enter the hibernation
during the way to Saturn. Dr. Brand recites a poem with some meaning behind it which will
matter later in the movie.
0:53:00 Cooper and Amelia goes over the visit plan for planets, Amelia stresses on the
importance of going to Edmunds planet. As the crew goes into hibernation one by one, Cooper
catches a chance to inquire TARS privately about the relation between Amelia and Edmunds,
although rejected by TARS for the reason of discretion settings, Cooper still able to see
through TARS and realize their relation.
0:55:00 Crew members wake up and found themselves arrived at Saturn. Romilly expresses his
feels to Cooper about how unsafe and lonely a man can be in space.
1:00:00 Endurance starts entering the wormhole.
Observation 3:
Interview Q&A:
Tell me about the world at the start of the movie, what is it looks like?
Give me an example of how human adapts to this world?
Discuss what is "The ghost"?
What could Cooper done differently and how this will (or will not) change the world?
Discuss on how plan A/B works.
What could Cooper/Murph done differently when they see "the ghost"?

Describe how do you feel about the robot TARS.

Rules and Conventions

Brandon Jones

In the world of Naruto, there are not many rules that you have to follow as a citizen.
Citizens must stay active in their community in order to survive. There are many family owned
businesses in the Village hidden in the leaves. Like the Ichiraku ramen, or the Yamanaka flower
shop, every business is family owned and thriving.
As for the Ninja in the village however, there are many rules that they must abide by. All
ninja in the village must always be on alert. Whether or not you are a Genin, Chunin, Jonin,
etc., you must always be ready to defend the village or another citizen in the time of need. Ninja
are sworn to always protect and serve, even in times of war. Ninjas, when assigned missions,
must reach the goal of the mission without fail. Even if it means losing a teammate in battle,
you must complete the mission. If for instance there were an emergency in the village and one
of the ninja did not respond, he or she would risk the loss of rank or automatic retirement.
Missions are always assigned to ninjas based upon their level of skill. Genin get small jobs
around the Village like lost pets or simple robberies. However, Chunin ninjas and up go on the
more dangerous scout missions that lead them out of home land and into the land of another
village or territory, like gathering of information, goods, or an escort mission.
Lastly, all business that is being dealt with from another village or region would have to
passed through council first. The Hokages palace makes all deals and sends/manages all mail
in order to assure the safety of the village. If any effort is made to avoid the council or palaces
ruling, consequences can result in death or lifeentences, all depending on the Hokages ruling.

Literary Practices:
(ways of communicating that are written and/or spoken)
Some ways of communicating are through the genin/future ninja training facility. The
Hokage will give occasional village announcements and of course there is mail and 1 on
1 conversations during trades and other interactions. Also the passing of scrolls is a
major thing in this universe. Not just mail but also for missions that need to be
completed by the ninjas in the village.
(Physical objects, emotions, and ideas, that have cultural significance within a specific figured
world within a community of practice.)
Ninja Headbands- These have labels on them that indicate what village or region that
they are from. The headband not only labels a village but the person and level of ninja
that they are.
Chunin Jacket - Chunin jackets represent a team leader and winner of the chunin exams
that only the top 12 ninja in a class can participate in.
Chakra Seals - Seals are written marks that seal chakra, spirits, battle items, and secret
messages in scrolls. They are used when transporting, and also in battle
Hokage Hat - The Hokage all have worn the same hat since the beginning of time. The
hats differ in color and design based upon the village the Hokage lives.

(Separate smaller communities that can include only one person. They worry about what is
best for themselves and the jobs they must complete to survive)
Naruto in this case has his own personal domain. He is the last of his family name. His
daily schedule and practices differ due to his rollercoaster style life.
Other Domains would include the different family names, such as the Uchiha, Nara,
Inzuka, and Huga clans.
(Different groups, clubs, or buildings that hold meetings that help aid all that give back to the
people within the figured world)
The Leaf Village as a whole is a Community would count for one community. Also you
could count the Ninja School, and the Hokages palace. The school teaches every
student how to prepare themselves for survival and for battle.
(Common things that are completed and mutually shared throughought different communities
within a figured world)
Becoming ninjas is one of the main practices for 80% of the youth in this village. Then
there is also the multiple businesses that are rising and flourishing such as Ichiraku
ramen, and the Inzuka Flower shop.

Episode 1 Naruto observation

Characters Introduced - Naruto Uzumaki (main character), Mizuki
(chunin), Third Hokage (leader of village), Iruka Sensei (Jonin teacher)
6 minutes in.
The show starts by telling the viewers about the incident that occurred about 11 years
ago. The Enormous 9 tailed demon fox attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The
fourth Hokage was the one who stopped the beast and sealed him away into the belly of
a newborn. The newborn would be named Naruto. He, the main protagonist, has now
become 12 years of age and is up to many mischievous things. He paints overtop of
the great stone faces of the previous Hokage while at the same time misses class. In
comes his teacher, Iruka to bring him to class, make him clean his mess, and then
reward his following good behavior with a bowl of Ramen.
16 minutes in
Naruto fails the graduation exam to become a ninja and is shunned by the other
villagers and students. Mizuki, another instructor convinces him that if he steals a
secret scroll from the Hokages palace that he will be able to master the jutsu within it
and become a ninja. All of it was a plan to fool naruto so that Mizuki could steal the
scroll and use the jutsu inside to become incredibly strong. Iruka finds Naruto with the
scroll and the young and naive Naruto tells Iruka how Mizuki fooled him, at that point,
Mizuki attacked Iruka and shunned Naruto by telling him about the demon fox spirit
within him and how people hate him for it. Naruto runs off and Mizuki follows to kill him.

22 minutes (end)
Mizuki is upset when he finds out that the Naruto he was chasing was really a
transformed Iruka. Out of anger he attacks and corners Iruka, at this time Naruto,m the
real one, appears and pushes Mizuki back with the jutsu that originally caused him to
fail his graduation, Shadow clone Jutsu. The now 1,000 count army of Naruto Clones
attack and defeat Mizuki. All while this occurs the Hokage is watching everything unfold
by using his chakra enhanced crystal ball, and with a smile on his face, he announces
to the other ninjas in the Naruto search party that all is well and Naruto will return along
with Iruka. After seeing Naruto serious and in action, Iruka places his headband on
Naruto and says congratulations you pass and are officially a ninja.

Episode 2 Naruto observation

Characters Introduced: Konohamaru (Hokages Grandson), Ebisu
Sensei (Jonin)
5:00 minutes in
Naruto is shown taking his picture on top of the Hokage Palace in order for his
ninja bio to be completed and placed into file. However, when he goes to the Hokage to
turn in his bio, the Third Hokage tells him that he needs to redo the picture due to the
fact that you can barely tell that it is naruto because of all the face paint. Naruto
attempts to persuade the third Hokage by impressing him with his Harem Jutsu, but it
only fails. Meanwhile, Konohamaru, the Third Hokages 8 year old grandson is outside
the door, planning a sneak attack on his grandfather in order to prove his ability to
become Hokage. He runs in only to trip over his own feet and blame Naruto for his
shortcoming. Naruto proceeds to pick Konohamaru up by his collar and punch him in
the head for the false accusation. Naruto then leaves the palace and Konohamaru
10:00 minutes in
Konohamarus poor ninja skills results in Naruto noticing him following close
behind. After being begged repeatedly to become Konohamarus new master, Naruto
agrees to teach him the transformation technique. Konohamaru has some skill but it is
not perfected. Konohamaru explains to Naruto that he knows some things about using
chakra and jutsu however he does not fully know how to fluctuate the right amount of
chakra in order to perfect the jutsus that he would like to use. Throughout the day
Naruto takes Konohamaru to multiple stores and lounges, like the dirty book store in
order to get a good view of the women in the magazines, and also to a sauna where
they both try to sneak in as women in order to show him what he needed to look for and
focus on when attempting to transform into a woman for the sexy/harem jutsu. While

there Naruto and Konohamaru end up getting caught in the act and both are kicked out
of the sauna, except Naruto takes a major pummeling.Naruto takes Konohamaru to the
woods in order to let him practice, when they arrive, Naruto makes the complaint that he
is always getting hurt when Konohamaru is around, and that is when Konohamaru says
it is because he is the grandson of the Hokage and everyone respects him and lets him
get away with a lot of stuff. He continues to tell Naruto that the reason he wants to learn
more jutsu and become stronger is because he wants to become Hokage and prove to
people that he is not just the grandson of the third Hokage, but the strong and brave
ninja, Konohamaru.
19:54 minutes (end)
After many failed attempts, Konohamaru finally perfects his Harem Jutsu. His
current sensei however, Ebisu, shows up only to taunt Naruto for his recklessness and
his inexperience as a ninja. He challenges Naruto to a fight, and Naruto accepts.
Thanks to his new shadow clone jutsu, Naruto is able to overpower Ebisu and knock
him out with a barrage of female clone Narutos. Following this, Konohamaru admits to
Naruto that he can not be his apprentice, and that instead he will from now on be his
rival. The Third Hokage has seen this all unfold at his Palace and now smiles knowing
that his grandson and Naruto have finally found themselves on the path to becoming
true ninjas.

Episode 3 Naruto observation

Characters Introduced - Sakura Haruno (Kunoichi(genin)), Ino
Yamanaka (Kunoichi(genin)), Sasuke Uchiha (genin), Kakashi Hatake
5:00 minutes in
Naruto awakes on the day of orientation into the ninja world. No stress on his
mind. As he walks towards the ninja school, he meets Konohamaru who challenges
him to a battle but he politely refuses and informs him of his going to receive his
assignment for what team he will be placed on. Meanwhile, Sakura Haruno, a kunoichi
(female ninja), has just awaken. Her mother waves her goodbye and Sakura heads to
the school. Sakura ends up running into her rival, Ino Inzuka, another kunoichi. They
begin to argue over who will be the better ninja and who will end up with the most
popular guy, Sasuke Uchiha. The argument soon turns into a race to the school. When
they arrive, Naruto is showing off the headband that Iruka gave him, and that is when
Ino and Sakura walk up arguing over who was going to sit beside the infamous, Sasuke
10:00 minutes in

While all of the young and new ninjas were arriving, the Hokage had gathered all
of the Jonin who would be leading the groups of three, together. They all were
wondering about Sasuke Uchiha, the last in the Uchiha clan. The Third Hokage
assured them that he was the last and the most special. Returning to the school, an
infuriated Naruto is staring into the eyes of Sasuke with disgust. The two look at each
other with the intent to kill when all of a sudden, one of the other genin in the room
bumped into Narutos back, pushing his face forward causing him to kiss Sasuke. The
girls, now upset with Naruto, beat him to a pulp and return to their seats to hear the
teams be called out. The most important group of genin is called out, Naruto Uzumaki,
Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto begins complaining about being placed
with Sasuke, the pretty boy who everyone was jealous of. Iruka sensei announced that
since Sasuke had the highest scores, and Naruto had the lowest, that putting the two
together would make the best fitting team, which embarrassed Naruto horrendously.
Iruka announced to the Genin that their Jonin leaders would meet them after class was
15:00 minutes in
Sasuke went back to his home after the class dismissed. Sakura went out
looking for him but ran into Naruto instead. Naruto asked her to join him for lunch but
she refused. A nosy Ino and her teammates Shikamaru and Choji watched from the
next building as Sasuke sat in his room thinking to himself, unaware of what was about
to hit him. Naruto snuck up beside the window, and jumped in surprising Sasuke.
Sasuke immediately countered and tied up Naruto, however, it was only a clone of
Naruto. The real Naruto jumped out with two more clones and attacked. Naruto
successfully tied up the real sasuke and used the transformation jutsu in order to look
like Sasuke so that Sakura would talk to him.When he did so he ended up finding out
that Sakura saw him only as an annoying peer whom she truly had no feelings for in any
way. Naruto in the form of Sasuke continued to listen to her as she poured her heart
out about her emotions and feelings that she had for who she thought was the real
Sasuke. Sakura leans in for a kiss and Naruto almost kisses her, however his stomach
begins to grumble and he runs to the bathroom before the jutsu cancels and his cover is
19:50 (end)
The real Sasuke escapes the trap that Naruto put him in and went out to look for
him. He ended up running into Sakura, who tried to start conversation with him but he
only looked at her and told her that she was annoying. She then realized how Naruto
felt about being called annoying and treated like an outcast and decided that she would
be nice to Naruto when she saw him again. Naruto exits the bathroom and sees
Sakura, she asks him would he like to go back to class with her, however, he assumes
that it is Sasuke in disguise trying to play with his head. He then runs off to the

bathroom again, which only infuriates Sakura more. Meanwhile, the Third Hokage and
the Jonin Kakashi Hatake are at Narutos home. Kakashi picks up a carton of milk that
had been outdated for about 2 weeks. Kakashi stated, One sip of this and he will
practically live in the bathroom. The Hokage informs Kakashi of the hard trials to come
with these three on his team, and Kakashi agrees that this will be a lot to handle. The
episode ends with a screaming Naruto on the bathroom toilet in the school saying, I am
going to die on this toilet.

Interview Questions
1. Naruto has been alone since birth. People have shunned him
and spited him for a crime he doesnt even know the cause of. How do you
think the situation could have been handled?
2. The ninja world has its similarities between the real world.
What do you think is the most similar?
3. Do you think that the ranking of ninjas,(genin, chunin, jonin,
sannin, sennin) can be compared to the police forces we have today? If so,
what could you compare them with?
4. In episode two, the Third Hokage stated that, Naruto should
be considered a hero for carrying that beast inside of him and keeping it
from wreaking havoc. What do you think about that statement?
5. Both Naruto and Sasuke have experienced loneliness on about
the same level. In your opinion, how do you think this team is going to play
out in the end?

Assignment One(Denise Flores)

Observation One
Background Information: Pokmon Sapphire takes place on a fictional land called the Hoenn
region. The protagonist of this game can be either a boy or a girl, the player gets to decide. You
also get to name your player, but throughout the observation, I will refer to this character as May
(female) or you. For those who may not be familiar with the franchise, Pokmon are basically
creatures that populate a fictional world in which humans happen to live in as well. The actual
brand of Pokmon usually refers to the video games but there is also a poplar trading card game
and an anime. Pokmon can be trained and cared for. In this game, there are 135 new Pokmon
which adds to the 250 Pokmon of the previous generations. There are 17 different types of
Pokmon like fire, ice, electric, etc. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses.
Figured World: a world (group, dimension, location, etc.) that depends on specific rules and
conventions for appropriate behavior. Example: a volleyball field
In this world, if you make eye contact with another Pokmon trainer, you two must engage in
battle. However, its more like if a trainer wants to battle and happens to see you, you have no
choice but to battle. After your first battle with a trainer, you can be the one who chooses to
battle them any time as long as they are up for it. You cant run away from trainer battles.
Whoever loses the Pokmon battle has to pay the winner. If you happen to lose, you are out of
Pokmon and will be transported to a Pokmon Center where you can heal your team. You can
be approached by wild Pokmon as well. You can flee from a wild Pokmon unless they have an
ability that prevents you from doing so. When in battle, you have to knock out the opposing
Pokmon. During battle, you are allowed to use items to aid your Pokmon such as berries,
heals, and potions. If you wish to catch a wild Pokmon, you need a poke ball. You can keep up
to six Pokmon with you at a time but you can put any extra Pokmon in a PC at the Pokmon
center. This is done automatically when your party is full. You can also switch up your party with
Pokmon in the PC. Pokmon can only know four moves at a time. You can choose what moves
to keep and what moves to forget. Certain Pokmon can learn certain moves, it usually depends
on their type and level. The highest level a Pokmon can reach is 100. On another note, it is
perfectly normal to walk into peoples homes and talk to them.
Actors: People or characters who play significant roles within a figured world. Example:
volleyball players
May/Brendan: This is the protagonist and your character within the game. Their goal is collect as
many Pokmon as possible, assemble a team of strong Pokmon, stop an earth-threatening
organization, and become a Pokmon champion.
Professor Birch: This is the Pokmon professor of the Hoenn region. He wishes to uncover the
many secrets of Pokmon in the world. He also wants your help as he asks you to collect as
many Pokmon as you can so that more information can be discovered.

The Friend/Rival (May or Brendan, it will be opposite of your gender): The friend in this game is
after the same goal as you. But instead of being a rival, they encourage you on your journey. You
will occasionally have to fight them but it is only to prove how strong you have gotten.
Mom: Your mom is excited yet very sad that you will already be leaving her to pursue your
Pokmon journey. She stays at home and will heal your Pokmon if you come back and visit her,
but she will immediately encourage you to keep on moving.
Dad: Although not formally introduced yet, your dad is the gym leader of Petalburg City. It is
hinted that you will eventually face him.
Wally: Another friend/rival. He is quite frail and sickly but is still determined to venture in the
Pokmon world.
Artifacts: Physical items or feelings/emotions that are significant in some way to actors or
communities of practice. Example: a volleyball
Pokeballs: These items are what allow you to capture wild Pokmon. They hold Pokmon inside.
The care and curiosity towards Pokmon: A majority of characters will usually feel a positive
feeling towards Pokmon such as affection and love. But there is so much to be learned about
which creates curiosity.
Potions: These are used to heal a Pokmons health. There are different types of potions
(example: super and full restore) that heal a certain amount of health points.
PokeDex: This is a tool that will log data on Pokmon that you encounter and catch. Catching
Pokmon will add information to the PokeDex.
Running shoes: Enable the running function. Press B and hold while moving.
Berries: The fruit of the Pokmon world; every berry has a different effect on the Pokmon that
eats it. Some can heal health or even a status. You can plant berries in a dirt patch after you
picked the ones already there.
Badges: A token of reward and proof from defeating a gym leader. There are eight badges that
are each given by their corresponding gym leaders. Every gym badge even has certain effects
like allowing you to control Pokmon of certain levels and being able to use certain moves.
A trainers determination: Its as though every trainer wants to be the best there is. Every trainer
tries their hardest in battles against one another in order to prove their Pokmons and their own
Great Ball: A type of PokeBall that has a higher catch rate than a regular PokeBall.
TM: Technical Machine, or TM for short, is an item that will teach Pokmon a move. This is
handy because there may be a move that a Pokmon cant learn on its own. TMs in this game
can only be used once, so use it wisely!
Wailmer Pail: Shaped like the Pokmon, Wailmer, this pail is used to help your Berries grow
faster once youve planted them.
Literacy Practices: Forms of communication between communities of practices or outsiders.
Can be done in a variety of ways. Example: body language or eye contact.
Talking face-to-face: A majority of any communication this game will be done via talking to one
another in real life and time.

Eye Contact: Making eye contact with another trainer will mean that you two must battle. Its a
strange rule but it always comes in play when you first battle a trainer.
NPC advice: NPCs generally give advice, specifically in the beginning of the game.
Trainer Challenges: A trainer who challenges you to a battle will generally make themselves
sound like the bigger person and try to intimidate you.
Communities of Practice: a group of people who share the same interest and goal and learn
together to achieve that goal of their interest. Example: a team of girls who want to play
Family: Mom, Norman, & May. This small family builds on encouragement and belief in one
another. Your parents want you to explore the world of Pokmon but they want you to be safe as
well. They know that you will grow up and learn on your own.
Researchers: Birch, May, & Brendan. This trio is determined to study Pokmon and learn what
most have yet to know. With their Pokedex and their Pokmon teams, discovering the secrets of
Pokmon is a breeze.
Newbies: May, Brendan, & Wally. These three are new to the world of Pokmon and will
eventually become masters. They each embark on their own journey and challenge each other
along the way.
Gym Leaders: Norman and Roxanne have been revealed at this point, but there are six other
leaders. The gym leaders are the most skilled Pokmon trainers in their towns. They are highly
admired. These leaders determine your strength and defeating all eight will qualify you to
challenge the Pokmon League of the Elite Four.
Domain: the area of interest in which a community commits to. Example: being good at
volleyball or working as a team.
Pokmon: With Pokmon, every practice of every community is achievable. By collecting
Pokmon, more can be learned about the world. By training Pokmon, the possibility of being a
Pokmon master is greater than when you first began our journey. Through Pokmon, people
learn what you are capable of. Your Pokmon reflect your journey and knowledge. This is
because your Pokmon will become stronger as your progress in the game. You will also learn
about your Pokmon and use your knowledge to face those who oppose you.
Practices of the Communities: the actions of a community which gives this community
experience and knowledge of a domain of interest. Example: playing volleyball.
Catching Pokmon: In order to get information about Pokmon, you must capture Pokmon.
When a new Pokmon is caught, information on it will be added to your PokeDex. The more
Pokmon you catch, the more information you will have to share with Birch.
Training Pokmon: The only way to make progress is to train and level up your Pokmon. By
training and leveling up Pokmon, your team will be stronger and ready to fight stronger
opponents that were once impossible to face.
Exploring the world: Through exploring, you will not only find new areas, but new Pokmon. As
said before, more Pokmon means more secrets uncovered.

Collecting badges: Defeating gym leaders is important but whats really important is earning
their badges so that you can show your experience to other trainers and qualify to challenge the
Elite Four.
You are greeted by a friendly professor by the name of Birch. He tells you that you are in the
world of Pokmon which is filled with creatures called Pokmon. He tells you that Pokmon can
be seen as playmates, helpers, and even fighters against other Pokmon. Pokmon apparently
have countless secrets to them which is what Birch is trying to uncover as a professor. Birch then
asks for your gender and your name. Once you have chosen these, Birch will reveal that you will
be moving into Littleroot Town, where he happens to research Pokmon in his lab. Birch then
sends you out into the world of Pokmon and advises you to stop by his lab once youve settled
in at home.
You find yourself in the back of a moving truck. The truck will open and you will jump out just
in front of your new home. Your mother will come from the house and welcome you home. Once
inside your new home, you can see some Pokmon called Machokes helping you and your mom
move in. Your mother tells you that you have a room to yourself and that you should set up the
clock that your father bought for you. Setting up the clock is more important than you think
because certain Pokmon are available at certain times. Once in your room, you will find that it
is ready for you to live in. Youve got a bed, a TV, a PC, and the clock from your father is
hanging on the wall. After setting up the clock, your mother will come in and share that the
Machokes have finished unpacking. Once downstairs, your mother will be watching the TV and
invite you over because your father happens to be on.
Note: In this game, your father is a gym leader of the Petalburg gym, so you only get to see him a
few times and you even have to battle him eventually.
Once you reach the television, the news report on Petalburg City has already ended. While your
mom is upset, she shares that Professor Birch happens to live next door and that you should
introduce yourself to him. Once outside the house, you can see that Littleroot town consists of
your home, Birchs lab and his home. If you go next door to Birchs, his wife will greet you and
share that she and Birch have a son (or daughter if your character is a boy) that is about your age.
The son, Brendan, happens to be upstairs and preparing for his own Pokmon journey. When you
greet Brendan, he tells you how he wishes to befriend all the Pokmon of the world. He also
hopes that you and he will be able to become friends. Apparently, Brendan is supposed to be
helping his father with research, so he heads out.
Once you leave Brendans house, you would have to go north where you will find a little boy in
blue. Once you try to pass him, hell tell you that he heard someone shouting for help.
Proceeding upwards, you will see Birch being chased by a Pokmon called Poochyena. He asks
that you defeat the Poochyena by using a Pokmon from a pokeball in his bag. There are three
pokeballs, each with a different Pokmon inside. The Pokmon are Treecko(Grass),

Torchic(Fire), and Mudkip(Water). Once you have picked a Pokmon, it will be used in your
battle against Poochyena. There are a few things to note in the battle screen.
You will see that your chosen Pokmon starts at level 5 (Lv: 5) while the wild Poochyena is only
level 2. Next to the name of each Pokmon is a gender symbol. Typically, your starter Pokmon
is most likely to be a boy. There are occasionally Pokmon who have no gender or can only be
one gender. Under the name of each Pokmon, there is a green bar. The green bar represents the
Pokmons health. Once the health goes down halfway, it will turn yellow. When health is below
25%, it will turn red. Under your own Pokmons health bar there are a pair of numbers
(example: 19/19). Because the Pokmon is on your team, there is a number for you to keep track
of how much health your own Pokmon has. If your Pokmon takes damage, the left number will
go down (example: 10/19). There is a green dialogue box that will narrate the battle. To the right
of the box, is a white box with the actions Fight, Bag, Pokmon, and Run. Fight will
be chosen if you want to or need to fight against your opponent. Bag will be chosen if you
want to use an item from your bag, like a potion to heal your Pokmon in-battle. Pokmon will
be chosen if you want to switch the Pokmon that is currently out and in battle. Run will be
chosen if you want to run from the battle, but there are some situations when you cannot
(example, during a trainer battle).
The first battle of the game is a teaching method of the two types of moves: Special and
Physical. Physical attacks, like Pound or Scratch, will do damage to the opponents health bar.
Special attacks, like Growl or Leer, will do damage to the opponents stats like Defense and
After youve beaten the Poochyena, your starter Pokmon will gain experience points, this will
happen after every battle you win. The battle screen will change to the travel screen where Birch
will thank you for saving him. He takes you to his lab and comments on your battling skills by
comparing you to your father. He even gives you the Pokmon that you used against Poochyena
as a reward.
Note: After catching new Pokmon, you have the option to give it a nickname.
Birch advises you to meet up with Brendan on Route 103 so that he can teach you more about
being a Pokmon trainer. This is when you finally are able to explore outside of Littleroot.
Heading north, you will reach Route 101 and may run into someone who will tell you that
Pokmon can be found in tall grass.
Note: Tall grass is very distinct from regular ground you walk on. Tall grass will be darker and
look like bushes. It will also move while you walk through it.
There is also another boy who will tell you that you can heal your Pokmon at the Pokmon
Center. When walking through Route 101 to Route 103, you may run into Pokmon. However,
you wont be able to catch any until you get pokeballs.
Note: Every area around the world has different Pokmon. For example, through Route 101 to
Route 103, you will mostly run into Poochyena, Zigzagoon, and Wurmple.

Oldale town is just above Route 101. In every town, there are NPCs (non-playable character)
that will give you advice, make small talk, or even give you items. In this town, you learn
through NPCs that PokeMarts are where you can buy items like potions and pokeballs.
Note: Pokmon Centers have a bright red roof and the initials P.C. on the side. PokeMarts have a
bright blue roof and MART on the side. There is one of each in every town.
Keep going north and you eventually run into Brendan who happens to be logging what
Pokmon can be found in Route 103. He challenges you to a Pokmon battle! When in battle
with Brendan, you will see that his Pokmon may be stronger than yours due to the type. The
Pokmon that you first choose in this game will determine what Brendan chooses. For example,
if you choose Torchic (fire), Brendan will choose Mudkip (water) because Water is strong against
Note: Strength in Pokmon usually depends on both type and level. Example: A level 100 fire
Pokmon can easily defeat a level 3 water Pokmon.
After defeating Brendan, he will have you follow him back to Birchs lab.
Once at Birchs, he gives you the PokeDex. Brendan also gives you a gift: five pokeballs. With
that, you are now able to embark on your Pokmon journey, but not before you say goodbye to
mom. Once you exit the lab and proceed north, your mom stops you and gives you a pair of
Running Shoes. She has a hard time with her farewells but tells you to visit any time.
You can now start your quest by travelling through Route 102 and into Petalburg City where you
will finally meet your dad. Route 102 is west from Oldale Town. In this Route, there will be wild
Pokmon and a handful of trainers ready to challenge you. You will also be able to pick your first
batch of Berries.
Once youve reached Petalburg City, you will have to meet up with your dad, Norman, before
you can continue your journey. Norman is in the Petalburg Gym just up north. He notices your
Pokmon and realizes that youre on your way to be a Pokmon trainer. Suddenly, a boy comes
in and interrupts. His name is Wally, he will be living in Verdanturf Town with his relatives and
he wants to catch a Pokmon to keep him company. But, like yourself, Wally is new to the world
of Pokmon and isnt sure how to catch one of his own. So, Norman suggests that you side with
Wally to help him catch his first Pokmon. Wally will take you to Route 102 where he will
encounter a Ralts. Through this, the game will teach you how Pokmon capturing is done.
Basically, it is best to weaken the wild Pokmon until their health bar has turn yellow or even
red. After youve weakened the wild Pokmon enough, you can try throwing a pokeball from
your bag to catch it. Wally manages to capture the Ralts and you are both brought back to the
Petalburg Gym to report to Norman. Wally is grateful for your help and returns to his mother,
leaving you with your father. Norman advises you to Rustboro City to face gym leader Roxanne.
He also tells you that you must face other gym leaders and collect their badges. Norman is too
strong to face right now, plus he is the fifth gym leader, so you wont be able to challenge him so

Note: there is a specific order that you will need to face the gym leaders. This will be obvious
through their levels and locations. NPCs will usually hint on who will be next to challenge.
Once this talk with your father is over, you can now continue your journey by travelling west
from Petalburg.
You will eventually end up in Route 104 where you may be challenged by trainers and wild
Pokmon. You will need to go north and into Petalburg Woods. The Petalburg Woods entrance
will be seen as a clearing from countless pine trees. Going through the woods will eventually
bring you to Rustboro City where you can challenge the first gym leader, Roxanne.
The Petalburg Woods will give you a sense of suspense as it is darker than most areas and has an
ominous tone of music. This is most likely because Bug-type Pokmon can be found here.
Proceeding through the woods, you will eventually come across a man who is looking for a
Pokmon named Shroomish. The conversation is cut short when a man in a blue bandana appears
from north. Apparently the man looking for a Shroomish is a Devon researcher who is in
possession of important documents. The Devon researcher asks for you to protect him from the
strange man. This second stranger is a member of Team Aqua and you will have to beat him in a
Pokmon match.
After defeating the Team Aqua Grunt, the Devon researcher rewards you a Great ball. Apparently
the Team Aqua Grunt is headed towards Rustboro as you are. The Devon researcher quickly
heads up there as a crisis is afoot. Keep roaming through the woods and you will end up on the
north part of Route 104.
If you speak to the NPC to left of the exit of Petalburg Woods, he will give you a TM for the
move Bullet Seed. If you keep left and enter the flower shop upwards, you can learn more about
Berries and get the Wailmer Pail from a nice lady. Keep right and youll find a bridge, along with
some Pokmon trainers, that will bring you to Rustboro City.
Observation Two
Background Information: At this point of the observation, our protagonist will already have
beaten seven out of the eight gym leaders. But we cannot forget one of the most important parts
of Pokmon Sapphire Version. In this game, the antagonist group, Team Aqua, is trying to
capture the legendary Pokmon, Kyogre, in order to achieve their goal of flooding the world with
water. In order to stop this from happening, May will have to take on the heads of Team Aqua
and capture Kyogre.
May/Brendan: This is the protagonist and your character within the game. Their goal is to collect
as many Pokmon as possible, assemble a team of strong Pokmon, stop an earth-threatening
organization, and become a Pokmon champion.
Shelly: She is one of the admins of Team Aqua. She wants the seas to expand just as much as the

Archie: The head of Team Aqua. He has somehow convinced this group that the world must be
covered in water in order for Water Pokmon to live happily alongside humans.
Maxie: The head of Team Magma. Leads his group to work against Team Aqua and avoid a
massive flood storm.
Steven Stone: Son of the president of Devon Corporation. He collects rare stones and uses Steeltype Pokmon in battle. He serves as a supporter on your journey as you get involved in a great
commotion that determines the fate of the world.
HMs: Hidden Machines or HMs are moves that can be taught to Pokmon. HMs differ from
TMs because HMs are unlimited and can be used outside of battle. HMs will also require a
certain gym badge to be obtained in order to be used. Example: In order to use the HM move
Dive, you need to beat the seventh gym leaders Tate and Liza. Dive would be able to be used to
dive into the ocean depths.
Red Orb: The ancient item used to summon the legendary Pokmon, Groudon. However, Team
Aqua mistook this orb to be the one to summon Kyogre.
Blue Orb: The ancient item used to summon the legendary Pokmon, Kyogre. It is given to the
player by an old woman on Mt. Pyre after Archie steals the Red Orb.
Literacy Practices:
Cellphones: Used between members of Team Aqua to keep in touch and give updates of the plan.
Communities of Practice:
Team Aqua: Grunts, Shelly, Archie. They seek to cover the world in water for the good of
Pokmon and humans.
Team Magma: Grunts, Maxie, etc. The rival group of Team Aqua, they are working to prevent
Team Aquas plan from being enacted. Their true goal is unknown in this game.
Pokmon: With Pokmon, every practice of every community is achievable. By collecting
Pokmon, more can be learned about the world. By training Pokmon, the possibility of being a
Pokmon master is greater than when you first began our journey. Through Pokmon, people
learn what you are capable of. Your Pokmon reflect your journey and knowledge. This is
because your Pokmon will become stronger as your progress in the game. You will also learn
about your Pokmon and use your knowledge to face those who oppose you.
Legendary Pokmon: By manipulating the power of legendary Pokmon, such as Kyogre, people
can easily get what they want. However, this can quickly backfire to cause more trouble than
Practices of the Communities:
Disruption: Team Aqua has a twisted goal of capturing Kyogre, the legendary sea Pokmon, in
order to flood the earth with water. Its their belief that is it the only hope for a true bond between
Pokmon and humans. They do this through a series of illegal acts such as theft.
Pokmon Battles: Through Pokmon battles, these actors not only prove their strength but work
to get what they want.

Travel: The player travels through caves and seas. Not only does the player, but Team Aqua does
well in order to complete their task of awakening Kyogre.
After defeating the seventh gym leaders, Liza and Tate, your next destination will be to Team
Aquas hideout. Their hideout is somewhere below the sea so you will need a Pokmon that
knows the moves Surf and Dive. You will also need a Pokmon that knows Rock Smash and
Strength in order to progress in the hideout. Once youve got this Pokmon, head into the ocean
and south to Route 127. You will want to use Dive once you end up in a large mass of darkened
water. You will now be underwater and you can follow along a path southwards which will
eventually lead you to an underwater cave. Head inside and you will see a submarine that was
stolen by Team Aqua. This marks the entrance to the Seafloor Cavern which is above water so
youll need to dive up. If you head north, you will quickly see another cave entrance which
youll need to go through.
Going right then up, you will see two different types of rocks: one that looks cracked and one
that looks like a sphere. The cracked rocks will need to be smashed by Rock Smash. The sphere
ones will need to be pushed with Strength. Once these rocks are out of your way, head to the
stairs up north and then head south to see an opening. You will most likely have to battle the two
grunts before proceeding this far.
In this next room, stay to your right, get the rocks out of your way, and proceed into the next
opening. You need to hop of the ledge and another that will bring you to the east. You can face
the Aqua Grunt if he catches you sneaking by.
The next room has a bit of a puzzle to solve. Its like a maze and paths will be blocked in most
areas. There will be two entries up north. You have to figure out how to move the rocks in order
to get into one of those entries. The one on the left is the right way to go. However, in order to
reach it, you will have to solve the puzzle as if you are headed for the right room.
Once youve entered the left room, you will find a body of water. There are strong currents in the
water which will push May in the directions they flow.
The way to go is to take the current to the right. Take another right which will bring you up to a
clear spot. You will need to go on the right current which eventually takes you to the other side
of the room. You will end up in another clearing with three different directions to take. Taking
the one to the left takes you where you need to be in order to progress. Head north, take land, and
enter the next entry.
You will find yet another puzzle of boulders to push. It will seem like you need to take the entry
on the right, but you will actually have to maneuver the boulders to head north where an Aqua
Grunt is waiting.
This grunt is no ordinary member of Team Aqua, she is Shelly who is one of the admins. Shelly
will be surprised that you made it this far and will challenge you to a Pokmon battle.

Once Shelly is defeated, May heads north to the next room. Awaiting is yet another puzzle of
Once youve moved the boulders, you can proceed to the next room north.
This next area will be very foggy. Follow the path and you will end up in the abode of the
legendary Pokmon, Kyogre.
Approaching Kyogre will cause Team Aquas leader, Archie to interrupt the scene. In order for
him to achieve his goal, he knows he must defeat you first. You will then be in battle with
Even after defeating Archie, he is still determined to make Kyogre obey his command. Archie
takes out the Red Orb and uses it on Kyogre.
But something unexpected happens. Using the Red Orb caused Kyogre to leave the cavern.
Archie gets a call and is told that it is raining violently outside. At first this excites Archie as he
wanted this, but it is much worse than predicted.
The scene is cut short yet again when Team Magma suddenly appears. Maxie, the leader of Team
Magma, is furious at Archie for causing an endless rainstorm on Earth. Eventually the world will
drown under Kyogres wrath. Archie is still confused but Team Magma take the two of you
outside to talk more.
Once outside the cavern, you see how badly its raining. Theres a thunderstorm and the rain falls
fast. Now Archie sees his mistake. Maxie tells you how Team Magma was trying to prevent
Team Aquas plans come into play and he advises that since you are only a child, you should stay
out of the way. The two men then leave.
However, you are immediately accompanied by Steven as he flies down from his Pokmon. As
Steven takes in the disaster at hand, he notices that the rain is caused by a huge rain cloud that is
spreading from above Sootopolis City. He flies over to figure out what is happening. This is the
players hint to follow after Steven.
Once in Sootopolis City, you can see that all the buildings are locked shut as people are indoors
to be safe from this rainstorm. You will need to head up north to meet up with Steven and
Wallace. After introducing himself, Wallace reveals that he is the protector of the Cave of Origin.
The rainfall is coming from a strange power inside this cave. Wallace will also notice the Blue
Orb in your possession. He will guide you to the Cave of Origin which is just south from your
current spot. Wallace tells you that you must take the Blue Orb with you inside the cave to stop
this rainfall.
Inside the cave will be dark which will require you to use Flash. It is possible to traverse this
cave without Flash, but it will be much difficult. The first dark room requires that you move
north and take the ladder to go below. The next room will take you south then to the left to
another ladder. Every now and then, there is a rumbling which creates suspense. In the next
room, you will need to stick to the right and the path should take you south then west to another
ladder. Once in the next room, you will need to be sure to pick up the item which will be the
Waterfall HM. Sticking to the left will take you north and right to another ladder.

You will now be at the source of this chaos. Kyogre will be seen in a pool of water in the center
of this next room. Its very quiet and foggy. Approaching Kyogre will cause the Blue Orb in your
possession to glow. Once its blue glow has spread across the room, Kyogre swims towards you
and engages in battle.
Note: You can take a chance to capture Kyogre. But this is the only chance the player has.
Once Kyogre is defeated (or captured), you can exit the Seafloor Cavern and see that the storm
has stopped and all is well. Your next destination is to the Sootopolis gym to take on the eight
gym leader, Wallace. His gym is at the very center of the city and surrounded by water, so you
have to use Surf to get there.
Observation Three
Background Information: At this point of the game, the player would have beaten all eight gym
leaders and can now take on the Elite Four to become the Hoenn regions Pokmon champion.
By completing this task, the player essentially beats the game. However, there may be leftover
tasks that have yet to be completed such as collecting the remaining legendary Pokmon or
collecting all Pokmon of Hoenn. This observation takes place once the player has reached Ever
Grande City and must go through Victory Road in order to face the Elite Four.
May/Brendan: This is the protagonist and your character within the game. Their goal is collect as
many Pokmon as possible, assemble a team of strong Pokmon, stop an earth-threatening
organization, and become a Pokmon champion.
Wally: Another friend/rival. He is quite frail and sickly but is still determined to venture in the
Pokmon world. At this point, Wally and his team have become stronger.
Sydney: The first Elite to fight.
Phoebe: The second Elite to fight.
Glacia: The third Elite to fight
Drake: The fourth Elite to fight.
Steven Stone: The Pokmon champion of Hoenn and the son of the president of Devon
Corporation. He collects rare stones and uses Steel-type Pokmon in battle. He serves as a
supporter on your journey as you get involved in a great commotion that determines the fate of
the world. As champion, he tests your strength and skill in Pokmon battling.
Professor Birch: This is the Pokmon professor of the Hoenn region. He wishes to uncover the
many secrets of Pokmon in the world. He also wants your help as he asks you to collect as
many Pokmon as you can so that more information can be discovered.
The Friend/Rival (May or Brendan, it will be opposite of your gender): The friend in this game is
after the same goal as you. But instead of being a rival, they encourage you on your journey. You
will occasionally have to fight them but it is only to prove how strong you have gotten.
HMs: Hidden Machines or HMs are moves that can be taught to Pokmon. HMs differ from
TMs because HMs are unlimited and can be used outside of battle. HMs will also require a
certain gym badge to be obtained in order to be used.

PokeDex: This is a tool that will log data on Pokmon that you encounter and catch. Catching
Pokmon will add information to the PokeDex.
Literacy Practices:
Challenges: Pokmon trainers and the Elite Four will always challenge you verbally. This is
meant to intimidate and motivate the player. Both the opponent and the player want to show ow
strong they are, it is never about the money earned afterwards.
Communities of Practice:
Elite Four: Sydney, Phoebe, Glacia, Drake, Steven. These five powerful trainers will put your
skills to the ultimate test. Defeating the Elite Four will crown you champion. It also gives a great
sense of accomplishment.
Friends: Brendan, Birch, Steven, Wally, Etc. While there to battle you for the most part, these
people are to encourage the player that they are capable of their goals. They appear multiple
times during your journey and are always encouraging you to do your best.
Pokmon: With Pokmon, every practice of every community is achievable. By collecting
Pokmon, more can be learned about the world. By training Pokmon, the possibility of being a
Pokmon master is greater than when you first began our journey. Through Pokmon, people
learn what you are capable of. Your Pokmon reflect your journey and knowledge. This is
because your Pokmon will become stronger as your progress in the game. You will also learn
about your Pokmon and use your knowledge to face those who oppose you.
Practices of the Communities:
Pokmon Battles: Through Pokmon battles, these actors are able show the strength of their
Pokmon team and their own willpower. Battling at this point of the game is meant to show your
growth. But of course it will determine whether you are worthy of being a Pokmon champion or
Victory Road requires the HMs Strength, Surf, and Rock Smash. Flash and Waterfall HMs are
optional but not necessary, however they may make the journey easier. Victory Road is full of
strong trainers and wild Pokmon.
Once in Victory Road, the player is to follow the path which takes them to the right side of the
area. They will eventually run into an elevated part on the southern area. May takes the stairs up
this elevation and crosses the bridge. Once on the other side, another elevation will be up north
which May will have to head towards. Again, there is a bridge to cross. On the other side of this
bridge and up north will be a latter to take down.
The next room is dark so Flash can be used to make it bright. May has to go south and move a
couple boulders out of the way with Strength. The path ahead will take her to a pair of boulders
and rocks move and smash respectively. Once these rocks are out of the way, the path continues
and brings May to yet another elevation and a bridge to cross. On the other side there is a ladder
to climb upwards which is optional as there are a couple items you can grab. Otherwise, May has
to hop of the ledge to the left of the ladder and keep left until she reaches the ladder to go down.

Once in the next room, May has to go north and surf across the body of water that appears. On
the other side are stairs to go up. Following the path and staying down will bring you to a bridge
to cross to the left side. The path will take you north and to a body of water to surf. May has to
go down the waterfall and head right to reach a ladder.
The next room takes you south and to the right to reach another pair of rocks and boulders. Once
they are taken care of, pass through and take the ladder north. The next room brings May to a
bridge. Once the bridge has been crossed, May needs to head north which will finally bring her
to the exit.
However, before May reaches the exit, she is stopped by her old friend, Wally. Wally may have
lost to you before, but now he is determined to show that he has grown since that day, so he
challenges you to a battle.
Once you have defeated Wally, your travel through Victory Road has ended and you can finally
make your way to the Elite Four on the other side of Ever Grande City. You can take an easy trip
all the way to the Pokmon League by following the red brick road.
Inside will be a Pokmon Center and a PokeMart. In between these two areas, two boys will be
blocking an entrance. In order to continue on to the Elite Four, you must have collected the eight
gym badges, so the two boys will check to be sure that you have them all. Once you have been
qualified, you can go through the entrance.
Trainer! Believe in yourself and your Pokmon, and go Forth!
Note: Once you enter, there is no turning back.
Through the entrance will be some blue stairs that take you to the first Elite, Sydney. Sydney is
known for his Dark-type Pokmon and his arena is a bright red.
After Sydney is defeated, the doors behind him open which brings you to the stairs that lead to
the next Elite, Phoebe.
Phoebe has a party of Ghost-type Pokmon. Her arena is purple and has what looks like
demolished structures.
After Phoebe is defeated, the doors behind her open which will eventually take you to the next
Elite, Glacia.
Glacia has a team of Ice-type Pokmon, Her arena matches her Pokmon-type as it has ice
blocks and is a light blue color.
Once you have defeated Glalie, the doors behind her open and you can proceed to take on the
last Elite, Drake.
Drake has a team of Dragon-type Pokmon. His arena is very intimidating in its strong red tone
and spiked decorations,
After Drake is defeated, all that is left is to take on the Pokmon champion, Steven Stone. The
doors behind Drake will take you to a long set of stairs that build up the intimidation of the next

Stevens arena is in an octagonal shape and is purple-toned. Your character will automatically be
brought to him once the doors behind you shut. Steven wants you to take him on with everything
youve learned through your journey.
After defeating Steven, he congratulates you proudly. He recognizes your true power that you
share with your Pokmon. Just as he is about to announce you champion, your friend, Brendan
will appear. Hes just about to give you advice on beating Steven when he realizes that the job
has already been done. Suddenly, Professor Birch appears as well to congratulate you and take a
look at your PokeDex. Theres one more room to enter in this building which Steven guides you
This last room is where the records are taken from the Elite Four battles and champions are
honored. Your name, along with your Pokemons, are about to be recorded as champions.
This is when the game lets you see your winning team and be congratulated. Your Pokmon are
now part of the Hall of Fame. Thus, the credits roll.
The credits consist of your character riding on their bicycle through the hours of the day. The
landscapes and the colors of sky behind you will change as the hours go by. Every now and then
will be a slight slideshow of the Pokmon you have encountered and/or caught. At about a
minute and half within the credits, your rival will show up on their bike and pass by. Your
character stares and speeds up their peddling. Soon, your character has caught up with your rival
and is now in the lead. The last Pokmon on the slideshow will always be your starter Pokmon
in their first evolution. It is now nighttime and your character and rival bike off-screen. The
End is in white against a black background. A very light tone of music plays.
Elisa, 23
Tell me what stands out to you about Pokmon Sapphire from the previous Pokmon video
Well, the first detail that comes to my mind are probably the secret bases. I loved decorating
them with dolls and posters however I pleased. Then there are the Pokmon from that generation.
A lot of my favorites, such as Absol, Gardevoir or Tropius are from that one. Next would be the
weather system, I think. Who wouldn't want to walk around in puddles in the rain all day?
Describe what makes the Pokmon franchise so successful?
Probably the pet-aspect. Since it's pretty much a feeling of 'raising your own family' and going
on adventures with your friends. Other than that, probably the competitive scene. People like
being the best. For me it was always the collecting-aspect. I like having one of each and being
able to breed for people.
But if we go to the economic side, it was probably the anime produced to promote the games that
actually brought it to the masses.
Describe what challenged you in Pokmon Sapphire?

Getting around the many, many Tentacools, would be my first thought. Or actually finding the
Pokmon I want and catching them. Getting a Ralts early game or an Absol later that had that
specific gender you want for that one nickname was just tedious.
Give an example of how Pokmon impacted your life
Well, it was probably the first thing in a long line that I 'obsessed' about. I found that usually I
'cling' to one thing in particular, then get bored of it and move on. But Pokmon has been
sticking around for, well, most of my life, really.
[Pokmon] Helped me make friends (and hopefully will do so again with Pokmon Go), gave me
something to do when I was at home and done with school work, since my parents weren't very
interested in spending time with me. It helped me to slightly get along with my older brother,
too. It was really one of the few things I could always go back and rely on, really.
Nowadays Im thinking about starting a livestream channel on twitch.tv, focused on randomized
Pokmon games.
Tell me what you like about playing Pokmon Sapphire
Well, I know it very well, so I like, well, randomizing it and seeing what I'm going to get. I'm not
very fond of some of the Pokmon in gen 4 and 5 (I skipped over b/w because of that), so the
Pokmon available in-game are my favorite selection, minus gen 6 Pokmon, which Ive grown
to like a lot. But I can't exactly get those in Sapphire
It was also the first Pokmon game I was actually old enough to really 'enjoy'. I played Red and
Gold, sure, but I don't remember it much. Sapphire sticks out to me more.
Tell me what concerns you about the Pokmon franchise in the future, do you think they will
eventually run out of ideas? Or have they already have?
Alright. The biggest problem from my point of view is probably that they just keep creating new
Pokmon out of bad ideas, instead of stopping at a good number. If they run out of ideas, they'll
either not create any more or throw in every stupid idea they can think of, which would
drastically lower the quality of the games. So the missing realization of 'okay, enough is enough'
would be problematic in that regard.
If we look at the close future, Pokmon Go is a very neat idea, but it also throws up a lot of
problems. Mostly the fact that there will be people who will use it for other things that their
intended purposes. If children playing it aren't properly supervised, they could very easily be
stolen away, the 'wild Pokmon' spots could be easily used to find easy victims.
And let's be honest, Nintendo is only just dipping a toe into the pond of mobile games. They've
done micro transactions well so far, in my opinion, but that could easily change with this one.
Accidentally save your payment-details in the google store and give your phone to your kid and
you could be in a lot of trouble.
Also, Nintendos current copyright-actions worry me. If they eventually take down anything
related to their franchises, it could very well stamp the popularity of Pokmon into the ground.
Especially with those Yokai games coming out, they could very easily overtake them. I think
some of the earlier Yokai games have already overtaken some Pokmon games in japan. So
Pokmon will maybe someday end up as 'the old thing' while that Yokai series becomes the new
'Pokmon' thing.

I like the idea that they recently used in the anime, where Ash's Greninja started looking like its
trainer. That could offer up a new branch of customization in Pokmon, so they wouldn't need to
bring out new Pokmon from bad ideas. I'd like to be able to customize something else than
Pikachu all the time.
Tell me what stands out to you about Pokmon from any other video game?
Well-executed turn-based rpg combat, for starters. With even Final Fantasy abandoning that
classic format, Pokmon really becomes one of the better alternatives.
Next up, variety. With over 700 Pokmon, and a lot of games, there's something in it for
It's also easily accessible, legal or not, since it's very easy to get an emulator and the games or a
romhack from somewhere. Those things can even emulate the games on phones, so you can take
it with you, too!
You can also play it for a very long time if you're into shiny hunting or competitive, while some
mmo's can very easily run out of content. As long as the story isn't the end, it is very difficult to
'finish' a Pokmon game, as long as you have personal goals. Sure, Monster Hunter does that,
too, but that game series is a bit more difficult.
The Pokmon community is also one of the more creative ones out there. If you're looking for a
particular fan art or game, you're probably going to find it somewhere.
Seth Boyer, 19
Tell me what stands out to you about Pokmon Sapphire from the previous Pokmon video
Well, they started doing dual typing a lot more in this game as well as double battles! The only
bad thing about it is that they added another water HM, haha. There are way too many water
Describe what makes the Pokmon franchise so successful?
Its a long game, there are tons of ways to go about it. Its an adventure entirely free to you. They
keep core elements and carefully implement new intimidating ones that have always impressed
Describe what challenged you in Pokmon Sapphire?
Pokmon Sapphire had a lot more adventuring than any other Pokmon game. Even the new
ones. Giving the Dive option made finding legendaries so much more difficult than before.
Give an example of how Pokmon impacted your life
Pokmon has helped me so much! It all started at my cousins house when he was playing
Pokmon Crystal. He gave me a copy of Gold and Blue, and I was hooked. It stirred my
imagination like no other game could and I went to the show from there. Pokmon is beautiful
game series and it will always be a part of my life. It has been an amazing coping mechanism
and great imagination fuel for me.
Tell me what you like about playing Pokmon Sapphire
Generation three has some of my favorite Pokmon! And it has so many fun cute things like the
secret base to stash all your goodies!

Tell me what concerns you about the Pokmon franchise in the future, do you think they will
eventually run out of ideas? Or have they already have?
I feel like theyre already starting to. I could rant about this for hours but heres all I need to say.
A garbage Pokmon. What a phenomenal idea.
Im not sure they will run out of ideas for other things besides Pokmon designs, however.
Nintendo has been good about taking full advantage of their technology and constantly with each
new generation game giving us more surprises while keeping us happy with remakes in between.
Thats genius.
Tell me what stands out to you about Pokmon from any other video game?
Probably the turn-based strategy mixed with the fact that you can choose your little warrior
friends and customize them down to the smallest detail. The fact that theyre made with many
goals to accomplish. I have 400+ hours and I still never did everything I wanted in Black.

Observation One
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Track and Field Athletes at UNC Charlotte
Relevant Background Information: In observation one, the track teams location for
Wednesday, September 16th, 2015, was on the side of a hill. However, not every workout is
going to be over on hills. Every track workout consist of different locations and/or indoor
activities. It's important to realize that, one day the team may have to work out on the field, other
days they may have track speed work workouts or go to the gym to lift weights.
Figured World: A figured world is a group in society with its own rules and regulations on how
to carry itself meanwhile, knowing their place in society as well.
For the past four years of my life, I strongly believed in the saying track is life!
Therefore, I figured, what better thing for me to observe and choose to base my figured world off
of than what I have devoted four years of my life to. I have decided to observe track and field
athletes. For one, I was a track athlete myself in high school, and I currently have the school
records for four different events.
However, my last two years were not my best years to say in the least. Some coaches
choose to leave, others did not care, and the team I had once thought of as a family was falling
apart. My times were getting worse, and I had no clue how to train myself. I was giving it (track)
my all and receiving nothing in return. I have often wondered if I had lost my passion for track? I
know for a fact that one should not let the actions of others deter them for their passions, goals,
and ambitions. For this reason, I would like to take a step back and look at what being a truly
devoted track athlete in college entails from a different point of view- in hopes of rekindling the
flame I had once had for track.
What attracts people to track is the same thing that tends to lead them astray; its a
challenge. Track is more than physically challenging but mentally challenging as well. Many
people are mentally weak and lack self- motivation and never make it through a whole season. I
know for a fact that any and every track athlete will often question themselves on why they are
torturing their bodies? But once again, track a sport for those who wish to learn how far they can
push themselves in every aspect. Track and field, in my opinion, is one of the best sports in the
world, because it is a place for fun and seriousness. Its is imperative to know the difference
between these two things.
One must know how to enjoy themselves and have fun! Yet, there is a time and place for
such things. On that track, when you are out there, you are conducting business with a set goal in
mind; break records, set times, have fun, and win! A track athlete cannot have a giving- up
attitude, they must have perseverance. They must always be positive, never complain, and learn
how to be an individual team player.

One thing I learned from track is that there is no such thing as a complete loss. In track
you either Win, or you Learn from your loss. Always keep your head up, and figure out what to
do to better yourself and the team for the next time. And there is definitely no such thing as being
too loud at a track meet! You yell and shout in support of your fellow track mate till you cannot
shout anymore! You must always be there for your team mates because the team must be like a
family in order to persevere.
Actors: Actors are people in the given figured world with that play a certain key role in society.
These people help the figure world proceed by leading and setting the stage for success.
Coaches: The coaches serve as the leaders of the whole track team in
general. The coaches come up with the workouts, critique the athletes and helps motivate
them as well. The athletes seem to look up to the coaches for guidance. The coaches
always have control of the team.
Athletes: The athletes are those who make up the team. They do
everything they can to please the coaches and their teammates. They motivate each other
and try to succeed as a whole and yet compete with each other in the process.
Physical trainer: The physical trainer has a small yet very important role
on the team. For whatever injury or mistake the athlete makes or whatever question the
coach may have about the well being of the athlete, the physical trainer is always there to
help and and answer question.
Notice: The team is very much so like a close nit family. The father of the team would be the
coaches; there for leadership and helpful criticism. The athletes are like that siblings, supporting
each other yet, always competing for the approval of their father. And the physical trainer is like
the mother; there to kiss the boo-boos and make the team feel better.
Artifacts: Artifacts are the physical objects and emotions that are valuable and highly significant
to the figured world.
Baton/ Water Bottle: The baton and waterbottle are highly praised
artifacts of all track athletes. One will never thrown or drop a batton on the track, for it is
seem as bad luck for the team. And without water, they athletes would not perform
Uniform/work out clothes: Everyone wore something similar when they
worked out. In a way, one could tell that this too helped the team feel more unified.
Coaches Timer: The time is their real enemy. They must get a certain
amount of sets done by a certain time or they would have successfully conquered the
work out of the day.
Perseverance: The willingness to keep on fighting and pushing ones self
past mental and physical failure.Being positive, and knowing that the rest of the team is
there to help you keep going is all thats needed. Knowing that everything that they are
putting in (to their workout) they will receive in return (at a track meet).

Communities of Practice: Group of people that share a common interest/ ideas/ and goals
within the figured world.
Team Captains: No one was identified as the team captain(s).
However, while observing, it quickly became obvious who were the leaders of the team
and who the other teammates looked up to (besides the coaches). There was always the
same three people that the rest of the team seemed to follow.
Domain/Practices of Community: Domain and the practices of the community are the soul
purpose and/or goals of the figured world. It is the main reason why the community was created.
This is the glue and focus of the group which allows them to come together as one.
Challenging Workouts: These workouts are mentally and physically
draining. However, the team knows why they desire to push themselves and that they
carry the name of their team on their shoulders. Each and every person refuses to let each
other down.
Desire to Win: These athletes know that they are a part of a team.
Therefore, they win and/or lose together as one. With this in mind, they continue to
motivate one another and always have some healthy competition within the team
Literacy: Literacy are the ways in which the members of the said figured world communicate.
Whether the community communicates verbally or through body language.
Simultaneous Group Activities (stretching): The only way these athletes
communicate while they are working out is verbally and/or through body language. No
one brings their phones down to the track with them. Therefore it really is not a
distraction. They speak nonverbally with their body language. They play, tease, and mess
around with each other by squirting water on each other or picking at one another. Most
of the communicating occurs during scratches or water breaks.
Note that the following observations took place over the first 60 minutes of practice. However,
the total practice time is about 80 minutes. The last 20 minutes of practice was not observed
because I had a 3:30 class. Luckily, I was informed by the coach that the last 20 minutes of
practices consisted of basic stretches. Also, note that there is not an exact set time for each
activity due to the fact that people's bodies fatigue at different rates and the coaches want to fit
in the whole workout. Therefore, the time segments that I arranged my observations off of was
whenever the team proceeded to the next activity.
Observation One:
Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
2:00pm: People began to show up to practice. Some were already changed and others headed up
to the locker room to get changed. The coaches held regular conversations about a football game

they had seen over the weekend. As the athletes began to file down onto the track, some already
begin to anticipate what the workout consisted of. Some seem to have already known that today
was "hill day". The athletes all gathered around the 100 mark number line, drinking water and
being playful with each other.
2:13pm: Coach Brewer calls the team to attention and they all meet on the track at the 100 line.
Thus, they begin their practice. Since today was "hill's" day, the athletes only ran one warm up
lap and began stretching.
2:17pm: The stretches are as follows:
1. Side leg openers: This is where the athlete lays on their side and lift their
leg up 90 degrees into the air and back down. This stretch is to stretch out the interview
hamstrings and buttocks meanwhile warming up the muscle.
2. Note that is air swing jumping jacks are done in between each one of the
dynamic stretches. This is when the athlete runs sideways while opening their arms and
legs out simultaneously looking like a jumping jack in a sideways motion.
3. Back leg twist stretch: This is when the athlete lays flat on their stomach
and twist their legs. Left leg twisting to the right side of their body and the right leg
twisting to the left side of her body.
4. Stand up leg cross side stretch: This is when the athlete stands crosses the
right foot over the love reaches down to touch their toes. They repeat this on the left foot
as well.
5. A skips: the athlete skips hard and high with a quick hip motion and
repeats this with the left and right foot while going forward.
6. Toe touches: the athlete stands straight up feet together bends over and
touches to their toes. This stretches the hamstrings, butt and back.
7. Side skip jumping jack again.
8. Low side to side squats: the athlete gets into a squatting position with the
right leg out to the side and pivot the body left to right. The stretches the hamstrings and
calves muscles.
9. Mario skips: the athlete skips high into the air with the opposite me versus
elbow into the air at the same time.
10. Leg swings (side and front): each person went to go find themselves on
isolated area against the gate and sung their legs one at a time in front of them and to the
side of them.
11. Lunges
12. Knees to chest: the athlete will lay on the ground on their back and bring
their knee to their chest.
13. High knee karaoke's: the athlete twist their bodies with their right foot in
front of the left foot alternating it with the left foot in front of the right foot as the leg
swings to the side you pop it up.
14. Ankle rolls
15. Calves stretches
2:30pm: The coaches allow for a very short water break. Some get water and others continue to
do individual stretching.

2:32pm: At this time the athletes gathered back together to continue stretching. The stretches
were as the following:
1. Hill toe stretches
2. Tiptoe low bounds: the athlete does a short little down movement
circulating on their tiptoes.
3. "A skips" line by line: as mentioned before the athlete does a skips
however they did them in groups of five.
Note: This was done so that the coaches can critique each athlete individually on their form.
The coaches continue to watch the athletes form and critique them for the rest of the stretches.
4. B skips
5. Low butt kicks: this is when the athlete does a small running circular
motion and fix the heel of their foot to their butt.
6. High knees
7. Single leg fast twitch muscle stretch: this is when the athlete does a quick
skip on one foot and rotates the other foot in a quick upward motion.
8. Backwards run for 75 meters
9. Sprint out 75 meters
2:40pm: At this time the athletes had a water break. There was less talking amongst everyone and
few others continued stretching in the coaches communicated as the they watch the athletes.
2:45pm: The team finished hydrating and walked their way to the hill. People were playing
around with each other, laughing and squirting water on each other.
2:53pm: They reached the hill on the side of the road. The hill had a slight incline.
Several of the athletes commented" this should be easy" as they messed around with each other.
The coaches had them lined up in rows of three . The females had to run 120 meters uphill, to the
finish line where coach Brewer stood in 21 to 27 seconds and the males had to run 120 meters
within 19 and 24 seconds and jog back to the starting line where coach AJ stood. The team did
five sets up hill. They continued to motivate each other, although as time went on there was less
talking amongst the group.
3:01pm: At this time they were given a water break. Most of the team had taken their shirts off
and were drenched in sweat. The coaches seemed to have been talking about the team off in the
3:04pm: The coaches lined the team back up and the team did eight more sets. The team
communicated mostly through body language now; giving each other high fives and fist bumps.
There was much less talking and a loss of energy.
3:14pm: The workout had ended and the team walked back to the track with very little talking.
They were still giving each other high fives and communicated through body language. A few

teammates would make eye contact, shake their heads and just chuckle as if there was a mutual
or shared understanding of how one another felt.
Observation Two:
Friday, September 18th, 2015
Note: I arrived about 30 minutes late to the workout due to a meeting I had to attend. However,
once again, I was informed by the coach that the athletes had already completed their dynamic
stretches (which were the same as the stretches in observation one from 2:17-2:40). I arrived just
as they began their second set.
2:31pm: As I arrived, the team was on their water break, they had just completed their first set
(run). I noticed that their was a significant difference in the number of people who were there. In
my first observation, it seemed as if the whole team was present; 35-40 people more or less.
However, today there was only five runners; three mid-distance and two distance runners. I
suppose since it was the hottest time of the day, the rest of the team had decided to have their
workouts at an earlier time in order to avoid the heat.
I was informed that today's workout consisted of 5x600s for the mid-distance, 4x800s for the
distance runners and an ab circuit workout. As the team drank their water and stretched,
communication was at a regular level- no one seems to be extremely winded- their recovery time
is fairly quick.
2:42pm: The team lines back up as the coach speaks about how he wants this next set to be ran.
The conversation wanders off onto the topic of a cookout for about two minutes then coach calls
the group back together at attention. The team laughs and relaxes in about three seconds they
become focused and take off again.
As they run, it's becomes obvious who the distances versus the mid- distance runners are. They
all have wonderful form as they run, but the difference in speed is hard to over look. The 600
runners were obviously faster than the 800 runners just as it was obvious that the 800 runners
had much more stamina and a sense of "pacing" themselves out. The coach yells out the time as
each person runs to the end of their mark.
2:47pm: Water break! The 600 runners walk across the field as the 800 runners finish their run.
Once again their breathing is rather leveled and as they compose themselves, the talking
escalates. Some are using the roller ( a long tubular bar with large beads on it) for their hamstring
and others are stretching.
2:52pm, 2:55pm, and 3:01- The same process as before is repeated.

3:03pm: The running portion of the workout is complete. They all relax, drink water, stretch and
talk till it is time to move into the conference room to d abs.
3:20: As we transition from the track to the conference room, the coach speaks to the team about
the new material they hope to purchase for the track. As the team does their ab workout, the
amount of talking shifts drastically- no one really speaks at all. The only time they actually speak
and joke around is during the plank exercise. Maybe they do this to take their minds off of the
strain they are putting on themselves. The core workout is as follows:
1. Crunches x 20
2. Toe touches x 20
3. Leg Raises x 20
4. Alternating knee (a.k.a. bicycles) x 20
5. Russian Twists x 20
6. V- ups x 12
7. Flutter kicks x 20
8. Hyper x 15
9. Planks x 30 seconds
10. Side Planks x 3o seconds each side
3:35pm: Today's workout is now complete. The team spoke to the coach about what tomorrow's
workout is going to be like and then the team broke it down "Charlotte on three!... One... Two...
Three... CHARLOTTE!".
Observation Three:
Saturday, September 19th, 2015
Note: I was informed by a friend of mine and the coach that the team still has to do workouts on
the weekends, however they are "individual workouts". The athlete has to go to the weight room
(varsity athletes weight room) and workout their individually or they may do a workout with a
small group of people from the team.
2:05pm: I arrived at the gym with my friend, Saadiq Sweezer. He is a mid- distance runner on the
team and is highly respected and looked up to by many of the team members. It did not take me
long to realize that the "weights on your own" written out on the 2015-2016 Charlotte Track and
Field Fall Conditioning sheet literally meant- working out on your own.
I think this is a pretty good idea because it allows the athlete to workout whatever muscle group
they believe their weakness in order to better themselves. I saw about seven different track
runners in the gym that I could recognise and each one of them were doing their own work out.
Some athletes were targeting their shoulders and others were working on strengthening their
hamstrings. However, everyone fit at least one of the following workout into their schedule:

Glut/Core Circuit:
25 reps each, 25 abs between each:
1. Knee to Shoulder
2. Ceiling Raisers
3. Fire Hydrant
4. Straight leg lifts
5. Side Straight Leg
Pillar Circuit:

Crunches x 25
Hip Raisers x 10
Pelvic Twist x 10
Twisting Crunch x 25
Lying Knee Raises x 10
Crab Ups x 10
Skydivers x 10
Side Reaches x 20

2:50pm: This is when Saadiq had completed his workout and everyone else that I had recognized
from the team had already left. I realized that the coaches are fairly lenient when it comes to
Saturday workouts. No one has to "check in" or do a specific work out. As we were leaving,
three more people from the team arrived.
Interview One:
Saadiq Sweezer
Track and Field Interview Questions
1. Discuss how track in high school differs from track in college. (Coaches,
Athletes, Training, etc.)
Here they challenge us more
and expect so much more out of us. The athletes here are already
developed so we just have to be "polished". We don't have to spend the
first half of the season just conditioning and trying to get into shape
because we are already there- for the most part. A lot of people on the
team are much more serious about being here on the team than in high
school too. Back in high school, just about any and everyone could join
the team, but here your spot is earned.
2. Give an example of the best and the worst thing you've noticed about the
team and your own performance.
The best thing about this
team: we are all just freaking good! And we help push each other

constantly. The only bad thing I'd have to say is that the little freshmen
think that these workouts are hard now... wait 'till season actually starts.
Now for myself, I'm a pretty great motivator, people look up and depend
on me- which could be a good thing or a bad thing. The only weakness I
could think of for myself though, would be- that if the team messes up, I
feel like it is my fault.
3. Why did you decide on continuing your track career? What is it that you
love about being a track athlete?
now! You know this Dinora! Just knowing that I've pushed myself further
than what most people would or that I dusted someone is the greatest
feeling in the world. Plus I'm good at it so why not? But really, track is just
my go to. I don't know what I'd be like if i didn't run.
4. Describe what characteristics you would say the "ideal/perfect" athlete
would have.
Honestly- someone like
Usain Bolt. He's a sprinter with long legs! He looks like he needs to be
running the 400- I know he does, but who would have thought that he was
a sprinter. He is THE best at what he does and is 100% dedicated to it
(track). Despite his background or the way he grew up, he knew he had a
dream of becoming the best and so that's what he did- became the best.
5. What concerns do you have so far about the team? How would you want
to go about fixing the problem?
I really don't have any real
concerns for the team. We are just doing some real conditioning stuff now
so I haven't had the chance to see everyone to perform yet. But one way
to fix any problem within a track team- remind that person(s) of why they
are in the spot they are in now- they had to earn it- so prove that you want
to keep it.
6. Describe the most efficient type of workout. (The ideal work out)
Well it really all depends on
what events you're trying to get better in. But I think the most
improvement could be seen from a runner that does interval or lateral
work outs, you know? Taking of with a good speed till you reach the 100
then stride, then sprint the last 100. Building up like that work your
muscles and makes you learn how to run then you don't think you have
anything left.
7. Discuss why you enjoy going to track meets?

Track meets are just so

hyped! Everyone believes that their team is the best or that they could
dust you- till you're up on that line and teach them a lesson! But really I
just like racing and watching everyone cheer everyone else.
8. Give an example(s) of what the challenges are?
The main challenge to
running is mental toughness and figuring out how far you're willing to
push yourself. Nailing a hand off (passing a baton in a relay team) isn't as
easy as some people may think it is- especially when you look so good.
9. Describe how important track is to you?
Like I said before- track is
life- and I mean that. It's so much more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle. It'll
affect everything you do; eat, sleep, drink and even think or how you treat
people. I've learned so many valuable things from running track it's
ridiculous; relying on others, good sportsmanship, how to push myself,
focus, patients... I just don't know what else to say.