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MiUennia ago, the discovery of hyperspace. travel brought the-galaxy. togeth.er'.gi~l'jng,bjrth to a dehl0c1:at.Lc _ . union of star. systems kno v vn/'-~~s.

th_=-:" - GalacticRepublic. Erom the. tlJn - Jfs~' inception; the Rq)ub1ic gre\,v. o\l~r t )r.;~.-

::~~~~~J:~r~!;J~~_comp>ss ~:~E;" 1

The .sur vival of the Republic _ ckpeI1ded 'On. two, factors: the wise go:~eTnjnK of selfless admirust r ators and lawmakers ... and . the' preser vat ion of harmony and justice by

a heroic war r ior fTat~rnjty.-_ the jedi Knights .

. ' hi those gJo_rious, ancient' days. a-,great Jllany· }=< orce-sensittve fndividuals wiJ1ingly entered ·ar-, duous tl~ainjng under'accomplished-Jedj·Masttrs.

taking up the weapons. the knowledge.' and the

powersof the JediWay_ "

Join' us now 'as we explore the _. secret ·hisr9ries .

. recorded In the Jedj Holocron-> Tales of an age when. the' Jedi 'Knights were numerous and st rong!

, ,


The Ga.laxYi1ext:entls. for unthinkable distances in every dlrectfon.encempasstng millions Of s_t~rs,'wQflds., and celestial formatj~ms;,afld the billions .. of:ct;lltu,res tha.tcaJI tbjspa:rt 0f the un i versehorne, WI LIn 11 those cu J tu res 'exists an-u nCOl;I'n ta ble nurnbet of bel Plgs With ~(lII'e.'i of, COLI rage, hope, and wonder to tell, each story-serving in its own wayto forcetlre.tmiverseever for\\'ard.

"throughout the history of the Galaxy. there are SOIlIC: whose ltves haveshcnemore brilliantly than others, whose words andactions Have in some way had a major impact on the future, Luke S-kywalker,P'rincess Lela Organa, and Han Solo played Chat role during one of themost troublsd eras or the Galaxy. hut many tither ::;u'(lJ heroes liIav:e c0111e. belore. dur~ng times Just as da rk, ,to struggle against Iorces justasevtl.

Four thousand years before -Hre rise of the Empire, t-he Jed! KnIght .. s served as Lite protectors of the Galactic Republic, a federation of world's bound togeth-er by'fJ. beHef In peace and cocperalion. Though legend speaks of the .ledi's defense 'of the Republic. the means of that protection tonk many Iorrns- The Jedi assumedthe Totes of diplomat, scholar, teacher.and ~c,when the need was great - warrior.

MU.ch of tJ~e t:listory of the Jedi Knigbts has been lost over the cenlurtes. and valid -lnfl)l"matio,h about the era Af the Great.Sith Wa.r c0111e5 only [rom a s"i'Il_gIe known SQUlI(1e: the Jedi Holocron. It ts U ponthese tales oithe Jeqj anrl tI\eir:SHh t;;'Aerniest!iat tlJIS book findS it basis,

Welcome, student. I' am Oed Boar, gatekee]J~r of the Jedi HO[OC!"BIl. It is both my-duty and my Honor to instruct you in the ways of the Jedl, and to pres-ent' to you the ~rue, accounts of these bl'~W,e Jedi Kirl~fhts who have gone b~ote Y0I.iL

I want yo II nOW' to proceed a.ta cau tlplJSpac.e, for the lure of the-dark side is 'all that more powerful when you rusji to ernbraceand.controt the Force, Seek ~''''_'''',"",,".'¥iI''I:'' the ligpt, always. Shun the clark, always. These words 1 ho pewil 1 stay wi th yeu forever.

Now come, your traIning begtns ...


Anew three L hovers on til e horizon, ,gilthering powe t' .a~ i·t read i e."> (I st r,j ke a t the heart ,of the Galactic RepubHc. Only a thin shield 'Of light, the Jed! KnigMts, can deflect the coming dar kness, and 'force it back. The Jedi's strength in the Force is the last rem.ain.ing hope for the survivalof the Republic.

A thousand years a·go (5,000 years before A New Hope),. powerful Jedi Knights who had JalleB to the clark side overran the Sith people and forced from 'them secrets of dark Side "magic." Throughout the ensuing pertod.the Lords, el.the Sithdelved ever further into tlse dark side of the Force, creating vast sloreholds to heuse their re:s.earch. Md gi:eat palaces

to house themselves. Evil had come upon the galaxy, casting the worlds it ensnared into darkness.

The Jedl Knights, beacons ot light in a galaxy of fading luminescence, unlted into a single, powerfulforce and drove the Slth to nearexttnctton. The great libraries and palaces of the Dark l.ords fell, their talismans destroyed, their strongholds toppled. Only a select Iew were left intact, and the Jedt planned to study-them in an effort to learn hew to defeat the Sith should the Dark Lords ever return.

And now the worst fears 'of those Jed! of old have come to pass. The Sith teachings have returned, slowlv propagating across the galaxy, calling the wicked anel evil, the weak-willed and power-hungry. It is a troubling time for the .. galaxy, a time when the jedi Knights must once agadn gather together to thwart the spreading darkness,


This sourcebook covers the time period just prim' to the G rea t Slth W~ _ In addl tion to desc rt bi ng th e people, places, technology, and events of the comic book series, this book also shows you how to create and run adventures (or even futl-fledg d campaigns) In th Tales of the Jedi ~ra, 41000 years before Star Wars: A' New Hope. A solitaire adventure is included toquickly introduce you to running Tales @l the Jedi"scenarios and to provide a basis upon which to devise your own adventures.

As you proceed through this book, heed the words of,

o d Bnar, gatekeeper of U:1e Jedi Holocron.His wisdom is worth per haps more than that of any oth er, for he has watched til e Jed igrow in the Force, he has watc hed them struggle against the dark side, and he has watched many faJl from the light. Commit his warnings to memory, for the dark path is all roo 'easy to stumble onto and a1J too difficult to leave ...

Welcome, Jedt student. I am Dod Bnar, gatekeeper of the.Jedl Holocron. It is my perpetual duty-to speak of the deeds of the Jedi, of their trials and successes as they battled -and continue to battle - against the dark side of the Force in all its subtle incarnations.

From these tales you will learn wha] it means to become onewith the light side, and what dangers and pitfalls tie rn walt on thejourney ahead.In this sense [am a teacher as well as a htstorlan.end.lbeseech you nowto heed whatever warnings I offer,lor the Way of the Force does not come easily for the weak-willed or for the arrogant

Study well, practice-always, and flnd yeurstrength in the light side of til e Force. These th tngs you ill us"! never abandon; Ior to do so would-cast )IOU closer to'tne thln dlviston between the dark and the light.

And now your initiation must begin. To understand the Jedi you must also understand the galaxy. and to do that we must begin at the beginning ...

Out of theGreafVoid came the universe, its galaxies. star systems, and suns. Everything that exists. and will ever exist, was spawned Irorn the prtmordlal plasma of liro~'s beginning, Over billions of years planets formed and lite arose through a steady progression of increasingly complex organisms. Woven into and intertwined with ail of this - train the small estrnolecule to the largest.star - was the Force, As civilfzatlon s grew upon t bese newly formed planets -newly formed on a celestial timescale.that is - they began to sense; if nly subconsctouslyat Iirst, this mystical energy. Over the millennia the Foree bas been called by an uncountable number of names: the Unity, the Way, "the Power, Magic. All hint at one aspect .01' another of t he Force's a ll-en Compass iJ;)g presen ce, but nome com pletely reflect Its true nature.

And perhaps none shall, for the Force genes explanation. At times it seems dualistic, yet it has DQ separate components. Most prominent among the contradictions is the fact that the Force bas two aspects, the light and the-dark, yet without onethe other would cease to exist. For most beings these. concepts hang: well out of reach, celestial nonsense better left unconsidered, But for a select iew the Force rs everything.


Th discovery of hyperspace travel more than 20,000 years "go changed the Galaxy forever. As beings began to journey to other worlds, a system 01 barter and trade arose, solldlfylngover the centuries into established spacelanes marked by hyperspace jump beacons.

Soon these worlds grewto rely on one another forming a vast symbiotic relationship. As new star systems at the fringes of the informal trade network decided to join in galactic exchange. the fledgling community of werlds continued to expand.

But shortly after the establishment of standard spacelanes, unscrupulous beings, lured by the promise of qulckwealth, started preying 011 the laden cargo ships that plied the trade routes. The 1110st common tactic was to set up a false jump beacon (orto alter the programming of an existing beacon) with jump coordinates that would send unwary trade ships into the empty reaches Of deep space.

For common defense and the establishment of more formal trade agreements (and enforcement, as the need arose), a democratic union of star: systems formed shortly thereafter: the Republic, The galacttc.governrnent has had a long and complex history - a taJe best left for another (larger) compendi urn. Suffice it to say that the forces of the light and the dark have waged a relentless war, each constantly seeking to topple the other. There have been times of peace and times of strife, times of expansion and times of seclusion. But through it all, a single light has shone across rhegalaxy: the Jedl Knights.

The .Iedi have fought many battles over the millennia. I .. lere we recount only one of those conflicts ,an er a where til e 10 rig~extinct Sith rose agai n and the fate 0 r the Galaxy rested in th e hands 01 a few Je{U apprentices a , ,

"Tell it to us again," said Roop the youngest - and most exci table- of the three.

Sedran Veb struggled to IUt hiruself out of the padded chair next to the' hearth, "No, nO','1 be said, the words stretching outas he lorted'himselF to' his Ieet, "It's well past your sleep-time as it is. I don't think your parents would .appreciate illy keeping YOl! up any later."

Roop huffed andthrust out his lower lip, erossing.hts arms in disgust. Butarter only a moment, as it suddenly inspired, he turned to his older brother and sister and gave them his best look of pleading. Bedran suppressed a chuckle at the sudden change in tactic.

Nara, the eldest, knelt 0110ne knee-to bring her eyes even wtthRoop's. "Mother and father are coming home tomorrow. You don't want to De tired when they get here, do you?"

Roop sh rugged with h Is~w h ole body. "But 1 wail t to hearthe storY'a~ain," he said in a.slo g-s ong

whine. --

Cood (1)~ Nora, Bedran thought, glancing at the large oval chroncmeter set-above the hearth.

Perhaps it Woul,d b'efas,ter [ust to tell the story ag<J.i n than.to argue with tbeb9¥ for the next hOUL Child ren. They seemed to possess an luna te. power tha t could ri val a J edt's.

"Because this is your last night staying with me, I'll tell you the Story once more. But as soon as I'm done, it's off to sleep. Does everyone agree to these terms?"

Nara and Him nodded to convey thelragreement, while Roop bounded forward and hugged Bed ran 's legs. Struggling to keep upright, Bedranpattedthe boy on the head and then eased himself back into his cushioned chair. Nara and Frirn had-already taken their normal positions on the couch [acing the hearth as Roop climbed tnto Sedran's lap, twisted into what was a.comfortable position for him (unfertunately for Bedran), and snuggled his head into the crook of Bed ran 's ann.

"Are we all s ertled?' Bedran.sald. "Good. Now, let's see, how does thls -story begin - " "A long time age, Before there was a Galactic Republic ._ .. " Roop prompted.

Bedran glanced down at thelad. "Ate you sure you need me to tell this slory~'"

R00P nodded enthustastically,

"Thenyou'll let me tell it." Hepaused a moment to give Roop enough.ttme to :~a!y sornetblng, but the boy remained sllent. As it. should be.

"NOW, a longtime ago, befor there was '/-l Gal_actic Republic ... ;'


Much 01 what occurred just prior to and durtng the Sith War .rernains shrouded in htstort al inaccuracies, hidden by the losers of the conflict, or [usuflabty forgotten by all involved. The.following summary relies heavily on the-oral tradition 01 the Jedi minstrels, a group known for its epic storytelling. But the truth or falsity of any individual event will forever remain a mystery.

The minstrels prefer- to weave thetr tales as if the occurrences were happening at the moment of the recounting, and therefore the text below reflects that style (using the present rather than the past tense). Read carefully, for the story is longand Intricate. and this is only the beginrung ...


On the tundra world of Arkanla, adventurers and profiteers mlne lrrdescentgems the size of melons from the world s core. Ear from the miners, deep in the \\\i lderness I Mas ter Arc-at utors his would-be J eel i Kn i.gh ts, instructing them in the ways of the Force. Ulic Qel-Drorna battles an old trainlng-drold in an effort to test his skiil ln llghtsaber cornbat, VU(C defeats the drotd, but (ails to make certalntt lias ceased ltmctfonlng. When W,lle turns away, the drold unleashes another bolt o] energy, striking Ulic square in the back Master Area voices his

concern over Ulle's overeonfldence.

MasterArca callshlsJedi students-c-Ullc, his brother Cay, an d the Twi' lek'Fett Done-eta - to assem blearoun d him as he begins the tale of- the planet Onderon, Area describes th e phys ical attrl bu res of.t he Ond eron.sys tern and its planets, .ane:!- centlnues with. the historyof the world of Onderon; 'Once per year, the atmosphere of Dxnn, one of Onderon'sfour moons, touches theplanet's atmosphere, aHowitlg the bestial creatures of. the moon tocross over and prey-on the peacetul lnhabttants of Onderon, In react-jon to this annual scourge, the Onderonlans constructed the massive, walled (:ity of Jziz;

Everything outside lzlz's walls remained a savage wilderness.As punishment, crtrninals were released into the outlands, and quicklyfell prey to thebeasts of Dxun, In time, however, the outcasts learned t_o capture and control the ere atures , using them as Ilylngmounts, Over the years, the outcasts Iorrned huge armies 1M beastriders. and began to attacktheclty, To thlsday.Onderon has remalned a divided planet, the fierce war between the beast-riders and Iziz continually escalating as technology advances.

Master Area has accepted the role of watch man Over the Ond,eron worlds, and charges his studeats with helping the citizensend the centuries-long war. H r ~

mllidsthem that the Jedi stand Jar peace; they.must use

l:heJr Weapol1s only asa last resort. .

l1n~ Jedl travel aeross the galaxy th, their ship, the fiebulG'fJ Rcmgr;r, to Onderon," As the Rqager streaks through tne atmosphefl;: ~q:wa'l'd the sprawling citY-Of Izts, Ca¥P'icks up 'a flighle'f,'giant birds vectoring for; the sHip. After amoment"Cay'nmJizes that they are Instead, beast-riders. Deciding not to fire upon the incoming .swarm 01 beasts, tRe, Jed! hail the city and request lantlio.g instrucm@flS. As th.€! cl,ty's torces launch an as.sanlt aga:in:~t the b,!:):ast-l!fdfqS, th.e Ranger sets dow,Ii at the Rey:aJ Spaee Doek.

After brief Iatreduetlons, the Onderonian Mlnlster .of State, Novar, orders the Royal Protectors 1:0 bring ToU (lh,(!! singJ'e non-human of the trio) to theImrnigratlon 'area ,for interro)!ati(l)n. It seems that the Onderonians havemu,c:J;J t.1LI learn about beeomlnga Republic member worlrl .. Just befQr~'GI,Il1 altercation d~evelops between the Jedi and tile ROyal Protector-s, QueenArpanoa orders the three Jedl to the-throne yo-om immediately.

'The Queen is surprlsed to ftud three Jedi students i:;atTIer than the great Jedi Master she'dexpected. She Q utekly, in trod uees her dau~hter, Galia, and Informs'the

new arrivals of 'foe city's tr0ubl~~. Suddenly, beastriders burst through the translucent dome that houses the throne room sprayifngshardsof glass.everywhere.as the grea:t beasts descend, The JenJ,andJheRO.y,a1.Pr@tec,tots batt_Ie the intruders asthe Que!i!hal!l¢ l'Ier ,d:al.~-ghter retreat into the'l1'lr~'rt olthe palace. Se~e.raI.beas~-w:artior commandos breakaway Irom tne.rnajn attack grQUJi) and head atter the~ue~n. 6ay and Tott-putsueth,ecoJIlll1,andosas Ulte feRas 6ff the rematntng beast-riders.

Tile G:01'irri'land6s Kill two gl:lar'dsand subdue Galiti!, e:stapm:g,_.as1:he Q'ueell<ictte'm.p,ts tceall.down tb.e'power ofFreedon Nadd uPP[J the':Qn. WlieM Cayand Tott arrive, they find Galla ,miS!?ililg all6 ,th,e Q_ueen slumped. on the floor. U1k~ !goQring,;th_E! protests 01 !:llsf_ello~ Jedl, V0WS to rescue Galla from the b~O!._st:-rid~s,

The-three Jecli set to the-skies inthe N.€JbuloTl Ranger, trahul1g their senserson theescapmg beast-slderswhtle theOnderontans muster their own rescuemtssion . .Suddenly, Cay reAliZes that the beast-riders have launched a Se~k~N0,l'iped:0 at tite Ranger. But, before the JedJ can brmg up the shlp'? sJ:rielgs, :tb~t~r:pedo sl'ams:in~() the hull ex;glncling trr a Hf!r:ytorr~nt. The shil;)~piraJs across the.sky tralllng a column of smoke behind'lt, Lucidly, the Jedl manage to use thevessel's deflectors to cushion the crash landing.

At!:er ass.ess,lng_IJl'e sh!p's da,m~get tcbey exH the slrtip to nne thews!!l'l7es.'"4e'~}l it! 'tJ;:te Vl(Uctjti(flg:l~·i)U:?!rider0n, Just O'l,lts ldethedornes ~and 'towers of.!),n i mIll'enS"_e stronghold. But be£oretbeye;an even comment on.the strange site, two boma beasts - gargantuan j)rE!Q:ahlY'S; armed wlth wicked claws, hams, and fangs - rise upto.conIrontTott, USIng hisunusual Jedi ability to understand beast-langu'a'g~s., Tott- manages to befileI'ld the creatures. He, CaY"aFld U1jg,tbt::1il mount theboma beasts and charge.reward the s~rQl1ghc:>ld.

The Jedi storm" into the mlddleof a marriage ceremony.between Oron KiraandErinc~ss G~ca While Gay and 'I'ott deflect anyone trying to stop them, Ulic grabs Galia.and attempts to.eseape . .Galia, however, does n,ot Wish to be "rescued.' Appallently. she and the beastriders devised the abduetion plan to eXtra:cther ft~mJz~z for the wed'clingcerern0ny. Oren, his fathe_rMeaoo; and GaJia gp on to EVq)laill tb:at [zjz bas fallen. under the ~,,:)J at the dark side, 'ever since Freedon Nadd brought it to Orideron over four centuries ago. Anyone who dared challenge the dark sidle vias cast out 01 the city as a criminal.

Moden warms the Jedrthat an of the beast-lords (l)f the wild.~rness ha:v.e p~_gl;ltl pl'epa.ring' for a tlnal battle to overtb.:row .the city. }Ieask,s the Je:dno herp rIEl On der(j),n, of the darkness, UUe, however, sees another way. He wants ta reveal the marriage at Oron and Galia to the Queen and try to work out a peaceful solution. The beastriders agree to make the attempt, but only jJ the Jedl promise to Ii.elp" ln-the war agabist the dark side If their plan falls. 1J1ic agrees.

The Jedl, <!>r~1;lj $ld Galla board the IVebuion Ranger and head for lziz as Medon readies .hls forces Ior battle.

As the Ranget.;llld its beast-rider escort near the clty, the defensive guns lash out at them. The Jedi quickly Inform the city of the passengers in the Ranger. and they are immediately allowed to land.

Queen Amanoa, outraged at the marriage between her daughter and the outcast Oron Kim" does not heed Ulic's and Oren's warnings to give up her hatred. She calls upon the power .of Freedon Nadel to destroy her enemies.

The Jedl, Galla, and Oren Iind themselves immersed in waves 0f darkness. The dark side immediately claws at the minds of the J edl, sow trig fear andconfus ion, Ieeli ngs the novices struggle to push away.

Galla leads the group t08 secret passage. When they regain their wits. however, they realize that Cay did nor escape the throne room. Oren contacts his [ather and tells hlm of UIIc's failure. ~rhe Beast Wars of Onderon

begin. .... .

Hundreds of beast-lords have pooled their resources, massing their armies [or a single onslaught. For the first time, the forces of both sides seem evenly matched. Apparently, since the Onderonlans made contact with the rest of galactte Civilization two years ago, off-world traders have be-en selltng the beast-warnors advanced weaponry:

Meanwhile, Cay confronts Queen Amiuioa. He demands that she squelch the.darkness she has unleashed, but the Queen refuses. Several Royal Protectars suddenly attack, SIi'Ciilg off his arm at the shoulder. Queen Arnanoa flees to the mausoleum of Freedon Nadd, knowing that military strength will not bring them victory. She calls upon the dark side to sap thewiU from her enemies. Suddenly, the tide of the battle changes, and the beastriders' onslaught f'alters.

Ullc rescues Cay, who finds an old droid-h'om which he plans to scavenge a prosthettc ann for himself. The dark lth magic weighs heavily upon the beast-riders and their mounts, sickening and confusing them.

Another .ledl ship suddenly descends toward the battle site. Master Area USes his battle.medltatlon ability to dismiss th.e darkness, and the ttde of confrontation turns again in favor of the beast-riders. The city Ialls,

Area "is not pleased with his students. Headmonishes them for not inIormjng him the moment they learned of the presence of the darkside.

By instlnct alone, Master Area-leads the Jedl and Galla to !):reedOIi Nadd's tomb in the deepest sub-levels ofth palace. Area disrupts the darkness, breaklng its· held on Queen A1fIarioq:, who- dies asa result. Area then tells hl s students that Freedon Naddembraced the dark side and apprenticed himself to a Dark Lord of the Sith, Since there could never be more -than one Dark Lord, Nadd murdered his teacher and assumed the-title. Upon his death, his tomb became a focus ofdark sideenergy, which Galla'sancestors used llirow.gh thecerrturtes.

In a formal cerernony, the marriage of Oron Klra and Dalia is recognized by the Galactic Republic, and the world of Onderon becomes unified for the first time in centuries. Master Arca warns his Jedi students that Freedon Nadel still h-as followers in the dty. 'The struggle against the dark side-on Onderon has not yet came to an end.

Ulic wonders haw a great Jedi like Freedon Nadel could have fallen twm the light. Area says that is has happen ed m ore than once, and warns VI lc to pray that it

doesn't happen to him. .


'The Jedl Knight Andur Sunrider prepares to jotItney to the horne of .Jedi Master Then in the Stenness system with his wife Nomi, his daughter Vlrna, and a present Qt Adegan crystals. They board the Light Side EXplorer, head toward a jump beacon, and then leap into hyperspace.

The Explorer arrives at a Spaceport (man¥ s-paceports have been constructed around jump beacoes jH this erC;\!) just outside the Stenness system on the rim or the Gal~y. A small group or criminals. led by Bogga the Hutt discover that Amdur carries Adegan crystals. Bogga orders his minions to retrieve the precious stones.

During theambush. A:ndur is killed hy a. poisonous. lizard-like creature. His splrit tells. Nomi to take-up ~he llghtsaberand defend herself and their daughter. With two quickslashes, Nom] dispat -hes two of the Hutt's

lackeys .. The thtrdescapes, returning to his master.

And ur reappears as a translucent spirit. tellingNorn! to go to Master Than. fbr she is desuned to become a great Jedl. Quickly Nernl, Virna, and thedrold Threelree board the Explorer and leave the spaceport Nornl attunes herself to bhe Force,' c-oncentrating on Master Than's presence, which seems-to stand out ltkea beacon agal ns t the rest of the Galaxy.

The EJ:plore-rarti.Ves at aringed world in the Stenness system; arrd Sets clown. Threelreeremains behind with theshtpas Nomiand vtma bead on to fin.d Master Thon, The world i tself is bJ eak andd isma I, but there seems to be an undertone of hope.

Norni everrtuallyarrivesat the home of Master Thon.

She meetsastr ange fnml' {Oss Wtl u Ill) rldtn g a beast of burden (Master Then), Meanwhile, Bogga the Hutt has managed to IollowtheExplorer.and he orders his 11 en chmen to ri p the s hi p a part to find the Adegan crystals.

Nomi tells her ta,Jeto Oss.and wonderswhy the Force did not protect her husband. Oss warns thata Jedi may falter if hisattention is drawn away[rom hisattacker .. As Nom] Ilnlshes her story, commotion trorn outsidewarns them that-someone is -attacking Master Than's herd,

OssWllurn charges out to confront" the HuH and hts minions .. Unfortunately. he isdefeated, and Bogga ordel'S one of his lackeys to finish the Jedi. Suddenly, 05$'S bestial companion rushes out and quickly ends the

con frontatton by throwi ng off a force fiekl tha.t knockstheattack:ers back. The Hun and his mtntons leave, afraid .ot the power this creature commands.

Nomi learns that U1.is (',reat-uY-eis the "very-advanced J cdr' Master Thon, He wi! I tnsrruet her in the ways 'oJ the Force.

Months pass. and Npml has yet to hear award fr-om Master Thon, She begins t.o wonder why she has come. Her daughter Vlrna rushes off, chasing a small group of "neeks" (small, Hzard-lfke creatures) towarda nearby body 0.1 water: Lake Natth: Nornl follows" and aiiiv,eS,.a.t the lake -,a'pla'ce t-ajrited -by evil- and finds. tvv''0 darks-Ide cJeatures e:m~l'gl,ng tr-om ,the Wilter and heading tow:afGl Vtrna, Nt.HTI,j·,en:vl;sij'(UlS the two dragon-creatures attacking .eaeh other· rather than her daughter,and suddenly the-thought becomes.a reallty. _ ...

Noml wishes that herhusband we:r'e preserit'te.teach her 1: h e Jedi Vlay. She :remtofsces'abol!l:t!i-er life wit h blm, noting hts dec! lcatlon boW to his Iamtly and to his 'duty as ,3 Jedi Knight.

Master Then iswell aware ofthe pain Nomi has been struggUng with, and that is' why he haslefther to herself for these months. But he a1.50_ knows that she will be-come a great Jedt.and decides to begin her trainfng.

Meanwhile .. pil;-ates attack .an ore cargo ship in Hie Stenness system. The Hutt protection sold to the miners is inef!ectlve, and the pirates steal the preei(jus rnutonlum ore Mia quick strike.

Suddenly, a dreadnaught appears and

grapples thepirates' m~r'<~uder ships with a tractor beam. The plratesare tmmedtately taken to Bogge for. punishment.

Months latervon Ambria, Oss Wilurnco IT! pletes the repat rs on Thr-e:eDe,e. Nomi Inquires about Master Thon's decl-

sian to remain em such a

bleak world .. Oss replies that the masret

wanted to test himself ag:ainst the dark side energies that exist on the planet.

T ott Doneetaarrives on Am brla, requestinghelp. in the struggle against· the dar-k side on Onderon. Tott refers-to It as the Free-don Nadd Uprtslng. Oss leaves to help [n the confrontation. .

. The dreadnaught Enforcer One brings the pirates to' Bogga the Hutt's private moon. Boggaadmonishes his servant Gudh for not retrieving the Adegan crystals ftom the Jed! on Arnbria, TIJe pirates vyiD suffer Bogga's Wrath unless they tan perlorma service for the .Hutt,

Master Then wants Nornl to build her 'first lightsaher using the Adegan .crystats she broughtas it giJt.Nomj refuses.sayingthat she will never again touch a 1i.ghtsaber, the weapon with which she-struck out 'ill vengeance.

tyI as tel' Then. N Q 1'111. and Vim a set () fI for a, tow r 0 f Ambria,

Bogga: wants fi'inh,eaG"l Storrebone and his crew to kill Mastel' Thon and steal the arysta,ls, Flnhead reluctantly agrees after Bogga demonstrates what happens to those who refuse his wishes.

OiiAmbria Master Thon begins Nomi's training, startitlg with tlte Jedi's ability 0 sense the tension between the light and dark aides of the Force. Thall tells her that th . ltghtsaber helps a Jedi focus her thoughts on the Force. and asks her-once agaln tobuild a I1glnlsab I' from the Adegan crystals.

Nomi refuses. Thou produeesa.ledi Hotoeron glvento him by Master Area. the gatekeeper of the Holocron, Ood Briar .appears iF! a swirl of Force energy and offers his servi .es. TI'lOD asks to hear of the anclerit struggle between th Jedl and the dark slde. Ood tells of the IOllgfought war, and If the Jedl lost to the dark ways of til Force. He conflrms Then's bell r thai a great war b - tween the light and the dark willerupt d urhrg his lifetime, and concludes by. saying that Norni will play an irnportan t role i 11 the conflic t. .

Master Then offers Nomi his own llghtsaber: but she turns her bad. on hlrn. Then senses her thoughts, and tells her that she cannot return to her former lUe; if she fails to move forward shewl U fall into the darkness.

The pirates arrive at Ambria.Ieavlng their marauders in Jellv': orbit and shuttling to the surface in armored skiTfs. Nomi and Virna climb onto Than's back, and they :cl1arg pack toward his hut. Thon deflects UTe laser cannon blasts of the pirates Will' the for .e as he tries tc get Nomi to take up he Ughtsaber. Again', Nornl refuses. Thon then rushes toward the attackers ill an attempt 0 rorce Nomi to use her battle meditation to end the conflict. Nomi instead flees with her daughter, leaving Thon to confront the pirates on his own.

UPOIl seeing Master Thon surr rider to the pirates.

,N on 1 i uses h er battle met! itati.o n to-cause me attae kers to turn orrea 'iTl other in a struggle over ·the Adegan crystals, Amidst thec.Qhfu:SioA, Nomt frees M9$terTnon, and the two ,onfr· nt thevtllalrrs.who f'le:earter'sever:al of their number fall beneath 'the Jedt on laugl;lt.


On Ouderen, Galla-and Oren Klra lead iII funeral procession .fO.rQiJeen A11').anoa,and Fteed.OI'l Nadel. Master Area, nm Deneeta, bs.s Wi)um, aMG Cayand U1ic QeIDroma follcw as the Pf.oces~i0n h~~d,$ to the r~yal spaceport. Area has ordered the remains of the two dark side worshippers removed' from he planet to one 'of Onderon's four moons. The presence of the dark side seems to have taken tts toJl011 the Jedi, and they believe Nadd still has a Ebllowing among til.!!! populace, some af whom may be 51th magiciarcl's.

Sudd enly, ,a, masslve machine ruprs througlt tht" surface of the spaceport. Fonner members 01 the royal armed forces have allled themselves with toe Naddlsts. T'heir leader - \!V3r'ti N.ull - strides forward, clad 'in black armor and wieldlng a Hgbt.saber. DUl'ihg the COI1- fron~ati(m" Master Arcas.uf{ei·s an lnvlslble bloW Irorn the dark side. The afssid,ents, steal the sarcophagi of Queen Arnarroaand F('¢'doJil Nadd andescape in ~heir mining v bide, beading deep into the-sub-levels 01 the city".

Area realizes that they need h el p to cl efeatthe Naddis fs.

Galla mentions that herfather, Kil'lgOmmjo, kn wsrnere about the dark sid than her mother. The ktnghas been conlln ed fO,t years to alue-supporr faclllty.

As Mas te I' Area' begt ns to:~ peak wl ~ h KLng 0 l1JlJ1i]], the spirit of Freedon Nadd appears, saying· that the king called him back. from the chaos. Nadrl imparted his knowledge to the old man, who has been practJcing Sith magic ever since.

Suddenly, Ommln leaps up,

striking out at Master Area.' It appears that, although Ommirr must rely on a mechanical apparatus to support his physical form, his power in the Force remains. Area falls enveloped by dark side energy.

Warb Null appears and Ulic str lkes out against Omrnin's minions. ill the meantime, King Ommin steals Area's body arrd escapes. Fighting past a Wall of dark force, UUe manages to destroy Warb Null.

Galla and UUc return to the upper levels of the dty to find that the Naddists havetaken the palace. The Jedi decide that they cannot light thls darkness alone. They must call on the Jedi Knights and the forces ofthe Republic. A base of operations is set up in Modon Klra's forest stronghold.

On OSSl)S, the third planet fiJi the Adegan system, Master Thon and his apprentice Nomi Sunrider arrive to an ancient Jedl stronghold that Is now a thriving Jedl training center.

Then and Nom! visit Master Vodo-Btosk Baas, the great Jedi who will train Nomi In the ali otllghtsaber construetion.

Withln a week NOnii has built her Ilghtsaberusing the Adegan crystalsher husband had intended as gift f9T Master Than. She quickly advances in her skills.over the ens uing :weeks.

A Jedi assembly is called and it is announced that volunteers are needed to rescue Master Area Irom the forces of thedarksldeon the planet Onderen, The entire assembly volunteers, but only f:iye' are chosen: Daqe Dlath, Shoaneb Culu, Qrrrl Tee, Kith Kark, and Nom1

unrider. .

Meanwhile, in Republic City on the planet'Coruscant, the senators Eontinue to debate ave!' l:JUc's call lor assistance,

Satal Keto and htscousln Aleerna, heirs to the throne of the Bmpress-Tetasystem.enter the Galac~ic MuseLi!l1 on Coruscant, seeking th-e 5ith artifacts supposedly-preserved there. They- have formed (1 secret society of maglclans called the Krath, named for an evll magiciangod from the fables of th-eir wortd.Eventually, Satal and Aleerna find'the museum's "SlthHall" and steal oneof the Stili books.

Satal believes the book contatns rnagtcal formulas but he cannot-read the langu~ge in whj(:h they were written. After seetnga Galactic News Report about the dlspatchlng of a Republic Ileet to Onderon to help fight against the forces of Freedon Nadd, Aleema and Satal decide to journey to the planet in hopes of finding someone who can-translate the book for them.

Satal and Aleema exit hyperspace near Onderorrrtght in the middle of theRepubllc fleet. Satal plunges U1I:Qugh the fleet, heat;i:ing, to the planet,

The Republic's rocket-jumpers rain from the skies over lziz. The Kratt: Enchanter plunges into the atmosphere, straight into. the line offire, The ship is hit, its repulsors destroyed, and Satal fights to control the crash-landing. TheEnchanter smashes into the cobblestone streets of Izlz, but Aleema and Satal mall age to escape as its fuel tanks explode in 11 fiery- torrent

Meanwhile, Jedlcrutsers probe the wtlderness of Onderon, homing in on Ulic's ramo beacon. Using the Force as a war-shield, tile arriving Jedi charge toward the citadel where Ulicand his comrades aredetendlng against a Naddist Siege.

As the Jedi plow thr-ough the tanks of the Naddists Noml finds that an energy field is blocking her battle meditation ability. Dace confronts a Stth war drold, which radiates the dark side. Kith Kark is killed.

Cay.Ullc, Tott, 08S, and a ragtag group of beast-riders emerge from Modon'sstronghold, weak and haggard. Dace asks why they do not fight, and Ullc replies that the Sith magic has sapped thelr strength ever the past few. months. But as the two forces. 01 Jedi join, Ulic feels himself growing stronger.

The combined force of Jedl takes the upper hand in the battle, but Noml findsherselt under focused attack

from the same dark presence

that has sappedUIi c's strength.

Nerni crumples under i,l, }i)"oWerful Force-blow. Ul1:e helps Nerni, who had a vision of the person.who attacked her - an emaciated old man on a metal arrnature.

In the.meantime. Satal.and Aleema have been show~ng thel·r Sith book around Iziz, A man approaches them and says that his master can decipher the strange language. The Naddsst Ieaclsthe two arlstocratslntothe deep sub-levels 'Qf thectty.to see King Ornmin. Ornrnin gives Satal a 5ith amulet which concentrates the power of the dark side: When Satal dons the amulet, he can suddenly read the Slth book Ommin agrees togtveSatal tM amulet if Satal allows him to make a copyo! the Sith tome.

Omrnin.shows the twa> heirs hIs prized pessesslon-eMaster Area,. writhing under the-power ofthe dark side. Ommin '5 goal is to extinguish the Iight Irom Area and to

then raise him upas a dark Jedl, ..

The sevenapprerrtice .ledi sense Master Area's torment, andcharge past the-dark-side protectors 'and the Slth war drolds, descending into the depths of the undercity, Where they Corrie (ace to face With KlrigOmmiq.

Ommin throws a wave-a dark side hatred at the Jedi, battering them back. Ulic, bathed in the ltght.side, fights off the darkness and rushes forward, slashing with his liglitsaberat the metal armature that holds:Ommin erect. WIthbut support, Ornmin collapses.

- '!'pt;!;t/~""Y 17lWINeP .tHi<6A!/l...4Nf'I, IVrl'w A

i e._!!."1/U Y *#JM,t-p "'''P¥ljfV~ .

Satal.an~IAleelila retreat lnto the recesses of thesublevels as Ulicdemands to know what has happenedto Master Area. o rnml 0 tells them that Area.has gone tothe dark side, aswill they, In a deep. access corridor, the spirit of Freedon Nadel appears to Satal and Aleema, giving them the book, the amulet, and a paH'of'Sil1!l

swords, ..

'Nadel appears near the hOdy of Ommin, saying that, unlike the brave Jedl' arrayed before him, the old m.aFl belongs to the dark side. As" Omrnln passes into the. Force, Area is freed and Nadd's spirit fades', sayingthe .ledi have lost, though they do not yet know it.

With Ommil'l deao,· aridthe Naddlsts squelched. llie, Republic iostit'ut'es martial law and ql:lickly restores' order to Izlz. Meanwhile, Sataland Aleemaescape with their Sit h treasures.

Freedon Nadd'sand Queen Amanoa's sarG:ophC)Jtii1r~ finally brought to Oxun where they' are placed in a tomb constructedto withstand the ravages of time, UHcwon· ders aloud whatNadd meant when he said theJedl han lost. Recalling :words from millennia ago, Master Are~ replies that the ancient Sithpropheeies foretell.a tlni"e when the Dark Lords will return ...

Gte-etings once again, my youngJedl, I trust your trainil1-g goes well, else the Force would not be flowing through you so much more easily

now than it had in our previous meetings. -

I do sense a hirit of fru-stration, however. You must remember that becoming a true Jedi req ulres persis tence, patien C"{~, and mas t of all.hard work. It is yourduty.bothto yourself and to the Force. toovercome whatever dlfficulties the galaxy sets beforeyou, for the Jed! Knights are the bastion of peace and light

throughout theRepublic. We cannot afford to let our nurnbers dwindle.

So you must remain strong in your commitment. You must perservere, an:a you must alwaysernbrace the Ii g ht side. Do not believ@. tflat you can experimen] with the darkness and come away unscathed. The taint 01 the dark side will remain with you forev·eraJter .and the temptations to u se that evtl power will comeallthat more often and allthat more strongly.

Isay these things not to scare you, nor to

&. dissuade you fromcontlrnrlng your train-

lng. On the contrary; I wishonly to make

you stronger In the light by offering you the knowledge thatso many Jedi before you.spent their lives discovering; Remember; knowledge an d t be Force.wi II al ways be your shieldagalnst.the mini ons of thed ark si de.

Perhaps it would help if I told you of other Jedi, o'f their strugglesagainst the Sithand against the tem-ptations of the dark side ...


Since he was a child, Andur Sunrider dreamed of becomtng.a Jedi-l<llight. Two generations before him, his grandfather, Jev Sunrider, had served the Jedi as watchman.of the Darada systemen the edge oJ the Core Worlds. From him, Andur learned much about the Jedi Krughts.iofthetr history and lore,and especially of their war ,against the dark side,

Andur spent every waking moment studying the texts his grandfather gave him - plus a tew he acquired without consent - 'knowing in his 'heart 'that he w.as meant to join the' ranks of the brave warriors who dedicated their lives ro protecting the galaxy,

The d*y before Andur turned 12,. hts grandfa.th¢r left their f,~m.ily horne to confront a force 01 evil gro"Ving, in the nearby system of Kraylss Two. Months passed with no wordl.rom JevSunrider and his three .Iedl Mastercornpantons, and Andur sank into a deep depressian, fearing that he would never lay-eyes on hlsgrandfather again.

Ayear tater, as Andur was tending to the small garden hlsfatherhad sown just behind their 1.16me, the glowing, transluscent image of Jev Sunrider' suddentyap'pe'ated to him. Shocked, and more than a little afraid., Andur leaped backward, stumbling a- few steps and calling fp'r his father. But when the warm, familiar voice of his grandfj.tther told him to calm himself, he felt the fear slip away.

"It is up to you," his, grandfather said. "You will playa part in the coming war. But do not resist the role the Force wishes you to play, for things are notalways what-they seem. " Befbre-Aridufcould respond.the gltostlytorrn faded, leaving the boy to ponder the meanlng of his grandfather's strange words. The one thtng ,he knew f:0r sure-was

that .lev Sunrider had passed il"i to the Force, and would never return borne.

Sixcyears later, after increasi:gg his dedlcatton to the understanding of the Jedl Way, Andur reeeived an invitation from Jedl Master €hamma,- anold.aqualntance of Jev Sunrider - to jein'hlm on H'ratth as hts apprentiee, Andur and his wife Th!QrnitraveJed to H'riJ,tth aboard the L'ig{j.tside Expioret, briPging with them only a few

possesstons, lnclll,dlng the drroid.'Tj]reedee. .

Mas'~er Chamma Instructed his new student in the nature of the fQrce,' for he' believed that Andur had Ignored that aspect Of study. ThcMghAndur had already ieq,medc much about In e frairitng te~hniq ues, FOI'ce>cQD:centrarlon methods am.d the history of the Jedr, he lacked.a basle :W:b.derstandililg of thepower he Wished to tap ..

AndLli' work~d hard~() abseil:;) and comprehend all tJ;lat Master Charnrnataught, and succeeded mere q uJ.ckly thanhtsteacher had expected. Wi~hj_n'twoyearsJ shortly after the blr'thl of Andur:'s and ,Nam'i's t]:a~1.:I2hter Vima, Master Obamma decided flla1: be could ii:ls~tiuct the young Jedl no lenger. He gave j\JlldLlt several Adega.n erystals- thebest gems for:,c:OftStrue~i.lilg lightsabers-sto present as agift to his new NiJaster"Th0u, who-lived on

'th~ planet A:mbria in the Stenness system. -

Andur at first resisted lVlaster€hainma's declsion, sayioa:'thal he tiwugbf hehad learned enough and was now ready to join the Jedt Knights, Though the Y0u;t.rg stu.dent did not voice his trueairibitiops, Chamma kf.ie.w thatAodur held an llRQ):(ingoesessib:U Ior defeating the derkaesstha; had killed.his.~g;randfa,ther 0 n Krayiss TW0. And this ~:e1fish' desire eonIil::me{f Chamrna's belief 1IlUlt Arrdur needed [nQc~,t:t.alhjng.

On the evening neiGreAnttur was to leave, Masfer Charrrrnaealled him out to llhe Crag, .a'1 agged pinnacle of rock bVeJ:Ilo6king the. vast lush landscape ef H'ratth, As the two .stood silently wat<;:MJ:og the sun melt into the herlsen, Anql,lF hao a vlsiqJ;;t.

Hewas waJk:h:tg:fl1rough. agre~at ~xpan$e Qf shadow and was holding alolt.a globe of swfrling white energy to light the way. Nomi and Virna huddled 'at his side as he slowly ventured toward an unseen oesfiila:tion. All about the trio specks oj light flitted about ffl "the darkness, at 'tLTlJ.'eS 'creatlngintrieate patteiiID.S whosemeanmgeluded And ur's grasp. Suddenlyia lanee.'of shedow struck from out cif the surrounding qar\.Ple,5s, em:beddingitse1f In.Andur's chest and knockinghlrn to the mlst-enshrouded ground, One by one-the pinpoints. ofliglitaround them shrank and died, strengthentng the blackness. AndUi's own sphere-of illumination began tb .sputter, fFewmg more dim ·wl th eac;h flash. Hetelt hfmselfsJiPj:>iilg away" and strained to.lookup to see hfs Wife and clal,lgb.t~r. He saw the f~ i'p their faces .as th~iY clungto one ~IlQt!rer in the 1~_f:ltflg light of Andur' s sphere. He realized then that he was about to lea:veih@m behind alone to fight whatever evil had come uponthern all, He wished he could do 'something, anything, to strengthen them, to save them tram the darkness, but he lil-ad nothtng, except -

He raised hts _dying globe of llght toward Nomi, and told her to take it. She.hestltated at first, but then seized

it and held it aboveher head. At thatmoment tbe's@he;~ burnt. into brilliant ill ummatton, easttng back" the shadcwsand m:lghllghttng, NQm~ t:l:n9' VIrna in ,sbtro;mer-ing sllhouettes.

And then}.:ndUf'Wass~aJ'ing at the.horizon as tire sun

- crept into the 'sky. Master Chamma was nowhere in sight; The words ,6f;,AnMm:~s. graFldfa.tll:er··su.ddenly;re,turned to Him: '100 not.resrst ine role-tae Eiafte wtshes you to play, tor things are not alway~ What Ilfley s~eItI."

PlaCingJiis tr'U·s·t fQ,),l'yjD"th1t,Por:ce. h~.gathefed-'N0rni, Vin1a, TI'fre~(l'ee, artd his few p'~J~se{;.s lens, and'l'e4:H'ratth in the L;gtll,<;ide.Jtxp/erer. T"bey ~ivedin the Stenness system and docked at the spaceport for customs inspection. Sh91tiyafter arriving, th~l1gs servifi.g·!lagg.a theHutt killed A:fid or j n aI'Mi:'temjDt to steal hI's ~cileganr crystals.

Momenfslatel';Andur s sh1rx:unerolng"IJ1;).age app'~are~, beckontng Nom! .. to take u'jl) hjls .ttgbt~aber ~n~1 def~d hsrself aad t:ti~lt (ilalighter .. Nom:i T~lu'cta[)t1¥ fQ)Jowed

her: husband's plea. and clestrQyed her a1rta~kers. -

As.. A1Jdur's Image f~ed he told Noliti. to fake the crystals tQ AAl'biia, wber¢,JeaJ Master Then wonld.show herthe dlfed'i.l5nher l'ffewe)Ul'dno\~'(taKe. Af tEe,mOOO€!.nt Nomi agreed •. ADdl:.lr p'assea'ln~Q the .Force f0r~Ver.


'r,ype;JedJ:fi.pl'rr:m1ii~e oEX1I'EHIl'Y 4D

DO_iige,5!i>;t 1. ijgli~$:abei''6Q) melee c9mb:<it '100 .. 2, melee waril''4D .. ~l ,

ptilse-wave'w~ap0,l'IS·.5n: vebJcle Jb.l~sters :'lO~2 .


."!'lien~fl.e-cl~3D,rl~,bus(jle;;s 3D, qyltutes 3D+~,-p!antit"\!ry'systems ·3D~1


~tr_og~tJpii 3!il'f2:r,epl:l')sorIVt'ilp_I,!J"ati~n 20+2, spas:etranspor~:> 3D PERCEP.TIQN3D+ 1

P'~fSI,!aslon·3D. 21 !!~r<:l' 40

S'I'RW'I'Gl';H 2D-+;;2

Brawling :fD. swimming 3.D.-t!! TECHNICAL 3D

Alinar repaJr ·~i~;t2-. d'fO'ia repair ~:D~ 1, )iepuTsQ!Jlft l'I')p8h' 3D~~J Speeial Abilltl.es~

FerCe Skijls: C'!.nJrol2D. s~~se 1J?+"t, alter lD_+]' CGnttQl~ C.9nC!!r:rb'iI,tiQ!1._ eQ1P~rn.~!!~,{Jres,JlIt stu!,

.~tm.se,: Combat sense.' danger sense, fostiil>eI)ve, as tJ\ag!lfl'Qri ,. Ine 'd<ltel'!ctlo·u. iJ1agril~ s~se$'

t10nJnjl an?- e!Jsef h@msabe~ com,ba~, . CMlrol,(lnti Alter. Remove another's fa.tigJ;le 'ntis Character III Force-senl!ltlve~

fott:epi;fl)if:: 2 - . --.

Character Pulnts: 7 Move: to

Eq_u:rpni~nt; Lig.ht5i1Q.err'(sp), P,\llse-wa,-:~ bla;;ter (4D), Megl!1iI C~5- tals


J edt Masler Area J_¢tb ~kS t:e9.rned his legendary status as.an exper~ S:wo~ds'l1liin in ;the Hyabb-Twtth Carnpa!gns, a series ,of b~oody cP('l;frontations between the Jedi Knights and the Nelor:i Mar.auders ofDacn-at. The [;)a:ttles. all took place III the- Hwabb-l'with Co.rr:id0r,a .di's-putetl parsec on the splnwardarc of the Gore that had been em broiled in coriflicl since the titrth of the Re,Pllalic.

After a.suecesslen "(Df de'fe'atoJ); the Nelor! f\.lara1;Jders

fled their homewortd of Dachat' to take up residence in the Corrtdo», r.eal'izi'flg tharneither the Hyabb nor the TwJtll government~,o'uld risk the Qthe:r'swrath by-sendhi~_patrCiI shtps into;the d,jspute!<l territory, From sueha base.the M'arauclets,:<>:d'h1ld stti~e,(!n..lt against neighboring,sYsIems and then r~tC'eat'il1~Q the virtually em pty no man's land witho1.1l ie<P' of retribution, for no. other worlds ,wished tcanger the heavily armed Hyabb and Twilh b.y,vent'lJring"whtiteih:ey didn't belong."

Over the'years, theNeJ'orJ'grew more bold, attacking Repu bUc'ali'gned trad,'e $,hlpS'an.draiding Republic mein~ bef'wbr lds-deepsrand d~p"er ~n the Core. like '(i lance of bl<tl$~erfj._r~ s_treakip.g str:~ght 'for Coruscant, Each 'Conquestfueledthenext, eJ8P9Jl,di.ug the Marauders' sphere of control everIarther,

As the number of dead Repu blic ,efti zens con tinned to rl se, the Jedieelled ler an, ~metgency meeting at the J edi s,t,ro,ngf;ic;lldand,tttdnb1g een(er,0I].'OSS:Us, th e third planet ,ot:theAde,gan·S8'stem, Th~]:ie, theassembled Jed! Masters ,create,1!! and l,<.luqched .. ~ t?,skfqrce to intercept the' e,l1cr;0<!.chtugNi.arauders and destroy the murderous band of outlaws onee and for all,

Two dozen-Jedi warriors pur-sued several Netor,j ships 'iBto the Hyabb-T.wHh €'o.rridoT. and attacked the MWq:uder s .mala bsse on, (,fie pla.mel V00n. The .Jedl Ti1:<!"naged to obHterateOt 0'tt1etWis:e damagea m,ajarity of ttre:Ma.rauders' shtps belore reinforcements from nearby bases arrived and drevetbe Jedl back in a vit;:io,uS oounter-assault.Dnly flvElc)1 the,tw;eJ.ve.Jedi survivedthe encounter "but the bulko] theNelerl fleet was destroyed, reieg.atin,g furthe.rceM0lltatibns to ground-based

battles. ,

Less than twbdays later, ,3Q"m:0'p,e J edt KnIghts arrived to j'pi.n, their brethrep, for a,n all-out planet.;std,e·a'ttack. To gain theelement ofsurprise, the Jedi silen,tly sliced through the. world's atmo,~p:b~e in sleek, weaponless

. transports, each specjally rigged'vvith counter-sensor 61'Fays .and low-output power cempensators for maximum stealth. TIi. the Bear-dawn' of, a: brisk VoaR day, the Jedi warrtees droFipedo'l'llo'~the bread, stepped roof of the Nelori strongnQ:ld,wher~ the Mara:uaders had g:.1thered the remainder.o] their f:OI';c_e:s Irom throughout the Corridor.

Within moments the Jed! had 'iriflltrated the. strongh old andsearched the topmost levels _ to find n othing. No Marauders. Nciddthln:gbitts or half-eaten meala.No s,ign:s 'oJ me wtJatsQey,eJ', As the cool, blue-white glare of the Voon suo. pierced the slJtted wtndows. of the fortress, the Jedl.stared.at each.ether ,in wonderment. Where had the Nelorl ,g:onec? And 6QW could they have slipped offplanet through the constant s,~nspr sweep of the-two Jedi vessels that hap 'survived the first battle?

At that moment oneof the.Jedi, Area Jeth, had a sudden iD'sptrati'on, He reached eutwardwtth th~ i1or.ce, se-a.rch1n'g the lowest It-,;\iels~,of the s trengheld.for si.gns ofliJ'e,,'To hls dismay, heIeundnothtng, But he retained the stt:ong feeUng t,hat the Nelari had oat abandoned thesr fortress.and he probed deeper, pushing .past the VOQn

surface into: the empty subtereanean 'Pockets that Ii't-: tered the world'S- crust. And lre enceuntered ,.", .sorti:e,..thihg'- a ID.0IaSS of-JHe~angIM and .ifiter.hvi·tlea hi: a way ruGahad:nev.er seen, MJor,e.

F0110wrng hIS Fo't~esel)se; he ledrnis,JegJ. C'@Q').]llaffianS downward thz:qugh hollow manways q;od wide spiri;ll stalrcases, eYentuaily arrjving,at arougti-aewn, sloped pa.s" sagewaytbat descendedtntoderkness.Arca assigned tw@ Jed! to remain 0n fneij,t:'ound leveroN:hefb,rtress~hile the restventuredtnto-the subterranean levels.

'Phe EUlhh:el curved h:rto a spiral ]-00 mele(s ,down, ta,kilig the Jed..! Intathe deptlii.so:f. VOQP, Wtt:ert an bolJ:.f had passE}d W,it(l 'FlQ hin:t-ef th4jl N¢lC'lri •. sQn1e;,af ~hE} Jeqi warriors began te.qusstlan Aroa,'s" feeling - more to ve:rilyits source tharrtotnslnuate a lack.oteempetenoe on Area's part, afthoug,b mea 'felt a twfu,ge ·of self-con-

sciousness at the'1riquh;y", -

"I assureyou, I eansense-a,' tie said. "Jmd, at:HtaUy" I'm 'SlfrfilHse'd.1$I:at ;'y~:U can.ri0t:l." Wttln. that,. the8:CcJJSO:" ttons beg~n tocome s:e~minglY' wl~Qut eftOO't _ Sita,l:ements Qfbj,atfJe·th~t &>rce,eev>e.rypne jato PlllS:itiol1~Clf defense,

And then, In the midst ot the sudden ecntronrarten, the-Jedi ali: t:eB s)1enf,as',a tendl!lI of darkness slithered past theIr hearts, They, cltiickly tW'l!ied@t1twatd"scan,rung the 'i'i'0ckywaItsa;nd belling-' at the ca\!'eme",scnamber they hac:l'e)lte:reG'; sea:rchtrrg for wh~tey~t lorc;:,e had ju§t pas.se_d. t'l).ro~QglJ'them.

Aar;l'Witb~ Llt~\w;cpm:ingt: th~ walls Game alive, The x,lDek crumbledr jaIling in hu~echtmks and smashing on the' nom;, thl'crwing sIiv:ers,Qf stone.shrapnel in ever:yditeetien, ~F'oufJeru.-telllnirilediatel)t.;,th,e,testrscatteted,··takfItlg 'tlie:it Q0,:vro:ed "cg_,BljDanteDSQ,ut- of darlg:er. AH!3rUlb:ry s'¢co:nQstQf"c9niusiQu,

the' deafening' notse of the cave-in subsided =-and'the Nelori attacked in full 'foree.,

Tfu:e. Mal-_ r a u d e rs lashed out with ,every'

weapon they had to their possessten: lalastercarbines, pulse-wavertfles, Vi bro-knlves ,ele'C:tto-staves, even makeshitt swords and clubs. More than two hundred Nelon descended upon the.Jedi iirr the monstrous, debris-ridden-cavern.

Area Ieaped forward immediately to confront the onrushing-murderefs, disarmhIg,three'and ktlJing one in the Ilrst few se ends 0.fffie "furious, assault. His cornpanjail 5 were less 'than aJ):ea;ttb:eai beh; nd, Iorml ng a ring of defenders around thei:r'l~Uen,' friends.

'I'he b'ait~1';:! ~t:id not ~p well f01" the Jedi, Slowly their Inl.i~ bers dwiFdJ d - though they overcame five foes for every.ene 'of thelr own fallen companions. Area realized then that they had no hope for 'survival. And as that eventuality settled in hls mind he became aware of the Ferocity of hls attacks -sXii-methiIJ;g had caused him to abandon-hi's tralnl I'Ig. to shun the Por~e and rely on his 0Wll emetten,

Even as he-contlnued to counrer.hls enemies! attacks, he changed his fpell,s, if0~mit1g an Image-of victory in his mind and offering it to the Force. "klld. with a swift suddenness, the tide of the battle changed as the light side swept across the battlef:i,eld. strengthening the remainlng .Jedi .and w.,eakenir;]g, the Mara;tJ'ders.

'TIhe Jedl KnIghts 'Mere victorious, but theirsuccess was tempered by the loss. of !,lali 01 their force.

Oeer the ensuing weeks, the Jedi, led by Rr'Ga Jeth, chased down the remainder @f the Marauder forces - wh6 were scattered tllroughtlutthe{:orri dol" - destroying the Nelorbspherect'aontrol forever.

Decades later I ,Ar,ca tie'caIn e a Jed j Mas tel", S pee ializ[rig in the peweretJed; battle meditation. He set Up.8 tratntng ctQmpollnciL 'en the planet Arkania, a tundra warld once immersed in dark-side energy. At any, gwen time he had twenty Jediapprentlces in attendance all potential masters £)1 ii_ghtsaber combat a skill iru whrch Area himself l1acl'anatural affinity.

Area eventually beeam,e_theWatc hman of the Onderon system, and sent thnee of bis students - Ulic and Cay Qel-])~oma, and T9tt Deneeta - tp travel to Onderon and briM peace to' the war-ravaged world.


l1ype: .~e~ i :Mas,~ei; DE>i.'TT:JUTY 20+,,1

Bows 3D, dodge 6]], IIghts<lbel' 1'00. melee combat 7D·"2. rn!;':l e patry 7Q~ 1, [!iulse-waY:¢ Vi'aapon's 61}, vehlcle blasters 5D-2


Ali n speclesfJI), bureauczaey sb.r, cultures 7Ih2, languages '?q.:2, p1aJwtilrY syst;i;lil).~ l~Er.l., willpower so


'As,ttogat!on,BD+2, beast rll!llng5h+.1 j communications 51)+2, ground ve!1ioll} QperatleA'iill-t-l, {i:!p\.l:1SC,r:Uft op·ernUo[i'fiD+2,sensoTs 7D~2, space·trarlspm:ts SID, s~a~5I1ip gunne;ory8Dt I, starshtp sllielGls 60 PERCEPTION 30't2

't91Tl~amJ .&])";2. r~estlg~r(m6D, p~rsua$ion 60+ I, search 5D, sneak,60+l


StamilJa 50

ft~CHNIGAL. 20+2

,Flrs,ta!d 4m'Qr'se.(:urilY SD.]

Special Abiliflll5:

Force Skills,"'Co/lt'f'o/120+1, -sense 14/;)+2, (,lIter 1:4.0

C(Jlllrolt i:\h~9rqtclls~iJi:l'lte enllrlW, liGt:el rate he~ling" concentuas non.vcontrol patn. mpftness, fQrce ot will, hlo, I'1'ta't:ion: tran e, redHde'inJurY', remnln consoleus, resist stun

SWls<;,:,Beast 1<l,liJ,luHiges, (!<l\1 tbilt $'en:~e', danger:s,etis-e, 111 ' ~Jele~tiGn. llfe sense, receptive.tel pathy;'!;ens $9(, 'e,s W~e'F6Jce [;I!lIe.nlj.tf1 Allel:' InjlJre/kill, telekinesis

CQn('fr!J/ ahd Si'Os~; Farseed ng, I il~h rsabet cohll;1al, "r(~JetliVe telepalhy

CMli'o/; 8ensiJ, lind A'lrer;.-Affed mrrrd, battle me~liti.\.tlon. cOl'll.tllJ n lnd, el)h~'n,"-I;ld cllOrclfnatian. Fe,Tlle harmony

Sense, and ,.w'er\' Lesser 1i'@r.c;e$b.ieltJl

'fhi!, Cb.al"'d~rt$ FQtciWI~~ili"e

ForcePolnls:'37 -.

Dark Side Points: 1 Cha:ra:der: Points: '52 Move~ '1()

Equlpment: Lightsaher (50) .. Jed] holocrcn


Cay Qel-Dl'Qma a.nd hj$ eld r brother UJi' grew tip 00 ,Alder aan~L;I [ijd~:r ~1tes h~t1low 01 ttrJ~fr Jed i ill oth er,,;a striot parent and teacher-who iMs'tructed her clilldren well fh all matters 9r ttre universe - except the Force. Sue bell svedthat.sheeeuld not rnatntainthe pl\'6per drstance required between student and master wLiel'l it came t~ her sofis. Thol:Jgb shessensed-great potential in tb'~\twtJ of'fhem.she .rel~5ed~o I~egin thetr tr?ll:l1img too ~~rly. 'Or1:ly, w,1'i® tl're.Y' aad reached. the' proper aJ!~'9i9 she agree to Seh<1Ltlilemcto I\?a§~er Area .I~th, .a skilled Jedi te;lehe-r-wJ:1,Q main'tainEld atralnlng com pound on Arkania,

Cay ham always had' a meehanical mind/'as 11:15 mother called it. He.would busy himself for haur~ conS trocling d raids, retDaiJ~ings peed ers, and ,Wlltch'i ng tr;;ltlSports arrtve-toaad disembark from Alderaan's Jl~avily tra1fi«kecl'SI)aCelj~Fts, UI1'lII,~e. his brother hernalntained aposit<ive,attttud-e,at·all tlmgs a;)ways seeking the best 'in Mysihration., a Ii1d dern g everyrh'i Jl g in his power to resEtt anytm!iqg that bad g<ilpe<wrong_

When their mother sent the.two boy's to Arkania, she worried' that one son might outshine th other a'nd create a;'cieep-rlv'aJ:ry between brothers ""~:f:I had aJw~Y$ beld 'great,lo'le J~r one another. She voiced her i~ar to Cay, Wh0', dtsrntssed slilrn a ·Wlleposterous propesitlon wtth a laugh, He kneu» nothing' could sever the: elese relatlensbtp he arrd his brother shared,

Ca.-y's fascination with mechanics di.o not subsi'cJ,e' once his Jedl training began. He constantl): assisv:4 Mas terArca ar0ill'ldlrhe compound, r.el~aiNI;l g'.g,lt)Wlam(!ls" personal speeders, and mast often, training droids. He never had lack of a prQj'¢ct to tackle, especially with Ulrc's sklll agalnst.dnclds in llghtsaber combat.

As their [edr.tralnlng continued, Cay.sensed .a sl~ght' change i~ hls brether's antttude - an overconllderrce, at frustration with the slow pa e of Master Area's iFtstn.l.,qtlon. At first Gay dismissed the tUYIl Ultc's moo€! mad taken. attrfbuttnglt to hIs brother's naturzl ability tn the Force and hi's, strong IiIwrl'g~r to learn more, But as time passed, f;) to,Qk th. 'prQhll~m more ssrlously and began commenting QIil his brother's ebsesslori, masking hls true feelings in humor.

After several years under Master Area's tutelage, Cay, UHc, and Tott Donee:taj ourneyed to Onderon to quell the ecMl war that had been rB:_gingior 35-decades. There-they en.col!nte~ed the Ga'f:k sid'efor the first time - a controntatlon that would leave none otthe Jedi apprentices unchanged.


l)!p;t!: Jedi Kill gt) t ,O~3.Q

Bril:wjlllgp~ to,. 6 Qqge;5D: llghtsa,ber 4D","1, pu lse-waveweapons 4Dt 1, vefiiclebl:astf!rs :m~2


Surv_jvaI3[)~2 -


AstrQg;ltlon $Dtt beru;t I"lJ;liJil& 4])+2: repuJso~1I1t opeDi:tion' 4D~J, sensors Sb


Con 30, h(d 2Ih2, snea,1c 2D+2 STRENGTB SO 'CUmb~!V'lull1l?ing 3Dt_2 TECHNICAL 3D

Uloid prcgraramlng 31542, mold repair 4D+-2, flrst aId 3D+1" pulse~a:v~ wea:pons:repair30+2! h!R III s:O); II 11 repair 4D, SIlaGe tni:risj)otl{i I'I;lpJiil: 4]) 11 st~.!',shl-P w-~apan r.epalr 30,+2

Special Ablllties:

{,,,,ree Skills_: Cqn,rio},?D, sens¢ lV+2".aifer-/D

O!m/roil; C611centratron .. C()fikOl pain, e!llPtines.s,r-e:mam. cQflS:cleu-s $ense. Cembat sense, danger sense, life-detection

flon1t:Qfand S.q(l!;e~ Ligli lCst..ber £oITjbat

Comrol a.nd,A({el:' Contrcl bteat.hmg

Th:iB character is Force-sensitive

Force Points: 2

Charactel' Points: 8

Move: 10

Eq).dp~ell.t~ DtOi.d re.p::w~t, l!gh~t!>iI,lX:r (5D)


Qver, the millenrrla many-Iedt havefallen, etther to the dark srdeor to t}felr 0Win fears,losJn"g themselves in corruption. or paralyzing susplelon. Only a few of these last Jeotever'returned to tl'ilellght.

Four: hundred years before the Freedon Nadd Up'risitl_g, a young, eager Jedi Flamed ,Chamm;;t urrdertoek his fi!st'misS'ion as a fuiJ-Oepg~dm_ember0f trre JedjKrirgh ts, He and two companiens journeyed to L:oro Babis, an unrnhablted biliary-star system consisting of three planets; A dtstress beacon trciri1~a trade ship aligned with the Republic h ad emitted an emergency :message asking for assistance on Athlss, the S'e-CQ,'tl-d plaAet oUhe LOf0 Babis system, and the Jedi h alli· accepted the' charge of pro'V') cIlng-help to the endangered vessel.

_ Ohamma and his' task Iorce arrived in-system to find no ship, just a scattering 0f ionized debris orbiting the planet in an amorphous cloud. Scanners detected signs of life on the world below. and the Jedi decided to touch down on the surface and Investigate,

Under thestar-spangled.deep-viclet efanAthtssnrght, Chamma set down the Bastion in an open fieidof ,gt€1~O rough-grass, The- three Jed] emerged from 'th~ ship and used the Force to locate the life-forms they had detected from orbi t. At the edge.of thidl eld stood aforest of broad dectduous t-rees, and they all concurred that the sensa-

tl on S of I lfe.emabated fi1t~)JtJ'somewhetewithin'tha'f woedi

As they p-rogressed t'bTb"!g'h the forest; the me SlgflS they were pu~sl:ljog suddenly spIlt LErtQ three dlstlMt entities, each- ffi.@ving @{f, in, a CI{tf:er~nl dll"ectiQlTb Me_r.'.\ brief dtseusston, the Jr;:di deolded to each follow one of the life-forms.

Just short of an hour later, Chamma found hims-elf deep In the woocl',surr0:11nded lily thick vegetarian-and stagnant, satunlI£l·d, a4t. As,h'e begal'l' to wend,er w!'ietlier he should head ba¢k - stnce hEi'l.e1~ be W,as g,et:t,ing ue cI(!)'s~r to' his q>l!!'arry - he- s,l,l',p'Pedlxi' m uC1!; a:i):cl bately' sav:e¢htmself fr.oJJ,w-spllawliFlgh~adl'or,t:g into a dJar;1t pend. S1)ltteterstormud hit the water's pladdsurb~.ce,seoding,

ooncentrtc rtpples of" dlsonance in all dlrectlons. .

A'nd then ,eli-anima's Internal -alarrns panged wildly, warning.hUn of.a.denger his ather senses 'codICil nat yet detect. ffesJ)_l'lil amWJi,d arrdlgI1ited lus Jiglltsaber; bJ;i~tngthe brilltant Vielet blill'de into Cl"def Aslvep.osltio-rnl,itt (milt ot him just as its atta,(!ki'IJS enunterpart swugg downward, The beams of light~QWdedjnaJoud·craeJJehiss, l1etth~r.ylelding.bo the strength Of theother.

Chamma sq utnted against the harsh glare ·GJlile. frenzted eAergy emanating from the blades' C(l):n'tact po1nt. He s~l1ained to"se:e past me pre-ssLmg 1igbtsd'ber"but tli;e' dark of, the nigJrl't s~ sh'r.Ii)\1decl his ·enemy. E-ven the meager illumllilatilJH s:.bed hlyth'e U_gptsabers seemed tp eerej!)elledfr01'J.llliiss hadowed stalker, leavjnglChamm~ with DO conceptlenof the being's nature.other than his - lmpressive'statureand'strength. Wtth tJle'iriitia-1 s110(~'kG,f rile sudden attack now Sll~5id;ing, Gbru11f1~J.alfegail'led en~ughof1iis"corhl!>Dsi:lte te turn to thecfOtce. But as h:e focused QR l;ris e~em~', p backlasli) ofdarkn,ess sweptever hlm, kxl(;)tktng Iii-Will IJ<i..C ,trw ard,

The sharp ~U3JIa:sh of water sU(:Jed througll the ihlcl< humidity as Chall'lIIgll~d~d' in theshallew edge of the pond, suddenly bereft of thee Wind in tus lungs. As he struggled for air, a shaeo.wy.'form - vis 1 IDle only because it was twice as black .as the sl!lrro.undhlg dCiI;lmess - appeared at.hts ;teet. W!,spy:tendrUs or W'1~atever sJiac;l.owrnatt~r tIi1e qe<Jtufe was eomposed of danced 'a$ i:~ pps,. sessed, makingChafJIma wonder whether the helngwas

corporeal at all, ..

The spawn of the da1'k side - because i t.could nat iJe c.alled anytl'imge.Jse - towered over Chamrne -fin me briefest ofmoments,;a1tht>ug,Mo ef.l-a:mmaU seertredlike an-expanse olti(Il¢ Langer tlla.n Jills entire IHe. 8uddelUy" the - thing - taise.d 'tts orange-whfte l1ghtsaber- with hv:o l::t.{lnd's anCl hel<tcit a.bo,veoand to: the right of its bead.

Still lying in the muck, maid for his Ufe, Chamma shaklly broug~lt I~is Ii~ht.saber up. He was confused. Wtly had the Force-not prerected him? Did it pickand choose its allies and then-turn orrthem in thelrmoment of need? Was that the true natureof tills energy held 10 Whitt. tile Jedl MaS ters had ef(ered up their lives? His anger swelled, attempting to replace his fear.

Witb'bls adversary's bladeswooping dowu uponhirn, the answers-te-these questions did not matter. n he was going to save himsell, he had to db It on hls own - without the Force,

-Summonmg.all his energy, Chq_m.m,a rolled sldeways, splashing waterand ffl.ttcbwetywher,e. The creature's bl ade struck the pond where Cha.r:qma had beensending up a spray of steam that dissipated slowly Into the alr~acly saturated air, ehamma leaped to his feet and slashed at his enemy in a wid-e arc, focuslnghls-gathered

ene:r,gy; on the attack., -

His adversary'Qouutere€LeasilY. as if hehadancitipated fh€ strike moments ,bef0re. Chamma felt his grasp on hope sta!rHe slJp.~js da'l'~sfdebelngheJd more power than Chamma'eollid even conceive of, and it was well aY"O).!e of thas faet. If the Forcehad not Betrayed him, Chamma thought as he readied his lightsaber for another attack, he would have-at-least have-had a ehance, M'e had spent so much of hts lifetrylngtoundetst_3md the Jedi W:ay, trying te become oaewlth the Farce, to considerJt,hlsa11~. Anc!l a~~r all that after-all the trtals.he had overcame '.,.

The ereamre.retumed hts blade to a ready positiennetther deJeElsi¥~ nOT offensive - as if taunttng'Chamma, telling him without words' that the young Jedl's efforts would prove (iwitieSs.

At thet momeat Chamrna telt his'e)1mre body tighten and release, feJGing adreI',l;alme'iflto his limbs, augmentiri.gtbe-"n with a strengtb A~eUG not know he possessed. Witlti'~\guttl)Ya]''grQ,wl of esG-aglng rage, Chamma rushed f.qrward.a full step and swung !his llghtsaber hOltzontally teward the 16':(t side of his enemy'storso. As belore.,'f,fue €reature moved to a£i:(,leetthe blow "filiIt this time Chamrna turned off his ligbtsaoe'r, and the- creature's own blade swept by WIth .;1,- watpe,dll,uIfl.

Cllamnrar·ejgnited his'HghtS'aber with the hllt.no more than a half-meter from the dark side creature s chest. The lance of violet light extended forward' with Its telltale thrum-of energy, piercing the s-hadQw~thi'ng;s black heart,

The ereaturewatled, a horrible, gr-atil1g cry that echoed t.};uGugh the forest. AAd tl)',en-

It W;;lS gone. AU tha:t remained to convince Ohamma it had existedat all was the dormant hilt of ttsItghtsaber

lying on the muddy' shore. -

Chamma did oat return with'hls Jedi.companieas. He believed the Foree had fcilleti him, had turned him aW,ay in hls first true test. Something els.e- !;Jjs own.rage, he deeided -had sfl;ved him, Dldltnot-makesense to.ally WRh that Which would come to your aid when you

called? .

Slowly, 'over a hundred years, €harnma turned his thoughtsccompletely inward, expecting nothlng 'from and offering nothing to anything outside, of himself, He maintained a resrdence on the barren World of H'ratth, and never ventured farther' than the nearest space station.

Orremcmtng, Chammaawoke to ftndastranger standing in the middle of the Ij,ving, area of his squat adobe

residence. '

"l have come to return you-to the Jlght," the unexpected near-human said. His eyes were pooLs of ciowdy

white, pupil-l€Ss\'aNcil he seeme_€1 to stareoH-asj,f'be'co\ild not see.

Charnma gatfler;,ed his robes arcund him ijghting the dull of the motnlrig alt, aFd raaneuvered toward toe table whe)::e his llghtsaber lay.

"You de not need that, Chamma; we ha:'J£110 dispute, You need.enly listen, and then I will t-ake my leave."

Chamma SGOGp-eo the 1igb:fsaber from the table, saying, "Do not ten me what i .de OJ do not nee9",~tranger. Now leave l1efol'e j aID10Jr~~.d ~Q remove YOl.!1 ,I'

The_fit!,;;ill ger - a M1r ~L1"l.lf-a)j,Jedi - OBeyed Chamma's wishes. Bu:!: ile:l'eturned _th~ next day, and the day after, and tifeda;y-after that, ootiiChamma gaive ioand hllowea bJ.m to speak.

The Jedl - who gave his name as Noah Hw.l1s·- tOld a story, of a young j,edl Knight who ha_den9qprttered a Sith devotee,a,f.all(m'JediwRo hal!! mastered the ways 9£ the Siilliand the dark,siQJ!. This Sith creature, a:lQQgwl'fu tWofijtlfe;rs wlla -ha(ii, escaped cluriug:·th~ fall ofthe Srth ErMPir:e, lured tl,re,t)edi ~.~ '~€lllOte world, h-eping, tci begin a pew sect of 81th Ianatfcs. The-three J.edi Knlghts W:t:;te young ana eager, but'jhey lackeGl tb.,_e ·exj:!eti,el7le.e necessary to surssve an eaceunter WIth su(!i1lbeiQ'gs.

- Delving into. his cetiw.r:y:tOld, ~LI,pl"essed memerles, Clha,r:ilrtiare'aJiZe(:l 'then, that Hulls spo_R!e of him and his Jedi (;ompa'(,)iQtls,- aliiil the,:e:veQ;t~ 0'f the night on Hiratt'h a hurtdte'~ ye~~,ag,~ that he Jqnged - had tried all hlsUfe -to forget.

Noab Hulls continued his tale, rmle'8iili seijata~ed I!lire trio and assaulted each with waves of dark:~sitle energy momentarlly E1fs.canFJ:ectl'ng rfuel'I:l' from tlit-e FOto/f:l, atlewing, fear" anger, and hqtJ;eg tQ evercome them. Miraculously, theyounges,t ofthetJ;u:~ J~d[ defeated one of tHe Sith, bei)'lgs", and the, two other dark slders fledl, fearing ~hat the,se.guwcli.an~ of the lU{ht were mc.lt'e p0wer~1 th:aJi). they-had.expected.

When 'Chamma realized that- tlJ"e Ferae had not betrayed him, ttratthe power of th¢darkside~~f'i1is'own feats and. hatr¢d_ - 'had eut trim off (.Tom the llght, h-e broke iato tears, It was he-who had done-the betl'a'ying. It 'IN;:;i.s he whe hatictballlQ one~' the F oree.

Event\laUy, Chamrna retUrned to tile Jeditra,in_ing, center en Ossus, and !>'fildl'eCi the Jedl,W~y tor ,s!!-Y~l:al more decades. He'became aJecili Masterand reloeatedto H'r.itih. where be could be r.e,tIlj'fltl'ep-of his own faUirigs while tra~fliF:lgy.ouug_JecU apprentices alild-tea,ching them of the tl'Iaistl1ey would have to overcome. On~ of his, .students-was Andl,u":Sunridf;r, whom he eventually sent to Master -Thon 'fer ·~llf.ther instiuctlorn.


l'tpe: ~.e~1 M";):Ster DElIT£.Rt'Ji' 2D+2

Dodge- 60.;-2, lightsa:ber 90 .... 2-, pulse-wave weapons: SQ. rum:di!1f .jD+-1'

KN0WL,ED(J'E 81;)+ I

Altenspecles 7D, bureaucracy 8_0·".." C~lltur,e~_ 50, l''lng,~ages 4~'2. ~1~Mt~rysyslems 50. -..l"wJl!pewer 6D


AstrogartonSD\ ~'l'~und vehicle Op.era:tioi) 4D. J. repulsonllh opeta-

tlon 4D+-f:, sta·rfigl,Tter pi]otlng~[jD. sl,arslJip_sunne/,y '10+:1., starship shields 5D.+2


Comm~nd .5IJ'-2. lnvesttgatton. 5Dt-l. persu-asion GD" search ,'50 S'I:RENGTH 20+-2

Brawling 50, stamina 5D',,2 TECHNICAL 3D+ I

Computer programrnlrtg/repafr :m-l, itTS_! aid ()D+2.,slarfighler 'l'epaJr 6D.starship,weapon repair 5D,,2

Spec! al AI> ill tles:

Force Skflls: Control ,ro. senile 10D, alter i!lD

Controt. Absorb/disstpataenergy, concentration, oontrol pain, emptiness, hibem'aUOll trance, rage, reduce injury. remain conSciOLlS, resist stun

Sense; Combat sense, dil,nger sense, Hle detectlon.Ilfe sense, sense Force, weather sense

Alte~.- JnjL1re/k111

C()rlli'til and Sen.~e: Fars:eei'ng, llghtsaher combat Contro! ami Aller:Teed on clark stde, tnlllct pain Control, Sense, and Alter. AHect mind. telekinetic ki.tl:

Sense (Jrl'(/ Al/(!I;' Dim ether's senses, lesser Force shield This character ~, Force-sensltlve

FOl'Ce Points: 24

Dark Side Points:

Character Points: 28 .Move: 10

Equipment: Llghtsaber (50)


TIle son of Jed] Master Sidrona Diafh of T'atooine, Dace spent his entire me under the tutelage of his Iather, Only recently did he come to Ossus to begin training under Master VOd().

The secluston of his remote

homeworld allowed Dace to concentrate on understanding- th Force and allowing it to How through him unhindered. Hestudied hard,but learned only at a slow rate, often prompting him to wonder whether he should continue his training, not

because he abhored the level of discipline he had to maintain, but because he didn't want to dlsappolnt his farber by [ailing. If he did not try, he reasoned, then he could not rail

Usually, his father noticed these times of doubt .iI11d did all he could to renew Dace's faith in.hlrnselfand ln the Force, Though Sidrona had not had.such a difficult time mastering the Jedt Way, he had discovered over the years that those Jedi who had worked hardest to attain their connection to, the Force often became the most proficient teachers, 1'01' they eould better understand the trialsthelr students had to overcome, By reminding Dace of that discovery;' idrona could convinc his son that he-was not alone ill hls dlfflculty, and that he might one day assume the of a Jedi Master.

After one particularly trying day of training in the oppressive heat of the Jundland Wastes Dace lost all, hope in his abillty. He went to his father Ior consolation, but this time Sidrona would not offer words of comfort, saying that Date would have to rely on Introspection to

discover his destiny rather-than on outside Intervention.

Surprised and somewhat upset at his father's advice, Dace wandered Dut into the waning ngru 0.'( dusk, focusing- his thoughts on his dlfflculty. The hours slipped by unnoticed as he worked through the confusion arid inner conflict that had . finally overtaken his mind, until he found himself em theedge of the DU0eSe.a., half-frozen in the pre-dawn darkness.

As he slid his gaze across the sandy, moonlit landscape, visual and vocal rernemberances.cycled up from the depths of his mind as if his hours-long probe Of himselfhad shaken them loose. One mernory lr; particuJar stood out above the rest, calling Dac 's complete attentlon. whilev-isitingOs~us as a child, he had bad the oppcrtunlty to. inspect a Jedl Holocron, the gatekeeper of the hoJocron had appeared in a swirl of transluscent mist to standbefore him, Daceclearly recalled the-words thegatekeeper had spoken so. long ago:

"A Jedt who. tries with all of his being ll~eVer tails. It ts the Jedl who. giv:es up that fails - faiJs not onlyJ~iInseJf,. but the Force as Well."

Dace s tood.aloneln the Erigid night wtndstna t scoured the Wastes, reciting the gatekeeper's words over and over. He realized then thathis own thoughts Jiadcaused him all hls difficulty, If he could just practice. train, arid learn wi thout these riegat1ve:teeUn.gs about his progress, he would not be hampel!,eQ-, and 'eventually he would succeed. And I~.e rlow understood why his father had declined to help hinl through this dark time, Sidrona knew that Dace wouJd opt accept such.a philosophy if it came from someone else, Dace had to discover Iiis own path for himself, and'must believe in it without question. Otherwise, be would never quell his-sell-doubt.

Afte't two more years u nder h is, fat her s tutelage, Dace felt he was ready to 'travel to Ossus to continue his stud les at.the Jedl tralnlng center. 'There be became the' student at MasterVodo-Slosk Baas andeventually, along wi th J edi apprentices N orni Su n rid er, Shoaneb Culu, and Qrrl Toq, took part in a mission to overcome the dark forces that-had festered over the centuries onthe planet Onderon.


Type: Jedt Knight DEXTERITY 20+2

Dodge 3D+ 1, llrearms 3D, llgh tsaber 4D~ 1, pulse-waveweapons 30' +' 2


Allen species 3D+2" pl':l.netary ~ystel'11s 3D~2. survival: desert 40'+ 1 MECRANlCAL,30+1

Beast riding 4D, repulsorlitt operation 3D+2,swoop'0peratJOfl 4D PERCEPTION 3D+2

l3argain,4m l', con 4D .. 2, gam bling 4.0+ I., search 4D STRENGTH 30+1

'B.Hlwlil1g 3D+2


Ofoid programming2D~ I, drold repair 3D, pulse-wave weapons repair 2D+2.

Spectal Abililies: ,. Force Skills; Control 2D+1. sense 2D, otter If) 2 Conlml: Concentratlon, control pain.empttness

S!:!'I$""Dan~er sense. Ilf~ detection, sense Force Control and Sense: Farseetng, lightsaber combat TW!I character .Is Force-sensitive

Force Potnts: :l

Character Points: Ji

Move; 'I U

Equipment; Pulse-wave blast r (4D), lightliJber (5D)


Kith Kark never liked technology Even though some

GataJ had become accustomed to constant electrornagneti ernisstcns. Kith's acute sensitivity to such radiation prevented him from getting within a dozen meters of'electronlc

devices, especially droids and computers, His family was forced to move into the wilderness or Antar 4 to avoid the technology that eontinually interfered with Kith's sense cones,

In the remote wilds, Kith learned to rid the half-dozen beasts that were used for short-distance transportation millennia ago. Whenever he was forced to travel to one of the Gotal cities on Antar dor to another system entirely, Kith climbed aboard his small VatdQ-class starshlp, a vessel abandoned long before for newer technology, and prograrnmed every jump by hand- ne-took everyopportunlty to eliminate the need (or xrmputers or droids, even if i meant an increase in the danger level of his journeys,

On one sightseeing excW'sjon~ a quick jaunt to the Truuine system =-Klth suddenly realized that he had no vocation in life. He spent the majority of his time caring for the animals his family bred for sustenance, but otherwise he felt he had no ldentlry, Something was missing from his life. It was as 'if he had not yet even steppedon to the pat h th at wou ld lead him toh ls dest i ny..

On Truulne, the single planet in the system, Kith encountered a group of Jedt apprentices who had [ust arrived. Theysaid that theyhadr orne toTruuineto learn from one of the greatest Jedl rnstructors, Master M'roon Jassa, who had maintained a small training compound here ~Q'r several decades. Klth lrnmedlately sensed the would-be Jedi's anticlpatlen, but recoglzed that beneath that surface layer was an underlying calm, a peace-bond between the .Jedi and the universe unlike anything Kith had ever witnessed. Something inside him; a part ol his being he bad never explored, welled up, whispering that these Jedi held the key to Kith's own destiny.

Kith decided to accompany the Jedl to Master Jassa 's

ompound neal' Truulne's northern pole. Upon arriving. theJedl were- welcomed by Master Jassa, but Kith received no.salutatlon. Shocked andslightlyoffended, Kith presented himself and boldly stated thai he wanted to become a Jedi. But Master Jassa ontinued to ignor him. occupying hlrnsett tnstead with. his new appren-tices.

Now moret h ana 1 Ittle annoyed, Kith .dernanded Master Jassa's attention declaring again that he wanted to become a Jedi, Master Jassa turned slowly to regard Kith, and said, "By your own actions, you have proven that you are not ready to commune with the Force. Now I suggestyou leave, Perhaps thenext time you rerum you will be ready to make a comrnlttrnent," .

Kith, cam away feeling angry and dejected, unsure of what Jassa meant, and equally: unsure of what his next step should be. He knew he would become a .led!; he was ready to become a Jed], Haw dare Master Jassa refuse

him? Who did L1e think he was. -

Kith return d to Antar 4 and spent every spare rnoment leannlng of the .leeli from any source he could get his hands on from ancient historical texts to.questienab l~ d ocuments supposed I y detail i ng the mean i'i'lg otthe Jedi Way. When 'he hadexhausted every possible avenue 01 knowledge, he' returned to Truuine, confident that Master Jassa would admit him to the Jedl training compound immediately.

But when he arrived, Master Jassa treated him exactly as he had done during their first encounter. Kith saw-the apprentices he had met a year before practicing wtth Hghtsabers, cycling through several series of preordained movements. He should be out there with them. Why did Master Jassa abhor him so much that he would prevent Kith trom fulfilling his destiny'? For the second time, Kith left Truuine filled with anger.

After a few rrronths.Kith came to the conclusion that he must have missed something In his studtes.He spent the next year going Over every bit of inlormatlon he had accumulated, searching for that one line ae had missed that would alJow him to ttnafly become a Jedl, But wihen he was done lie had found nothing he, had not. known before. Despair replaced his 'anger and ambition, and he Sank into depression, for he was forbidden the sitrgte thing that would make him happy.

As the months passed, he began to wonder why he had become obsessed with beinga Jedi tnthe first place, To [eel the calmness the apprentices seemed to possess? Yes" tha-t seemed at least partially correct. But what made his destre different from the students whom Master .Jassa had accepted without hesitation? The answer to that question was the key, he knew it.

Again he reviewed all the material he had gathered, this time combining it with Master Jassa's refusals ami the apprentices' attitude. And then (lt1e day, everything slipped into place. He understood.

1-1 carefully packed some of his belongings in his starshlp, programmed the jump coordinates with due care, an d tr av~J eel to Tru uine, U (~O~ land ingJle set ouLIo:r Master Jassa s compound. arriving there just beforo sunset.

"Master," Kith said, "1 ar\~ here,"

Master Jassa surveyed the Goral and said, 1'1 see that you are. Why have you come"?"

"I have come because the Force has called me and 1 wish only to serve n.'

Master Jassa h.e::idd'.ed, '+Woljld itple'aseyo'u to become a Jed'] Knlght?l'

":Itdoesl'lot'nl'alter what R!.~<;lSe:sme,·lwil1.sLlr·renqet myse1tto thlf!Far~f!o ~d allQw it t9 d'e,cide my destiny."

Again Ma,:,~tel J¥sa nopded .. "Youranswers suggest that you hall;l,e come't6 u ndenstand what it means to b-e a Jedi, ' But -cermrrehensten does: riol necessanly €quate with being/' H.e-~lrt1e.d Kltl1J. slowly;.fnspectinghirrLftom ev:e'I;y:·,aMl~, ",Q@,,1{QH: thlg'k the ditflcu<jty. is passed? Do Y01J' r~aUze th'4P i:~ h'~s' @nlr jV$'t b~gun ?vVh~t h9- "\¢ you to s'aya-oaut that?"

Kfth ·remalned motlonlese for a moment, and then locked gai:es 'w.ltn file !led i N1asfe,r. "There-iS- nb. aJ(f}culfy.

There is Gr:11yefiei't," .

J.assastilr:e,crlliack :fi::J,r' a'J:lQiit ,@f'Jwattbeats ,arid then said, "WelooEtl,e t_o my ,num};),le ttCilm p0und.,a,ppf¢n'tilt_e, ",

Oyer the ens;a~X'J'~r y¢?-f" Kith fewlTed IQu~h arrd liJ.ts training prmre-eded'Cf_uickly" When Master Jassa was called.away unexpectedlyend Ioran indefinite period of time, Kith arrd the, rest hf the apprentices Irorn fhe compound journeyed:to Os-s.us to complete their Insttu.ctlQR

K1the~e:ntQaUyjdlFi,e"G1;th,e t~sk.f{,;Fce sent' to Onderon to fi;g)1t the f(;>llowers of Fr:eeclon Na.dcJ and King Ornmln .. Durlng the battle-a'dax:k slde'ene1'gy fieid drained away Kith's Force shield, all owinga wave-pulse from a.nearby carmen to strH~~ Kith a.rfl&rtal blow,


T~pe:GQlal.ledi App:nmtiee or..x:TERr:rY 4D

BT;I,\w-l+~g pat'ry-41l+i2,clocl:ge5:O, Hghlsab~r '50+ 1" thrown weapons 4DI-2


WW:P9w~r 2lli-i .

MEdlANlCAL 3D+'1

_.IIjcllillc sl;;u-shlp p,iloUn'fl 4D~2, beast riding 4D, ground vehlcle

op~ra~io!'1 ,3)Jt2.,· - ...


Co'm mana 3D ... 1, lirde: 30042, persuasion 4D

STRENcnJ3D'f.2 . , .

ClimhU1R/j,u flJpi ng;40,; Stamina 4D+l TECHNIcAL 2D

Minor F!.~PAjr -~D7'J, firs:! iild .2D;+2, ground vehi_de repair :lB, light-saber repair 3D


~ne';gy' Sen~itl1,)It)1.' Be;:;a'u'l;e :00,ta15 are unusually senslttve to racJla· tlen eratssscns, thew recetve a ;,3'D lUodifier to thetr seaJ'{;!! skill wh-en h LJn,L!I),¥ ,larget~ th<i"la~e w!tlil'n 10. ~iloin,ete~% il'l o_pe~ ar,e~s (SJ.!oCh as deserts aJidopef't plaJ!"'fs), WOen in cTowd ed.areas (sue-has citles.and dense )imgles) the bonus drops to ~ I'D-and the range drops to less than one. klloii:ietei'. HoWi!~:er, In areas wjth Intense rt1dl'~tlon" GOla!s !tuEre-r'B" HJ'pcmal-.1y to secret: because r.lieirsetlSeS are everwhelmed by I'ad~ath,m starle.

Mi;JixllJelec!ion: Because 9.[ -lh.eirsklll.sat readl.ng the electremag[l'etlc aur.a~ of'others" Ootals re'C~'¥e i5.orl1jseS (or penalties) when en'gaglng In interactive skllls wlrh other characters. The- Cola! mfike.s,a Mode~ate Pefuepti()fl roll .and.addsthe foll(~wlng bonus to allperce:pNonskl.lls when making opposerl r1:JUs for therest €II that encounter,

RQD I\1:I_SiIelJ Diml:tllWJ3~ ',j)\i'ltmp~¢



Roll Be.atll Diffi,o_till)' Qy ,():,.7·

S-,~4 wi;irfl'lo.~e

Pen-all', ':i(i) ·20

-1 ILl

B9I!!Yll :II,D .21) 3D

ta~t'J,dli'a.Iiim.:' G0~~:l$i'W;tto 'a;(9 net s~.tf(lri ng from ~~la't.ip.n .sfatle reteiveca ... 11) blllllQS whel])wJIIllJfi.nltlnl·i1Je azainst ITClI1~otOl.f eppontm~l~ p~'!l~eof~!ll..~nllb'lll_!.\~ tp relt¢lll't~ '~riJ.etlOn5 oT otbe.rs. Ff)):Cf!- S/l,;V/&: COfi;Jr;ol 1'19_' .. l~ lirt:a.~~2J!J;,d)rr?!~ 1l:J.d Cb'llWL'I.CanClentI:atwll, 'detG'Xl:ly .1'GiS-liml {¥ll1ptines"S

€~S_f;!: q®g~F~i1'~~; 1j'liil~(j~ctl~~n _ _',

CJ)nlfd/,Clr;d,IS;J.[lS¢tUfff.s !;'iT!)!, \J,glJt~:a1i.i.er aO,mbal, eOJ:!~;@I: Sease, tmd;A/ff:!f~ Affect ming

S~IiMafld ~ltef:_.\-_lciS;~r: Ii'Rrct~ sllleIcl

Th Is thaillltli!r Is f'QJ;();e..si.i1iiltb'e

FQM!e -Paints: I

€harM~e:t P6lnls:',2

Move: ro"

Equi:VlIIenl: U'ght5abe-r (5D~:


Nbmi Si!J.n'rtder'1lad aI\W8YS maxv,eled at heibns@aml's af_fi'n1ty wftilt1i,e FarGe, )(et 'she €QU Id Il(i),'t; eVe_fl eJlte"~'aln the: p,~ssHElmty tIl"Ci't sl::ie Itrqp J?Pssess:ed the ~ame'~lft, n,p matter tlOW m.aG)! ·,t_itnes ~Jld"4f tfie~ t9 ~9-li!vin<Ae her.

Wh€;11 the milljO'O_~ of Bogga tb~: Hut! killed AnQ:ur ~$ distracting him-and a[lciiw~g"agorm~wo;rlTI to inject fts let hal poison iritQ Andur's n eck at the StennessHyperspace 'TIermiilal, NdFtii felt sl!I.tldetily, liteipleSsl Artdur"s spijljH'orm aDJ:lea,J;eGi't,Q pax ~hen and tl:)ld her: to take l!I>j') hls ,_IjgJ;iti!i-a,ber: ,arr!ll ,l~t~n'd h¢rS'flU ~nd t~heir daJjghter V:.iJ;tfa. Norst was reluctant lo take- 4pa:~U'ls:, fQ-r sh@ believed th at killing ceuld nevE:)" t:;:ons_1:'itt4e '~gq.oQ ~ct. But as Bagga's thugs-deseended upon her and her child, and.as.Andln'_,~leaded:-with her, felLtng hertb.at the R.or.e-e was tml'yWiithhet,,_NorrH b'r:Gl'l.ght the. Ifgbt5atber to· bea-r, de:s.tt:oYln!g:'tW<0 !.Jlme mutde.rlng: t_frieves before th.ey f()llo:Vi1,~d throli,gll on tb,e1r \OUa~nous int~tJtions.

Honori'Qg:'Andur'S- pltims; !":Iomj b08Jfdedthe,k_igh{side Explorer and 'took- Virna and thedrold' A-SOO to Ambria to qffer Master Than theAdegan crystals her husband had been taking there as "a, gilt from . hIS' former Master.

Chamma, --

OM: the ti;~1:ged world, ai- Arrlbrla, Nomt eF!l!iounterc.ad OssWUu(i]J .and,Ma:ste.t "Fhou', a l;I!;lii1,g Qfq_:1'l .armo,r~plat<:i.~· species kp:Oy..rQ ~ -~he Wh;{ll':l - a,lthough Mgs.ter. Thon has hi!llett that that name 'h'i des the former LQan1~ €If his sp ectes , for reasons he does not wish to discuss, Unfortunately, B@gga,vi;e.Huft, still 0 bsessed with thepossibi 1- lty or gettjng h is .fat hands en sorneAdegan crystals., or dered ·fijs ,wnderUn,gs to track:- the LtglJtstde ,Ex;:ihiif:eias It jw.m.ped into h-yperspaGe,

B,ogga, a,n;j,ved €iil Arnbrla SOOIi after Nemi, setting down next to the, Ugh,t#de. E;,(ploref! wh~!e tAe.c1r.old Threedee warted .p~Uently for Noml's return. After d!? straying the droid and folloWiI1g Now's trail to Master

'Phon's 'homestead. B-qgga's rnralons enga,ge~d Oss anti Thon-in a fierce battle for the crystals. When Oss reJ] beneath:tli,e o[l).siaugt,tt, TJ1enehar.,ge9 Iorward, throwing off-a pow:etfoJfiel"q of Force ef).ergy that knocked the attacker is back Suddenlyatratd of the ability possessed 'by this unexpected combatant, B0ggl'l and hislackeys retreated and escaped on the-Hutt's sail oarge back 'to the Dreadnaught Er;{torcer'(f)ne, "",:hid") rematned in orhit during the o('l'froritatldn .

.For the next severa! months, Maste» Then lgnored N'omi, leav,i,ng' her to worR through her grief (!)ver her husband's untfint;lISl'deafu, and toponder what form her new li'f ewo uJd take .One day.Nom i d is covered that Vi rita had wandered off 'toward Lake Natth, which Mastet Thonfrad fold 'her was tatnted by tIu.'l dark side. NOI'f11 .arrfved at the s'hor'e to frnd .a pair of hideous ereatuses called hsstss crawling frollt he Jake toward her daughter. Th feelingtifda:rknessshed by the creatures struck N@rni ltkera ~hy'.si(:~1 blow, and she Instincttvely called upon her .Jed:i power of battle meditation to save her -daughter, fiis Norni's. power took effect, the hssiss suddenly turned on one ancther, alloW~ing Nomt enough time to re,SCU€ Virna [TOrti .the w.~t~I"S edge.

When Thotr bel) eved N Q.n'1.i was Jin~fJy I'€.acly, 11 e began re instrucr hen m.the ways ef the Fnrce, and although she was receptive and wtHing, she refused to, construct or even wield a .llghtsaber. It only rerninded her of her husband's death and of the terrible vengeance she had wreaked upon his attackers. Master 'Thon challenged her feeHngs,.s'ayin-g tMat the Jedt used the-Ilghtsabernot only.lOr defense. but also 3.S aIocus for ,the mind that strengthened the.Jedl's conneetton with thef'orce. When Nomi's resolve did not falter, Thon all owed her to view the Jedi Holocron gtven to him by Master.Arcaof arkanla,

"The Force is our ,pbw"er arid our ally," began Dod Bnar, gatekeeper of theHolocron. "The Force has always been with us. That is irs, nature, It surrounds us and penetrates us. It birlgs theunlverse together. Those who become sensltlve to its presence can learn how to use it '" for good or for evtl."

Bear went qn to s.peak of the dark ·Side and of the warJonj,s and 'fallen Jedi who bav€ used its power to dominate the gala%¥ lri.hmes past, Before' p~'Ungi Bnar foretold Nand's rQle ill tne darkness new sprea:diJ;lg across t~l~ E:e~1).5Iie:, "l'I1i5 ~eqi wiil glayan jmRort.~nt part III the b~ttles to-come, Truly, she-will be,strong~'a lU'l11jftO,otj be-i,.gg sh~ is,"

s,l!'t I'q'omj Jovnd it idifflcult to acoept ()o,d Bh·ar's words. In her mind the llghrsaber remained asyrnbolof death -.~ symbol she was hying dflsper~t~y,tol sepa-

rate h rseH f~am: .-

Shortly t4~ereaf:ter! space pirates, and Hutt .enlorcers underthe ausplc:~~J-l B0S'gaarrlved 'to' Arnbria to !~ trleve the ,Adegan G"y.stals the Hutt coveted. Master Then commended Nomi to pick up the Ilghtsailerar:id join him ill battle against the attackers. Nolil; refuse.d.

Seeing noether waybo €OnvjAoe-his. student 01: hiSfl' Jed! abilities, ThGm surrendered to til . Hutt's j)arnd, telling Nernl to use her p!!)wer of b.a~tl¢' m!Od}~aJion to save him and Vlma, In a rnom~nt of illspicq;itiwn and clartty, Nomi I;flilderstood, and focused her Force power 00 the pirates and enforcers, who irnmediately turned on oneanother, During Ule enst:lJng.t-ol tuston Nom] charged into the fray wielding her-master's li'ghtsa:ber, lreeing Thon from hisMan<!aJ, rtan manacles a:nd striki ng down tl1 e w~'uld"be rfiJtfTderer;$., 'Seeing the fe;m.cJ by of the Jedl's a~ta:t_j{.,the remaaiderof'the bandits r:etr~ated to their Skiffs and hea,ded backt_0 the marauder ships ln orbit. They th~rll,jumped to Hghi:speed on .a course for Bogga's stzonghold, all the while dreading tile punlshmerit the Hutt wC')E1I.d 'inflict on/them Ier their: Iatlure.

In time, Thon br-ou,gl'lt Nomi and VirnCl to OssLls'w'hey€ she-could t.rai6 at th€ Jed! eanler under the ,tute:lag~ of the one of the greatest .Iedl Masters - Vodo-Slosk Baas. Sever al 111011 tfus aJt~r anrl vtng, N' o111'i j oi n ed the task for@e that was sent to Onderon to quell the Sith forces that had recently stirred unrest across the ptanetespeciallyIn the walled city of Iziz.


lype: Jedl Apprentj<::t! I),ExTERI'fY:3!D1c2

Dod_ge 4D, light5;1ber 4D""2; melee parry 4D, vehlcle blasters 4-0.+ 1 KNOWL~DGg zn.:

Streetw:ise:m~2, willpower 3D+2' MECHANICAL 20+1

As~rbg~tlQli:3D~IJ I ,C(1IT1,TIlLln)qtIo;lIili 3D, repuJsorlHt operatton :)D, space tJansp(;nts.2JD1"2


Hicle 40+.2. jlwesUg~ti('m;iQ, persuaslon 5'0,\ sneak 5D+ I SfktNG'tH 3.0

S~amina 3D~2


Computer pmgrammlng!repai~ 3[),,1. first aid 30,,2, lightsaber repMr 3D

Spediil Ablmles: ..

For(;e·.~m:>. 'CcmtrOi lFJ+lJ s ense 2!!J'ti; after JD' Coturo; .. 'Ae.teler;at healing, ecncentranon, resist stun

Sense: Dal1·ger sense, me~Qeieetr('Yn. irrst-\n:c,t',1 \Ie a.stro!lil-tjQn,:magrL!'f9 sen.ses

CO(IIr'bf a(,fl Seil~i"!:r~se'¢l~B. lighl;Hl'Pt;'t. c_~rnbat Conlro/;.sense. /ilnd Afrer!,B-atUe"qJe~1 stron

This .character is Force-senst ive

Force POi·nls:2

Ch<lract~r Poirftt;: 4

Move: io

Equipment: Uglitsab'er (50)


God Briar; a, Ryyk - orphaned and marooned on the planet Myrktr - beoametliegatekeeper.ofa Jed! Helocron mll ten rna ago, before even the' tall of tne,Sith Empire an.d tile flight of its leader Naga Sadow, A Jedl s~h0Iad~r hundreds of y~rs, Bnar possessed 'the ability to cornpletely ~.ev~r him-self frOIT! the subject of his study, whether it was tb E;:subtle man lpu lat ions of the.ligh t side of the Force or the ragil'l8, infested darkness of Slth magic. This strange eapabillty.allewed him lI;) become one of .the few Force-users kl learn the workings of the dark sloe artdthe Stth WH:h0ut falling w.li1.d,e'r its sway.

The Jed], Knights.G.;une:tQ rely: on Bnan for hls knowledge of their enemtes as well-as their own history and lore. time ·andag,~ill, ,Goe;! Bnar.: though not a 'great tactician) enabled the J edt 1'0 turn back th e darkness by providtng his atlies with information of the dark side's weaknesses- and the best methods to exploit those Uabiltttes.

When it carne time f:(i)f" Oed Bpar te-passinto the Force, the Jedi Kntghts decided to create a Jedi Holocren that would hold Briar's knowledge lor all time, dispensing it as necessary to future-Jed I. .And so it was done, and the Holocron passed: down through the gener att ons, most recently to Master Area Jeth of Arkania. The Jedt often consult Briar's extensive kr'i0,wledg.e ofthe Sith and of the cOl.ning cortfllet between-the dark and ttre Itg)1t.

MasterArea has.rec ntty lent the ·H 01 o cro I) to Master Thon of Ambria in an, ~ffort to help Then's newest apprentice, Nomi Sunrider understand and accept her

role in the coming war. .


T)l'e; Ryyk Jet;li HOlo ton tJillekee,p'et iKNOWLl;GOE,4D

'AHe~ s·pe('ies.'gf), cultures. Jo(lID'F2. iang:uag~s 12D .. l, ~lllnet:arY,5y!' ~m:; Ill? 2, s holar: Jedl I re lID']. sphol!!'t:"$lth lore 139

'Shee;al A,lJilU;fe,rl: ' . ,

D()d Briar possesses Gnl,v IlIwwi'edgiR ot',rIJe loll()lJ.liny"powt:'ts. H:e :,-dimo/, rlliC1n;lpt1liile I/l'e Fon(iel

'-Cohir(lf; $.lii.So~bJdlssJP~te ,el1er_gyj~cdeler~Le ~'el;lliJ:tg; Ilgn(ier1tl:a· ttou, contort/escape. control" Ilainl detoxify P0tsOB. e.ll'lpl!lnes'li, -Ipr-'e"of Will, Ins.,r1rlttiVEl astrt'fgatiaIi,i"edutetl1iul;Y: ~tnoll"efaugue, r¢!{Lsl s.~l!n,·&lwrt-lern'l flJemo.~,'l ~[lhi;l9(j m,ent .

Sense: Be-list .languages;' combat -aease, danger sense. lnst llG!;!~e -~i~tjOg~t[0l"), llf d -tiej:ltlon. lil 'sense, Il'1!1.'gi'lily;senses, reeeptlve, tetepa.thy,I,S.E:1l ePol'c!!, sense Parcel) tln.@jal,-se)ns~ path, ti:ahs~'lion

A~lep.! k'\'Jufe:/kllI, Illlekhl~sls

:r;:Qn"(r(Jf IJ.mf'S 'n,'1f!: FiliMceh'lb'; Ilightsalier COIllQ:at, pl'. je UyelteleJ;j.<J' 'llw

Ccmlfol aiitf'At/ 'rC'on~r01 anl,i"ith r's.pafn,

Cmilml. $ellSe; anaA'lt/!1: ;~,J(ect Rl;lnd, b,a.ttle me(lrtalion,·e.JihA~t:ea .coordlnarloa, Force harmony, teleklnerlc kill'

Se.nse Q.fldAI1/i,.; L~1iS'i¥ Forte· billit:l

ass. 'WU.1IM

'Qss W'iJu~ a V'ulfan from rAe planet Vulta, spent much of his me as a f)-:ader, ceRsiantty,m.GVing frerti one planet' tel the l"lext, ,w:o.fr)!'ing little a@Q:urt; BIs f(ille ill the g.al~. 110. };ill;n, rrot.llfng' he (It(J or 'cow.a PQsslbly Q(;) Vi!oul€l,'eyer ma~tel' ,at-all tU til Elv¢nts ec.cIDiQgtliJ;oagbolilt the Rep,l;Ib.Hc. TQ~ grand forces shaping ~h-.:: ~al.~ were well outslrile.o-f hi:s:read';!. l"'Ie was but an Invididual: asmatl-time trader stilraplnga life frorfi the: spacelanes, with no home0fliertllim nisstarship. He never rernaitied in one i0caUo.iI fot very long,pr€Heririgto t.:rav€JaJ~pst coRtil~U0L!1sly. 'Jlb.e p:0'i:efitlal gatns from @'d the.tlmU of tradtn g.:es pe~iaOY I]:] tb'e: tn'@):~:daJl,ger:ous, and' the)::elor~ mere e:xc'iti,n_g, sectors e-onttIL1#l_llY lured him away from every pla:<:;e he made an attempt tosettte.down in.

While maki nga cargo 'run from th€: diamond JBuies ,of Arkanla to the wchl d of AlaeTa'im, Gss '5, ships uffer;@cl ah engme ion leak, forcihg:him to drop out of bypersp;lC,€ 1m fhe .middle af n.Q,wbere,._Af.ter making repa.irs- Wfflieh' .he knew' We-e Qnl}: te'tnl;l6raity, ~lle s~an:ned t h~·'sl.lirrounding space for a lQlDW beacon from which he could chart another hypers.:paGe jump. Unfortunajely, the nearest beacon was two ,G<j:ys,a:way. at sublight speeds, .ina @ss did not want 'to riska ~free:jump" - a lights peed jo.utfl.ey made without tne use of tliejump beacons tnat delineatedtl"e.safe hypeTspate~routes.lllro'Ugh.p1.'l t ttle>gala,xy. His detisiOll made, h-e set his SJ1jp on i)JJlt0pil,Qt ana. headed fot. the beacon ..

A day and a naif later, just a few hours short af' his destination, ass encountered a .stranded vessel d..riltlng slowly sptnward. The ship'soommuntcatfons syternsappeared to be, t:J6rt-op~a:tional - either that or no, cre~ remained to artswer Oss'shalls. lie scanned toe,ship and detected slgns of hie, blJt he had no Way 0f r~<!chln,g w heever or wh i;tt ever was s t lll aJ lye on the' ship, wl1icb be. -nowrecegnized as aReRubJic counervessel. lrseernedfeir to assume that some tmportanttnformatien might still be

onboard, wltho~t C"Qrhrn,UFlieatians" Qss had n0WaY; ef Qowijloading-it and deH;v~tQg it to its inteJ.l.d~d recipient,

W1lh no other recourse, Oss manuevered his own vessel as close to the courier ship as possibIe an d t h€o latched onto it w:iththe .weak tractor beam he bad recentlytnstalled, He aecsleratedar an extremely slow rate soas Dot to I ese his tow, eventually reaching halt 6f his snip's top speed alter almost an hour. Upon reaching the [ump beacon, Oss sent.a subspace communication addressed to any Republic vessel in the.area, giving his current location, the courier's transpondercodes, and the apparent state.of the damaged vessel and its otcupants. Though he W'a-srut<ead}l" a day late 00 his own d_eHvery, Oss did not want to leaVlE! the courier ship, fo.t he feared 1:1ila_t pi-rates l1Jilttlt show up and do who krrew what to the heJpless Qrafi aod tts equally helpless crew.

To his surprise. Ossdetectedanether vessel drop out of hyperspace near the beacon only a few hours- later .. The Republic prowler ship designated the Starspin Immediately contacted Oss's vessel and commanded him to leave the area.After verif)1ng the Star-spin 's transpor» del' code lermat as Republic registry standard, Ossfollowed the order leaptngmto hyperspace on a course for Alderaan,

Oss didn't waste a thought 00 his.encounter with the Repu blic vessels Ior more "than two weeks, unti I he read in the newsgrtds iliat_aa Important cornmuntq lie trorn .a Fleet expedition into u.n:tlxp,lored space had [ust recently been delivered to Republic City. 'It would have

arrlved ~rner"byt the eourter sOlp ,carnying 11 suffered debiJitatingdamage When several oftts ins trumen.ts had maltunctloned ~9' sent It off course into -the highly ionized remnants €II-a supernova. The ship had hrripee along 'for days b.ef0re the fest 01 its, systems taUed and lt sat stranded in Qeep spaGelQr,day;&. Affer. receiving,a dtstress call, a RepubUe prowler le.t:ated the vessel mere hours befQre .its 'syst~ms had C\ompletely §turt down aodJ0S:f aU of its data.

Oss LIla.nl~ed Gil t:he:n~v.lS-~tory in dlsbeltef, Somehow he 'had.affecfed ,ev:enl's that beJ::iad :a:lways fhOllgl1t were beyond'hirn, ac~lvttfes· heMet left'to:Qlpli9inati:s and w,aI; mtnlsters wb_Q', fuer:.eaSQned, bad the !"(gMt to aaer the progress of the galaw, B~t 11€l\\! he 'l'eqJ.iz~c;j ';I;);t:at everY, actlefl,eyer,y s~emmglyinslgn.ifi'c::ant effort - I;IO' matter $e source - infl_lJ,~nc~ the future, Intertwlnfng and bulldlng upon eire other to create a new state of the universe.which lasted in such eq.ulli6rlum for tess than a moment, When It was .shaftered b¥ the nesteenes of actions.

With thls·reve1a:ti:OP, however. c_am'~ theslldd.eh re~:Ii'Zatioo- that Oss had,rH,!gl~-c te9 hi's duties as a vr~m;ber ot the- galactic:: c:;ont1ouum\ He bad squandered hts life thus flu on what he. could DOW thihk of only as - trivialities - excitement pleasure, s uccess; If had never occurred to him to look deeper" to examine his Iife,tCi)' seek.ways iii which he (oul(1 beUertbegal'cucy - w:.i:latevenhat till-got mean. But flOW he saw tbe',uuth. The time for reevaluation hap tome, and he would Flo,taJlowbims-elfto,lgpor~ his duties any lo_nger.

~1ter ~,qre"thana year.,df in trosRection and of observation df the ga:ltJMywound him, Oss decided to join the jed! Knights. Mas ter-l'honlmwe€Liat;elyree.ogliized Oss IS aptitude' fer. CQAA.6cttng> WIth the Fb:r:ce, aflo Ufe J~!iU br0ught bj~ Ilew app:rentte:e to the remote world' (!J·f Ambr!a tt;) begi.n.~n1s ~r3iil1'ing..

. Aftt\!r: live years, Oss had exceeded '1hoo)' expeetaDODS. especially-since hhe-Vultan had begun rus-aprJrf!nticeship so late in ti'fe. When 'Fott Doneeta arriMe.d- to Arnbria to. ask assistance in the' figh~ agaInst the d8Jtk siders on 'Gn'de~0I1', Oss - with the approval Qt ,Master Then - acceptedthe invitation,

ass W,lLUM

Type~ Vu'lt,~n. Jedi K\'\lglit DEXTERl1Y 3D .. 2'

B"aW,UD~ Rarty 'In,. 1, dOd$e 4:0, Jighlsaber ,5D" melee parry 4D .. .2, p_ulse;.\o\iave we'l!-Ra'j],s 40+ (, ~U!lf1'll!g, 4JJ " KNOWEED6E tp~2.,

Allen spe'(!,i'e~ 30+2, lan.8UageS' 5D. planetary-systems: Stemless sys{~. 4]l)",2, WIllI~~Wer 3D;,}


Astroa;atjon 4q, be_a.sL ridIng: Whar14D+ I" sensors 3D+2, space

ttaosports 4D -


Command 3D+2, p~rsut(sjQI1 3D+2. serch 30'+1 STRENG..TH;,3D-¥ t

,Cllmbln~jumRing 4D,


first aid 3D. pulse-wave weapons repalr 2D~2 SpeclaJ AblUties:

Fame Skills: Centro! 2D+2,seru;e 2D+l~ alter 2D

O:mlrol: Absoro/,cJlss!p<lte energy, concentratlon, control pain. .deioxtly polson, hibernation. trance. resist stun

Sense: Combat sense, danger sense, lifedetection, ffiil{gnify senses, sense Force

Control and Sense: .Ligh.ts'a.ber combat

Control and Atier: Accelerate' another's healing, control.anorher's

pair' .

Sense and Atter: Lesser Force shield

This character is Foree-sensltive

force Points: 2·

Character Polnts; J 1.

Move: 10

Equlpmenl: Llghtsaber (5DD


As a child, Qrrl Toq had forced everyone - save his father - to address him as 'Crown Prince QrrlToq. rt seemed only right that-a person of his station becatled by hls Iull title by those QJ lesser status, which In his case tncluded the entire population of Nazzrt,

Though the Nazzar government 'had originally formed as a monarchy; over the millennia it grewlnto an oligarchical theocracy led by. a king and 14 praefects, the beads of the 14 sects of the Ulizra, the state-enforcedreligion of Nazzr), The kjngpresidedover the council of fifteen tawgivers and commanded the military forces as well as all of Nazzri's planetary security agencies, but only the praetects could introduce and vote on potential laws, changes and amendments to the state-given rights of mdivlduals, and the use of the rnllitary in otienstve ·actions. Most Nazzar could predict the outcome of any vote, for the praetects always adhered to the tenets of llllzra, which included the preservation of the group over the individual, the maintaining 0f seclusion [rom the rest of the galaxy, and the eradication of any philosophical or religious cult that sought.to undermine.the beltefsofthe Ulizraa congregatton.

Qrrl Toq learned the 14 vensof the Great Structure, studying each for a period of exactly one Nazzri year; before moving up to the next yen in the hierarchy. Without fail, he impressed his teachers at every level, and whipers throughout the palace and the praetectory saidthat Qrrl might become the first king-praefect since the institution of the theocracy -and Qrrl did not attempt to hide his pleas ure at such a possibility.

His mentor, Vrrk Jlkat, abandoned his own life to assist Qrrl in his studies - although Qrrl never recognized Jikat's sacrifice. To Qrrl, suchservltude was required of all his subjects; in fact, it was an honor for those fortunate enough to be chosen.

As time passed and Qrrlsaw himself rising ever closer toward a role as klng-praefect, he intensified his study. delving deeper into the ancient mysteries of the Great Structure. He believed that the populace had grown away from the initial objectives of the theocracy, and he wished to discover the intentions of his founding Iore-

bears. He sawtt as his destiny-to reestablish the original beliefs "and philosophy of the rellgton, and thereby bring his worJd to a state of peace unheard of since the evolution of the theoccacy from the failing remains of the ancient monarchy.

On one of his. nightly excursions lnte the Hall elf Edlflcatlon - he chase to conduct his research in the early hours of the morning S0 as riot be disturbed by the regular rabble -:he cam upon a dust-caked tome that had fallen behind one of the massive shelving cases. The text contained poems, journal entries, and historical data, all scribed from various sources and compiled into a Single d0C1)1Uent that focused on the last of the monarchs, an ancestor of Qrrl named Prrlt Qabaq.

Qrrl read through the thousand-page book in two.and a half days, stopping only brtefly for sustenance. What the text conveyed offended him - yet lured him closer, laying before him secrets unshared for a mJ1lennia. According to the words of-Nazzar long dead.Emperor-King Prrit Qabaq - Qrrl's own flesh .and blood - had slnglehandedly destroyed the monarchy.

At the heart-sf-the s eandallay teach tngs of a, dark nature, anctent rites spawned and bred out of pure evil that premised untold power to those who succumbed to their lure. Commanding these infernal magicks -Jorthey could be described as nothing e'lseQrrl's ancenstors had corrupted the, goverument with an obsessive 'desire for such black powers. The state became merely an extension of the ktng's dark spirit, ruling with a steel gauntlet that allowed no one to escape its life-taking grasp. Anyperson who spoke against the king or his government could expect never to see an-

other dawn. C

After.a decade of strife, econorntc decline, and widespread starvation, one voice dared to-speak out against the government's actions. Though a native of Nazzri, this tndrvidual had just returned after a dozen years of boqeri, a form of self-imposed exile. Qabaq ordered the rebel to be' arrested and- brought before him immediately. Hut when the guards ·entered the throne chamber with the prtsoner, the king's mouth fell open, for kneeling before him WaS his daughter Ikree.

Over the ensuing months, Qabaq and lkree sparred verbally on a continual basis, each condemmg the other for his or her words and actions. Unrest throughout Nazzri blossomed, forcing the king to enforce martial law-everywhere, and thereby pushing more and more citizens toward the rebels' banner. Finally, the tension broke ln a massive battle between the military and the re bels, during whtch Ikree slew her father - to her utter sorrow.

In the aftermath of the civil war, lkree spoke of what she had discovered during her boqeri - the Great Structure.of the.Ulizra. She proposed a.goverment based on its tenets, which she believed would prevent the atroclties committed by her father and his court and would infuse a system of ethics and morals to which the Nazzri could look for gutdance, As her first aetas queen-

praefect she ordered all records of P:rrtt Qahaq' destroyed for fear that kO'Gwledge ofhis aetlvttles lJl1g;j1t cause-another to fall to thedark Ways h€i! had:,disC6yeI'¢d,

The tie\;\' gQ:verrui1eliLt ,W0rked well as peeple learned thevensetthe-Great Stsuetuse: Every member o~ society 'enj~yed, «o.mp!-ete fre~dom, gut qoly half a year after Ikree assumed the throne, oneof Qabaq' s fanaticalceurtIers-stole into the palace-and murdered Iier, From then on, the golr.etnment grew'o:u)l"eami mote stnct, limitlng the ~i"gtits'of indi:vimuals and as:a:ibingto the laws of the lJlIzra above all, 0,0 malt¢r,th¢ circ<UtTl:stances.

'~rr 1 at Ilrsj c~u,ld nat be,Ueve what he was reading. But ,i'1!i the saga uof'Olded_"Q.e found it easier to accept what hi's ancestors had done. He realtzed now that he could never r_i:val the ,g~eatest' of therrionarch-praefects, for he merely followell in their footsteps. fife needed to b:~eak new ground, to mar thesurface or an l:lns·PQU~d path. And [0, do thathe WQl:l.kllta,v.,~ te!~l\ter iEte beq eri so that .he rn igM~ -Ukelkre.e- ftoJ.'i[.e to urrd ers t'and the nature Ali 1~~lng better than aIlY,' whe-preceded.htm.

To-that. end Qrrl strllQ qutinto thegalaxy, leaving his homeworld ICilr the'first ttrne=--and secretly w.onde:riri,g whether he would return. TJiJree years iafo hts &plo:r. atery journey. hesenoountered several Jed I Who were arMtrat1ng a treaty 6nthe"tl"opieal planet of Uld<l firav, Wbeo be a1>proa:e,lned the J¢tU. <;flIey, cut short his:questlons, ,telling hi~ that h~ p0s,~eg;ed 'the potential to become one 'of toeir number. They were taken aback when he anLH;)ill;rct¥l that he had never heard ofthe Jedt Knights,

At their request, Q,rd joined them onthelr return to, Ossus. During the Joru;ne-:Y they informed him o( the Jedi WaY' arid the role of th(! Jed! K9lgRts in the galaxy. ~h'0ugh he did not know wby, .Qrr I found himself drawn to this Force that th~yl spokeot and he expressed his interest in learning to become a Jedi.

Onceon Ossus, Qrrl becametheapprentlce of Ma:stel' Vodo-Slosk Baas, who instructed the Nazzar prince in every aspect of the Jedi Way,.from the bas lc understanding of the Pores tothe constructlen of I1gh.tsabers. Not lon.g.,aftet h~s a:rrl.v&i-,and' because he.had progressed more quickly than anyone had expected - Qui joined the force of Jed! sent to -des troy the dark side's grasp on the people of Onderon,


T;Ype: Nazzar Jedl Knight DEXTERITY2D+2

Dod!3e'3D~ 1. '1l~l.ht$'acber3D'+2 .. melee parry 3D<,1, pulse'y.la',(e ..... eapOM ·¢0 ... 2, running 3D


Ahenspecies 2Dt2, bureaucracy: Nazz\'lr 50, cultures: Nazzar 50" lan$!u'aK~ 40" 1

MEca~ICAL 30

Astrogatlon 3D. i, repulscirlift operatlon 40 PERCEPTION 4D

<C:;om,rna,nd .5p, In\Ce:;;tlg~t Ion 4D+2., ipersuaston 4D-2, 's~rch:4 8+1

stRENGTH 3D+2 .


TECHl'IICA:L 2J}',,1 Ligi!tsa:b r reprur ~D 1 Spedal AbilIties:

Frm;e Skllls: Com f(j I ,2D. 'Ssm'! j 0.-2, alter JD~ 2

C6.nrmk A<:c!eJ:Il"a:te:heal1n~,c.oi19lJn~ai.ioni"emptll'i~s. 'Te.sist.stu1J Sensei Danger sense, life detection I ,rnlligRily sef),lies, senseForce Aller; TeJeklne.,>'is

fZ:olltlX)rdha$ense: L.\gjl1s'1!'ber cornba( this cita1'8cteris F'or<:MeJ:i's,ftive .. FOJ;ce Pp.iDJs: 1

Chal;acfer,PQiDts:: :5:

Move: 10

E.quipmenl: ught~I;J:£1 'c5,D)


Few have ever vjsit~d tlte Min\:luka',s horrre pfaQetof :Alpher'ldies ifl;tll€: Ae.F~H'I s;}!!:ltem.~t)i~h Ires atll11e edg~ ef a giant moleeu Jar 'cloud Im'own as Tlir Vetl several parsecs Qor~W(lrd @t the Ef'(1)nmslan Regioo/lVIid Rim border, 'The sys't~m' is' U0t !l9Ja~ent fQ anystandard

h~~rs paee rOl!1ie andeffers little ill tenus .

of traclableJ~oods,and thereterefhere is n'O- enti«em~nt f®t merchants to blaze 'a trade 'run t@ 'A.fur0D,

Th~ r€'G ,c:lwar'f< star Whith Alphel1ifiiles 0rb'fts emits most of its racliation tn the inilwecl spectrum, 'provi'pil1g (J;l'Ei!: planet wjth I iUle Visihle 11gli:t ~,a, result, the MlraJuka\ who had migrated to 'the woild iIDUennia ago, gradually .Joslftbe need for Iigbt~ s~n5i:t1ve'0fgam&, Buras'tl~elr: @_:yes. e~c(jime use"

less, all@,tAe.r sense'grew in strengtb - the ability to see through tme Perc€'; Tht natural aftin~ty allows the:

Mir-qtuRa. toperceive the W-Qf I'd around them tiy sensing th e s light Foree Vii bratlons em'itteiI Jl)y'every, e:leri'i:ent iif the unlverse. And as a result of thls Inherent abmt~ many Mkaluka, possess a flatu'ral porentia:l fqr th'e'Use'0f the FGTCe, ana tJiiese who lea'lle-A.tPll er;Idies-typhzaHy, de. sa to [oin the Je'G'l Ktilghts.

Against 'her 'Parents" wishes, Shoaneb tulu left her homew0tlCl behind to seek membership in the Jedt Kntghts, Sh e vowed toreturn one dayto estabHsh.'a d ed i tralnlng-compound on Alph€Ticlies so that'ethers weuld not have to leave nile planet fa Ieem.about trfe Jedl Way; which she heped wOblld,i,tlcr,ease th¢ numberof IVlira1ub, Who wjs f:Led 'to became Jed I.

.But.Shoaneb f0Uf!d her jeumey to be more dlfficult than she.hadexpe~tetl. As she traveled Irom oite world to the next, ~beFm:c§l vibrations given off by, the aui:rtiate and inanimate 0bJects aroundhei' gFadually shifteci,ftdi'n' the 'frequencies she fiaa become used to Ol~' her ltome planet, 'aad at times she becarnedlsottented by tQe strangeness of her surrouadlngs. At first it t9Qk lt~J many hoursereven an. en-tire day before she eould' reestablish her bearings, but eventually the adjustment tlrne shortened-c- although it never fully disappeared,

After nearly a year of searchiag, 8hoarteJj's ttavels brought lrerte the Jedt rrafn:ing,ceriter On'OS5\1'<;, where she became the st'Hoelilt ot M.;':ster Vodo-Srosk Baas.

Master Vodo found Shoaneb's relerrtless.questlontng d isturbingat first, for he mistook h er lnq ui sl tlveness for a thirst far qutckpower.When Shoaneb told Vorloof her desiret 0 Jearn as much as- possi ble from the J edl Mas ters so that she could becorne ateacher herself, his troubled mind eased, and he found himself spending many hour-s each day with her.

. Unfoetunately.Sheaneb possessed a level of Force ability that tell below. her peers" and she continually la~ged behind in .techn iq ue, alth ough sh e exce led in the knowledge-related areas of understandtng the Force and asstmtlatmg JedtIere. 0,,-& ttie' next s~vei"al months, Shcanelabecarnetncreastngly trustr ated, mos tly because she' teared that her plg;n to bring Jedt training to Alpheric:Lies was slQVfly~l'.ipping from her grasp. Master Vodo recognizerl her grf-lduaJ loss. of hope, and dedicatedhimself to sh owing herthat she h ad to tru st in the Force. lfwasnot for her to worry about the future. Ifshe would only realize that her expeetattons. Were just that, and that the Force m.l;£:ttt produce a dtfferent outcome regardless of her a~tr~ns"she would have noneed to

agonize over her: pot.eQtl.:qJ j,'ljt).l're, .

. Aftt;lf sever al sesstoas ef dtscusslen wlth Master Vod 0, Sheaneb began to understand his words, and her depsessien ended morequlckly than it had grown. She continued to nave'diffktin.Y-wUb Jedt techniques, espe'CiaJlylightsabel' eonstruetton, but-she dld not become ,m'lXi.dus over it. She instead realized that she had not reached her full potential to Chat area and worked hard on sllcceeding-whl'H)utanyexpe<:tation of how slowly ,61 quickly she wouldtrnprove. .

When the needarose for a force of Jedi to travel to Onderon to destroy the'd.arkness that had arisen-there; S h oaneb->- along wilhev:erybthe:r J edl present - vel unteered, Master Vodo, IWW ever , ealled 111::1' aside tocounsel heron I)e!" offer. He feU that she did net yet have enough 'conf1dence-'ln her abtllties, and that that failing might endanger theentire task force.Shoaneb did Hot become agitated or in any way affected' byVodo'sconcerns about her. In reply shesaid only, "I understand yOW" reluctance, Master, but [ have placed my trust 'COmpletely to the Force and I feel it eallmg meta this task.'

Vodo I is tened to 11 er, ass: m i latlng bot 11 her word s and her s~btle :rnovements as she spoke. Her tranqulllty surprised lurn, for he believed that she still felt as if she had something to prove - to herself as wellas to her peers and teachers. But her steady voice and her .calrn exterior told hi m s he was ready for hertlrst true test. He placed a handon her shoulderand sard, "Go with the Force."

Shoaneb accompanied Jedi apprentices Kith Kark, Dace Diath, and Nomi Sunrlder on the expedition to Onderon. The quartet left-at sunrise the morning following the assembly.


type: 1I,J-ira.1uka Jedi· Knight


Bhl\'(Ii,ng P<i'rry 'ID, IIgllts[lllcr 4D ... i. melee parr:y"4.D, pulse,wave wea pons 4 I), I


Allen spe2i~: ]I,1ir<llulia 41), cultures 4[). scholar: Jed! lore 1!D-t2,

wlllpower 3D.,.2' .


,Arcilail",: 'shi,pjJi'lQU'ng:311l, asirogatI6n31),2, beast ridil1g 3D PERCEPTlo.N' 3D .... 2

Con 40, pers l!.i'a:.~lon 4.0+ I STRENGtH 2D4-L Br,awUng~D ... 2 TECUNICAt·3D+2

r.'Jr~:t ~1:i"i·4:o, li~!'iks~'b'er -repair 4D,1, pulse-wave weapons repai r 40

Special AbIllUes:-' . -

Force. SlllIls;Cdnl-ro12D+/, sen.';!!' 10.2

'-C(;ntro/.' CmptH1€,sse, r;;"~is-t st!JIJ

Sense,' Sense Fol.'c€

Cpn~1 (llid Sense: LJ!:~rJsaber.comblll

Force sigh.t: TMOllgli born will10ut non-Iunctfonlng visual sense Q'rg!l.ns, the Mi-r-aluk:-a have the ability to "see"lllrougil the Force, ThiS eharacter is F()rce·senilltl~e

for.ce Poiri.ts: 2' ' -

Ch~cter Points: 6 Move: 1'0-

Eq IIlplllen I::. Ught-s<lber(5.:D)


The t'i'lystii;.ti0qs J ~di Master Then-hans Irom asys tern deep in th~ Un'kt'lOw)1 R~gI0ns.lnfOrm<l:tion about his planet of origin and his species as a whole remai'ns sparseand unreliable, and Thon htrnsellpreters to liveth relative seclusion 00 Ambria in the Steriness system, so little light had been-shed onhls people.

The Republic's Bureau oJ Xenolcigyhas arbitrarily chosen to narne -Tlron's '~p:_ec:je$ Wha7'1 fer lack oJ any ether me<.ihi,ngfol desjgnation. Than h;:rs;mlt commented on this declston or oJ.1auyoftheotherda:ta contained In t h earchive, and scientists have therefore given up send-

ing inqulries to the reclusive Jedl, '

'Interviews With orher Jedl Masters have uncovered additional intorrnation, tnat has filrtbel'oeepened the mystery surfQl1ndih.g thtsall-tee-sllent b'eing; Apperently, Thon Q._f,tive;d on Ossus already possesstng gre('[t skill as aJedi. He even taught the assembled. Masters several unknown powers" lncreasl ng their desire tokn ow more abour Than's origins. Thon responded to their questions by saying in his deep, guttural voice, "It is better that you do not know - at least, not yet.'

The Jedl <accepted Then's response -allbbligh it lurther ptqued thetr interest. After several years on Oss us, Then d ecid ed to relocate to a: rnore 'remote world where he could teach his apprenttces "In.peace.vTaklng on l-y a s'i 11 gle i tern ~ an an-dent lightsaber - he vaulted across the- galaxy guided by nothing other than the Force. Somewhere. beyond the range of his ship'S sensors, a point of utterblaekness called his attention; and for several weeks ,he meditated on its presence as his shi slowlv made rtswa toward the Force-stain,


He arrived to.the'Stenness sy-st,eIT)S and headed I rnrnediate.!y, for the planetcalled Ambr!a by the Republic's starcharts. The entire world radiated the darkslde.Ior it bad become one of the focal points for the gathering of Sith who had survived the fall of the SHh Emplre .a rntllenmaage. Thol:lgh the beings who had fled to this remote planet had passed tntethe Force centurles ago, their splri_ts remained, imbedded in the very land itself. The dark side energy suffused into the soil had killed all lrving !blngs, 'turning the world intoa rugged, desolate

place covered only by rock and water. -

Thon set down on the surface and was immediately

atfa ok ell , by the,splrits' Cif the' Sith, At fi($t tie easily repelled the assualts, but as, time passed he

gre.w Weary" 1.filt-li at last he.thol,-lght he:c_olJld not sustain hlsdefense. In a final desperate strategy, Then swam out into the middle oft-akeNatth and surrendered nirnse1f tdl the dark side. Butas the 5ith spirits 'converged on His Hmptorm, Tl:iun lashed out wltfi the Force, CASna'l"iri'g hl$ enemies jn·a-Ia'ttlte.WO-r~ ~f light-side energy. The spirits screamed against Then's cU1H'ling tactic as the Jed): -escaped onto tJl'e' laFJ,q, J;ea~Lng the 51 t h trapped if) l.ake

Natth forever. - .

Ma$ter Thon set up a small t:rainingeomp0lmd-n,bt Iar from the 'lake, .bringrng several species of: annnals f.r'om neigh bOl'iri.gp I aneta to beg-in therearrth'of A)T1bria; M0ne than a decade after his defeat of the SHh spirit-s, 'Thou brought his first apprentice, Oss Wilum, to the com=

Round. Several ot her- stu:_qent$ 10 llcwed over th e ens u ing years, the most recent erwhorn; NomlSunrl'de;-,eVE:;n tu .. ally traveled to.Onderon to 'hel p .quell the.Freedon Nadd uprising.


lXPe: Wharl .IedT :Masttlf, O.am.wrvZn

j3r.,!lw,\lng pal!x:Y ~lD, tJl'fdge,-7D~,1, melee COmb!)1 'J OO~2" runriln.g80 .KNOWLEDGE 3l');·f2

Allen, spl(!cle~ 50,*,2; InumldaW,l);I ilP:' planerarysys terns: $t~ilness ~~strun Qt;)~ 1,sa1161!;111:-J(:ti'jl,lore 10D, survival ti(l,_w-Wpowei' 1':1)) .. 1 MECI::1ANICAL 20

PERCEP'rrON 30+1

~!jJaJl(],2Q, 1, con 10. persliastpI1J)I]),~2"s_ea~ill'l6fll..l :J I KEN-GTH 5D

Bifllwllng< 110, stat)lina9D 1- TECHNICAL 2J;) Rirst.aicl4D.2

S'1)ecial AbUlUes:

koree SklU$. CIJn(fO(: rOO, 2;sf!II$t1,J2D~ t, dlter j 1D~2

Tben has access-to a-lMedi POllJRFSlisled in this -bfJ)ok, plus many ot/W_I"S' os y'eI,'un(iiscq'''J~ted.

Thts character Is FQr~ee-sin-$iJ:i;YeFarce Points: .IS

Dark,Side Pamts: 2

Character rol~I$; 2-9

Move: 14

Eqtiipm(!nt: U~I''t~ab~r (SIJ~

'J't)~ e,.o~ L..e"r'" H~,h< UJl)~~b6

t..L..otJ C1 HI40 M1Nf7.f


From birth. Tou J)o.rfe'€ta seemed somehow different lrorn the rest6Fhf,s"sP,e<;Jes, fbr he did not possess the sly, cunn j ngna,tl,lte so pr.a'fsedaFl10n:g hls people. Wherea.<; rnostTwl'leks chose to <;iVdid .confllct, scampertngInto the shadows unnl :the ~u_rrellt b:rtl_a~DlattO(;l.~,ubsl'deq, Tott more often than not $teppe;d tothe toretront.Iull of exuberance and seemingly endless vigor.

When slavers eap ru red Tort andhtsfamily, the young Twt'lek 'fo1.~ght withrall I~is: strength, while his relatives. cowered qehiri.d him. The slavers beat Tort until he fell

unconsclous. ,

Before the 51 avers's l:J ip reaehcd its destinatt on at the s lave markets of thespaee.cltycf Ereesus, a gro up of Jedt Jed 15yMasfer Area disabled the vessel and liberated the captrves. Tott wasenthral led by the Jed i' s stren gthand ethical stance and he humhly asked whether Ma:ster

Area w.al;lld take him on as -ap. <mp.ren uee, Are,a·agr:eeQ, and, since Tott's fam'll'ywa;s glad to benld 0f.the "~tQ"uble~ maker,' the Tw,j'[e'k traveled back to Arkaaia with I~is new master to begin his training in1n'I~c;l:iI<'!tely. There he, mer Ultc and Cay Q6lI-0r'0ma and the thre€ became fast friends:

Master Ar:taUi.UIlG l'o-tt Ifo bean excellent student, ,dm.gen,t yet ,¢i sGjliil.inecl, <l!.ITIJind ready t0r knO,WI€fdge yet free q-f arnbi ~t0n$ .that mi_gn:t ifwi st ~hat kqtj)W:ledg:l!. tf)). i,n purpose., Wnf!!n'fon :aPJllro~hl1!~ hJm wi~1 conc~l'ris, about Ull:cls str:a')l!l€ 'behavior, Mast..tw ~c;_'~ w~~ SUI;ptlseCl 15y'l1ls·a'o.iUty, to perceive su~h potential fordiffl,cuinesin hIs ieLlow',sfude.nt. At'that moment he kneW! Tott M(Q.IlUQ be€o.me a~g-re:at ,I edj.

Though Tott dl~L~Qt st.:lrpas~ his peers in lite a;;eael Jiglltsaper Gombart (iin ,W'h-iC.h witc e$:p~tl·tal1y '~lisplave~1 awes me profidenC;Y)1 Q -l1aid~' f;!.atyral aWtlty:~~r C9mmurncating with beasts th:rou_,gll 'the Force, Mi:l.ster Ara8' 'enG0br-ag€c(t1irrt to p";~dLb,~ this power ilyv:enturitlg out ·int<O), the Wilds o~kania ana es-OObli.shtng 17apj'lo.ifS¢wr:tl'i :th:e'l(atifi);1/s s-peej_es,of'antmals liv.in.g o.fl..lhe rund.i1IiL TQtl cl ids'(!)ga~l1 n 1 gbt~'f~~y.;Afrca, Gam pJet.eGl ,HI's't~a:e.ffiii'lg. ,aII"CI as~~ res uLt hi~,e~ett>jse gfe,#' $"teaq j ty· OlV;er ,t,h e ye~rs,.

Tqtt's and J1ls f~ltQw stud D:ctll' firs! test of §ki\IJ'Jc~~~ When MasteT Anu~ sent them. to, settle~he civil war on @nderoo. The thtee j0umeyed to the ouUyingwol"lo fill! of C!onficd'emce in fhemseliVes and in the F0.rBe, but the dark srae foiieifs that awai.te.d tltem w:Ou.ld prove more powerfu! tlw.fcl anyooe: ltad expected!

TOTT DONEET A ili~~: :rwf'le~J~dl ~(ghl


Arch ~:i eg,ulls, a'F.).".I, do4!:¢ 4.0; 11_g,1,1~;;ap' er 51), m1 ~]&ep:al'r¥_,'jl 1;.1 .. 2>, P\lr~(')--wa~,e'WeaI),OIl~ 4'(1)', tIl ~9~1'1l weaporis 30)":2. ,ViJiltle \'Jfa:st'er.s 3D4.J


Bu,sir\'~s~'>.41l>.° 2, plan-E\tal]! syShm'-s"IjJ).st:r;e~twise'3J!>-r~-2; value 3'l:)t2. wiHpe.wer 3D J


Areha( sfurs.btpp IQtlng.3:D. i:lStrogafiol.\ 2D+4, repu.lsorllft opera!lon 31), sensers ;JIll<]


Bargoiin 4t>~1sori 4))-,1, -gami),\lng4,O,,'l, !:neitklfD+2, S'i:'l:fEN6TH' 3D

"_11m l?jNl'Ig.C}J!1J,1),pmg~3D~2 meA] l\L 20

first aid '4D"-'2', Iigl1 tsaber repal r 3D:

Spe'clal AI;HlIUeSi "

7i1,nu.ld_'e.s: :rwnliks Clan use theIr tentacles to ornrnunlcate In secret with eaCh \'1rti'er" even in'il, room 10.11 of individuals. Tf'ff c~1!n()Ie.'<-n1~Y~m~J;9ntjeten}acleslsil¢ ~ ;lepse) a se rerJall'gIJ~ge that all I[wJ'I!:lk5_ "speak" and understand fIlJ.cnUy..

Faroe; 'kill~' CQlllro'1 16,.2" Si(f/ise 2D .. 2, a/Jer2D Conttf){;ConC'~lilt~atfojl(emptir;ess:hlberpatioi,l fralj "(;, temaih,CQn: scions

Sell e: BetJ,ljllang1JJ;l~es, (jilll1C(er. se,nse, !lie det etten, sense Pai~ CcmtrO/',Glld 'iEln~e: Llght~aber C(lm bat

,CoflJroh:wd ,Aller:, Return 'another 'to consclousness. "This Ch:m'acte:r is Force;sentiilM

FQree.PQfu (.~.; !:! ~

Character Polnrs, J~ .Move: 1{)

Eqqipmeut; Ugli_tsa I).e.r . (51ilJ


The Alderaanian courtlershad never liked him. It.was as simple as that. _Nom1!;t~1' what Ulic did theylooked' uponhim with disdain, and 'sometimes pity, whichangeT~d him far more thanbheformee. His raorher, agreat Jedl, had.warned hlm-te ignore such feelings. i!f:' dldn't matter wha:'t't:h~ c:ourlieJs thoug,h.t. shewould say; VllC.'s destiny With tl;}~ FOl'cetr~TI"Stended such idle chatter. He shouid not let himgeI11~~eo:gIg,cijs'i)racted. -

But Ullc could not bzush 9.it the constant derisive' looks and the whispers that seemed to follow him .. He needed foprove His worth and'toshowthern all.that he could rise to'tlleil leve!,amd surpass them,

'J'hrougheut ltlseducatie.o', Ultlt t~stctd the waters, of various, acadeniit: ari~ extracWtti'(Sw,lar areas~' s,E;eki:.ng-

etre in whi'cbh~ 'could excil. He threw himseJ r Into. each project with such ¥igor th~t'(myone who had to coordinate with him on the effort would surrender their porttonoithe work to Vile wfio t1idn'''tmind since he thought he eould do 'a, better jQbdit atryway. -1'm his credit, ,\JUt usually sue eeded-ifi.hls' goal, ar;;rwing the respect and attention of hls ,s.wj!leri,O,fS-. Unfort:unat'ely hewould also inevitaply btf(Jo:m~'bOl'E1c:! with each ar,ea,fe~elifig tb~t he bad met and e~er:come the c;hali(!nge presented. Arid in the meantlrne, he would pave already become enraptured with some-otner kriowled~e.art, or pastime, push-

ing his prior fOC!tls fUifuer ll'Om his lidno. .

The o),(eare'a he had neglected W~S the Force, mostly because he.didn't want to f¢'el-ar lead others, te believe -that he had tortdehls mother'scoattaj!s to succeed. But when he had exhausted all.qrhis ot:h~r options, he reluct~tly turned toward the Jedi Way - and to his utter delight' be found that he possessed a natural talent with the Force. Unlike his prevtous endeavors. he did n0t need to expend all of bis e'n'e~gy at every step Of' the-;i"l'ay'. HeIelt more relaxed and more ceij'fiqent than ever before.

His dedlcation to the Jedi Way did not subside-as hls skills improved. Instead It seemed to increase, eventually usurpmg almost everyhour outside-of the time he spent 06 classworkand family duties. To Ulic 's surprise, his mother told him that she was concerned with the Interrslby of his study, SIN worried that be 'had missed the underlytng message a[ the Wary, and tha he would get himsell into trouble if he continued on such a course. Ulic dismissed her fears, quoting from the JedCcode to

prove that he dld'understandwhat'the Jedl stood for, hut his mother remalned. uJ1sa:tisOed, $0;(1)11. however, she told Cay aTlld UlH: t:1iat she had 'al'wat')@d ~Pt them to beCGmefaPllr~11,tl<:es o( Mast~r Area .IetliOEl the' remote wor)d of ~,ka:lilia" Ior-ahe believed that their close rela-qonshl@ with her, coup-led with the dtstnlct[ons: of Ald~l"aan"pt'ewen'ted thetwo of them 'from'growfi;lgstroo" g-erjn the Fl'brce. Her misglv:ings about UliC r,eoiaiiflef!! (though to fiercre<iit'j she r.e.fl'ali'ted item vojeUlg thIAffO.

Gay and UUe tra¥el'e.e 0. A'f:k'a,h'ja, wt~hl:o t A~ week. Theze they (iol1l;t;i:uued the~~' :st_ut1ly (If the Po'tce. con~elltr.a_1j:I;Ig on. Ugllt.5_aQl:!t Gom,!;Jat. ks l1e hac,hiJways dene, Ullc;: ~~{(~eliedl 1(!ilf:ni:Qg!!lId masterlngJ;pe eehniques presented-by; Area more qui~klY'~lanany 01 his (ellbw ap-.prlwtIces., But his relentless ifforts 'and tlis semeflrnee reCkless atHimpE.s.to pnove hls a bility'-bl!:oiigllfcon cern ed wo,r,dMt'()I)i,Cay. Tott, 00.1\1., Are:&

Maste.r A.T,Q'1l C'll'lif~ic;Hled !JUt. against !~a'ping b.e:adlong i;tJ'tQ .:tG,titCilli W~t'holll~ ~-~ught,,- aNti tl'l'ereI0ra,,:with0~tthe' F9l'Ce as an <!_ll-y, ,lJ'lIc hsten~_d:t;0 Arqars words, tr;}fillg'to understand what 11ad 'so disturbed the..redi ,Master tnat he felt the n:eea to come to l0lic willl it. perh:aps,.ull,,=~was moving too qillcklj( - Do_tiM Mea and his rtl,onl~r reknowned Jedi WQrer;prsj h~d vQit~d s,imilar con;C~liIls. He-vowed to rei(;l iFl his natural Ul'g'l'ng~, to, maJl:e'slJ-t he' W<j:S a~wa'YsrJtl/i:GfJ1;:r-01', !io,as (JJ)t to cross iWJ1;t:ltAr,qI had described as the boundCU':y b:p.tween peaceandchaos."

After several tears· (j)f appr'E'mtlcesh.lp, Wile Ca_Y"ai'iGi Tott journeyed f6 Onder'Orl atAr.Ga's @rne:r., It w'Cls.thleir duty-toput an,c:utd to,tthe'ci-iil war tha:tha:r!l~ageCll across, the planet for cen'l1udes.

UbJ€ Q,EL"':DR'QMA Type: Jecll .1ih1't!:g~i

OE)t.TERITY 3D>i-1

~raWlit\g'Ij.;y'IYi'lD; dodge 4Jl)-~.lighl;,Sa1)er S@" 2"melea'pan3151J+ I,

pulse;wi;i'?i: ~:i;!_!¥p(),!;fs -dO,. 1, v.l'lh'f<:!le blaster's ~D~2 -


P1.a:nEltaJY;:l1lstems: Arkanili 4D,R!;inetar'¥ sy.stem~; Ouderon 40" I

willpowe~';Jl!l;rl I •. '


-Astfog~~loll 3r]+l.,b«~;*t ridjri'!,f30.j:.r., repu1sorlllt oJ)eratlon 3D.2, spiic.e trll.!]~PQrils '4rtstarsJ\rp:.fl,wjM~, 30+2, stafsl1ip .shlelds ,;)I) I?EReEPTIOfll' 020'+2

. C!(:fnlglaAd ~D+ 1.t('m,~p.2~ t11d 3D, tnvesngarton 3D 1._p&rsuasIOil

30,.:2, sear,tJh 3lJ ]. snEla'k 31),i2' .


Buaw,Ung 410, (l.r\ri\b!hg1Jllini~jl1g:4D\f.J , stamina 4P~2


~i~htsilber sepalr ,:5E), pulse-wave weapons repair :m1, .space "ra,TlSlil0~tlrreparn :-jO.'2,S1<il'sNlj, weapon' fspai r' 30'< 1

Special: A$iUties.: ._.. -

Force li/iiI/l;_.'Conlrol 3flJT I. sense' 2Dl-2: aller;:W

eQnlt91: C0l1cerHaHoh, c~n~orV s~p , ernpttn SS. J:age .. reduce

~~ .

Sense. Combat sense, da_l1ger sensa, 'I ife .dete e t,!oD, mag[llfY,senses., sense Force

ControlandSense: Llghisaber ombat l'his character Is Foree-sensmee Foree PQ'~~: "if

Dark Side POints: 2

Character Points: 11

Move: 10,

Equlpme.n I: HgbtSaber .(~1D)

Tfi~Jedlliaye the abUity to wield many powers, Take ,adv-aP t age 0f these~b!Jmes. bur use them carefully-It is far to:o,eas'::to'~iwbke tJ]e Eo)'ceIrt a way D9X. consistent wJtln tBedetli code. Be Wattred:: some p(jW,:ers~re cQ1lsldl~:red Um pm:view.of the

dai' k siG€'. Use those o:nl)' a.1 the :ris kof -fa:lllng i uto the d'arkness .. ~ .


This skill represents tihe';atlility to control. O:D€IS 0wn inii:er F:0rc~, A Jeof t:'iftli this $kijl learns In_aslei:¥ over the functions of his bod¥ and haltmO.i:l¥ with nat\iire. ;It c;:haiiacter who learns eonttotatlt:'omat1:Gally learns three CQlltt(}_1 Force pOWer-s"


~h:is s)<lJ) teaches ~ Jedi to" sense the Force In other things beiYond' her own body. The Jedi le1¥Qs to te"eLtltel':londs that.cormeet atlllvi~gthl'1gs,anGgiv.es her theatlHity t<;>tmderstafl(\l}10W allllhjng~ are lntercanrrected. A Jetlf Wfl(l"leari1ssense all tom afi,eaIl)l learns thre~ s,enS,e FCJr,cy p0war;s,


,A.JecU wltb i:i:llei:l~al'fts MW'to cha'Q.g~the dlstrt trornG>Lland;natl,lredf the FOJ!C€. A Jed r v.klth alier -can m0'l<e'tl,lings ~Jth l:<JIsm)nd" help others control their own Rorce, or change Hie Force in his .0Wn boq;V. 1fhi,s pew~r: 'cap be used 1.0 Change the percepttons of othezs and m'a.ire:ibern come to 'inc; Qrl1eet Call ctusi01lj'l.A.Jedi who learns iilfei au tom atltal J'5t leilit-ns thiee otter Fence j)€iw¢rs.


11 is belle:v,ed that the Jet.di ~Ights, 11,rv,e m.ore skillsand a;bmtles ~ball what is currently known, It Was wJ:1J"$j:)eretl that th:e'JedicouJd alter the structure of tile univ:el<se. IJve beyond even aeatriHlfld it<lc::qmllJ.i.sJi other , miraculous feats. Now. how,ElVer, these.secrets, if the.y

~s,t at all. awi;\it nedlseovery .,.. .


Each Fhrce s kill gowerns a multitude of Plow,ers. Some p0w,ers are v.:ezy'easy·, wi,) i1~ others are eX0eption ally hard. aad some even reqU.~r\j! the cJ1araC'~~~ to Ig;row certain other powers to learn,.tlle a..b1lity,(Jjst'r;ld under "Requ.j,r'-ed A:hiliUes").

Many pJ thes "- powers use :;l combination of the three Jedi skills. When such a power is us@.'q, calljllg 4j1)@1! each F0rceskm is ~ separate action. The Jecll' may roll each skill ['0 consecutive rou1l9~ af no' penalty, Or may.attempt to fUlly"a'ctiy,ate Hie pow.er in one roo:nq, i11F1ITJ;ing,n~mnal rnultlple adi:OFl penalties,

- For examp1e, aJedj wantsto attj"at~ptoj~cf.iVe lelepathy,whtet.'l reqpi'resi:n:rlh acef/Jro/ and sense roll; 'f1heolJedl may dec tde to 'Use'0B/?s,'ldU p~r round, ill~trg ~he'lZ(jm(ir01 ten In the frrs t round' ana th e sense roil Iil'Q ·tr the second. roll1IIg his ful I diceJorbQth actions. However, ·11' the sltuatton is u',;ge:nt, tR:'!!" Jedt mC\y; w~nt to'acRV"~~~~he power 'in one mtmd - the character WI:)JI,I,9 su.ffer a>1'O acmofl to botb polls 'for doing more than one aetr6ri In .f r-Ound.


A Jed! may keep some powers "Ill])" - ti:rat,!s. op!n~tilng COl1st;ir.l.tlywithqut bavingt0'm~ke a. new power .roll ev,eryrouaC?L Ii tIte p'O'we_r ca'~~ bl_€ kep~ up,th'e poweJ: desfitiptron will state this; otherwise the paw¢J:' (tan onJy be'acti1'ahe,d for the r~um'l' in which it is used.

If a p1aye;r W-ishle:s tQ keep a power tI@. it _m ust be-announeed when the:,power_.js ac ti~a:tecl.

If the power roll is s})Qcessful,the power operates eoriiinu0usLy I'llltli Hie.pJa}fer's ~ha:ra(:t~r eitb.er decides-to drop the power Or suffer:Sdamage. Ita cha-Yacte:r is st~l1f1led er W~rse, a,11 up powers-are autornatlcally dropped,

A characterrwho.Js keeping a power up .: is using t!;]eskills~lle pOW~ requires asl~)A_g-as the, power is :operating •. and thus 'loses die codes ey;ert U heduesn tbl:tVe',o 1'0]) 1(l!¥eryIFOund. For exampl~._ if" char.a,cter is k~epi[lg the receptiue telepathy p-o~e~ up_; which is-a sense skill. tlie cheraeter !OSi?S -lb'.t.o all dle·rol1s.wh'enev:e~ he,d,oes an:»tblIl£ .else.


Some powers are affected by the Jedi's relationship to the target of the power.

User and target are: Add to difficulty:

Close relatives (married,

siblings, parent and child, etc.)

Close friends +2

Friends +5

User and target are: Add to difficulty:

Acquaintances + 7

Slight acquaintances + 1 0

Met once + 12

Never met, but know each +15

other by reputation

Complete strangers +20

Completestrangers and +30

not of the same species


Some powers are affected by proximity - the farther away a targetts.the harderit is for him to be affected by a Force power.

User and target. are: Add to difficulty;


In line of sight but not touching +2

Not in line of Sight, out +5

1-100 meters away

101 meters to 10 km away + 7

11 to 1,000 krn away +10

Same planet but more than + 15

1,.00.0 km away

Same star system but not on +2.0

the same planet

Not in the same star system +3.0


Control Diffi.culty: Sunburn - Very Easy; intense sun - Easy; solar wind- Moderate; radiation storm - Ditficult. Characters may use this power for energy attacks, such as blaster bolts and Force hghtning- the difficulty is Moderate plus the damage rolf of the attack.

The power can be kept up as long as the source of enr:;rgy is constent-: it may not be kept up for blaster bolts or Force lighmi Klg

Effect: This power allows the J.edi to absorb or dtsstpate energy, including light, heat, radiation and blaster bolts .. A successful control roll means that the energy is dissipated. Ii the user fails the roll, he takes full damage from the energy.

The character must activate the power in the same round toabsorb the blaster bolt or Force lightning- the

character must be able to roll the power before the attack lands .. He can't use this power after the attack has hit.


Control Difficulty: Easy for wounded characters Moderate for lncapacitated characters, Difficult for mortally wounded characters.

Time To Use: One minute

Effect: If a Jedi uses this power successfully, he may make two natural healing rolls for the current day regardless of his injury. He gets a +2 rnodijier tohis roll fOT both rolls,


Control Difficulty: Easy Hthe Jew is relaxed and at peace; Difficult if the Jedi .is filled with aggressien, fear, or other negative emotions; Very Dlfficult if the Jedi is acting on those negative emotions.

Effect: When using this power, Jedi clear all negative thoughts from their minds, feeling the Force flowing through the universe and their own being.

The individual Jediconcentrates on one specific task at hand. It the skill rQI.I is successful, the Jed.i· may add +4D to anyone action in that round. The Jedi may do nothing other than USing the concentration power, and using that one skill for a single action'. The Jedi receive'S no bonus if anything else is done in that round, including duplicate uses of the same skill or dodges or parries ..

This power may be used in conjunction with Force Points and Character Points. This power is only in effect for one round and may not be kept up.


Control Difficulty: Very Easy for loose bonds; Easy for hand binders; Moderate for serious restraints; Difficult to Heroic for maximum security (varies at gamemaster's discretion, depending On security measures)

Required Powers: Concentration, control pain, enhance attribute

Effect: The character escapes bonds by contorting in painful and difficult (but physically possible) ways. By dislocating joints, softening bones,and the like, a Jedi can escape almost any physical restraining device. While this is indeed a painful procedure, Jedi are trained to block out the pain and focus on the task at hand.


Control Difficulty:. Very Easy for wounded or stunned characters, Easy for incapacitated characters, Difficult Ior mortally wounded characters.

The potoercan be kept "up, "so the charactercan ignore the pain of injuries for a long period of time. HOWeU€l: whenever the character is injured again, the Jed! must make a neui control pain roll, with the difficulty being the neto leoelot injury.

The "Jedl Powers Summary" sldepaI' contains a complete Itst of the Jedl Porce pewers published so Iar ,tTII the $lar Wars garne line. The dlffleulties. fOT powers requirtng more than.one.Porce s kill are -separated byslashes. For example.the i'igtztsabe.rcombat''s Morlel'late/Easy difflculfy a-eslgnaticil'l means that the Jedi mustmake aModerate control and an,:Ea:sy sense



Absorb/Dissi pate Energy A0ceiera;te Healing



Short-Term Memory Enhancement

Moderate Dlffk:rJJt


Beast Langu;:J.geS Combat Sense


Very'Lasy*" $.p:ed~l

S' ecial


W ... Mhf'r Sens-e

Special Special Speclal

I0U to activate the power. Diff cui tles that change depending upon spectaletrcurnstances are listed as Special. Seethe full text en-trY f.or details. The "Up" column represents the ability to .s us tam the pewer, i.e., to keep the power ppera~i:ng without having to make additional skill rolls.

,AlTeR ,InJUre/Kill Telekinests

Target's control or Perceptten '$p-e<;:ial*'*


~if'~~ : H: $

lI!f'liS8l!2ttT~~~i¥1 $ t 3 g S

PJlojectlv,e ::r'elepatliy,

CONTROL AND ALTER Accelerate Arrother's, Heii1A,ng

Remove Another's Fatigue

Return Mother to Consciousness Ttansfer Foree

Ea_;ry/Mpderate*, ** Easy", ""k/SpeciaJ Easy" JM0derate


Battle Meditation Control rVlind

Special/Target's C0ntr(),'l or Perceplion/Spe,cial Spedal/Special/S peel al Moderate'[/Target's eontrol or Perceotioti *' ISp~Ciaf~'*

Forte Harmony Projected FlghUng Telekinetic Kil! Transfer Life

Dim eult" 'k /DiHi<:'Lll t" /ModeraJe DUlie ult[Drificlllt/M@derate*" Easy:t'* IEasY*~/Tar~et's control or Percep I'i erctc '" l/Heroie -.\" -r jSpec'la 1

SENSE AND ALTER Dim Other's Senses Lesser Force Shield

Easy** rrarget's control or Perception Easy/Moderate

,. Modlfled by relationship *'* Modlfted by proximity

t See full text entry (or special rules.

Effect: A w(I)unded "Iet!! Wh0. c(f)t1tib:lS·"pci:in tatllmt ~ if he has not .been WOUUQtla s;tar'~ing WUhi the F0)JM after ;the pGWe:ti roJ l has bean rtta'd'~. the ,w;_eyn.t:I fs nr;>t l"reqled"1 ;QLtJ1tJ;ae cha'tac::ller ,Gi(>~n'·t sw'ffel' the .FHmaJti~s (If being W01JiFi:Qed: a woulld-ed ~edi d(!)€}Sn' lose 10 fr0m.:a1J ac,tion's;"a;a inca]li'lC}l:tatecd t:!h<!J:a:der p:q,n stYlI actn6nnany, as <::'aJ'I a lU<;>rta1Jy. wounded eneracter. THis power ean also be used to shrug; off any: stan re&ultSl

H (:)w,ever;. tile .cn:atfactlefi 1's stHl' inj I.n\eQ. and ,thus, ,Ls, prone togetrin'gwQyse. even ihhe Jedld,oesn't fe~1 the pain, P@i exarll;Pl~, a''WoUlfnd'ea chj3l:aeterwhd''isW0LIJI:cllfcl aga:~F1 We.utd sUil1 bec:!ome j ncap'il'~,ltated, l\ilort\.:uly :w'ounct'd J;€di stllll:ra:ve to make the same rolls as other

me-t1aHw wouuded cl\ar-~der'S, -- --


Con':trollliIft_~'jjlt)l: Very ffia;sy ~Qr c~r-v¢r~l' l:niJal '@,@is.€rr,l .Galebhol); Easy ~Oji a mm.l P9iS0r1~ MOItlerate:for ~ ~vel1- age RQ.j'$,.¢l(1; DUn uH f~r ~ ~j,r!,jM':IHt pSison:; V~Ty·DiUkult

to' 11-t§::r.0rq,f~~ q ne'Lp'(;)t0l.¥jJL, .

'I!me T0.USe: Five: rninut~s

~t!t: this power al10w5 a lIecti to d tmdf;y'0r eJ~e ~ polsons 'fha:t hav~en'terred>h iS~Q.d¥. Lffth e Jedi an.a.ke.s tFI e ~Qw:et rotL, the pmlS011 has no at~el 11 l~i.nil;.


C'o~tr01 ]jilfiGl!1~: ,i\1aderA,te.

Note:'Cha1a·Gf@I'§,'Who ar,e: consumed by the dank sifle

ef the Fercre.m:a.;y not rrse thls p®Ml'eF. .

Req~llied Powers:l:JieeriuriifJ/l, traece

Ef(e~t:'rne nser em:IZlties hiS' mlod ;aE..c1 a.Hows tfueJ Pence to fJoWi th:l1ol!lgh fr:iiII'. 'J7I1e ¢l'l~ra,er~ seems to 1Ye'i;m, deep .,I1l.I,e!il~atiQA, aRe a d;).a:tad.teT exper.ierl¢ag "@,7pti.n(!1Ys is (i)blhllC)'us, to JiTis S'tlIItoundiQgs, A charac;t~r }.rl 'eml1line$..s J,ifI~~~I1'O~ rneve er tak~:?llY <i_etion e.xCe,pt't01ri

~t:0 disellg~e from the emptines-s, .

v\!h'l Ie III emlpJinBss;, it cn:arl{cter -i S 0 ilfku It to, sense c;rr

aUet~!\ii!ijth tl:re,IllQr~~.W}:rel.! a:1J0~ :aT o1:raraolerilltiempts te use ~ F@r.~e {l.QW~T on the charaerer ticemptiness. add the T'f'leditati 08' c.b'ar;a.cate1l'·s emp_Mness rollft6 thed ifn,c1llty lor the other cllarac·trer'!: !S&nse or CQrtff:bl rolls '(tm:ls affects on ly rue 'SC1n5e ,faU; If fhe power deesn "l JJ~~ I:l~e 'SGmie skJJ1, tlliea aCid, ~h~ d:J;U~.\.lHYr!t~ .. theGii::mffd'l roll). Tt'i~; diffi ell Ityls,atftrleci r:e~a:Mless 0f whethl't'!;:r Or f.l pt the eff/Rt}! cha:t;aG.ter:WGtJ~d w.i1fi[j:gIV rseetv tbe power's clfecJ'.,

Ol1,ae th$c.h~~:"'Cl:tler-'c9:lTles III ut ot,emptfiRes6.,. the cliaracter gets 'a ... 6 bQNUS modit"iey.'to all Force s~fll' rQU f(;)T 'a perled at time equal to the am e lIM 0i rIme ~·echal'q,etel! sgent lir emptiness, TIti,s bonus;.is r'edlite.d l~y If0t p..a:oh Datk Side pmTIt'1:hat tlie:cJia~a ter has,

'WhEWI1n efirl.r:Jtir:lf?s!J, ~hM<;(c'tel'$ ,~ehl:arate?lnd hWl}gen n~o.rEl!j.'aIIM-s~meIFlft.ja'tes, I'Jil.:vedleO be~us~U1e.¥la:eked en~~:Ugfh COntrol 1;0 Jjlr:jng' th~n;rs~lves @l(tef empttineiq.

When th e cbar<Ui!t:t~, enfersi lltg,;emf)ti'ness, the. player m;us-t s~alIe':fCll'I' hGW klllg the e.ha:rat:lter will beIn medfii)tIOH_ Acch'.uac·tel' musfma:lfeanfffricultGon/f@lskJIJ fel & bring air:rfs·eU out af e.mptif:l.e!s.; ·t;tiJ;.e e_1li:ata:.Gt~r rm,ay attempt iO €C1lm'e ~)Ut (jf Iile.di~atl6n wmle;r rt~"le Io:lldwing <::i<i- - I!IlTtsta tf<.:j;:.-s:

• When l'11.e' s,ta:ted: time h~~ p:as'S'~d~

• On.¢:' ~ea~h"\'Iour. ~eyeml the on:gJnaJ time,'limlt.

• "he·t11flrat!ter~s ~"'Q.dy t'akes IDl¥,darnrwemmreserious !:l1au,stun damage,


.Contsol Difficulty: M0'I~l-erate:

E'fi~cru It 1J2di uses 'this power til) inGr:eas ·a· sljlfgla att!,j bute}or a lim!'ted - p~rioa, An tncreased lath iD:uteJcall l1elp: 'ai.J~di i.~n:JP .llig,ger, see better, and run faster. ,All skills ,go,verned b5!-'tf.l:e er:rh'~liIee~ ;~itrtlJute InGl'~~ase: b¥ the same .~l1'QUJlt fbt as long as =the power remai;ns In e(f~ct:,

.AB .. :attribwte j'ntr-ea:$e¢ by ,thIs pow:er r~rnatn~ enhanced fo'i the ,d l1I.& bion·,lh3'te:d O'~ow ,r. Q,_wn~tiol'l a::n!il attribute Increase- are dete,l1mtned by, h(!)~, much a character's control 'sktll r.@ll',e-:'i\ceeds,tfi;e t1:iffk'utty rlU'!'Ib b@F"Ou:r;at"!on can 'be extended tffrougf b'he use af eliara~t~ 110,ints:..-toreve(),: character polnt a Jedi ipe'nGs, the dttr;'atimn i§~lJc.c_pea!)}~:d, py one cemp~at r-ound'. 'The pOlnt-s,c~n b;~$ii>'ent at any tinu,e' QefQr~ the p0werfad_~s.

A r~d'l -C9:,Fl ~Iilly iI1Cr~as~ 0Q;eattviboteoat a- t::in:1~. If a character 'in~ok~ "t:hep_ow~ ta enhance-a second 'at. tl'ibutewlillethe first a.ttJ·jbute is -still en'l1'aI1:eeti. therrthe Iirst ~nhanGe,me-lJi Cades, and Hie. setbud attri-bl\lte Fe,ceives the increase.

SkiU Roll> Difficnlty: By

0 .... 13 t4~2-S 26+



+1-0 -J'2D +.3'0

Iliu:ation 3,I'Olmci-s R. Round's

1 Round

FORCE Of W1LL Con~J Difftc.JI1ty: Easy

'Ph is"f}c!)(Uer canb~ '!?epl/Jp.

Effecf:By !-lsing forc~ at will, the character uses h,is <Dr ,ber Own willpower skill to tightU1e eff¢cts, (:)~ hostlle Force powers, H faced with a,tetekirI(i!tJc.:--'o,rm_i:n(!J-b~ed power; the Jedl's willpoiver sldll roll mea}' be adited to either tlie control' or Re rceptiiu: 'code.

The comro! (or Perc;eption) plus. iuillpouie« t0tal is referred to as the "p:FQte-ctlon number." If theattack roll ls less t.tl.~rt :t~!e targ~t s cG,ntr(f){t((J1f Rercept:ieri)ralJ, the character- suffers no i)1 ffe¢ts,. U tl1e':attack:T@1I i:~: greater than- theprotection number, t;_Qi\i JetH sJlf,fers I:h-efuH effects-efthe aUaciGt:lg power. U Ole attack r:oHisgilealer then the co.ritl'OI roll but less tMi.'l the prate_ctian 'r)'um~ ber, the Jedl is prote'eted 'from the-:powerr bl!J,t his:-w:ilTpower is conslderedto be "battered." Subtract olD from the character's _wil!pol.ll~"- skill; The Jed] tan still contrnueto defend, but must do so with~e;creased willpower. Rero.U·for a: new protec.tiol;\l number in this case. ln-the event a Jedi's wil/po/J)(!t ski.l.1 ever rea.c,h~!? OD, the forr:;eofwilJ-poweYis aut:ematical1ydr@pped,'al1ic;ltb'~Jedi ls.cari orilyreslst w:Ith cotitrolOi: Pereeptio«.

1t takes one day to recover ID 61 daInage1tOI'ff~'ba:tteringofthewill," or one hour uiemptihess (or rage) Ior ea~h 10 recovered.

Note: Forree of lJ)j~1 does 110t p_r_oted against 'F'orce t-igh(l1-in-g OrPeJfee storms or obl~ts hu rled by t,?l~~k;'ne8is, since rn each case the power creates a di$'tinqt'!i>.1:)-ysicaJ manlfestatton, These are externa) rather lh~n internal powers, lnwhlchease lJ)il-l:l'o~rwould h_av:e liO bearing en resistance. Force of will.wotksOl) injure//?;i:J/, teleki-

netie kitZ, infl"r;f'pain and other P0M!:fWS1Whidi dlr-ectJy use tb e :FQT.:¢e 10 aff'iagt thB'tcm_get:

Example: N0l'ni is a1~tacked by an alien lJeing w-b!ils,e,skifl's reach into thedark side" Wlth,a:n Easy wnli"(j)_{ roll; l'i4bmi Infttates the toree ofwifl PQ:We:~. The alien €leddes,-:to. use' the t'ele/~irt(t_aE kiN p'oWet !'.!In N'orhi, 'The-allen 5 CtJTlll'Ql- and S€(lse ralls '[C\Te SUCGe,5sfuJ, ana he rrow -r<~Jls his.G'lter skill again_~J Th'farfl!'s COnl1,'C)l sklll of6D. Because Nomi is using tA~e<'f'(.m:eIQf."!J.!ifl ~ower, she,~ddsherwiilpowerskUI of ilJ)~2t..@ her ccm1rolcode'f0I' a protect10fl Buriibe't

of 1'3b",2. .

H fJ'i'e'·aHel'l 'r:@Us tess thM,NonrJ.f'~ GQT1I;(7'i;)'l skill, she WO'uld r'tmlain l!nla1Jee{(ea.

If' the' a_Lien rplls gr~ter rlran tRe protectien n umber, Nem.i: w('),old be stru ck J;>y, th e, fClll force 01 he_r 0PPOIlf.lflrS attack. The alien would make an add ltto nal, a (tel' roll, against Nt>m i 's- unaided Goilfjy.j{ 1'0U to d't3!termine damage.

If the-aliee n~tJs greatetthao N@rh1 seoQIr(:)(!:iki11, but less th~BJler p-rQtect) on m umber i she w;ou ld'be fully pr,6teeted fr01i;) Che:-liqstl)e'F'qrc:e power, How .. ev~r:, nerwU) is qonsidere.cJ~o be-battered, and her WUlp,olper: l!kl,:1') drQ)?,s-JQ tQ 6D-+2. ~She~ust roll'the 6D+2 togaj a new {and presumably lower) pretection Humber. It ,will fake her either a full day of meditating, erone bQut 'in e,rt:jptJn~$s to ,briilg.- h er toilipouier die.cede ba:~k up to 7D:~2.

flIBEJtNATJON TRANCE, GOD,lrO. 01#iculty:- Diffku)t,

This pOlJ)ercqFl be, k€4pr up.

mect: Thls p0,w:er 'aUo.w5.:a Jedl to J)lace l'firos.elf into a cleep- trance, remal::kably's·lo.w.ing .all b0dy fLmctIQ,ns. The.ledi's heartbeat slows, 11 i s bil';a_th i ngQ'l'opS t.o ba:r~!y percefvable levels, arrd ,he falls unconsctous.

Wl~§l'p ~ .r~dtenlet-s,a hilJerJJotion trance" the character must declare under wbat crrcurnstances the character will a~a:ken: after a specifiC 1rnount of tlme, or -what stfmuli reeds l6 be present (noise, serneone touehtng thein)"A Jedl eaii ti'eaJ whlJ'e:in al'llf;Jerna.t{on traace, 'but the-character m'ay not use skillS or Jedl powers while in a trance.

illb,em{Jtion tmnee serves two purposes. It allows a Jedlto "play l'le~d.".lt can, be used to survive when food or air supplies are low. A character in hibernation uses only abouta' funtli as mm!ifu air as someone Who is sleeping- he can hlbemare f.pr a week in a,drM cUrrtate or for up to a. month in:; a, wetcllmatebefure dying from la:el(0f .Water,

;4;nyen~who-collles' across a Jedi in h ibemation trance assu rues th at the Jedi is dead' unl ess he makes a pot nt of testi.ri.g hirn. Another Jedi with the sense skHI of the life detecticn» power will me able to detect the Porte Within the hiberl'lat:ih~ character and reallse thq:t he is alive.

INSTINCTIVE ASTROGATION CONTROL Con.o·oJ Djffic\lJty: 'Very OHfi ult, _Mocllfj,ed br

a:5tl'o:gatibT'l ~iJfjalJJ ~y. -

Tlme, 1:0 Use: - ne rntnute

Effect: in&linctive aS1;r()gatlori control is far mare d!ffj~ c ult than the sfa ndard s-ense-base_diltstiMNli!e ast:'rog¢ttloh power because rather tJlan try-iag to f:e:el the correct solutions to tite h)l1p,et'spaf;:e €oi;juati0lfs, t_tJe JecilJ caleulat€l$ tf,jem itlllis,head. Thls i's~quite possibie~ <1:11(;1'1.S often (!i01t~ as a"tratning eX~X~A:e, but ~ ftgl.,!t-esGene.r;ared are rarely utilized because it is so easy even f€lr a Jedt to

make a' mistake. --

, The difficulty is medlfled b:y Jl0W lUitd t'lle.ta$K i'~With 'a nav computer,

'[au ;(,9: M~<ijjier (acJcJ.f.~ difficul'tlQ

Very Easy 0

Ea~y ~$

Moderate +,I.O.

o i'fficul1 +-15

Very DUfic,u1t +2Q'

Herole +30

lf the COn/rot roll is successful, a Very Easy aSlmgalion roll Is necessary to enter the correct routes lnt6 fhe.nav computer. (f the Jedl' falls {he a:ttemjill, he 0:Vet'Ieoks an obstacle, and sends-tJle5ht~'Qown a~toherei1tty i1I.anger:€lUS path. thereby automatjeallyma](I;rrgas/rogation dlffitultyVeryDlfficuH.If th:e'c.;ontro/'roU is mlssed byflveor more' points, the QstrQgq.liC:Hl dlItt~u~ty. Increases to Herotc,

This i a largely unknown applicatlnn ot the control power tJl~t allows Jed'n to plotestregsttcnpaths, iastead of using the more well-knoWn s.ense-bas:ed ;nStincliue Qstrogaiion power. Jns.tincti~i&· asoogdJf.tm tQnlittll rs 11ttJe more than, a curlosrty, studied t.mJy be a f w' Jedl theertttclans.


Conb'oI .IUfficulty: Diffdsult Reqpoire4 Pewer; Hibernation trance

WarnlQ.g: A JetU w:llO'llses this power _gains a.Dark Side POUlt.

Note: Tf Is powercan.on Iy be wl:;ecl by characters wb 0 have been consumed by-the dark slde €if, the Perce, Effect: Rage allows a eharacter to feel the great influence of the dark Side. It Iunetions as a counterpart to emptiness.

The character must tense herself completely, and allow themlndless rage ofthe dark side.topossess her. When uslngthts power, a,cltaratterwill appear 'jUeJess. The.Force-user lsampliIylng toe :rn.ega,tlve aspects of her personality, leaving her face Ienched in a r-ictus o.f horror and fear.

A character must determine how Long she wishes, to be in rage when she-enters the.trance. Barring an attack

0,1' theru'l>i\Y~1 01 a specific pe.r:sonCa,s:explai'f-lecl below), "[he .ledl $t<!}'s h~lJletra:ncefur the chosen dmaHoo. Th.e JeGll; m\,ls~ make a DifftQwf 'cQntre,t roll 'for ev:ery ':fo.l'Jr B'0urs in the tran~ -, r she $I:ld'denly a~akens.

Wtl1en the Jeal ie<i:V,'es tlirfs state-, she receives a ... 10' medifier to all Fotce kill t011s Ior a per,jod-equal to the time spent in. y;age. After tile b$!'ll!ls has. subsided the chaJ'<JsJer takes 0100 'crli'a,€lf;damage foi:;every. two l;J.ours she was h~ the trance.

Lij<e eltlpr'l'nes~) r:ag~ makes, characters oblfvl'(H!lS til> thelr sut:-rQ1JTJdlrlg:~; the,yaIe rendered Iinmublle ~Inli:ke emptiness, hew-ever, cl1al'act!,]rs in tbi~ states strongly exude the dask srde. Thls jnte'rnal locustngeven prowdes some protection agaiost others I;Ising the Force t_Q manipu Iafe them In s mme w~y. Add the rage a,Qtll'l'dl,]:o)1 to the diffioulty of the Foree power ,employed py the i~g.t;.taa'kbYil;' character.

Characters dett!@'rate and hunger fWice' as G'jUlcidY Wh,en using rage, (lng are even more susceptible ttl dan1:a:ge (-1 D t$ $l'ttfFlgt'h when resisting dam age Irorn physteal anG energy-attacks whtle i.D t)1.1S state), Characters' who, plan'an extended trance requtre intravenous nousishrnerrt;

In rage, the eharacter is less, ebllvlous to her surrOllIldlog~ than a Jedi in emptiness. For example, any ph~siC!al contact by a living being may revive them (the Jedi must make-a Moderate cpmto/ ron) and provoke an .lnstant berserker-like at~~cIt r~g:ar:dJ_es-s ol'whOthepef. son is. The character mustthen. make a Dlfflcult contJ'el roJ.! to.eease the att;:iCk.bef0r€l the !~Cilffendiq{ character IS killed.

Acharatter us'ing' rage COlO cheese to' anttctpate the. arrival .of a foe. She must make. a Di,fficu;Jt sense r"~Jl, (.tll'OdH.ied by. relatlonshtp) with [the iite.sense power .a the time he enters rage. This allows her tolnstantl~ awaken (Easy COI1.f:to/ roll) ·ihhe expected person come'S Witfiin ave meters 0'f:tl;J:e 'petsoD 1.0 rag~ ..

ThiS' power mayb used In apreparatlon ritual for the transfer life PQ,wer. When,a'rage(/person w~:es tra.tt:sfer life.T her Qhg[oaJ body+s instantly and completely consumed" by the d<!-fk side. often burstlng into blue flames. f,0f every three potnts be which the cont1:O:1 roll exceededthe' ,ragedHfje\1)ty, th¢'D<;1dydoes lD damage upon explosion EthH:;:e-rneter, blast radius).


Control Diff'ic_uity: Moderate Iorincapacltated charaetens DiWculffor mortally wounded tharactets, Very' DiUicul~ tor deadclraracters.

Required Powers: ContToJpaffl

Effect: By using thls-power, a JedJI01ay c;:aU ,:I,I.P(~.HfI,t~e Force to reduce the ameun] 01 Injury he suffers; tlJis powerts normally only used In desperation becausee] its long-term repercusstons.

When the power is suq:e~srully'I!I'sed,theJedi loses.a Force Point. Any injury that is s~fleFed is reduced to wounded. H the original injury would have killed tlle ena'nicter, he inus-td:io0se to suffer a permanent lrijury of some kind.

Note:' Spend j@g, Force pelnts in nus manner - not at the begjnnjng ot'Jl;ieround - jsal.)owetiJ. Also, it lsnot a,hiv3y;s,a "S:eJnsb~' a~t to ~a.v:eQfLe!s Ufe, ~q the character m:ighf'b!:! able to get the FQrce. point back. Ifthe ch~l'af!ter was' fighting to save his frleads from.certaln doom-and 11 he falls, they certainly di:e--ihen this could even be considered an heroic actlen. If still involves great sacritlee,


COJ;l.trolUiffi.cuJty: Easy for stunned eharacters, Mod~I~ate for lncapacltated characters, Diffkult€ol' Jil1orta1~y wounded characters.

Required Powers:,('!onlrol, pa in

Effect: RemainL€onsci,ollsaHowsa,Jedi to rremali1,catlsoleus' even When he has suffered lnlude.s whlc];1 Would knock him unconsctous. In game terms, When a character with this power :;>JJ1fer$ this' kind 0/ injury, th~y lose all 01 their actions for the rest' of the round, but theN are still conscious (normal characters automatically pass out). On the next'rourtd, the character may attempt to activate the power - this mustbethe ftr,st aetlon of that round: the Jedl cannot even d..bdg~ or parry.

It the roll is unsuccessful, 'the 'c_har-acter passes-out imm,e,c!i:ate;ly.IUhe rollts successful, the Jed! can do a,py one.cthei- action that he has.declared for that roundoften the character will attempt to contro! pain so that he will be able to remain conscious. After that other acflon has been completed, ,the Jedl will lapse into unconsclousness, unless he has actrvated eontro! pain or done sorrrethtng else that wUlkeep the character conscious.


Control Difficulty~ Moderate 'Phis power can be kept up.

Rltqni"lfe,d. Powers: Accelerate hea}ihg, control fJ,c.ifn Effect; The character uses.this powel~ to combat the

effects of strenuous work. The Jedl manipulates the


Foree c~usihg; ~0dijy tl;)xins to be ej,ecJ:ed much' more effiC:iently, thlJ-S <illowing'for ZJeaterstamina. ~'~lil_e ~ept up, the ledi must make a stamiiu: cheek 0mte per (;lay. Wtme us.ih,g this power, a ~edi must fan two stamina clieGks before tie QT. sh_e is fatigued. The !":haraetet sllllJ. has ,to eat ana drih'jt ,n{tlrrnall)(. If, the Jed! GOeS, tatltwo s ~~,rr:tlll;a, cl'\¢c,~s, and p.er~ome-s fil'tlgoecl, a olD pena'ity is, ap]J~~!iJ~1 10 all attr j bu tes and skill S' fOf' 10 hours.


Cont,rot Difficol\"y! Moderate. T-ftne To Use: One minute This -power caa be 'kept uP:

E(fect: Re~is,! s~un allows,tt:I:e Jedi to prepare his body to resist t:l1re effeets Of$tu~ damage. The power must be _activated before thecharacter has sufferedany dam~ge.

A successful result- allows the Jedi -to resist all stun resultsexcept for uncenscious anti normalinjurtes. ,An uncanssieus res ul t forces the Jledi t'o d:fO p the power and he oj's censtdereo :iti;nfl~'ii. N_orma:l lnjurtes (wounded, incap(lcifdted, rru)ttaUyw'(.Jllnded and killed) ate treated no rfJT1a:lly.

SHORT -TERM MEMORY ENHAN£EMBNT CQntrot Difficulty: Difficult

Required Powers: Hzb· mation trance

E,ffe,ct: W11~Fl a Jedi uses this power, he or she can replay recentevents i,r"orEier to move Ga,,~ful,ly' examine linages and per:[p1lera! occurrences, Us[n&Uh~_P9wer, a Je.d1 canfreezeimages I)Hd even s(:a:n memory-tracks to recall.detatls that were seen but not consciously I'egistered at the- time. of observation.

In game terms, this power «an b used to alert a Jedl to information, ltemssother characters.oranything else th&t passed befor~ his sepses withifl a speciflc span of trme. In addltion, if, a :gamemaster provided clues or leads toclues that the players orlgillally missed or ignored, this power can be used to recall them. Wlten players get stuck on a puzzle or mystery witl!ln an adventure" this power can alert them to possible sblu7 tions, if those solutions were observed earlier in. tlie adventure.

How far back a Jedl can remember depends on the success of his controi 1'011.

Skill Roll.Exceeds

'Difficulty By


MemOl~ 'Extends Back

9-20 2-1;-

Through current episode Through last episode Through last two episodes


Sense Difficulty: Easy if the.animal Is domesticated/ friendJy(sucll as a bantha): I\I1qderate to Difficult if the animal is wild, but non-predatoryfsuch as an undemesticated tauntaun): Very Difficult to Heroictf the animal is teroctousypredatory (suchas a wild vornskr or rancor).

This power can be kepi up.

. Required Powers: Receptive telepathy, pr:ojectilY-e telepathy. translation

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to translate a beastlanguage and speak it in kind. As creatures rarely have "true" languages, the Jedl is actually Imparttng .and readlng-emotional dHfetences within grunts and growts and other.cues of body language. Note that'the character may. keep this power up if the Jedi needs to continue talking to a creature. For beasts that can be rtdden, su btract -2D from thei r Orne riness ccdewh He ttl] spower is in effect. (Obviously, the creature's Orneriness code

Cannot drop below OD.) , ...


Sense D.i:«'i{l~ty: Moderate- fOJ: on opponent, modi,tied by ;1"3 far ~v:er.y ad d ltlenal epponen t a Jedl wishes to defend :against.

Required Powers: Danger's.ehs~. tiff;! d(?tect:iqn 'Effect: Combat sense helps a Jedt Iocus.ou the'battle at hand. n;verything else beeomes dulled and ,muted as the Jedt's senses are all turned toward the combat {;):<::~urri ~g'arC!yl1d hl~ Au taJ:g€1sibeco me men tally h Lgh- 1i:gh~ed'~in the.Jedt's mind! enhancing his a1;Jil~ty.!0'attack and defend, m game terms, by-.foc~$lng his attention on his oppenents, a Jedi g~1fls certaln important advantages.

Flrst. be can decide when li.e wishes to act during a ~6un{l-n-o Irnrtattve rolls are necessary While the po'wer, ts in effect. If more than cine Je eli is using this power, whoever rolled highest when invoking the, power determines-when he wishes to act.

,s~_co.nd, the Jedi's attackand de-fense rolls are increased by +2'0. Combat sense lasts for ten combat rounds and doesn't count as a, "skin use'Tor determining die code penalties.


.Sense DIfficulty.: Moderate' or attacker's ccntrol roll Required Power: Life detection

This power CQn bekep! up.

Effect: Danger sense allows a Jedt to extend his senses around himselfIike protective sensors, creattngariearly warning .system for as Jong as the power remains in effect.

Wh~Ji1 this power Is used, the Jedl detects any attacks the round before they are made. Tl'j,is _gives the Jedl a round to dectde how to react to thedanger,

In game terms, ii any character plans to attack'the.Jedi on the next round, she-must declare.her action theround before. Attacking characters with Force skills may roll their control skill to increase the difficulty of using this PQW~r.


Sense Difficulty: Moderate; modified by difficulty 0'1 journey,

Required Power: Magnify senses

Effect; This is the more-well known ability of the Jedi to calculate astrogation routes Without the use 0f a nav computer; .. The Jedl uses Ius sense skill to feel through the myriad hyperspace routes to d termine th safest path.

The difficulty is modlfied 'by the treacherousness of the path:

Task is: ModUier fad:d to dUficul~yJ

Very Easy (J

Easy 0

Moderate 0

Difficult ... 5

Very DIffi'cult 10.

Heroic +15

[f the Jedi S'.lJtceeds at c:.hartfug.t.he G,O.Urse..·sheiiee'd only generate .an Easy, astrogatton iota'! to plot' a safe path. If rhe.Jedl falls the ron, the astrogation d:i:ffJ.€.u1ty isautomatically Very &iffJcult: if the roll is missed by more than fi.ve point, increase the d'iHkulty to Heroic.


Sense Difficuill': Very Easy. if toe subjeethas Force skills or is PorG~SensitiiVe:,Ma.d€ra'te 11 not. M(;ydifi~ by. relattonshtp,

Tl1is,pow'er·c.an be kept/up.:

Effect: Thls power .allows Je:cl ito cl etect 1 i vesen ti:eFlt beings who might otherwise, remain hidden from thetr normal senses. When the flower is activated, 'the Jedi knows the location of-all serrtierits.within 10. metera++If the power is kept up, the Jedi may know whenever a sentient approaches witll,in 10 meters of them or vice versa.

When-a Jedi approaches or is approached by;seI1t:if!l1t creatures, rnake a sense.roll'for the Jedl and each creaturemakes an.opposed contso! or Perception rol] to avoid defection. Both rolls are "free" actions and don't caunt as <I power use. If the Jedl ties Or rolls I~ighef,he senses the-creatures in question.

If th .ledt peats the target's roll by 10 or more pomts, the Jedi is aware ij thls person has Foree skills (yes or ITo), is Force-sensitive (yes or no) or it'lhey have met the person before (yes or no); and if yes, what their identity

[s, .


Sense DiffH:ulty: Very Easy. Modified by prozimtty

and relattonshtp.

Required Ability: Lite detection Ttiispouier may be kept up to h:ack Q. I'Q/fget

Etfect: The user-can sense the presence and identtty of a specill person 'for whom be searches. 'The user can sense h0W badly wounded, d lseased'orotherwise physicaJJy disturbed the target Is,

A target may use the control skill to hide his identity from the Jedi uses!.ife sense. The character's control skill

is added to the senser's difficulty. . -


Scnse_Difficullj\:See below: modified by.proximity. Note: TIle Force-user mustchoose one speciflc speclesas a-speclaltzatton (see below).

Required Powersr Life det'ection life se11§_e, sense Force

Time To Use: Two days (or: more)

Effect: This power is used to dete ; tlru:ge concentrations of member'S of a.spectfic species, such as humans .• RoiliailS, QT Chadra-Fan, When the poWel'is usetl Sl:'I;'cessfully, the users sense ~Iile g~l1Jeral 'di'rection toward the pepulatton -, lf the user's roll'exceerls tile di fficlll t·y by 10 er more points, the. user also knowsapproxtrnate

. dlsl;am:e: (i, e., l~ u n dred s. or thous ands of kilorneters.. or single; tens, hundreds, or thous'6tH:''' of.li.ght,oyears).

The base dilflc.t:tIty: fo us.€ U1js power dependsupon

tlie:slz.e of the oear.gst· sj'gnl1i~allt ~QP\!l1 ation:

VerY r~, PtlPul'~ti()n ~p tens of billions

Easy Population in billiQn.

Moderate PO,puJatton in hundreds of millions

OIff.icult F'oj;mlarti0(] iliJ tens of mmi0ils

Very Dtlflcult Population in milltons

He.f~j't P,Q1'lularlqn j'ri hundreds of


Thi~ pewer l1'J.ay not be used to. detect pepulations smaller than 1flQ;O.IJ0indivl:duals.

Wlien this power is selected, tl1e Force-useemust select a specific fnMUi_gerti specles to specialize .In. A Force-user may select B;ore IIf· W(1b species Sp€gj~.J.iz_ations at a cost of three Character Potnts per add,,ition~1 speetes, The Force-use» must be IamaJJ;iar with the spedes -for.~arrl.pJe, Ulic Qel-Qroma could specialize in life web: Twi"lek since he is familiar with Tott Doneeta's uruqueTosce presence-,"olilt he would not be able to select: life we'b,·Rbdi.€ln 'until ~J:e,s peut ttnie with amem ber of that species. TJ'lis power mal)! only b .. e used to detect specles that ~h~ Fmfce;:us,er hasspe:c.iaHzed In.

This power requires at least two. da¥~ of conttnuous cone ntration. For eachaddltlonal tW(I!! days of eoncentration, -the Force-user may add +lD to-h-ls'~r-her sense

roll, - _.


sense Difficulty: Very Easy. MO'dHied by proximity. Time To Use: Three rounds

Effect.: This power allows a: Jedi to increase the eflectlveuess of his normal senses to perceive things that otherwise would be impossible without artlftcial .alds, He can hear noises beyond his normal hearing clue to distanc or softness - he can't hear b yond normal Ireq uencies. L*t;!wise;.h~-carl see no rmallyvls! ble thil'lgs over dlstances that would nerrnallyrequire the use of rnacroblneculars, and identify scents and odors that are normally too faint for huriranolfactory senses.


Sense DiffknUy: Very Easy for friendly, nen-reslstrng targets. U target resists. he makes aPere,epriofi OJ' control rell to determine' the dl ttleulty. Mod lfied by.prOldm1ty and relationship.

Required Power: Life sense

T~ is patser iTwY'Q€ kepl_ up if the large! is W(ll i ng-a ndthe proxlmityn1odi'fier doe n't increase.

E«e~t: lf the Jed! makes thepower roll, he can read the surface thoughts and em of ions of the target. The Jedl "hears' what the target tsthtnldng; but cannot probefer deeper tntormatton, When- the' Jew, uses the power on anatherp'!aye.rchar-&@tel'. the garnei~asrer askstheplayer lfhe'J;bjn@sthepoWerbelng,tlsedon his charact r; iithe target isa gamemastey"character;1hegamema_ster must determlae for hhnself tt the target is friendly or resistant. , [f the skilLroll is double the.difficulty, the Jedican silt, through any memories up'to 24b@urs old. AJetiicatlllo.t sift through memories In the same.roundthat-contact is

made -this proce-ss takes, a fu.fI round. - .

A Jetll can r:e'a¢1 the IriJl'),Gls of more tIl an one person at 1;1. tlrne, but each add1Uo~al person counts as an addluonat action, with separate rolls.and rnnltiple skill-use penalties.

Thls power may De usem on creatures and . ther senbient species, although it cahno.t 5e 'used on droids.


I)Wcul~: Moderate for an area; Difficult for sensing detaUs"ot sllecit.1c objee,ts within the area. Modified by prextmity.

Effect: This power Is used to- sense theamblent Force within a place. It cannot be used to dete.ct sentient beings, but there-are many-tormsot lifeand llla.Ill~ areas of the galaxy intertwined with the Force wbi:ch can be sensed with this power. .

Sense Farce will tell 'a character 'the rough magnitude of the Fcree in an area or o_ bj ect ,and wh ether the area 01' object tends toward the dark side or the light.


Sense Difficulty: Moderate for frlendly, non-reslstlng targets. Moderate plus target's Perception orcontro; roll (whichever is higher) to determine. the difficulty of the probe on an unwilling subject.

Required Powers: Life detection, tite. sense. receptive telepathy, sense Force

Time 110 Use: Six rounds.

Effect: This power allows a.Jedi to probe the mind 0'£ a target, and determine whether that person has the potentral to be strong in rhe Force.

The deep subconscious of a Force-sensitive person is shielded bya protective barrier which pr-events another Force Wielder from penetrating his or her inner mind, This shield pushes violently back at an tntruder, sending him or her stumbling back. This "shield' is aFI involuntary defense mechanism rnalntejned by every Forcesensitive person. It is one reliable way to determlne which people might have the potential to become .ledl,

The magnitude of the backlash generated by the 'shield depends on the character's strength in the Force.

A person who is, merely Force-sensitive will shove the tntruder back-by a meter, Someone with actual Force skills will produce a more intense reaction. Those With little training wiU send the intruder reeltng back -across the mom. Someone who, is well-trarned, or Who has a great deal of rawtalent in the Force, might actually burl an intruder across the room.


Sense Difficulty, M~odeYate

Reql1iJ'ed Powers: Emptiness, hibernation trance Till.'; pOwer ean ~e kept up. ' Effect: Thts power informs a character 01 the "path"

he travels.whether his current actions are likely to lead him to the dark side. and whether any speclfled future actions are likely to do'so:{thls power may be thought of as farseeing W.ithout control). Bear tnmmd that without control, the Jed 1 does mot have th:e ablllty to decide whether h~ Sees the past, present, or a possible future. The visions h r celves are more likely to be allegorical in T)1¥t'ure; to receive s pee We detai ls, tM e farseetn g power

.mnst be used. .

Whengiving the results-of this .power, be honest but obscure lItbe characterbas.gaiaed any Dark Side POtnts and is attempting to atone.thls power will tell htrn how

successful he has been within a game context. -

The Jed! can choose to consciously use this power.or it can be a plot device. It the latter, at an appropriate point in thescenarto, Y0l! may- call tor a roll on this J)o~er, 'and gi ve theJedf a vision 'if hes ucceed s. You may use this to tell the players how well they are doing, or to give thema prernonlrlcn O[ doom -j ust before a cr,iti'cai encounter to heighten Ute -tension. You mayuse it to warn them (bY, showing tile luture oHheir current course), to encourage them (particularly when they hay€: done the right thing, but have no way of kn owi-ng) , to pr ovi de hints; or to foreshadow upcoming events.

A vision from the Force should never he taken lightly by the players. It should glvethem s methlng to think about, along with the attendant chances for _good roleplaytng, Bear In mind that different Jedl will tend to receive different renditions of the same scene, and' coosequeutlyyou should tailor the details you give to lit the character concerned. Instead.you m~ght consider altering the way you describe the scenery' tor the dark side, you might always describe rocky and barren terrain, with a cold Wind blowing, or it rrught always be night Ior the dark.side.and daytirne.or dawn for the light stde, You can pres en t these images ina s contr ary a manner as.you wish; provided you are consistent with the descriptions.

Another tbiqg to bear in mind is that it is never easy to tell whtch is the right course to take (although the path of darkness may be dear nough, the path of light is far more elusive) TIle Jed! must still be sure to' follow the Jedi Code regardless of what his vtsions seem 0 be telling him, otherwise his own desires will encourage a less truthful vision and cause his downfall. Anctil is quite

possible for a skilled Dark Jedi to twist the readings 01

this power to suit his owo ends. ,/'


Example: Another narration: "You are scram-

bllng through a rocky landscape at ntght. The only light is a feeble flow ahead o,f you, coming from behind the next outcropping. You are hurrying, trying to arrive in tl me te avert .... sornethtng. When Y.0U pass the outcrop, the terrain falls away on all SIdes, and you find yourself on the edge of a gjg~ntic precipice. like the inner rim of a volcano. Rock walls loom high on the opposite side of the pit. Standing. along arid vulnerable on a spike 01 rock scarcely half a meter wide at the tip. IS your companion Tetsu, He is scared and crying. 1'11e column he is on is nowhere connected to the rim where you are standtng: there is no way to reach him. A wind begins to bowl up from below."

Example: Another narration: "You are walking along a path; the route is straight and wide ... and as bled as coal. On your left is a second patti, just as broad, just as straight. and shining brilliant

white, You become aware pf 'a presence walking along tpe s-e ond pathway matching you pace for p-ace. Ahead your paths cross, and the path. that leads away from the point of intersection is twlc€ as' wide as your own: ... and ottndetermmate <.;,0101'.


Sense Difficulty: Moderate for simple phenomena (such as heat or simple scents); Dlfficult Ior more uncommon phenomena (such as cornrn frequencies, infrared radiation); Very Difficult f r specific. complex pheeornena (such as setting olfactory nerves to detect the presence of Tibanna gas).

This potoer can be kept tip. Required rower: Magnify senses

Effect: The.character may s h if-t hts 0 r h er senses as to detect phenomena of a dilferent .tYlile than normal; shifttug eyesight to the 'infrared spectrum, setting olfactory nerves to detect speclllc chemical comblnaticns, or hearingfrequencies.a DOve or belownorrnal range for h is or her species. This power counts as a "SKill, us u for determlnlng die code penalties.

Please note that this power is exceptionally useful In some aspects, but fairly limited in others. For example, a Sed! may detect carom frequencies, but that dE)(~S not mean the Jedl can llsten in onthe transmission. The Jedi wlll be able to detect that a transmlsston is. ~r:es~nt, but may n of uecessani Iybe at)leto lecate th e signal's source, ana certainly will riot be able to decode the inforrnatlon carried by rhetransrntssion,


Sense DlfficriJ ty: -Mod erate f.or humans -or aliens, Di fttcult for droids.If the target is.belng-purposely CJ;.;yl)!fiiC, add +5 to the difficulty, +.20 if the language is written d~~-

This power can be kept up:

Required Powers: R-ec;eptioe t~'lepQlhy, f)17(Jjectiue. telepathy

Effecl: Fh Is power-allows the characten to translate a language and speak it i11l kfn€,l. The J,e~li may dectpher body language, explore the SPOk€fl 'Word; or translate ancient Sith texts, In order fer torus power to w.ork, :the character must ltrst hear the target speak.orsee the words in written form (such as an ancient text or document). This power, thougl; similar to telepathy, has many advantages, First. it t$~s only one application of this _power- tEl. "11,nde:t,s;ta,fltl "a l~ng!Jage.A~ long as they aU speak the same Ianguage andthe power tskeptup the c h arac ter Deed not I'D II for eaeh -judi vtdual tal king, Also, because they also "speak" ,usjhg beeps .ancl whistles, drolds may be communtcated With using. this power. Flnally.fhe Jedl can translate ancient' texts, even if the languagehas long since vanished (rom t~ galaxy.

Note that the character does 110t r¢lily knoto the language. Once this power is no longer 16 use; the .ledi is once again unable to decipher til target language.


Sense PiffiCuJty: Easy if the Jedi has lived in the area fer more than a year; Moderate llthe Jedl has llved in the area between six and twelve months: DiI'h,cult if-the Jed:i has lived in the area between one and six mouths: Very Difficult if the Jedi has lrved Inthearea less titan one month. Modified for proxlrnlty and local rneteorolcgieal conditions.

Re-quired Powers: Magnify senses This power can be kept up.

Effect: Th is power-allows the J edt to au unehi msel flo· the workings of local weather patterns. By sensing the movements of clouds, Winds, tides, and solar bedles, he ·can discern patterns In the weather, and so make limited predictions regarding the behavior of'atmospherlc phe-


The power does not lend itself to quick predictions,

however. It takes weeks for a Jedl-to so acclimate himself to local weather' patterns and becorne ~amiliar w,fth unique features of the local topography that be can obtain accurate readings.

The prediction is-effective f,or four hours. The difficultytncreases i'f the Jedt wishes.to make 1110re extended forecasts,



Alter nifficulty: T-arget's e.ontl;%Qr Perception roll. Required Power: Life tense

Wa:ming:A tliil,tacterwho,u.ses this powerrecelves a DaJ7k Side Point.

. Meet:!,;n aliacker must be tQ uch ing the target to use this power. In combat, this means fj-{akil'lg a successful brmliling attack in the same round thatthe power is to be used.

When the pewertsactfvated, the.user' makes OI,1e roll.

I.f he-rolls higher than thech.ata:ctC;!r's res is tiQ:g control or Perception total, (i.gme damage as if the power roll was a da~age total arrd the control or Perception .roll was a Strength roll to resist damage.


AIJer Diffiq.lIty: Vexy ~<!~y for object'S weighing one kilogram or Ie_55. Easy for objects weig!;}ting' one to ten kilograms; Moderate for objects 11 to 100 ktlograrns:

Dillicult for Hllkllograms to ene-rnetrlc ton; V'eJ.'Y Diffie cult for 1,001 kilograms to ten metric tons; Heroic lor objects, weighl1ig [OiOOl kilograms to 100 metric tons.

Object may be movedat 10 meters pel' round; add +5 per addl tional 10 TIl eters per round, Th e target must be in sight of the Jedl.

Increased difIic::ulty if object isn't moving in simple,

straight-line movement:

+1 to +5 for gentle turns

+6 to -t 10 for easy rrtaneuvers

+ 11 to 25 CDr more for complex maneuvers, such as

using a levitated llghtsaber to attack

Modified by-proximity.

This pouier can be kept up.

Effect: This power allows fhe Jedi to levitate and move objects with the power of'hts rnmd alone. II used successfully. the object moves as the Jedl desires,

A Jedl tan levitate several objects shnultaneously, but each additional object requires the Jedi to make a new power roll.

This power can be used to levitate oneself or: others. lt can be used as a primitive space drive Inernergeucles.

When used to levitate someone against their Will; the t-arget may resist by adding their Perception or centro! roll tothe ditilculty number,

Levitated objects .an'be used to attack other.characters, but this autornattcally gives the Jedi a Dark Side

:Oh_lt.Such o~jects d~ lD damageif under a'kilograrn, 2D If one to ten kilos 4D If 11 to 100 kilos, 3D Speeder-scale d-amage if 101 kilos to one metric ton, 3D Starfighterscale-damage !fone to-ten tons and 5D Starftghter-scale damage tl 11 tc 100 metrtc tons,

Such attacks would require an. addltional cantroi TQ[1' by the Jecli,which wouJd be the to hit roli against the target:s_qOdg/Z. [fthe charecter doesn'tdodge the attack, the difficulty Is Easy.


Control Bifficwty: Very E~y. M0dified by: proximjtY.

Add -t!).'t.o ~,l:lO to-the dilHc::.ul.fy if the: char-a .ter' wishes to see into the pas t. Add"," J 0 to .. 3001" more If the character wtshestc see into the 'future.

Sense Difficulty: Very EallY if the tru::g~t is fri endlyand doesn't resist. If the target resists, make a controt er Perception total for the dlffi.;:ulty. Modified by relationship.

Requlred Power: Lite sense

Time To Use: At least one minute

Wee!; The user sees the person or place he wishes to see in his mind as the sltuatlon currently exists, The power can also be used to see the past C:H" th€! future. The Jedl also sees the immediate surroundlngs, and so can know, for example, when a Irlend is in danger, or what has happened to hls home planet in his absenc .

Farseeing requires calm condittonsand .a1 least one minute, but often takes.a.Iew mlnutes, Far.reeingcannot be darrein the face QI danger. TheJedl's visions may not be' entirely accurate:

Power Sense Past/Present
roU .~ diffiHulty Future
0-10 50% 10%
11-20 70.% 2S%
21-30 90% 50%
31:t 100% 75% The pastand present are set and It is merely a matter of the Jedi having correct perceptions. However, the Iuturels always fluid, always in motion, never set until it becomes the present - therefore it is much harder to predict. The percentages en the chart ar!! a r0ugh measure of how much correct tntormatron the character receives in their vision,

. For example. 10% means that the chara .ter will-only be able to make out the most basic detai Is of a situation, such as "My friends are in danger." 25W, means that the JecU gets a somewhat accurate vision of wbat wUI transptre, but most major detatls wtll be mlsstng from 'the vision . .50% means that thecharacter's vision was about

half right. 75'1,', means that the character lias an undersrandirig.ot foe critical happ nlngs, but thecharacter still has' missed a major detail or two, which, of course, can complicate-things. 90'](' means that the character has avery accurate and very detailed vision of what has or will transpired, 100% means that the clraracter's vision is even more accurate and detailed, cornpl te with minor, almost trivial details.

When a character tarsees lnte the future, the gamemaster bas to make an honest effort to correctly representwhatwill happen: if the characters get a 75'J{. result, the gamernaster must try 10 predict What he thinks the character's will do and what the outcome will be. Of course, since the future is so fluid, things are always subject to change. Farseetng+s a great mechanic lor-the gamemasjer to reveal part qf the's tory -enougb to tantalize the players, without ruining the story.


Control DifficulO': Moderate

Sense DiffietUty: See belewModifted by proxlmlty, Required Powers: Life detection; life sense, magnify

senses, re(!~pti()e telepathy ,

Thi-s power can be kept up.

llliect:A Jedl character may choose the We bond power to permanentlyform arnental Ilnk with one other indlvldual, normally a mate (although sometimes siblings, parent andchtlc.oreven very close friends choose to life ban d) ..

Detailed information can be learned by activating the power. If both characters have the life bond power redu:_ce all sensedlfflcultles by one level (although both characters must still roll for life bond to achieve the benefits listed below). Th:e followlAg benefits are onlyln effect when the characters are actively using the Hie bond I!)'Qw.e~.

On an Ea!:i:Y sense 1'011, the Force-user is aware of the other's g~eJ"a'l location and general emotional stare: wh~tl~er the person isltightenea, in pain, injured, happy or experiencing some other strong emcnon,

00 a Moderate sense roll.the Force-user experiences fbe otb.er.~'s_ senses: he or she sees through the other's eyes, hears-what the-other hears, and smells.tastes, and teels what tlreothespersontsesperlenclrrg. However, at this level! .the characters areaf1ected by each other's experiences - both charaeters share pain, and if one character is injured, the other charaeter suffers all injury one level-lower (Le., if one character is, mortally wounded, the llfe-bonded character is lncapacrtated). )

On amfflcwJt sense roJ I, the Force-user is considered telepatlucally !1Ii1.ked to' t,be life 'bond partner and can read the surface tho~ghis of the other if the other is willing to' share those thoughts (as per the receptive telepathy power, out this ts not an lu'ldltjanal skill roll).

On a Very Dlfficult sense roll, the Force-user can send th0ughts to' the Ilfe-bonded partner (as' per the projecttve telepathy power), allowing the characters to carry on a telepathic conversatlon.

As an added benefit, the two characters can have premonitions about' each other: for example, if one character is severely In] ured, his or her'life bond partner will sense thatsorhethlng bad has happened. T'hls aspect of the me bond power ts modified by proximity only, as outline below. Sensing premonitions is automatic if Within 11,000 kilometers of each other. If on the same planet but more than 1,000 kilometers from each other a Very Ea:.5Y sense roll is necessary to sense prernonltions. [f not on the same planet burin the same star system an Easy sense fall is necessary to sense prernonitions.It not in the same star system but Within 10 llghtyears" a Mod erate sense ro II is required. If more than 10 light-years but less than lob light~years away, a Difficult sens e roll is necess ary, [f more than 100 ligh t-years away from each other, a Very Difficult sense roll isnecessary.

Llfe-bonded characters may not sharesktlls, attributes, Force POints, or Character Points. However, since the

characters do have such a dose bend, the actions of one can affect the other. U a llfe-bonded character commits an evil.action, theJedlpartner receives a Dark'Side Point even though these actions were not the Jedt's fault, Obviously, Iif-e bonding is an exceedingly serious com-

, mltment, and notto be taken-Iightiy,

Both characters must agree to the life bond for the power to work .and a character inay only life bond with Pile other Indtvidual, We bonding takes 10 weeks to complete Cas the Jedl becomes accustomed to the background R@rce presence-ofthe Hfe bond partner), During that time, the Jedi's control is ·10. 'The life bond power' may not be activated until the ebond is completely formed.

Death is the only means of severing t-he life bond. If one member j;)f a life-bonded couple is killed, the surviving partner 'enters a near-catasontc state of shock of 10 days. Aft~r re-awakening, the partner grieves and readj usts to a so lltary existence; ·all. d tecodes are red uced by -l D tor the same amount ottlrne it took to forge the life bond.

Any attempt to fotge a mew life bond ill the future: requires a much longerpenod of adjustment; 20 weeks for a second bond, 3D weeks tor a third bond, and so

~rth. .


Control Iliffierilry: 'Moderate Sense Difficulty: Easy

Tbis power can be kepllip.

Effect: To use a llghrsaber most effectively, a Jedl learns this power. The Jedl uses th-is power both to wleld this elegant but dtfficult-to-contrcl weapon while also sensing his opponent's actions tbrough his conneotron to the Force.

This power is called upon at the start of a battle and remains up untllthe Jedt ls stunned or Injured: aJedi who has been injured or stunned may attempt to bring the power back up.

if the Jedi is successful in using this power. the Jedl add~ his sense dtce.to his tighlsaber skill mil when trying to hita target or-parry, and he adds or subtracts lip to the number eDihj's control dice to the Lightsaber's 50 damage When it hits if) combat. Players must decide. how many control dice they are adding or subtracting before they roll damage. .

lithe Jedifails the power roll, he must use theltghtsaber with only his lightsaber skill to hit and the weapon's normal damage in combat and he cannot attempt to use the power again forthe duration of the combat.

FJrianY~ the Jedl may use lightsaber combat to parry blaster bolts. To do this, the character must declare that he ts parrying that round, using his' ltghtsaber skill as normal

The .Jedi may also attempt to control where-deflected blaster bolts g:o,aJtholilgh .this counts as an additional action, The Jedl must declar whtch speelllc shot be is controlling. Then, 'once the roll is made to see if the

blaster bolt was parried D¥ the Jedl, the Jed] makes a control roll, witlt the dlf(i€l!litybliil'lg t'lis new target IS dodge or the range (Ilgured Irom the Jetli io the targe'!). The damage is that of .the ortgina.! m1.a$b¢T bolr,

Examplel Ulic;;is entering li:gntsab~r .g,_omhatJ cfnri ha~ a.lightsaber skill 0(5D+2. lil"cQntrol «so ] and osense of 21J-h2; 11 Uiic makes his Moderate aontrlDl"ro/l and, his Easy sense toll, he sels to addhis,coritrol to-his IIghtsaber: s~i"" in combat, so he wou1i:L fight a17.ii parry with ,as-kill of 9D. He wOulda{so,add.bi$serise to me lightsiJ.ber's fIIOrmal damage of 5D, ror a ITE!4J ,dfilmoge of SDrt-I. ,these bonuses are' in ~ffe(ft. until VUc drops the powero'P is,Stliflnecj: or injured-and forced to drop the pouier. However, since the power is "up," Ulic subtracts -2D from all actions U,Jh'ile

us ing the pa)/per. .

If UUc wants to deflect blaster bans 'flu ring a round, in/he declaration phase he muStsay/,hat/:le is lrghtsaber parrying and that he will attempt to detlece a specific shot baok at someone standing only four meters away. The attacker is 20 meters away and using Q pulse-wave pistol [4D damage).

First, Ulic must wait and 'See ifhis ligfitsaber parry was good enough to detiee: ttie blaster bolt out of the way. lfhe does p(1ny,~ Vile can not» attempt todetiec: mebolt. He must mak.e·en.additiondlcont"(bl roll, a/-2D (because ltghtsaber combat is still up), but since his target is Qnly f(fJtn~ meters away, wll jell is short range for such a weapon, h is difficulty isoniy a 6. Ulie rolls his die-and gets q ti.He hitsthe.farget Willl the reflected blaster bolt. which' does 4D damage (normal-damage (or the weapon).


Control Diffi<;olty: Very Easy .Increase 'dlffic ul ty by +5 to + 1 0 i'f the Jedi cannot verbalize the thoughts he is transmitting (he is gagged. doesn't want to make a

sound). Modlfled by proximity. ,

Sense Difficulty: Very Easy if target is (riefldly and

. . ,

doesn't !'esist. U target resists, rell Perception. or control

roll todetermme thed1fficU,lty .. Modified by relatlonshlp.

Requ:ite~ Powe.t: Recetuiue telepathy

Effe~: It' the J~di successfulty projects his thoughts, the t_arg~_t "hears" hls thoughts and "feels" hls emotions. The target understands that he thoughts and.feelings heis experiencing are not his ownand that they belong to the user of thepower, If the Jedi doesn't "verbally" ld~nti1y himself; thetarget doesn't kPOw who is projecting thoughts to him, This power can onlybe used to corrununtcate-wltlr other minds, not control them.


. . . ".


Control Difficulty: Very Easy. MOdified by relation-


Alter .Difficulty: Very: Easy.

Requtred Power: Control another's pain Time 'To Use: One minute

Effect: The target is allowed to make extra heating rolls, as outlined in accelerate healing .. TheJedi must be toucbing the character whenever he attempts a healing .roll.


Control Djfficulty: Very Easy. Modified by relation-


Alter Difficulty: Very Easy.

Required Powers: Control another's pain, control pain, Time To Use: One minute

Effect: The target is allowed to make extra healing

rolls as outlined in accelerate healing, The JecU must be touching the character whenever this .ppwer lsecttvated.


I .. , .

Control Dif'fi(ndty,: Very Easy. Modtfled oj' proximity

and relatibnship. '

Alter Difficulty: Easy tor wewl;delil characters; Maderate for tncapacitated.characters: Difficult f0r mortally wounded characters

Required Pawer: Control pain

Effect: This power has the same, effect on the target that control' pain does on it's user.


Corrlr'ol Dlffi(]Dlty~: Mod,er,ate Alter Difficulty: \lery~Difficulf

Required Powers: Concentration. hlbernaliontraf1ce, telekinesis

Effe,ct: Th_is power allows a Jedi to control ~be amount qf ,oxygen IloWiflg ,iJ;l~o htsor' her I/)Od)" 'th,e J~Qi take!} control of the surrourrdtngatrncsphere, p'uLlJng oxygen molecules through the skin and Into the lungs. Wjth this power the Jedi can :effectively breathe urrderwater, and conversely, a waterbreathercould surviveon land. In game 'terms, this power negates the need f0r a breath mask, mechgill, or any rebreathergear. In the cold of space or a hard vacuum, however, this' power would be of little use.Even if the Jedi could somehow survive the drastic changes in pressure or the extreme temperatu res, there is not eflQugll_,0xyg,en in t-Il ese en vtronments for the Jedi to "grab."

The power will remain up until t-he charactereither takes incapacltatlng damage or willfully drops it.


Control Di'fficulty: Very Easy, modified by relatlonship,

Alter Difficulty: Very Easy for very-mild poison (such as alcohol); Easy fo'r a mild poison; Moderate for an average poison; Dtfflcult for i.'I virulent poison; Very Difficult to.Heroic Ier a neurotoxin.

Required Powers: Accel"ri1fe heatins; accelerate another's heating, entroi pain. control- another's pain, detoxify poison

TlmeTo Use: 5 minutes

Effect: This power allows.a Jedi to remove or detoxify poison from a patient s body faster than is normally possible. While using this power, the .Jedi remain in physical contact with the patient. As longas the Jedl is in contact with the target, that person is considered immune to the effects of-the poison. Fauure to makethe requlredconrro?' and alter difficulty checks or hreaklng physical contact during the use of the power causes the patient a wound.


Control D,lm~~ty: Moderate when activated; Very Easyfor each-round thereafter

Alter Dlffl'eulty: Mbde:ra~e when raised: no roll [or su bsequent-reurids.

Required Powe.nSense Force

W~iAnx. Jedl who activates this power .automag.ca4y reeerves a Dark ide Point,

_'rhi"$ power can 'b~ kepf'l:Jp.

E,fl'ect: This power allows a Jed) to feed on the fear, hatred. or other negatrv emotion of others to make hiruself -ffior'e powerful. R does not matter to the dark side whilhe others are filLed With dark emotions; the Ieelirrgs alone suffice.

In _game terms, in any round in which a character using this power is in the presence of a light side Forcesensitive who galns a Dark Side Point, the character gains 8' bark Side Point and a Force Polnt. II multiple c ha racters gai rr Dark S Ide Poin t s in the s am e rou nd, l he character gains multiple Force POints. These Force Points must be spent within five minutes of being received,

This lsa power that Dark .ledi use togaln power (rom the anger and hatred they-create in their foes. For player characterswho arequlekto anger, j lis impossible to dieroll thei r way out of this srtuatlon, The only way to stop a Jedl from gaining extra Force Points from this power is

to resist the dark side. This can beextremely difficult, particularly since there is nothing to' prevent: the Dark Jed] from doiNg everyrhtng in his power to provide these negative emotions. This 1l1'ight include deception, the butchering of innocents, taunts, tnsults, threats against the-characters, their friend's" famHi«;!$, home planets or bases, and anytb,iI'lg else Uke:lY to mak,e them eallon the dark side.

Players who fail to €Ievis,e,a_'betler way of defeating a Dark Jed! other than by brute force.are very likely to be destroyed iffaced with this power.

Warning: avoid overusing this power. since it can severely disruptgame balance i rnotused 'in moderatien.


Warning:' A Jedi who uses this power for any reason immediately ~ains a Dark Side Point.

Control Diffkglty: Dj rHCl.,lt, as mod lfied by proximl ty, Limited to line-of sIght,

AI,tel· DifficuJ,ty: Perception or control fell 'of target. Effect: This power is a corruptton-ot the Forde. When used it produces bolts of white or blue energy that fly trorn the user's ftngertips like sorcerous lightning: The bolts tear through their tar-get, causing painful-wounds. Since this iJ0wer is Foree-genereted, it can be Foreerepelled using d!'ssipa~e ,eQ.-ergy.

Force lig;htrring coursesover and into Its target.convu Is ing th etargetwlth pain, siphonlngof] his power ,. an d eventually killing him. Armer does 0_01 pretecta character [rom Force Ughtriiil,g. Perce lighfning causes ID of damage lor each 20 0:£ alter the user has (round down: a character with an alter of 5D would cause2D damage),


Control Difficulty: Very Easy. Mcidrfied by.-p,f@ximITy,. Alter DIfficulty; Target's cc}ntrol or Perception roll.

Modified by proximity.· .

Required Power. Control pain, Ufe sense

Warning:'A t!haJ'acter Wh0l,lS(2S thts power imrnedla-tely reeetees a dark.side Pd:iht,.

Effect.: The t-a:t]et expeJ;:teptes great .agony. TIr¢ 'user causes damage by-rolling tb"eir alter ski II, whilethetarget reststsdarnage with tileirqOTrlrol, Perception or.'witl~ power. Damage is. (lgured as if the attack was a stun attack, althougti If'the target suffers any damage cit all, fh'ey 'are so _c.'rtp:pled by: pam .that they :@re 1ii(:apable 'OJ acHng forthe rest of the round arid tbe next .toun.tl.


Control mfficu.,Iiy: Very: Easy: Modified 19yrelations,hi-p,

Alter Diffie-uIly: Very Easy. 'Mot:UHed by proxt rnity. Req_uired 'Power: H.iberrlatlon trance

Time To User rive minutes

Effect: Thts power allows a Jedt to put another character into a hlbernatlon trance, fhe affected character must be in phYsicalliontact with the power's user and must agree to be "shut dawn" - thls power cannot be used as an attack to knock others unconscious,

ThJ$ power Can be used to btitlg",anot-hetchan:l:cter out of a lnbernation trance, but the alter difficulty is increased by + 1 O.

REMOVE ANOTHER'S F AT]OUE ControlDiffituJly·; Easy,

Alter DifficuUJr.': Mo,der-ate, . Mod ifjedby proxtmtty an-d relafionshlp.

Required Powers: Accelemle healing; accelerate ,GII,ather's healing, .. c_onlrQI pain; canim/another's pain, remov,f.'[la{igue,

Effect: This powerallews the Jedi to remove the effects of fatigue in another. However, unlike the basic power, the Jedi must walt until the target is actually fatigued, before o'ft-e~i.f.lg assis tance. Hence the penalties fprfa'llin,gastam/na,¢het::'K_Gan be couateracted, but must be addressed as they occur.


Control nIfflculty:Easy: Modifled by proximi ty. Mo~j-i-

Iied by relationship, .

Alter Difficultt: E.asy for incapacitated characters:

Difficult for mQrtally wounded characters, Required Power: Bema(ri eonseious

Effect: The tar-get returns to consctousness. The target has the sarne.restrlcttonsas Imposed by'the remain conscious pow~:r.


,Control .Diffit':wtl\: Easy. Modified by relationship,

Modified by proXliilily.

Alte); Oifflcult'jf: Mode-rate. .

Reqmr~d PO'W~J:'i: Control- an'ofhf!r's pain Time To 'Use: One rnl nute

Effect: This power will save a mortally wounded ch aracter from d)diig because'the Jedi is transferrtnghis life force to the target, When a, eharacter has force transfene{] to b rm, he rem,altts tnort}l.lIy weunded, but.he will ijot die prQvide.<I he iSH't in] l,U'e:([Ia'g:<Iio, The character ls in hi bernatten J andw.i:]l stay.aJiy~ i'A th.jg state :ra! t;lp to six weeks. The Jedi must be touchtngtne target character

when the power ls.aetlvated. .

Wherrthj,s,p-ower is used, the user must spend a Force Point (this is the life force that is transferred to the t-at.geb); Tilts use is always considered heroic, SI!) the cffaracterwm g~'t the Force Point backa:t :the endot the

adventure, ..

"The:rec1pien't of ti:lis power must be wiUin,g:


Contra] Difficulty: Very Easy fO,1" perceptions; Easy fer memories; Moderate for conelusions. Modified by proxlmity.

~e,J1se Difficulty: Tl!le target's control or Perception roll.

Alter Dlfflculty: Very Easy for slight momentary mtspercepttons, miller changes to distant memories, or if the character doesn 't'care one way or another. Easyfor brief. vtstble phenomena, for memories lessthan a year old, or i1 the character 'feels only minor emotion regarding the concluston he is reaching. Moderate for short halluclnarlons, for memories less than. a day old, or if tlte target has strict orders about the conclusion. Difficult for slight disguises to facia). features, halluclnatlons whlch can be sensed with two senses (s'i,ght and sound. for example), for memories less than a minute old, or if the matter involving the-concluslon is very Important to th e target, Very PifficuJt Ior hallucinations whi ch can be sensedby all five senses, i1the memory change is.amajor one, or if the logic is absolutely clear and corning to 'the wrong conclusion is virtually imposstble.

Effect: This power is used to alter a character's perception so that he senses an illusion or fails to see what the user of the power: doesn't want him to see. This power Is used to permanently alter a character's memortes so that he remembers tlttngs incorrectly or fails to remember something. This power can also be used to 81 era character's, conclusiens so that he comes to an incorrect conclusion;

Before making skill rolls, the character must describe exactly the effect he Is

looki'ng for. The power is nerrnally used on only one target; two or more target'S can only be affected if the power is nsedtwo-or more.times.

A·character belteves he is affected by any successful illusions - a, character who thinks he is struck by. an illusory object would feel the blow. If he thought be was inj",'rf;d, he would feel pain, or 'If he thought he had been killed, J18 would gel unconsclous, However, the character suffers no true injury,

ThLs power cannot atfec drolds or recording devices.


Control Difficulty: Varies based on the number of targeted individuals:

Number of Individuals 1-2

3-2(). 21-1.M 101-10(:)0 100 I-I Q,OOO inooi-

Difficulty' Very£,!'lS:¥ Easy

Moderate Dit,fkult VeryDtfficult Heroic

Sense Diffictdty~ Varies, based on the number of targeted indrvtduals:

'Number of Individuals '1-.2


3-20 21-100

Very Easy Easy


101-1000 100]-10,000 JO;OO'1"1-

Dl(ficult V~ry Oi'lficult Herak

Alter, Difficulryr'Varles based all the number ot-targeted lndlviduals:

Number of Individuals 1-2



Very Easy Easy

21-100 1.01-1000 ioor-ie.eoe IO,OOh-

Moderate Dlfflcult Very DiiU lilt Herotc

This poiuer can be'kep/ tip. Thne. To Use: Five minutes

Effect: Battle med ltat ion has.two possible effect's. The Jedl can force heradversaries to abandon their assault and tum on each other, or she can alter the Ude of the battle, strengthening her allies and at' the same time weakening her enemies. _Before tnlttatingthe power the Jedi must state which effect she wishes to use.

The targets of this _power must have tnltlated combat for the effects to take held, In game terms, a Jedl nl'ay only use this power effectively onor after the.Itrst round ofcombat, 110t before. Enemies are defined as those who seek to opposethe Jedl's immediate goal (rescuing- <to prisoner, defeattng-a gJ"Ci)'UP 01 dark Siders, et cetera); allles are deflnedas those who '~eek to upholdand forward tire Jedi's goal.

When attempting totum attackers against each other, the Jedi's highest skill toll (control, 'sense, 'or alter) to activate the skill becomesthe difficulty the targets must beat to avoid the effect. Otherwise they immediately see their allies as the "true" enemy-and attack. The Jedl must maintain the effect each round for the combatarrts to Continue fighting. On ethe power is dropped, its effects wear off instantly.

On asuccessful roll to change the balance of the battle in the Jedt 's.all ies' favor (Ute power's secon d Iuuc tj on), the Jedi's enemies lose 10 for every 4D she has in her best Force skill, in a skill determined by the Jedi (t.e., Strength, Dexterity, et cetera) to a minimum of 1 D, while her allles receive a bonus of the same value to an attribute 0,1 her choosing.

Example: Nomt Sunrider and three of her Jedi Knight companIons are battling a dozen Slth minions-followers of Freedon Nadd, Seeing the tide of the engagement turning in the dark siders' favor, Nornl decides to use her battle meditation power to help her .a lUes overcome their enemies. Slnce she has a centro! of 1D+l, 11 sense 2D 1, and an alter 10,

she may increase one skill of all Of her companions (sh-e chooses Dexterity in this case) by,:aD'!-] (the hlghestof the three), and decrease one skill of all of her opponents by 20+1 (she-cheeses Slrength), to arnlnlmum of 10" until she drops the power. Wllile N oml conttn ues.to maintain the power. h era II ies all have a 20+1 bonus to Dexterily(ancl all of its skills) and' her enetn i es /1] I have.a 20.+ I pen alty to Strength (and all of its skills),


Warn·iug: Any J'?t1lwho uses thts power automatically receives a, Dark Side Petnt, plus ail ad€litional Dark Side Point for each ewl actren she Iorces a Vidirp of this power to undertake.

Note: This power is so. inherently (JOr-TUp'~ that its d i Ui culties .are s ubstan Hally reduced 'for those who have given themselves over to tile dark Side.

CO.DtroJ Difficulty: Moderate.as.moditied by.relatl onship. Targets wtth an affiuity for the' Force (i.e., have Force skills ar Force Points) mq:y make opposed control O.T Perceptten tolls" selectlng either thejr roll orthe base aifficuI ty, to .restst.

Sense Difficulty: Easy for a Jed! who has turnedto the .dark Side, as modified by. pnoxlmlty, Moderate for a: Jed ( who is of the-Ilght Side, as rnodlfled by proximity.

Alter' PtfflcuJ'ty-: Variable. depending on the number or targets ,being controlled and' whether or not they are willing. Targets with an affinity foi the FOTc,e may make opposed rolls, choosing elthertheir ron or the diffic:wlty, whichever is higheL

For a Jedt who has turned to the dark side:

Number Willi:og Un\VilJipg

1 Very Easy Easy

2 Easy Moderate

3 Moderate Difficult

4--'5 Difficult Very Difficult

6--'8 Very Difficult HerOIC (31 +)

For a Jedi who is of the llght' side_:

Number Willing

J 'Moderate

2 oun ult

3 Very Difficult

UnwllJjng Difficult

Very Difficult Heroic (31 + )

Effect; The use of this poweraJJows a Jedi to take control otanother person, turning him into a puppet who must obey-the Jedl's Will. When used sue cessfully, a Jedi can control the actions of others, making them serv€! his will like automatons. The power may be kept-up toallow the user to maintain control of his target's mind-the Jedl must make a new roll if a new target is to be added,

Characters versed in the ways of the force (with an Force skills) canactrvely resist by rolling a control or Perception total.A character with an.Inherent affinity ror the Force may resist by rolling a, Perceptlou total. The character' may choose either the diffic;ul:ty fqy the power use-or his own roll, If the Jedi attempts tocontrot more than one such Force-sensitive character at th'e same time, for all character beyond the first, add +1 [or each die code of Perception or control (as. per "Combing Rules"). The Jedl must make a new power roll whenever he att empt 5 to take over a new tar:get. Targets may be released without-a roll.

Control mina cannot be used to c@nlml'droids or compulers.


Control DifQculty: Heroic Sense Difficulty:" Herotc

AJter Difficulty: Heroic. Modified by proximity. ModrIled by the diameter of the storm desired: +5 for 1.00 meters or less, ".10 [01· 100 meters t. on" kilometer, + 15 for a base of" one kllotneterand +2 [or every addilional kilometer. Modified by damage: f5 per 10 of damage. Must make Herol c rol Is. each S\J ccess lve TQu n d to control the storm. Mustmake a VeryDiHicult roll to dissipate the storm:

Required Powers: Hibernation trance, life detection, life sense, tnagn iry senses; receptiIJ€ telepallry, sense Force, tele kinesis, farseeing. projective felepaJhy, instinctive

Qsh·ogalion., rage .

Warn.ng: Force Storms are immensely. destructive and vlolate the laws of nature. A Jedi USinjf this power eutomatically receives a Dark Side Point. .

Effect: This is perhaps the single most destructive Force power known. lt allows the Jedl to tWi')tth.e spacetime continuum to create VAst storms of Force, The power also allows lirnltedcontrol -of these storms. Capable of cr" atlng annihilating vortices, the storms can swallow-whole fleets-of spaceships or tear the surfaces off worlds.

.. Use 01 this power requires the focusing of hate and anger to an almost palpable degree and there in considerable danger Involved. Some are able to create Force storms; but fail at harnessing what they have foolishly unleashed. Olten.those who ~ail to control rhe storm are themselves CO 11 sumed and destroyed.If the Force-user is destroyed, the storm dissipates within minutes.

Wh~na Jedi attempts to createa Ferce.storm-he must determine the diameter and the amount of (iJa£)1a'ge (the damage di ce are capi tal scale). lf th e Jedi fal Is any 91 th e rolls, the storm is summoned With the desired damage

but it attempts to consume the summoner. .

At a: + 10 eli rOculty, the summoner can attemptunusual maneuvers with the storm, suchas creating a vortex.to draw unwary victims to a specified point ..


Control :Difficulty: Very Difflcult Sense. Difficulty: Ve ry Dlfficu It Alter· DlfflCUlty; Herotc

Required Powers: Control pain. emptiness, life delecNOli, life. sense, magnify senses, receptiue telepathy, . ense Force, telekinesis, projective teiepathy, eontrot CI.nottier"s pain, transfer F01"<]e, affect mind. dim other's senses

This power must be keplup.

Warning: A character WBo uses this power receives a

Dark Side Point, "

Time To Use: Five minutes

I;ftect: Thlspower create a doppleganger of the Forceuser. The doppleganger is an illusion, but to hose who interact with it, it seems real. The user tan sense all normal senses through thedappleganger,.qpd the duplicate seems to have form and substance: thedoppleganger registers as normal on all drold audto and video.sensors. Those with the doppleganger believe It to bea real person. The doppleganger acts with h'alf the skill dice of, the person using the power. The user must roll once every five minutes to maintain the doppleganger; if the Jedl stops using the power or the doppleganger is fata!Jy injured, it simply fades Into nonexlstence,


Control Difficulty: Ve-ry Difftcult, inversely modified by; relationship. for example, usi ng this power on.a.elose relative would add +30 to the difficulty; usingthls power on a complete strange of another species wQwld add notliing to the difficulty.

Sense DLfficulty: USe the chart below:

Di:l'ijculty Number of Victims

Very Easy 1-5

Easy 6-50

Moderate 5.1-1,090

OifficuJt I ;OOl~5I').~)OO

Very Difficult 50,001-1 million

Heroic 1. million to 10 rnilllon

Alter mfficultY: Easy for willing, worshipful subjects .

Difficult Ior ambivalent 01' apathetic lndlviduals. Heroic tor enerntes, Acid fl.!) to the difficulty if indtviduals are imbued w'ith th - light side of the Force.

Required Power: Controt 'pain, hibernation trance, Me detection, life sense, magnify sen es.receptiee te,lepa(hy, sense Foree, (elel?ine-sis, farseeing, projecttue te/epa.thy\ controlanottier's pain, transfer Force, affe I mind. control mind, dim other's senses

77Jis power: (C.1l1 bekept up.

Warning: And Jedl who uses this power gains a Dark Side Point.

Effect: This power allows, a Jedl to draw liff;'! energy from those around hlm and, to dianil·~J the negative effects of the dark side Into those vi .tlrns.

All livtng ~hiJlgs are a. part of and contrlbute to. the

Forte; even those wtth no awareness of th~ force are affected by and are a part of I t, M~lJY b~i_ngs:go tbrul!gh their daily lives wasting much of theirllfe energy. This power d FaWS that Ii feenergy from beings, aJ lowing a J edi to use "that enfffgy to further his or h-er owri ends.

To drawthisenergy the Jedi must roll for the power once per day, TI'8 power-is considered to be up: at all tlmes"and thus the Jer:,lj sutlers appropriate die penalties.

The arnou nt of energy the Jedl .draws 'depends on the' number of individuals a-ffected by the. power and the length of ttrne they have been drained.

For lndivlduals who havebeen drained.Ior Jessthan

oneweek or longer than one month:

l-S-oti'e Force Point per week

~50-one Force Point per five days 51-I,ObO__;oue Force. Point perthree days 1,00 J-50,O'OO-one Force' Point p~]" two days 50,001-1 million-one Force Point per day

1. million to 1'0 million-c-one Force Point per 12 hours

For Individuals who have been drained Iongerthan

one week and less-than one month: .

1-5-one Force POint per five days and + 1 D to all Force skills

:.6~50:"""':one Force Petnt per three days and +2D to all P0f'c:::e ski1l_s

-5l-l ,OOO-oIre FOfC'e Point per tW0 days and +3D to all Force-skills

. 1,'OO]~50,O"OO-Qne Force.Polat per day and +3D+2 to all Force skins

e- SD,0'01-1 tnflHon-one Force Point per 12 hours and +4D'tQ au Forceskills

] millipn to. 10 million-c-one Forc-e Potnt pet 6 hours and +4D+2 to. all Force skills


Control Difficulty:~odera~~ as modified by proximity.

Sense D ilficUI ty: Diffie u I t

Alter Dlfflculty: Dependent upon the number of indtviduals berng affected by the power.

NUmber of lndlvidnals

to be Affected Difficulty

1-10 Very Easy

11-100 iOl-500 501-5,000 S;O(H-50,OOO '50,OOI-5oo,0{)'

Easy Moderate Difficult Very DifHcl:llt Heroic (3'1+)

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to coordinate the activt ties of agrou p to mcrease thegroup '5, elf~<;ii·v~oess at a given task. The power Was often used b-y the Emperor to increase the fighting ablhty of hts troops, rnentally drrving them on and supplementing their wBJ to fight. This power may only be used Oil indlvtduals who are in azreernent with the intent of the Jedl, and it in no

way grants 'the Jedl mental co ritt'1CI I , over the troops affected. Instead, it links the troops all a subconscious level a.Jlowil'Jg them to fight more proficiently and with better organization. ll the power -is successfully called JIlPQn, the Jedt picks three specific skills. The skil) must be the same fer the eetire group. Fot ~v.~ry 3.D (round Clown) in those skills that the.troops have, they recetve a bonus, of "J D.

The Jedi may keep this power up,.aithb.ugh he D1US.t make anew power rollwhenev.er new troops are added to.the powes'ssptrereof influence, or whenever the skills affected ere-changed. Th Jedi mayonlyafJectDexlerity, Technical, aFIq StrerlgtlJskills.


Control DiffictlltY: Difficult. modified by j)tQxi"lll,lty Sense Difficulty; Dlftleult, modified by.relattonshrp

AlteE DifficuJty.: Moderate .

Required Power: Life detection, life sense, projective telt;pathy, receptiue telepathy

Thts potJ,Jer eon be 'kepI up,

Ef.f~,ct: This pewer.a) ,I ows.several.w! I I In go Jedl to rnanl(est the power of the light side. As long as the power is

operating, it bathes the users til the celestial illuminati on that is the Jtght side. Jt can act asa shield against the powers of the dark side, ·gIving an extra 50 for each Force-user involved to resist the effects.of powers-called upon by dark side servants. Note that +5D may seem to be an immense bOElUS, but since this power .must be maintained, the Jedj calling upon it suffer a 20 penalty; The humber o[Fb;rce-USers linked,in this power is ltrnlted by the number of dice the power's il'l'itiatt)r .has In the control.or sense skill, whic.heveris lower. For example, if Lela, who has a con trol oJ 5D+ 1 and !:l sense of 40+.2, used Force harmony she would be able to link orrly four people (inal ud ihg, herself),

When acting asa shield against the' dark s j de, jJ both the control.and senserolls exceed the-success raU of the dark slde power used (if the p<:lWer requites multiple sklllarolls, the highest mil), the dark .stde power is interrupted. All up powers are interrupted as if the user were stunned, 1.t cannot cancel out the presence of the dark side, but can distract its servants and make their actions more difficult.


Control Difficulty: Difficult. sense Difficulty: Difficult

Aller Difficulty: Mod~~a,te, modified by proximity, Required Powers. Concentration, t€l.ekine_,sis

The target must be in wl'thln the Jedi"sUne -of s 19l1l Effect: Projected fig!lting: allows a Jedl.tostrlke at an

opponent, Intltcttng damage without physically teuching the-target. Use oJ this poweri s morethana little risky; in many cases projected Hghting is quite simply using the.Force for attack. However, theJedi attempting to use projected fighting can elect to cause stun damage only, and evert then should only attem pt 1:'0 US:e this power if it ls tq protect arr tnnacent in trarrred i~~e _ danger, . A Jedi who uses pf"9jected fighting for ~ny. Qth~r reason, .or causesanythtng. tn.o.t~· serloirs than stun damag,~. re-

ceiVes a Dark-Side Poi'[tt. -

After successfully using-the powe-r, the Jedi must make an Easy brawling skrll roll. If attacking a Forcesensitive, the target may use the brawling paF/y skill to avold th~at:taek. O'ther\:yise,. t.he targ~t cannotdodge the Jedi's btows, IJ the urawling roll is- successtul, the .Jedl rolls his .or her full SI:r,eaglli versus the targets Sn'englh. The Jedl may targeta speciflc portton of the body bot ntust.subtraet an additicnal-l Dfrom hlsor her brawling s~UI· (see Star Waf'S, Rev_is'e.d and E~'(J)Qnde(l, page 96 or Star Wars, Second E:diti@riI, page 63). Be sure to add any armor bonuses that the: target-may have.

This power -can be kept up as long as the distance be.twe_~ th~ Jedl and 'th!:l t~wget remains the same, Should thetar~¢t move'sigllifiGantly orthe Jedl wish to setect a new target, the. powermust be-rerelled.


Control Difficulty: Ea~y, Modtfied by· proxlrntty, $eQs,e Dlfficujry:,Easy, MQdiha_d by proximity, AltetDiffi:(:'Ulty: The t:a:r:g.et's.'cc&nl'tol 0:1' Petcepl'ion roll, Reqlilred Power; Control pain, innic! pain . .iil/we/kill.

life sense

Warning: A. characrer who uses this power autornatically receives a Dark Side Point.

Effect ThIS power is used totelekine.ticalty·injure. or kitla target. When the user makes.his aiier toll against the.charaeter's centro! orPereeptiofJ tota:l to determine damage. The ex:a:t~t methoo used to' kill thetarget-varies: c.0'lJapse thetracheastir the brain, squeeze the hea-rt, or any number of other methods,


Control DUficulty.: Heroic. rnodlfled by relationship.

"II- t91'gi2t is unwl IIi ng.tncreasethe . qlflicuJ ty by ... 15, Sense OiIficulty: Hero1q .. modif~eci by proximity, If tal:g~t'i~ U'r;lt~.j'IJil1g, lrrerease diI~kJ4lty by +}5,

Alte'r Oitficlilty.:. V.'ariable,dep.erndlng on willingness and Fct:l;ree a:tfinJty.

Circumstances Specially Prepared

'Clone Host Body

Recently Dead Body Live Willing Host Live UhWiUingHost

Dlfflculty Easy

Moderate Very Difficult Herdt

Those w:ho are Royce-sensitive may make ,1:11 opposed alter or willpower roll, selecting either. the roll or the dllJlculty, whichever is higher.

Required Powers: Absorp/diss,ipate energy; accelerase heating, COMFO! pain, ,detoxify POiS0/1, emptiness, hibetnation trance, reduce injury, remain canscious, resist stun; lite detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive tetepottty. sense Force; injure/kill, telekinesis, Iarseeing, projectiue telepattty, accelerate anomer's healing, con(1ul another's pain, feed on dark side, inflict. pain, return another to cansciousness. transfer Force, affect mind, control mind; dim other's senses

Wam~l,lg: Al;ty Jedl USLOg. this powers receives two DMk Side Points. If attemptmg to 'possess an unwilling host, the.Jedi receives tour Dark Side Points.

Effect: This power aJlows the character to transfer his Or her lHe energy into another body. 'The key to trnrnortality itself, this is one.of the most difficult and evil of all dark side powers, To overcome a spirit already residing in a body Is.nearly impossible. This is why the power is nearlyuseless without the i)biUtyto clone host bodies.

Though theoretically pesslble, it is not yet known what the eHe€t on ali unborn fetus would be. Fortu-

nately, there is almost no hlstory of this power being used successfully. It is believed that if the user's body perishes as an attempt falls the user'S life energy is lost dispersed to the void.


Sense'Dlffieulty; Easy, M !ll1fi,ed by proximity.

Alter Oifficulty: 'Target's control '.01" Perception roll. Tile attribute and skills are reduced-as long as ,l/ie power

is '.f?epl up.

Effe~t: this powergreatly reduces the Perception of thetargetcharecter. 1'1 s uccessfu l, red uce the character' S Perception and aLI Perception skills, depending IJllIoTh\the

rew~ ,

Alter roll ~ contra/or ~I

Perception. r'oU by Reduce Perceptiv"

O~5 -J pips

~lO -2 pips.

11-15 -10

·lG~20 ·2D

2].. -3D

The-power may be used on more than one target at a time, w.ith an increase of +3 to the sense difficulty for each addlttonal target; the target with the h lghest control orPerception rolls for the entire ,group.


Sense I)ifficully:!;:asy Alter Difficulty: Moderate

Required Powers: Absorbl(Ii~~slpa(eenetgy, eoncentraNo.ry, magnify senses; telekinesis

This power (fan be kept up.

Effect: This. power allows the Jedl to surround his' bodywltha Force-generated shield, The shield can be used to repel.energy and physical matter away from the Jedi's body, down to the molecular level,

The shield-acts as STR:,.lD armor to .allenergy and phystcalattacks.madeagainst the Jedi. i'n~h.:rding nondlrectlonalattacks such as gas douds and grenade blasts. The shield is [lot parttcularly strQ)ig'; but can sometimes be Jusl en0ugh to protect the Jedi from serious injury,


Note: This is an involuntary jsower that may be activated when a Dark Jedi loses control of her temper.

Effect: Th e dark sldeof the Fa rce is seductive, offering tremendous power to lure the weak-willed into its grip. Fear, anger, and jealousyere the ties that bind the servants 01 the dark side, and by t.ClPping into: such emcttons, the Dark Jed i are capable-of unleash h:rg untold devastation.

The power to d estray, b owever, dees.l lttle to Improve control of these abilities. Dark Jediwbo have become angeredsometimes lose control of their emotions, Thls can trigger shock waves: that ripple through the 'Force, devastating the Dark Jedi and those unfortunate enough to be in close proxlmity,

The Force scream has been called "awaveol hatred, amplified andfueled by 'the darkstde, til at ts 'Capable p_fsmastrmg through mental arid physical defenses with

ease." A number ofrelerencestoDark JedtfnOld RepubHe archives often mention the Dark Jedi losing control. violently, in the final moments of battle With the Jedi.of the light side of .the Force,

In game terms, a Force scream is a reflex, usually oc(;:ur-rii:tgwlien DarkIedi are provoked into losingtheir tempess.A Dark Jedi must make a Difficult willpower roll whenever.angered to the point of rage; if th e 1'911 fails, the Jed i rei eases the Force.scream, All of the Dar k Jed l' s die, codes ate reduced by 2D for one hall r I and he must rest for one hour or suffer an addltiona] -2D penalty until rested (penaltles areeumulatlve),

The Forte screamcauses.damage equal to the Dark Jedi's.alter skill to all beings.within 50 meters, tncludlng the Dark Jedi who unleashesthls mental energy, Forcesenslt ive characters roll their alter di ee to rests t damage (those without the alter skill use Strength),

I do not believe J should answer such a question - at least, not yet. Do riot misunderstand my reluctance: you have come a long way. But you have yet to pass beyond the barrier that separates the apprentice from the Master. rOe not take this as critielsrn. Your efferts have brought you further than many ethers, and if you continue on thts pq_th, you toill. become a Master.

It Is the sublect you have chosen todlscuss that unsettles me.

The very nature of the Slth etten defies a satisfyin_gexplanatioil.

Their ways seem alien, arid that in itself can be-allunng to some" I hesitate to risk an in-depth discourse of thelr

powers for that sole reason, ,

J believe it would s$tv,e Y0,U better far now to hear the

tales of some Sith devotees, Perhaps later we shall 'dis- j

cuss their theories and powers.

The Slth have existed for well over a himdredthou- J

sand years. OVEr that barely imaginable spaee.otttme

many Sith magicians emerged wi,th theiEigbt of the

darkstde graspedliiTil.l)lln their hands ...

"Perverted, twtsted lies, '" Queen Am,anoa said ,_ her 'WOTd_S saturated wlth dis:gu,_st..

The prisoner before her managed to struggte to hls feet f0r. thethird tiliIle.Onlywith considerable-effort did he raise his head to glare at her, "You ... ybu are the darkness!" be screamed in a ruined voice. "lzlz will fall. It cannot wifhstand the pressure _of this heavy shadow for much longer."

Amanoa could not suppress her anger any longer, and she sw:ept to her feet in one fl.uid motion, her violet-and-black cloak sprea.dJn.goU-f bslrtnd her+n a 'fJeu,rish. She"stoRP~:d aHju~ edge of the throne~'s. raised dais and:' stared down at the pitiful gIan. As if to taunt her e\i\1:ill 'further, the prisoner refused te so much as fllnch ,at her sudden movement,

Her rage_ flared. "Biasphemerl 00 you honestly believe 1 will 'hesitate' to cast you outside these walls? Do not thlnk the knowledgeyou possess is worth more than your lile." The tone of her voice tell. "Why prolong YOUT agpny? There are others who wlU_pel'formtbe same. task

I require of you." -

The half-dead man locked Ills gaze W'1t1~ hers, "Then go and find them."

Amanoawhirled, her scream choked to a muffled growl byi;rer constricted vocal cards. She forced in a deep breath and then exhaled uolslly, but her wild anger dtd not subside.

She turned on the man again, raising one .hand as if she were holding a delicate crystal sphere in her palm. Suddenly a green brillianceflared Irom the pale skin of her hand.fenmtng a ball of erackling; swirling energy. !'YOLI have run out of chances, Olis. And eXpelliAg )(OU into the wilds is too good- for you."

Her aim swept down m.a wide ate and she burled the glowing sphere with a strength that belted her otherwtsefratl statute.

The radlant ball struck Olls square in the chest, launching him backward a ha1f~dozen meters to crumple to the floor in a sickening, wet crunch ofbone snapping within flesh.

Her anger satisfied tor the moment, Amanoa straightened her robe and called'to one of the guards stationed at the throne room's entrance. "Take this away," she said, tndlcattngthe dead prisoner with a disinterested flick af her wrist.

"At your request, my queen."

Amanoa slipped back into her Ia;rge, 'imposing throne and watched the guard remove the refuse. U And be quick aboutit,' she s,ajd, "we're h avtng vtsttors,"

She turned to one of her attendants. "Tell Navar to bring the three Jedi to the throne room at once."


The darkness did riot come eas ily to Arnanoa, but whensh . finaJ.ly embraced it, there was no lettlnggo.

Fr eedori Nadd

brought the teachings of the Slth toOnderon 350. years before the birth of Queen Arnanoa, spreadirtg the wicked ways of the dark side to his followers. The rulers of the walled city of lziz, .a one-tbousand-squaremile. spraw I of turret 5, domes, and spires, becarne the apprentices of Nadd, learning to wieldpower over the dark side.

The Sithknowledge passed clown through the rul,jng lineage, infecting each monarch with hatred and intolerance.aridatt he.same ttmeenslavmgtheut to the will of, the dark side. Toe klngs and queens hid their secr ets well! casting those-who discovered theirnfflliatlons into

the savage wilderness.

Queen Arnanoa had noteven a .suspjcton about her husband's shadow sd allegiance for many years. And when she did discover it, she tutH!2!ly tried to rear King Omrnm.away, to break the bond he had formed with the

Sithways. .

When her efforts failed she feU into a deep breading, for she did not-know how.to help her husband. Overthe years, however, that depresslonturried into anger at the king for having made-the dark alliance in the first place', and then into outright hatred. At the same time, Ommln decided his queenwas ready to Join him, to share in the powerthat he had cultivated over-a lifetime. -

The queen tread slowly into the darkness, but once she passed beyond the poi nt where I igh t could no longer reach, she opened herself completely to the dark side. Omrnm and the spirit of Freedon Nadel instructed her in the Force and In.Srthtechntques. and she gradually grew in power, eventually beeornlng a Iormldable.sorceress in her own right.

Soon alter, however, Ommin began to suffer from a strange Illness that seemed to consume the very marrow

in hIS bones. Within just-a lew years he could not stand Without the aid of a durasteel exoskeleton created by-his persona] d octors.l n the mea n time, A manoa took control of lziz, driving th COnflict with the beast-riders to the brink of 'War.

The specter of Freedon Nadel appeared to h r duting a Sithrituai,and he forettile her destructioll\if she allowed the warto erupt. Ina desperatemeasure to. 'ave herselfshe called upon the help of the Jed] to settle the centurtes-long dlsputeonee and for all;

As she awalts ttl e J edl Mas ters' arrtval she-knows that she-must carefully mask the dark sideis presence when, the Jedi arrive, and she MOpes they will end the hostlllties. quickly and leave Onderon before they grow suspicious.


Type: Slth Adept DEXTERITY 20+1 !Dodge 3D KNOWLIDGE4D

Allenspecies 40, I., bureaucracy.Bi), business 60",2-. Intimidalfon Qp,f.l.}mh6Ia r: Slthlore f.lD+2, wlll jil ower 70

MECHANIcAL 2)>+2 '.


~omf!'1Jnd liD, COil GD+2. persuaslon 60..:1 STRENGTJ:I2D+J

Stamina 4D,2


Special Abilities:

Forae'Skiffs: Cotura! .5D+1. Sense 4D, Aller 4/h2

Control: Ab~o:nhJ~II~$ipa.le ehergy. accelerate healil.\g. concenlralion, control pain, emptln S$, b-ih.ernali.on tr8rfc . r.age

Sensa: Danger· sense, llfedetectlon, .sense Force

A'(I~r.'139rt 01 fl~req

Control and. A{re,,:.A.ura oluneaslness, fee(1 on dark.slde, waves:o( darkness

Sense andAller:Di.rl1 other's senses Thlscharaoterls Eorce;sensltlve FOree Puirils: 2

I?arl£Side Points: 10.

Character Points: 24

Move: g.

Equipment: Slth WrrH!SI $1 tli amulet (ill. conc~nt~at)on.(2 0).


· .. 'TheJedi who fall are the most dangerous of ail."

- line from a: children's rhyme

Four hundred years ago there camea Jedi w.ith unequaled enthusiasm and dedtcatien, a young man who saw himself taking a place alongside the greatest of the' Force's. dlsctples. His eyes gleamed with love for the galaxy - for. existence itself! - and .sparkled with his great hope for universal harmony.

Jedj Masters could only marvel at his openness - at' his willingness to trust and believe and to give himself fully to the Force. His Instructors all agreed that he would become a Master sooner than any Jedi before him - in spirtt at least, if not In technique.

Freedon's first test Came without his knowledge, in a form he never would have guessed. When the time had arrived to bestow the title of full-fledged Jedi Knight on

the apprentices, the Jedi Masters bypassed him.

In that moment theentire galaxy collapsed around him, and he felt as if a black hole hap suddenly opened in his chest. Disappointment' settled upon him, followed quickly by despair -and hurt. He couldn't understand why the Jedl Masters had refused to reward him for all that he had done, for all that he had learned durlnghis time on Ossus, No one had ever hinted at the possibility of his not becoming a Jedl Knight. 1.0 fact, all the instructors and all the other ap pren t ices' had commented on his proficiency and his ability to assimilate the lore and techniques presented to him.

The Jedl Masters' outright denial ol his ascension raised a tremendous conflict within Nadd. In one respect, his instructors praised him, and yet in-the other they berated him. He tried to lnvestlgate the conundrum, tried to trace the individual strands of the knot these two incongruous messages had woven. But no matter how he looked at it, nothtng madesense,

His con tusl all Jed him to an anclentJedi Master named [\.:1atta Tremayne, a hum-an woman from Correth Who spent most of her timepraeticing tightsab'ercadenqes on the eursklrts of Ossus, Though she had spoken Little to him, he-sensed tn her a.serenlty that allowed her ro.vtew the universe in its true' form rather than in the shaded perceptions that most others saw.Evenas he approached her she continued to execute the cadence's moves, with perfection, the thrumming blade rnaking Rot a single extraneous movement. He stood at the edge of the garden in Which she was practicing, waltingsornewhat impatlently for her to address him in some manner. After a hall hour 0"( silence interrupted only by the saber's fuzz-warble, Freedon could no longer keep his thoughts tethered in his mind, ami they all seemed to explode out in one long string of. sentence fragmen ts tern pered by his Ieelings ai abandonment and anger.

Matta sliced downward in a precise arc, pivoted backward, and jabbed str.aigh.t out toward Freedon, stopping the lethal blade olenergy scant centimeters from the young apprentiee's chest. Whllefreedon stared in amazement and confuslon, Matta resumed the cadence. gHding info the next movementas if she hadn't even nojlced him.

Frustrated with Matta-s-and with all theJedi Masters, lor that matter - Freeden turned and stormed off toward thewild Iandssurroundlng the city,

"Freedon," came a withered voice from behind him.

He stopped and slowly fumed around.

Matta stood with her Iightsaber held before, her. With a flick of her finget the bright blade fell back into-its hilt. "Some things cannot b taught air' ctly,' she said, taking several steps toward him, "Some things you must find in yourself. n we were to show it to you, to point to it and say 'look, here it is,' you would not understand it. Jed! must be wllling to Iook lntotheir own hearts and sptrtts. U you do not.:. well, let us just say that you wi!! never become a true Jedl.'

"Master Tremayne, please. I, f do want to.be a.ledi, and

I'm willing todo whatever it takes. ljust need you to point me in the right direction. If you'll just -"

·'1 cannot."

"Why? Why won't you help, me? I'm not askmgyou to hand everything to, me. Just tel! me what it is that's stopping me [rom becoming a Jed! Knight."

"1 cannot," she said, her race and stance both devoid of emotion.

A lance of ragesuddenly .stole into' his heart, lound a stab Ie pu rc hase, and then pulled in all the anger an d hurt he was feeling, focusing it in a single lump ofemotien. "Secrets!" he shouted as he-stepped toward Matta, ~YOl1 -all of.you - hide behind these secrets. Yotrdon't want us to learn them. No, that wouldtake awayyour power, your place in the Force.' As be carne toward her his anger spl lied into the Fest of his body, coursing through his veins in powerful pulses. "1 am a Jedll It doesn't matter what you say. I don't need your permission."

Matta remained silent and made not a move as .she watched him approach,

"You say you cannot answer me. But ISI1 tit tha,t yO~1 won', answer? You," he said, his words entwined with revulsion, I'){OU spin this W61b of babble about nothlng, and you expect us tochase after it like fools. Well, I won't, and' norte of you can handle that. I will bee rile the greatest Jedi who ever lived, with or without your help." . To Freedori's startlernent, Mattei s eyes tensed just slightly" "Prove it to me," she said, her saber flashing to llf with a thrum of static.

. 'FreedOl~ stopped. I'What? I don't - "

Matta s tined th e air wi th tl1 e blade of I igh t. "I say that you are no Jedi. Prove t.o me that you are;"

"You think you can scare me away, is that i~7" he said.

"But I won 'ot run away like tile others. N0', I know I ani the stronger. You can't defeat me with your malignant will." He detached th lightsaber trom his belt and ignited it, rnirrorlng her slow, rotattng movement. He wasn't going to let her win.That would prove that she was right, that he would never become a Jedi. All of his life thatwas all hehad ever wanted, and he wouldn 't let her or any other so-call d Jed! Master take it away. He lunged forward.

Matta countered, throwing his blade off, WiiTI an al most i m percept] b le move rn ent she thrus t her sa her at thee right side of his rib cage just beneath his arm.

It took all the strength Freedon possessed to stop his

own ligJ::rtsaber'sc-ourse and bring it backto knock away Matta's precise attack. They traded several more Me saults .and parries'. and Freedon had to struggle just to deflect Matta's dancing blade,

And fhenfhere it was, a slight mlscalculatlon on Matta's part tl'lat Jeft ah opeamg Freedon could exploit. FQr aU'0j' her atrqjga,.rv€e,her sureness of bel' QW]] ability, she; a Jedi Master, had made a mistake. Now Freedon could teach her and the other Jedl a lesson. He swung hts Ugh:tsabe:r in a wide arc at Matta'S: shoulder.

She looked up [ust as the .. saber-carne around, but she ignored it and Instead gaaed into Freedcn's eyes, As his blade swooped down, he saw something ln.Matta'sstare, an exmresslon,Qf calmness and acceptance, underlled by a str:ength Freedon had never noticed before.

,Suddenly he. knew that he had failed, that Matta had offered him 'a true test and that be had chosen to seeIt as a threat. Deaperately hMl'le~ '~Ost0P tne.falling saber, tried to angle it away from her, but It was teo late. As the blade of Hgh.t struck Matta's shoulder and arced down and across, herrobes collapsed to the floar', suddenly bereft of the tl"ody th~t had held them up a mom ent before.

Freedon stared at the lifeless cleth JYlng before llim. berating himSelf for his bWtHlIroganGe, Bl;lt the more-he thouglit aboutthe wbole siruatI0ri" the moae he realized 'that Matta had brought her dead'! upon herself, 5h-e didn It have to do what she dld to prove her p6fnt. &be WC\s:the an-ogant one. She was responsible for the paln 'he was feeling, and ,yet she was not around 'now to help h imwithtt .She was the onewhs bad takenthe eas y p~_t h, and she was a Jedi Mastel;' How c(>l,lld tl),!;::y reluse to make:blm a Jedl Knight when the Jedi ryra.liters. were weaker than be was.

In-a rage thatclouded htsthoughtsand directed allof his emotions into his anger, he fled from Ossus, Plans of retrlbution IOor what the Jedl had done to him emerged from the blackest places or his soul, feeding: his anger and providing him. with foews. As his world crashed down around him; he clung to hls thoughts of revenge. One day, he knew; he would destroy those who had sought t(1) destroy him. But he needed' to learn more aboutthe Force. needed to possess more-power than the Jedl, Fr0D1 all o'f his studies he knew of onJy one source that would readily accept his apprenticeship. and teach him to wield the Force with impunity ... the Slth.

As Ossus disappeared into a tiny ptnpolnt Oe10W him, he setcourse for Ashas Ree, an ancient system deep in the dark heart of. what had Once been the.Sith Empire. He Would return, he knew. He only needed time to become the greatest Slth.sorcerer that had ever existed.and then he would return to take his revenge on the Jedi ".


Type: BUll Master DEXTERITY'4D

Archaic guns 51) 'l, blastediD+I, braw,Ung patry 70, dodge 9p·,2, llghtsaber 120, melee combat 70,.2, me'lee'piny 81), rnlssfle weapons ~U,f I, thrown weapons 5D ... 2



Allen spefles 9D+1, bureaucracy 4D, cultures 6D, cultures: 51th 10lh2. tntlmldatlon 90,,2, 1",l)gl'Jages 8D, planetary systems 1;0+1, sdhoiar: Slth lore.14D. willpower 4Dd

'MECHtlNrCAL· 20+ 2

\Ard\uk starshtp pilotblg-5Di astroganor: '60'<-1, beast rldJng 6D~2, !ljro,und velncle operatlonSD,,2, repulsorll It uperatlon 6D::si'ii\rngll ler pilotiTIg 70'; st;wU)1p gunnery 60·2,stal'ship shields 4l) '\ PERCEPTION 3D+1. '. I Bargain4D412. command 8D,.2, .con 70; hlde 8D, persuasion 'IOD·l STRENG'FH 3D

BrawHng5b.2. climbing/jumpll'lg 6D.;,2.1i1tlmg 4D;'-2, stamlna ·8D TECHNICAL ZOo

ArmQr r palr :50.'1. rf~st aid SD; IIghisaberrepair 1'2[j .. 2

Special AbHilieil: ,.. .

Force Skills: 'Con/rot 1-4D 2, Sense 1'5D, Aller H'D~ J:

rreetl()n l'iadd hus'kn,owlettge 'of all Jedi and "Sith 'Forc-e '.powers presented herein, CIS we/( a.1 ihose :()biliries .)1111 11 it/dell in ancien:

Holocrons andtames.

Iflls character is Force-sensnree 'Foree PoInts: 2· .,.-

Dark Side. Points: 32

Character Points: 51


Born. into ope of the wealthiest families of lziz, Novar spent muchof his time circulating through the upper echelon (i)f .Onderontan society. Before his twelfth season he bad already gained acceptance in the court of King Ommin. 'After spending more than a dozen years studying the Ilne art elf diplomacy at Ov'Taraba, oneof the city' s most Pl'O min ent and expens lveuntversitles, he wasappotnted assistant W the kirrg'salde Ca position he received due more-to hlsfather s connections tba.F1 to his own accomplishments).

N-evar learned much from hissupertor, absorbiDg every detail of the political rnachtnanons he witnessed. During this time he become 'I. master of the ways of Onderonlan ministers, from espionage to' secret meetings to trre spreading -of fa1sei ntormation. To his utter delight, he found that

Deep in the twisting passageways of Onderon's undercity, in a domed chamber carved from the red-streaked gray stone of the world's crust, the initiates gathered. Luxurious black robes enshrouded the neophytes as if a sea of shadow had overflowed the confines of their dark hearts.

The leader of the procession motioned for the others to spread out into a ring around a raised central dais, upon which stood a wooden table carved into the image. of a mythological Onderonlan giant. The creature's corded muscles bulged under the strain of the large disk that acted as the table's top.

The initiates did as they were instructed, eliciting no sound other than the gentle swish of their robes as they moved about the chamber. Once they had settled into their positi.ons, the leader ascended a narrow,five-step staircase to the floor of the dais; and placed a pyramidal construct engraved with thousands of tiny designs onto the table. He stepped back, lowering the cowl of his robe as he did so, and bowed his head toward the Holocron.

"We cometo hear the words of the Sitfi ... to learn of the dark ways ... to become one with the dark side," he said in a flat voice that did not waver in tone, pitch,or volume.

For a moment, the chamber remained silent. Not even a whisper of passing air or a creak of

settling rock dared disturb the sanctity of the ceremony. .

Then a sound like an engaging repulsorlift.engme grewfrom the nothingness, swelling to Jill the cave-chamber's massive volume. None of the assembled figures moved, for they had all experienced the Holocron's wondrous awakening before.

From the 10p of the pyramid spilled a stream of blue-green translucent mist that formed into a slowly shifting cloud and then quickly into a silhouette of a warrior clad in spiked armor and wearing a silver circlet atop his head. Slowly the details filled in, and the Slth warrior-ki fig stood like a giant amidst a gathering of insects, more because of his powerful presence than because of his albeit impressive stature. His eyes focused art the man who had summoned him. "Novar, " he said in his thick accent, the syllables oozing out Iike dacha-syrup. "Why have you disturbed

me?" -

Novar raised his head to address the Holocron's dark side gatekeeper. "King Adas, we are ready I for your wisdom. Please instruct us in file ways of the SUh."

Adas contemplated. "You believe these initiates are Worthy?" He snorted in derision as he surveyed the ring of robed onlookers. "I do not waste my teachings on the weak."

Novar straightened himself, giving the illusion of confidence -though his mind screamed at him to run away, Adas preyed on the timid and weak-willed, and although Novar had never heard of a Holocron gatekeeper affectingthe world around it, he did not doubt that Adas could find a way.

"These are the best of our ranks," Novar said, motioning grandly in the direction of the initiates.

"They have fulfilled the requirements necessary to advance to the next level, and they are all ready and willing to offer their lives to. the dark side. They have earned the right to practice the Sith ways."

Adas listened without changing his expression or otherwise indicating his thoughts. After a short but uncomfortable silence he said."! will teach them. But knowthis, Navar. If any otthese neophytes fails me in any way, I will find a way to take it out on you."

It took a moment for Novar to fully absorb the statement, and another to calm himself enough to respond. "I accept the responsibiltty." After all, he thought, he had mastered the fundamentals of Sith sorcery, What could Adas possibly do to him?

A whisper from somewhere in the back oJ his mind slithered up to the forefront. You do not want to know.

he excelled at such tactics, for his ability to mold himself iota any role allowed him to fool others into believing every word he spoke. And when his lies were exposed, he easily shifted the blame to those who had "discovered" his falsehoods. It Was then an easy step to. arrest and detain these traitors for as long as he wished. Those who continually defied him found themselves outside of IZ1z's walls, alone and unarmed in a hostile wilderness filled with dangerous beasts and unpredictable exiles.

Novar's superior, Tolo Kad, approved of his assistant's methods, boasting often that he had taught the lad all he

knew - unfortunately for Kad.

Over several years, Navar continued to take on more and more of Tolo Kad's responsibilities. All projects he undertook proceeded without delay or error, and Kad found himself relying more on Navar than he bad ever expected, True to. his courtier's instincts, however, Kad did not allow anyone else to learn of Navar's ability, instead keeping all the credit for himself.

On one occasion, after Kad had bragged about an upcoming state dinner he bad "personally" planned and arranged, Navar initiated the Ilnal step in his scheme.

When the guests arrived to the palace's grand ballroom, they found it in complete disarray. Nothing had been prepared. Not even a smgleattendant or guard was on hand. In the end, the dipper, which would have been attended b¥ the.king and queen and various wealthy and politically strong individuals, had to be postponed. An infl1;riated King Ommin, though frail from the onset of a strange wasting disease, obliterated Kad in a wave of dark aide energy as Navar watched till horror and Iasclnation.

Novarwas immediately promoted to rnintsterot state and ai,de to the king. But although his plan had succeeded, he now had. another obsession: tocommand the power Ki'ng Ommin had used to destroy Kad.

Over the next decade Navar manipulated the King untIl Ommin eventually agreed to take his underling on as an apprentice. After less than two years of teaching, however, King Ommin became tOQ ill to continue, and Novar had to seek training elsewhere. Luckily (and to Navar's surprise). Queen Arnanoa took Ommin's place as mentes, bringing him through the next levels of S1th technique. In time, Navar gr-ew in power, eventually becoming a minor dark side wizard.

At Amanoa's order, he began selecting others to join their new Sith society, instructing them tn the basic principles and philosophies of the dark aspect of the Force; Those who proved themselves worthy progressed to the next stage of training, wherein their instruction came from an ancient dark side Helocron that Queen Amanoa had discovered less than a: decade before.

The Helocron contains the essence of an ancient Sith warlord-king named Adas who had used his knowledge. of the dark sid eta conq uer and su bj ugatehis.homeworld more than two dozen millennia ago. It appears he ereated.the.Holocron more as atestamentto himselfand his accomplishments rather than as a teaching device, fur be often refuses to pass on his wisdom to those who ask ForU.

Once Amanoa had learned all the Sith knowledge Adas would offer, .she entrusted the Holocron to Novar, telling him to use it to train the best of his students.


Type: Slthlnitiate DEXTERITY 2D+ 1

Dodge 41Si, pulse-wave weaponssu-z, running :JO+ 1 KNOWLEDGE 3D+2

Alien species 40 .. 2, bureaucracy 60, law enforcement 40..+1 MECHANJCAL 4D

Beast riding 50+ I


Bargain ·4D~2, con 50, 'forgery 50.+ 1, persuasion 40+·1, sneak 40 STRENGTH 21l+ 2


Computer programmlng/repajr 30+1, security 3D+2 Special AbiUties:

Force Skill:~: Centro: 30;·2, Seryse 3D. Alter2[h2

Control: Absor bId lsst pate energy , concentr auon, ernpt i [J(.lSS, hibernation trance

Sense: Danger sense, life detection, sense path

A Iter: Bolt of hatred .

Control and Alter: Elecrrcnlc rnantpulatlon /

Control, Sense, and Alter: AHe<;t mlnd Sense andAlter: Dirn other's senses

Thlscharacter 'is Ferce-senslttve

Force Points: I

nark Side Polnts: 2

CharacterPoints: 18

Move: 10

Equtpmentc Pulse-wave blaster (40.), Sith Holocron.



Type: Sith Sorcerer DEXTffilTY 2D

Dodge 4D",2, melee combat 30+1, melee parry 3D+ I KNOWLEDGE 3D",,2

BurealJcnicy 50.+2·, bureaucracy: lziz 9D+.2, jn.tilliidatiOIl 5D+l, scholar: Sjth loreJID,'l-2. willpower 60d



B'arg~dh 5:ID+2, corftrnanri 80<: I, COil 70, persuasion 8D STRENGTH 2D+2


Special Abiljties:

Force Sk.ills:· Control' SD+ 1, Sense riD~2, Alter 6D+ 1

Centro I: Absorl!l/€llssipate' ener-gy. accelerate healing, conceatra.t ian"control pal n.ern ptines.s,ellbance attrt bute, hi bematlon trance. rage, reduce injury, resist stun

Sense: Danger sense, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy, senseForce, sense Force potential, shift sense, translation

Alter: Bolt a:1 hatred, dark side web, telekinesis CqrrtT€Jl and Sense: Farseeing, pr.ojective telepathy COIJ(/ui and Alter: Peed. no dark side. inflict pain Control, Sen.51!, and Airel': Affect mind

Sense and Airer: Dim otlier's senses, lesser Force shield This character is Feree-sensltlve

Force-Points: 0

DarkSide Points; 8

Clli.8I1'acte;r Pqinls: ·22

Move: 4

Equipme.ut: Steel exoskeleton, Slth tomes, necklace of shielding (+20 restsrarrce bORUS again'st ene'r,gy and dir:ect Force.attacks).

Capsule: King Ommin rose to power in the same manner as his ancestors 01 the last threecenturies: by dominating the populace of. OQdepm with the dark side. A direct descendant of tfteSi:th FreedonNedd, who ruled the wor Id for more than 50 yean, Ommin had the ability to call on Nagel's spirit so that he might learn and master the ways of the dark side and the Stth.

When his lather passed into the Force, Ommin took his rightful position as ruler of'Izlz, and married Lady Amanoa, the beautiful daughter ota wealthy noble. Not too loug afte rw ard, Arnan oa.gave birth to Galla, th e only heir 0111 min would everhave. Buttheking had by this t.ime lostinterest in the mundane activities of daily life; his dark side training under the tutelage of.Freeden Nadd had begun in earnest.

Eventually Omrnin became a moderately powerful Sith sorcerer, but in the effort had lost control of his own. body. Arnetalarrnature replaced his bones and muscle-s- a device that: would lead to hts demise. 'The young Jed! Ulic QelDrama. destroyed the apparatus, and Omrnln collapsed, helpless, The spirit of Freedon Nadd appeared and absorbed the fallen klnglntc the darkside of Force.

"Good," the wispy.image of Freedon Nadd hissed.the sibilance slicing through theundercity's m/fie olpassageways .

.King Omrnin concentrated harder. bolstered by his mentor's praise. He could indeed feel the sl:1btl~- ebbs and flows of the thronging masses in the city above, just asNadd had said. As he continued to absorb the sensations of millions of beings engrossed in their daily activities, he pegan to notice tiny plnprlcks.of violence and hatred ,ertJpttng raridomly across the whole or lztz. The dark outbur_sts called to him drew his thoughts near, asked him for relnforc ment,

Ornmtn felt a wave.ot power rus h throughh i m I felt tile dark srde intertwinewith' his own essen c e, and he knew then that be could command the Force to do as h,e willed. His hands grtpped his throne's knobbed armrests tighter and he: plunged deep into himself, losing his corporeal existence to embrace his metaphysical. Th~ world about him. quickly faded into a misty coalescence giv[ng him tile. sllghtdtsco'mfcrtlng feellng of being disconnected, But the emotion lingered for only 'a moment belore lre brushed it aside and focused on his current ambttioa.

. He surged forward, delving deeper

lnto htmself.unttlhe came to what he could tmly tiescrtbe as a barrier. It seemed to ripple as if constructed.of gossamer, and yet it possessed a strength ,CDf a tempered steel alloy. Ornrnln paused before the barricade, suddenly unsure.

'Weakling!" Nadel spat from the periphery of Omrnln's-consclousness. ,IYQU will.never reach your potential if _you falter at the-slightest obstacle. Beyond that wall l-ies YOL'lr destiny; Beyond that wall lies the full power of til€! darkside. U you do not have the strength to reach it, then you do not deserve to become a Sith sorcerer!"

Ommip'~s'ij.ng~r Ilared.He'd come so 'far in so short a time, and yet Nadd 'expected more - more than ,any Onderonian could possibly off r. Had

o rnmin's'aneestors penetrated the Foree so quickly? And if theyhad. how could they have survived? The dark Sid offered muctt, but stoleaway more. Ommin did not kn ow if tie could.gtve that much of hii)1'se,1f.

Nadd's voice rose up once more. "Your doubt will be your dtiWTIlall, Omruln. II This time the words held an air of seduction, 'iii warm, inviting tone that Ommin Ielt.tuexpltcably drawn to. "You are ready. There is nothing to feat." The hiss of Nadel's voice seemed to swirl about his mind, settling: somewhere to th side; both wi thin and' wtthout of the-confines of Ornmtn 'sconseieusuess.

"Strike nowl" Nadd shouted suddenly. "Come to the dark stde now, when it calls, or you will have tailed, Th dark side will forever shun you, the weak-mtndedtool who belreved he had. the right to

wield 'its power!" .

'Omminhad sacrificed more than he had thought he.everwould in his questto make the-dark side lits ally, And now all of his efforts ht:lng ona si ngle moment, his once chance to prove his worthiness, as if all he had done before meant nothing. The dark std had torn away so much of his life. He could not let it sllp 'fr~m his grasp, laughing at how it had pillaged him 'ana left him nothing more than a broken husk bereft of Its life.essence. He could not let that happen.

His anger became both.hisweapon and nts arrrrorashe bludgeoried.the barrier before him. The wall rippled.wildlyunder the attack, but did not give way. Ornrnin redoubled hls effort, pulled the hatred of everything- including the dark side - fr m the depths .of his soul, chanrreltng' it into. his blows.

Then suddenly the wall ripped open. Before Ornrnm could react, he-was sucked through, carried by aIorce more powerful than he could have ever imagined. The dark side immediately flooded his being", b.ecoming one with every cell in his body,

The image ol the cttyabove returned to him then, and he assaulted the pinpricksof evil scatteredacross c:ityscape W,ith flares af dark side energy, Tlw~Jready vile incidents instantly, grew worse, the indivlduiils involved 1iP0menL':\rily filledwith aIorelgn hatred.

- 'OlWlIlm watcl;]eq In).'loth,awe and horser. He realized then'that ht:t:was jTI.v~hclble with the dark ,~f¢te~t ills back, ~Notbin,gcould topple him. Nothing could barm or desb'0y hlrn ever CJ,gain .. not even the dark side itself.

His J'J~ormal vision returned, and .Ji.e,s&w,the ghostly-form 0'1 Freedon N:pcld hovering dose by.

Om min felt 'stronger (han he ever bad, and he wanted to, show 'his mentor what he had aeeompusheo.

He pushed hrmsel] up f;;qlfl his ancient throne, and then collapsed under his own weigbt-, ,his

leg,s no, longerable t9 support him. . -

Na!Jd made a deep, staccato sound that Omrnrn could-only guess was laughter. 'The dark side does not come without its price," the Sith spirit said. "You. have powerover the Force, but in exchange you have lost power over your QW:n'body~ ,

Nadel had warned h,im, ef :the darkside's iqiti,attr;m,ttt);if! a igI·epad{:!' ~B€i ,whell)ais tratning had begun, He couldn't remember whether hie .n~d chesea to ac;eept' thai pnrce or whether he 'ham ]i),w~P0,se1y sealedltawaytn therecesses pI bis memory. ltfl1cfn t matter now, anyway. He hacl fj'llaU~ r¢acl}et;l h'is goal - the dark side belenged to· him,

WafortunateJy, he ~~Ionged tofhe dark s'ide;.as Wf!J.J.


WARBNULL +f~e: 'Stth Warner DEXTERITY 3P.+2

Broil~v)1ng' parry,7D+ L, ~16dgf!6,D, lightsabe~ 9rlt2,rl~el.eecOnlbat 70, melee parry,liD",:!, thrown weapon,s so

KN"0WlEDGE 21'>+ 1

Wiifpower 3D


A.Sl.r~~g.~UGih 5Di J, space ttarrsp0rts 4D,. starshlp ~(:)nneI'Y S.D. 2, s.L;unn!psli ietds 'I D+ 1


CQrnm.u)ld 30+1

STn~GTH $0

Brawling 70+2, climbing/lumping 51), lilt iilg:$D' .. t sfamina:'90. l:EQH!~lCAL 40

Ai,'~Q:r.repa i r' 1'(ID+2'; ligh lsaber rel~i,l):r 80' 'I SpeclaL Abilities:

Fqfi 'e S~iIls:,C()/ltrtil 2D., L, . (If/Iii! 2D, Aller 11J .. 2

'Cclfltlif}J:'Jf"bs-o~bl'It+f{ssrp~t~,et~ergy, (t)n, .~1\f:!l'ti'olJ",em1\ltllles.s~r,Ii.I;l.er· n'atiQn-,tranc;e, Jnstlllcti"e,ast~{)£!atlon ((l0,ntr,0J~, '!(esiS! St.t.I(J'

. flerjs~: 9pJ1iI,J~'[; S~Il~'e~'~;1iJ"igeT., sells~,lj r~,de_te.~r.lOI1

, f:entrnt and :S'Rns :L1gh.t,saQ r p,!mDat

CO/IIi!)l and A'/(er; Aura 01 uneasiness

l;bijs ~liiracterls Forte,seti.M1lve

Foi:c;' ~~ints:'l . . .-. -

Dark SlUe Potn Is: 3

. '0harnoler Poi):It:!I: 11'2_ MOve: ~2

Equipmenao:Enh.anQeQ lrgfitsaMer{6D I. ,Sith armor', .. 3D against'

all jltta~j(.s~, -

€apsule: This creature oN:h dark SIde, fOr lack Of'll 5etttl'r term, was ence a dedicated studentof metall.,fgy named Silas Doves, Few memories of 'hls-Iorrner life .survlved hiS. tr~nsJ(')rnlati on 'at.the' hand's ,of;fh:e S(l'h specter' res PQIJSlbl:e f0:r tl~e change - a. p.rqc~s:? that SMl bow melded his life essence wJth the dark stdearmor the splrtt bad trtcked him tntocreattng,

$tealTl rose in wispy clouds from thef_ieryfql'ge:~etin the center of the immense underground @h'qIDber. The mixed scent of sulfur and sweat perrnea ted til e ai r,ana nares of superheated gases rantr0mLy~truck out from the Sith-spawned flames that kepttlle apparatus .alive,

But Shas Devos ignered the 'violent sensations thatassaulted his nerve endtngs., The work before htrnabsorbedall of hiinHtentioll_-He·d,id.aoteVt;!'n r,eaw'ze that fp.u.r day,~ had passed stnce hls effort had begun. All that mattered-s- allthat had ever mattered -was the cornpletlon at his urJi[ertaklng,

It had taken M·iU! years todecipher the, $}tl'"l tome he had stolen from thee arrcient dark side boIl:ltast hidden in th wilds of his native planet, The book at once fasctnated.and reviled him but ,hi:? obsesston q uickly.overpowered his fear and he eventually lost interest tn all etheraspects of hls llfe. His desired nothtrig more than to unlock the.5ith secrets hidden WIth the paper and ink of the mlllennla-old tome.

Now, more than a decade after diseovertng thebook, he was aboutto fulfill whathe hao come tosee asnls destiny. His hammer rang out In. perfect pitch as-ttstruek the qulcklycooltng steel, spraytng bright red sparks into the darkness, Any onlooker might have.consldered the event a

spectacle of beauty, but Shas saw none of it. so-transfixed was he by; the obj,eel orhts toils,:'The hreastpJate,- all of the individual pieces' that made up the suit €Ii armer for that mattert.equit_ed the perfectblend orcraftsrnanshlp andSith rnagit:, A mixture btasedIn ettrter-dtreetton W0_!:JId result- lnfatlure, .as Shas had learned rn ore. ~j rnes than he cared tQ recoun t.

Thettamn:ier pounded onemore time',q.gains t the steel, th IS'Iq_st sttik,e seemtng.teeehe th,r:ou,gb tJie' cbamberand OJ-\.l into Its tribp tar)' passages: unlike aOy91!?w~lat h9.d co'roe ,b~e.f.or~ .,S.has stopped and star eo , sweat trl ckJ ingdowt:J hls face and che.st.b utside s timuli be~tQ_intrude on his concl?ntratiol1" but he effortlessly thrust them back into the -back8'roimd.The harmnertell from his, ban tr andch i med a filial tirne as it call idedwi th 'the stone floor.

'Fh.e·_artnor was. complete. . _

Shas~Ud not :!mow haw long he-steed t·Q_pJjYf:lled by his, cre;Wofl. It,'mighthave been minutes, but it .al$,\l ~gh,t Mav.\';) b.E!M_hb urs or even _cilays .. fl ~ 'Wy!;:sJI'EJ:Q wIthseverq_1 em.(ltloms at 'oflt'J:'!, €_ach' qUj<::klyr:i1!·Sha:!'Jfu.g,Lntqthenext,..umtJ he retl;lmed to thegegi'n.ni.ng,and ,s.ta:rted. tl;recy. d~-~.,.· ain.Had J;i~-f~W_ly succeeded afler-·aJj these years?-;$ur,ely hedidn't hold that 'kind of power Dyer the,Slth rp~-ic. And y~t before him ICl~ the-armor. pertec] tneverwdetaf).

But did he deserve-to wear it? WO-ll'1 dn't sue hacon st ruction be wastetl on him, a.man who had had fo steal the sorcery necessary to createIt?

N!'>, another voice within Itim spoke. If he had rtol rescued the Sith kn0wIedge',..fh:im 'the obscurHY of bLS ,world's wild regidriS, t'he,.afIilQr wbul:d .. ,nev:e.r ]1a.:ve b:e:eti brQ_,_I.!!.gbt into petng. fr an}_(,(jtl'e,deserved' to, don th eexq ulslte sutt.te-surroend hi:-m$:~'With iJs innate power. ,j t wasShas DOV0&.

"Yes, you shall wear the armor, " came a voice fr9ff1)h~ cl_,arkn~~~~ Shasspun about, jarred from his rnusings.r'Who's there?" he demand-ed.

Across-the charriber an enib'er seemed to hover a dozenIdet above n'i,eflbor: rt p111sed'€lv,ery'few moments, flari o:g yel!owa:i1d fhen resu rni ng}l stable ted h ueln turn .. , '':Voukuo:w w-ho lam, Witbout me you never cimld 'have un_derstQ'0cl the book. much lessereated th;e an:tlQr. At, tirst y.our arroganee.annoyed me; but everrtuallyI saw h,OW' I cQtlld putrt tfl'! use."

The ember exploded in a qrjght'flash and 5.I13s hadto shield his eyes. When the light had died, he dared to look.again,

Betore him stood the trartslueeritform-ofan alien-species be-did not recognize, that ltappeared t6. be near-human.

It wore long robes, thecowl turned.down toreveal its fierce countenance,

Sh as;s heart flutteredand he tel t himself take-a s tep:


back\vard."Who .... who - ;;

"1 'ani the protector of that tome you so casually-call your own. [ amits guardian

agai nsr th e i' a vages ottlme. Wlth out In e that eollect ion eill ft'.aH meleculeswould have crumbled into dust a-thousand y!'!hits ago."

Th_€:! sptrlt stepped - no flowed- forward,gainingjn bulk and.statureas it neared.Shas. "It is J whodecide who is-worthy todiscover this lore. Itis 1 who. decide h owthe knowledge ,win be used. And you havedone-exactly.as I have commanded."

Dozens 'of divergent :thQughts clamberedto Win Shas's.>' attention, p,ut eachwasqulcldy surmounted by the next, and Shascouk; not concentrate at all, Pear predominated his emotions now, his curloslty tost.bts arrogance vanquished.

He staggered backward as th~ spirit seemed teexpaad ratherthanto.rnerely move toward him. ".And now thatI have allowed you the honor of creating t he armor, you m us t perform a: serVice for me."

snas ,c,t:inged,atthewotds. Whatever the book'sprotector wanted Shas knew it would somehow spell ,hj's doom .

. "l'lOt,Y-OUT doom.Shas. No, 'it is as I have always toLtJy,ou ln'yeurdeep dreams - this, is YOlP" destlll.y:"'The specter Jell iOta a I'OUI:Jd Of reverberating laught.er.

Shasgjan~ed toward the half-dozen exits from tbechamber, but an seemed too f~uaway.'lf the spid't did not want him to lea:ve',,(t would notlet him. And Shas did not have any desire to know how it would accompllsh that feat.

"Do liIat wbrry, my disciple. You will haveyour place in the history.ot the galaxy.l did not lirirrg you thrsIar toend your albeit Inslgaiftcantexlstenoe now. No you.will becomean extension, 0'( me: You' will 'go where l.cannotand help restore the ,glory 0'( theStth."

S~as :felt his curiosity returning, though his fear did not subside.

"But before I. teach you the skills YOli will need .to succeed in your mission, I must make you stronger.t'The spirit looked-tewatdtlte sun of.armorwhichsatma heap at.the base of the forge. "This," its-aid,gestutl)1g; ,"Wi II .be, your neY" s kln."

At fi~~t Shas W<.lS ~oh:.filsed, but the.l·E!alization carnealltoo Quickly.

";Ar1'Q this new being that'the merging of rnanand'metal will .. create most.definltely deserves a new name, l tnlnk Warb Null' will do nicely."

ShastllJ'ewup his hands in defense-and screamed 'inhQI't:o:r asthe sp,e;cte_r sW0op{,!,d toward' him.

[would not discourage you Iremaeektng knowledgee] the-Sithand of their dark-rnagieks, foit:cfdo !;lO,W@dkf,'0nlyh,eTghten your desire ttl possess that knowledge. No, 1 willnor dissuade you, but J will wam- you ,of the sl')a~lowy crevice you will enter should you cnooseto. access these powers.

First, do net be fooled. The.dark stde musters much of its energy tomasquerade as tbeljgbi so that It rrrlght lure the' unin'itiafed in10,'its grasp. 8.y:Jhe time- the hapless vtcttm disQov:el's Ills etJ~f, ins ,t'c)tl .lata-s- the dark side bas ensnared him, boldlrg him, in the shadow both by its owrt J)'iil~er and bY''thf(! (alien Jedi's relentless huhgel' for more.

Second, do not overestimate your O,v,I n abil1- fies~- Countless Jedl have Ieund themselves entwined byth edarkside, uFtaole to freetl~·emselves Worn the black P00ks that tlley tbem-

-selves have jabbed into their-own souls. No

matter how they tWiSt,;gH1S'fJ1ng for some strand ofthe light that still remains within their reach, they eontinue to plummet into tlla abyssal piteM of the dark slde.

These-Jed! believed they-were masters of the tight-and some were-hut they did-not understand the nature and power of\fre dark side ~ and they failed to Iisten to·my wamtngs.

I do not mean t6 Irislnuatetharthe daskside'is stronger ttl an the llght.lt.enly appears to be more powerful because it)s easter. quicke-r -,atfirst. lt draws you in offerinsyou more power than yeu.ean imagine, but a_s you begin to use that power, thedark side' lends its assistance less an<;lless,ev~nt1fa-lly: sustaining. itself bysiph.onirig xour own Force ene:r-gy until you become its helpless hast Youbelieve YOtHlave ascended to mastery, but in truth you have fallen into slavery .

.. Leamoi'the dark.side. it?wUl aJdyou In-your struggle against it and tts.minions. But take care nottosuccumb'tofts sometimes ll'resi$tiblehJ,re~ yqur chances ofreturning to the light are leesthaa-that of surviving in the void. .


Ma:ny have wondered wh:atdiff.ers.between the ways of the dark.side and the ways of the Sith. Some believe they areone and -the same, Others see no relation between them whatsoever. But the- distinction may bear more importance than m~osl Jedisuspect - it couLd mean the difference between life and death,

Th.e Stth have exts ted for well over ahundred tlrousand years; thedarkstde has been a part ofthe universe sincethe b~girJ;ning of.time, Cle-arly. the Sith developed second in chronologtcal progressron. but did thrs W'icked brotherhood grow out ef the dark side, or {ltd it share a C;(lrri'mO,j·philMopI1.Ycwiththe da,rk sideand loin forces to increase the-chancesof bririgif;Jg tl'le_jr mutual ,goals 10 _fr.utfion?

Lit tl e knowledge ortheSith 's-origins remain s . .J n t ruth; Sit h his toO! before tire teign0f Dark Lord Naga Sadow a thousand years before the time of Ulic Qel-Dtorna and' Exar Kun Ires masked in shadow. hiddenaway by thedark stders during the 'Fall .of the $ltl1 Empire or destroyed in the war's aftermath by. the Jedi. Only a few 51th strongholds were allowed to survive the purge, and from these the Jedi hoped .to gatn insight into the mysteries of Sith powers _ they Wished to discover the weaknesses o] these dark rria.gicksso thatthe Sith could never resurrect their Iallecemplre .

. . One artifact recovered from a remainlng.Sith library was the Holoeron created by Naga Sadow himself COLOSi). It detailed the natl:lf~e6f the Sith people, of thetr pbil.osophies~nd teaching methods, and of their belief in the power elthedark side. From the Holoeron's recordings the Jedl-learned that at first theword Silh designated a species of sentients. Only -later, as these people spread across the gaJaxy did. the term Sith become associated more

with their teachings .and pniresophie:s thanwtth the' species itself;

Though the Sith held great power, tfl~y were not united, preferring to' remain in tribal "circles." hands.of ,SitlrJed by one or more sorcerers who were responsible for the safety arid protectlon of'thelt charges. The Sith retained such a sectetalstrueture until ttre arrival 0f a fallen Jedi wha rook particular 'interest In their techniques for or~wing powerjrom the dark side,

This dark Jedi dominated the S'ith people, tl10ugh his methods - efdoing so were: not recorded In Sadow's Hcloeron. Heturnedthem into.enwlltlng thralls, stealing their knowledge 'of sorcery ami us lng- it against them. Tills Jedl preclaimed himself.the DaTI{ Lord attn€. Slfh, making him the first in a lineage that would plague the rest.crthe galaxy .for untold _[nnlelT~:ta.

SOl the question still stands: Wb,at is the retanon between theSifh and the dark side?

The Sith developed and perfected the techniques of calling. on the dark side, enabling them to create more and mere complex powers once thought well beyond the graspofmeresentlertts.TheSlth slrnultaneously feed-on and empower the- dark side bl' a symbtottc relationship whose-ttescan never be severed.

A thousand years have.pasaed-since-theFall of theSith Empire, and.although most perished in the bI0odY\far-, some managed to escape, brlngtng their darkknowledge to remote worlds where it could be stored 'for future generations .. Only recently Iia¥e theseStth cacbes been discovered by devotees oJ the dark side. Should these dark side fanatics team to. use the Sith 'talismans and translate the Sith's sorcerous lore, there is no telling ';"hat evil specters may reawaken to spawn a newSith brotherhood.


The safest method of learning Sith powers requires the pessession of a.Sith Holecron. Thankfully for the Jedi, such devices-remain .extremely rare {"As scaree.as a Hutt QIl a diet;' as Cay Qel-Droma would say): Mos~ were destroyed during the-Fall, and not oae has come to the attention of theJedl for more than 700 years -which does not mean they do not exist, but merely that Who, ever holds them has not yet discovered how to-operate tbem 'or how to take.advantage of their teachings.


Holocron technology arose 'tens of thousands or years ago, i1 nat mare. These devices act as inJera<;~iv~stQres of lnformatlott, most often used to retain the secrets of Force powers 'for future _generatiOris: The.creator of a Holoeron essentially transfers aportlon of his personality into the object, and this sentient presence is then referred to as the gatekeeper of that Holocron,

Most holocrons have S pecla I ,organic crystall i ne components, a rare commodity-found only-on a few remote worlds, the names of many of which have been lost to

history - 0.1' JD!.:Ii:-P.os~y hiQclep by tt)e mtrrers of such scarce gems, Wh~n&rra:ng~d properly, t:l\¢$ecry~taJs forma latticework'g:{ en~pgytlI~t~1J.-I;I ~t:;Itfu,,~lfu;e~t:J~.;~d later repreduce.ltght "~<is(_)\'!p<!L'w<Lv~ Informatiou. TIle Sith (as well as the Jedi)"'rti~Me developed a _much mote tmpressive construct by imbl:ling the crystals with Force enerin' through an elaborate praCedure:WeUg.u-arded by Its rQ'CJ:st powerfulmembers.


Since Hotocrons have di'fferente:reators" they each focus on dlfferentasp€ct50fSlth lore and powers, based on the particular abilities and pi.tHeren(::es of the 591'· cerer wh 0 transferred he-re,Ssene:eJf'i;to thedeviee.Some -rnagtcians tend to speC:,iidjze ttl a ·literlalu area aJ Sith knowledge -iliusiofUio; for ;exafFlp.le. As -a result, this wizerd 'Would €reate Ii). Holoeron.that.explalned.the techniques necessaryfar,producing:i'lusionaryeffect~,withouta mention of any etheraspect ofSith magic. Because of this, it is impossible to fine]' a Helocron that contains information about'all Of t;heSlt-h'$ powers lnone massive cornpilatien. Anditalse helpsexplain why some powers have disappeared QV,¢r the coutseol the.mlllenrria - the ,Sith who developed tfiet-e<lh~jql1e- either never reeorded it in a Holocron ~[;l Hie firti:'t place, Of tbat Holocron has either been l0S lin some far off star :~ystem' or destroyed by the Jedi duril'l:g the FaU (see Sitb. Disciplines).


The few Holocrons-that remain-tn.extstence lie in the hands 0fSith deyoteesQr)n the-dark )-laLls 'of: andent$ith sanctuaries, elabosate CO\lstTUCt'iO[;lS bullt to bouse.the -snirits of nowerfulSlth mazlcians who have oassed 'Into

the Force. Atremptingte-steal a.Holecron tram-either of these places has led to thedeaths '0r many Force-wielders, Including Jedi determined to

destroy the devices once and for all~' .


:N@ Sith construcfior; hasever pee))) .bas,eO '011 .any other in terms.oi adcrnments.omaraentatton, and overall style.The.Stth considered each :eQific@ a W§!'tk of a:rl:',oa;a extenston-o] thedestgner' s. personality .As.a Toes ul t, it has provea futile for the Jedi to.eatalog and analyze the building m~t:hods.,and layout!? of such structures- Jedl assaults on these palaces, lIQL('!.1'i.es, and temples therefore reqture much ta,e:-titH.1conjecture, ,fof the Jedi tea~ders never.know what to expect.


The Galactic .MuseurnonCoruscant.heuses ID0St of the known' Slth 1i'ftiM.ds. te'eov¢red .OVer Hi e rm II ehHja'.Tlre museum 's "Sith Hat I'; contal ns dozens'of items.tncludtng ancient'traggers (I,.l'):d sword'sl.statu~s,,'fl'qgments ~ttf.lpe·stl"M, aging tomes.amulets, aD'.dia4sm~, ~I created by the people kOqJWD'iJ:.s !::Me SHIT. Their ~p~ci_E;sdied out long'ago" leaving-only these few rerpn:¥l't§ V> mark-their passing;

'PhID1Jgh most of 1ne .artifacts in the museum - as well as CIt-hers sdl:tfere'd' across tlie galilXy-,bave no purpose' 0:t'ller than what is immediately obvlous.isomedo possess secrets that - if dlscovexed and lransl<:lte;cl- could lead to greater stC;Jresp,tSffh treasure, And It is further _s!;Jspe.¢ted tha~ some items ~m::;ry darkside ppwer that lias remained dormant :for centuries. Current J.edt research 'dlVides these talisman's

fundi ODS into _ s~';:'er a1, classthcatlons: -


The S·ifu· developed tlilis'man$ ef <.>."Oncenlratl'l];n to help them foolls ,duting long; elaborate rites, those typtcallyassoctated with the tapping 01 vast amounts Qf dark side power. The talisman allowed a sorcerer to eoncentrateallo] Jlls will to the creation ofthe desired efJ~tt, temporarily iliH:zgasjrrg hj.s ability to manipulate- the F'6t'ce.

Unfqrtunately, .use ofsuch a device often: caused the-wielder to succumb to .exhausfion the moment hi:s: F~rt:e 'effect was completed - a defeet.thatprevented-sueh talismans {rom b.!,!~,oming ornmenly used, especially ill battle,

In game te~li: These.rnagtcal constructs take many different Iorrns, Irom amulets tocrysta] 'pyramtds, For the' effe<i:f to work,,'.Ii(1)wever, the Force-user's skiA must touch the talisriian tnrOlJghout the'Ferce power's initiation, .making smaller, movable versions more desirable.

A talisman aicDnc.en'tdtion.givesthe Wi'elder a bonus df lD,~D, DJ:' 3D to-any one. af her Force skills whife she-Is t0l:)'ehlng' the devtc rShe may change the affected skill between uses of Forc~ powers, bu_t notduring the initiation .QJ' one pow~r thatrequlres more than one Force skill. For exam ple, the Forcel.f)I·nd power req uttes the use of both the sense-and alter Skills. The Force-user cannot use the concentration talisman's bonus on lh~ sense skill durjng the first round and then on the alter skill during the second round.

'The amount of bonus (10, 2D,(.lF 3D) depends. on 'the particular 'taltsrnan. The creator ·of the device deterrnlned the level of power conferred to thewlelder at the-time of the final ritual to seal the.ability into. 'the medium. Talismans of lD are the most common, while those (')130 are extremely rare' and are usually found onlyrn-fbe pessessien of powerful 'Sfth sorcerers.


DeVi'ce:s,of t~~Ha_t~e :appear t_oful]ctioflc;!X3.ctlyas talismans of <jlQnc€[]tmtion - especially'to a' dark side wielder. This part i cular version, however, has one add~d abiIily:' it'can immediately turn the wielderte the .dark

side. -

S:ithmaglcJao:s di-!i¢(jyexetl that some Jedi-ha:d taken to )Js:il'lg SH:h t;aljsrilap:§~oiseiye ,~)le light::side. 'TQq;(?;f~l thts unintenued and un wanted use-of their devices, the Slth constructed rnally,witfl-the power to Instantly lurethe unsuspecting Jedt to the dark side. This seeondery functlonlras. fulfilled their goal, tor the use of Sith arfifacts. by Je(!UKnig-hts has been.oatlawedever since (see Run:ninga: TaNis 'of tne.Jed: Campaign).

In-game t¢i"ms: Talisrnansof ensnarerrtent function UJlqei the same rules as: thei-rtoneenttatidn counterparts/ with oue ~~(;eption. Each time a light ~ldey; uses the devh;e he must make a ,willpower or control roll againstan ever-increasing difficulty. The· first' use requires a.Very Easyroll, thesecond an Easyroll, the-third a Moderate roll, and soiorth. Faillng the roll means that the user automattcallyturns fu the dark side.and is taken

out of play. . .

Gamemasters may decide to allow the character to r~<;Ieem himself, but such an atonemlilnt-,wauldreq,uire a monumental quest which at the v.eryleg_st,woould.inci ud e thedestruction the tallsman'(not.an easy.taskln itseff~

seeD"e:slroyinga 51th Talisman); ..


During theSith ·1'€v0It led by Na;ga. $ad@\o,V,ll1:an'Y pureblood Si th devoteescreated talismans o f healing to gtvethetr.stde the advanla-ge lnconrbat encounters. TlJe devices quicken and Increase the power of a, corp' oreal betng's natural healing processes at the expense of the wi elder's abilrtyte-use the Foree;

In, game terms: A-H;irce~llser rIlay heal one being tly one wound level Mrea:th die 9-t Fot.ce skill (control .. sense, 01' alter) he Wi shes tdgrve (JP Ior th e foll oWlj1g-ten hears.

Ejqu:Dple,: SHh_,wa.ri'iQr U.tr·is .nas been i{!tUlPrfld: weed: run ShUWf" ~$ith .$'p1'cerer, uses tIts he..,l'ling amulet 911 U t·r IS', l?ri.ngi]lg:him up to the suumed woufl_d level" a dif~r,ence: QJ two levels. To power the amulet, ShuuJr must sacrlflce.sorneef his ability.: to contact the Eorce, anti therefereene of lns Force-skills, drdpis' by>2D (1 D: toreach healedw0und level), Iii: thisease he cheeses aUe-/~ decreastng: It It-6m·8'O+ Ito 6.0 oj: 1 (O'r the Ilext ten hours;


The useertheferce sends nipples through the galaxy, alerting.anyone able to.percei ve such .subtle.vibrati OIlS to the location and 'identity of t-heFo,tcI7.Wlel.der .at the source (the.amoun t 0finforrtwtio,r![@gardingtne eruanat'lbli"'PQ1i1t'-,pl,th¢'dp'ples is based:o.n _.tIJe ,abi.lity o.f the tndlvidua; :senstng_ the disturbance in theFQrc~).The SiUl learned quickly that this natural occurrenceallowed their jnovements !0 be tracked and their ambitions. to. be foiled byopposi ng forces, ana 'they created devices.called Force masksto b.'I'de such e'rr'i"aitatiol1s.

Themas.k esserittally sends out ailfi-Fo:rCe-.rfppl'e:s that ~cancel 'til e ri:atWral"WaV:es'" pl'o'dtlC'e:d :by the use of the"For.~e.The)i:rea around the Farce-wieldertherefore appears dormant, deVQidofaoy. type o'f Force '~ctivity.·

Ing~qJ.!!:term~: Ferce-wielding characters ustng the .sense skil} to detect disturbances in the Force caanot perceive any Porceuse by the holder ora Force mask.



,The$ith;sh-ie!d tMism<J,H W3_S0ne of til efi:rst darks ide devi,'c€S dls't'dveF~d 'anti catalogued by the Jedi, The tal isman pr-ote:d~ Its w~W'er kit usually takes the form 9£ an amulet.oecklace, or torque) from energy-(from light.ning to pulse-waves to lasers) and Force .attacks .. Re'searCh suggests that'th€i device works, by abs6rbing the energydtreeted at it and storing it'Iot useas Its own

so u'h::e':of<fueL .

To:j1e~a.l'il,ilSabUjty'tG functien, hOM'ever, the taltsman

requires an infusion ofenergy at least once per standard week,

In game terms: The shield talisman confersa bonus of up t03D (~h-~r:e are 10 2D .. and 3.Elversions of the device) against energy and'Foree attaeks directed.atthewtel d er. Thenumber of absorbed dice directly-eorrelates to the rarity efthe item.


The tomes contaiJ;lingSith te~cbing~-,Jore, and Force techniques were-wrttten in the Sith's.anclent language, which has all but died-out since.the.destructlon o.fthe species, Very 'feW' scholars can decipher the strange language. and eveoJEhver havelearned to pseneunce its complex w'o,t'd structuses.

This talisman, initiaQy designedand created by the fallen Jecliw,tw SQl;1ght to learn of - he Slth's secret technlques.allcws the wielder.to read the Sith language as if it were his own native:tongu.e.-


Thesealchernlcally relnforced blades.can wtthstand any blow. Their irtdestructtble natUre allows them to even parry Ugh:tsaoers, Such weapens have survived thl'Qugb thousands of generations and yet remain in perfect condition, theiredges sharp and their blades straight.-

Anyone who uses 'a,Sfth sword hi combat automatlcallyloses aforcepolnt and gains a.Dark Slde point. if the Dark Side P-bint is FI.,at used at some potnt dm'i-ng the battle, however, it too ·Is lost, The btade itself causes STR+'2D damage.


Following the Fall of' the' Sith Empire, the Jed! destroyed as many Sith talismans, ternples.and Holocrons as they could {j_jj~1 in the aftermath bf the ,war, They wished to prevent knowledge of the Slth ways from falling into the handsof power-hungry dark slders or untnftiatedForce students seekingshort cuts to ,learning .how-to control the Force.

or the remnants Qf$itllartilacts, the talismans proved the most difficult to -deeonstruct.The, Jedt employed many methods, with little .success, for it seemed that each device required a different methed to destroy it.

Destructton procedures involved everything from the physical rending of the talisman 'acornponentstothe ,rem.ova10f-its stored dark side energy byJedl Masters of tremendous abiJIty. Some devices could only be destroyed by battering them with the dark side - which prevented the Jed i 'from erad ieating them. Many of these talismans were hidden away or cast into stars or nebulae to keep them from the wtC)Jlg hands.

"The Srth devices that remain are either under th dltect_guardia~lship of'nie Jedl or stored in the ancient darl$: side retreetaor library-temples that continue to

elude the nonce of' the Jedt, '


ln game terms, Sith powers-work exactly as their Jedl power counterparts do. Dark.slde characters have access te the' thh:1:e Force sldll,s -' tOfttrQI. sense, and alterupon whkl~_~~ of the und E! r Iyj 11:S- p-OVi( e rsar e based. '1'h~ -S'jfh powers are. separated' (tOm- the other Force pewens.(mien, thoughtb.'ere are 'dark side powerslistedthese)' SI,lllPIY because th~y reflect a.dlltereat philosophy and rneanaef contacting and channeling the Force.

Leamtng.Sith powers should prove extremely. dlffieult for eharaerers s i nceknowled ge of their existence, much less their workings, has onl¥ recently. returned. Vety few Sith Masters remain, and those who de have long ago she'd their em-

poreal existenee leaving them stranded in whatever vessel they were able to construct to hold thetr spirits. There they.lieawaHin.g,tl1etirne for escape. Anyon€ who daresto explore-these dark side temples, citadels, and obelisks risks releasing such a Sith specter Irorn its confines so that tt iJl,igtit be free tQ. retake all the power it, had once possessed.


Like the Jedi, the Slth developed areas of study that focused on particular types oJ Force effect,s, Though these did Hot evolve into formal schools; personal preference caused many rnaglctans to concentrate on.those powers that most interested them. The Jedi Archives contains the Iollowing list 'Of Sith dlsclpllnes:


orne Sith powers detycategortzatlon, or belong in all disciplines equally, These basic effects fall under the heading of general dark side powers. Many form the basis for other effects - those more omplex powers that require an understanding of and proftclency in otfier lesser powers.


Powers in this discipline run the trade route from simple h.eaJing rites to cornpllcated rituals involving the creation olSfthspawn - hideous monstrosities bred

from the stock of naturally evolved creatures. Some cultures-have labeled these sorcerers as necromancers but this nomenclature thrusts the discipline into -the area of superstitious alchemy -tale's and legends laced with equal parts mystic blather and pseudo-scientific prattle.

The Force transcends technology based tricks and allowsteats that scienc€ cannot duplicate.


:t;:'ertain Force powers summon energy ir0I1J the-user's snrroundlngs and direct it at a target Ior some purpose (which often mvolves the injury of the targeted individuel), the Iorms.of energytnclude Iighttlil'),g,fire, grav'ity, and other naturally occurring forces.

B.nergy powers tend to have the mos]; noticeable 'effec,:tsc,pr~v~ntin:g the user from attempting ~p keep his machtnatlons secret, as hewould be able to do ifhe were using.powers from the-Mind d lscipline, SUn interested in "this area therefore, tend to have unstable.personallties, from obsessive and brooding to outright maniacal.


Many magicians enthralled by the darkside fav(')i:Hbe aspect.ofthe.Porce that allows them tatoo) the senses-of ,ti1'eirVictims, in a twisted testament to the power ofthe rntnd over the body. Tbe.serrsattons EP'-p,fl.ri~u.c;ed by,the ,t_?J.rgets ofs uch etfects.appearalltoo.real ___; b1}t th~y ~xr~l only in the drearnscape playground of the mind, that area where-creativity and Imagination normallytlourish. But in the case ofthisperverted Sith powerit becomes {he haunted battleground or shadow-Iorrns that impact the affected lndividual as tfthe delusional phantoms had actual substance,

Typtcal llluslonaryetfects employed by the Slth indude the morphing of on~ object into another - most often a weapon into a similarly proporttoned creature with deadly intent. Or the feigned presence of an indlvidual; Or even the absence 'of an object or be:ifig that Is truly.present.

The strandthat gathers all these powers beneath'the banner ofillusicnary magic is the manipulation of: their vletlm's senses. SomeSith scholars continue to believe that these effects alter the pattern of the Force that "connects" with the target's mind, that they somehow augment the brain's normal wavelengths OT trip synapses that would not fire under the true current conditions in which that being finds himself. But since no one has yet discovered the physicalities involved in this effect- just as no.one has been ableto comprehend the true nature of-the Force in the first ptac;:e- no-derinttrve explanation can be ,given. Suffice it to say that these powers somehow manipulate the senses as opposed to the mind (which is covered under the Minddlsclpltne).


Effects in this discipline prey on tlre mtnds oftheir victim s, al tering thoughts with au t tlieindividual 's awareness. Such msldious powers allow Sith devotees to manipulate and outright control their targets, forcing them t~ undertake acts they would not J'lonnal!y per" fonm uader the given cireumstanees.

, while the Jedi Cia 't;J_setb~ ~fff?cfmind power, they curtail therr reliance on it, for it is far too easy foslip toward the.dark side when youconslstently intrude into other people's minds te twts'tt:heir thoughts to-your will.


Thousands upon thousands of' years ago the Sith discovered now, to focus the Force to affect mechanical constructs. Toe majorityof powers of thjs dlsclpline havefallen lnto obscurity, however, since very lew sorcerers took much more than a, Passing Interest in this area.

BU,t . dark rumors continue to slither from Sith Holocrons and other stores of Stth lore about the creation of half-being/half-mechanical creatures by magiclans whohad delved into the more theoretical aspects of thts €.lJscipline. No remnants of such constructs have ever surfaced, so conftnnatrcn pf such musings eematns

cloaked in mystery, but several Jedi scholars continue to search for evidence of their existence. Their sole warning: to anyone who happens to encounter xuch a twisted monstrostty is to flee and report the sighting 10 the nearest Jedi Master.


Protective powers defend a Force-user from the effects of other Force powers as well as from other forms o:f,"attack." This dtscipline became extremely

Tine black obellsk seemed to absorbeven the meager illuminatlon shed by Krayiss Two's twin moons. Ahooded figure took.slow, perfectly measured steps toward the masslvestructure, keeplng her hands hidden within the folds of her-oversized robe.

'Taka zeech rna toka duuwa]," she muttered for thefourth time,-pfeC:Is.ely she llearlb:eat_sQ1t~r her third intonation. Sith' rites had to be followed With exactirrg care, fot to abandon even one element of the prescrfbed procedure could .spell deorn for the uninltlated. ANd v'ara Nreem did not wish to tempt the-dark side by o tr¢fingIt an opening to exploit.

She' took two more Sir'i'dl5ls,:to'Nan± the obelisk, da~ing lor a moment to glance at the pet'fe:c{ 'syn~Jlj'et;["y of its srneeth-fa ¢ and the.prectse lines that marked its edges. Such wic/~ed beautj.

"Taka zeeclr rna tOkq duuwa]," she ch a nted for the fifth time - or was it the Iourtlt tiate? Her heart suddenly pumped, further distraettng her. Calm down.

She measured the distance-to the obellskwtth her eye. About a dozen meters - that had to make this the fifth time.

Having-deduced the-number of reettatrons, she held stjll and quiet-Fora moment, waiting to, see if-her stumble was eool!gh to. bringdowa the wrath oJ the.darksrde.

Wheil1not'Jung ha.ppe~:e(1, she,to_O,kthe last two steps toward theSjth structiir and issuedthe chant on e fin al tim e. J11e' 0 bel is It CQ ntinued to remain silent before her, .as if ig'ooring lier

inSignificant pres.ene~. .

En terlng the tb sr section of the rlte.she eased herself tb her knees and puJ Jed back the h_oQd of her robe, allowing her light brown hair to spill across her shoulders and down her back. She. clenched her 'handslntn fists and placed them a;gains:t her forehead, the base of hes palms pressed together,

,Sh.e, remained. in that posltloa f.or wJiat:~l1e gue!j>sed to be-just over an hour when s@methfilg happened, ~sQmethin-g she sensejl Irorn both within and withodt,

A low rumble issued -f-rOID deep within the fia-r:d ground •. grow;ing (rom -a bare WhiS"JD.er t(\H\l, deafening.cacophony over the space of a dozen heartbeats. The land beneath her qiJiv¢ied,apd then shook, Though her muscles ached from sltttng for so-long, she ma,na:ged to 1!T;laint;:l.in tb!! position even as the groundtried to knock herdown .

. She glanced toward-the obelisk.andthough her Vision'jU)llped w,itr each tremor, she thought she saw the masslvestone njoving,;sli¢jn_g upward, its base grc:)wlng ever wider. The ground groaned and then cracked in a: series of sharp fracturlngs. Violent quakes erupted at the same time, the lIlast powerful heave tosstng-Varaseveral meters to, her r.ight. She crashed on her sjd¢" and thought she felt a bone in hershoulder crack, but she ignored the-patn and forced fl!9.r head

up so that she couldwatch the spectacle unfolding betoreher. .

'The obelisk itself had become' nothing mere.than a SPire atop a monstrous structure olangled wails and pyramidal towers, Vara recognized it from the anclenr: Ith writing_!) asa Iibrary-teiriple, a place where sorcerers 'oJ pure Slthbleod would come to meditate and to set down-the knowledge they had gained from their experiments. A ~ni"'er,gripped her bodyfor a moment-as she realized that she was standtng.at the foot of such a powerful place, an etUfiri:e that had witnessed the evolution Qf,Sith techniques r01' accessing great dark side energies over dozens of millennia. How long had it been buried, its halls lifelessj

Thegroundquleted, and the stlerrceof Kr.ayi:$s Two's rugh-t cycle fe;U.'wP9):1'th~ land once more.

Vara stagger:ed to-her feet. her righr.atm [hl'll~.:Er0.m the shoulder down.and stood'before the Sith structure, startng at-its beautyend '$:e:msll'lgtb~plac:k power that_ rad:iatt;lcJ f~om ifs everycentirneter. She sudd Em !y wondered whether she wasballuclaating, but she dlsrrlissed tile stFay thought lmrnedtately :.,3'he could never have tmagiued what now layoetO'r"e her, and hermlnd ~ouldt]:i€:fefore not have summoned it from the depths of her,tonscjotlsness to Joo] her.

No, the temple-was real. She eould feel its',iHJ])osing presence "e'e)',lJig~a.'t her, ',IT:leasl1ril:l,g her. The chill of dark Side power caressed het,and she kriew ,that thespirtts trapped inslderhe.ternpl were deciding he)'; worth.

She realized then that's he ttad to prove hensel f to {1~eII_l, to demonstrate that she had th e-rlght' to access the SH11 powers lying, in watt.

She stepped forward, and thegentlespirits' caress brose. into a frenzy ,of en:erg¥ rnorescas if shocked by the unexpected move. garl!!ly before she had tlme to notlce the slJdd~n Change, th energy re-coalesced.wrapptng itself about her oneemore.

.She took another step forward, and elicited thesame response. No mara than six meters away-~stood the massive double-door that formed a tali trapezoidat the structure's base. Sith J'narkingsi'al'l'arol:lml the door's perimeter and a] ongfh esearn Il'Ith,e,mi:dale, ThQugh sn,ecQuldn't read.them, she knew that such-engravlngs DotM W<1rn,el1l Intruders o,f c;;\!J'tain deathand acted as <ue<::eptqcle for dark side power, Those who dared to penetrate th' teruIile would be atta 'ked RY that stored energy - and th~l'e was very little evidence to suggo~~ that-anyone had' ever survived such a deluge of dark side.power.Vara hoped that the spirits would jud-g,e her w0,h:hy, and not cast their hatred down upon ber.

She dared to move closer, This time the energy swarmerupted and refoemed so quickly, that Vara w!aiSn't sure whether it had actually h·,aPl!lened.l guess Fll,{(J.Re fh.at(U; a good sign.

''Shi'! came closer" and as site pterced. the h:;t,yisJble 04f'i"It;ir '~~tf"e-Aer:gy ra,diilt!;ld ,qy tbelibrarytern ple s),e fe:lt her heart f)utteJ", tts rhythm 5 lldpeA Jy tnreerupted byth e plan~· 0j ron i'lR!=l 01!J. V ar a Iil~~ n:~:adof such.delenslveshlelds; but neue that allowed an Intruder to pass thr;o~gh .. Itseeraed

that thesplrtts had acceptedher right to ell!~r- .

She.heard a faint c?II. Ilke sorneene had whisperedher namein 'a rush ofcold air.

"\;rata Nreern ... 'j .

Her Ooci)rtense.d, and sheglanced.areund to see who had speken.Seerag noone, she t;t.iri1~dhel' :a·fteo HOll backtrrthe dOH ble-door ;'Md thete stood a. tran slucent, 'shad owyJj gu·r,e, its,head adorned b.y a crownef s pikesand its ,body enveloped bY-.avo! urn! nous ro be. She cow ld make e!;lt its ~eatmes .0:01)1 because they were ,dlff\?reriit slla.defl of b.lacK-;'the :e)ll':!.s,9tJd .mouth tile darKest 01 all.

She-stopped herselffrom Involuntartly staggering backward at the sight Of tile specter.Jor she knew tn;~t a display 0~ feCl-r would onlydecrease her chances oJsur,v,iving an.encounter with a Sith _spiFit.

Apparently satisfied with his effect ouher.the.shadow spoke. "V-ara Nreern, ytm have awakened ':lIS lrorn our ten- thousand-year slumber." The volee hovered justabove-the lowest registefVara ,l:felieV'ed her senses could perceive. "D6y'oil b'elieve you can trulydeteet us thls time?"

Vara swallowed the saliva that had collected, in .her mouth and throat. ".1 ... have come for knowledge, not for battle," Herown VOice sounded brassy-and high as it followed in the wake of the specter's deep trmbre.

'<y 0 u are a Jed i," he s tated, as i Ithat simple sen ten ce he I d volumes moreth an its.s urface meaning

would suggest. .

Vara considered. She had to maneuver tbe.conversatiort just-so H shewlshed to,acc0mp1ishher goals.-"(f by that you mean tbat I am a believer in the Force, and-that 1 have Leatnedto manipulate it at.my will, then-yes, thatis what J am." She straightened up as she spoke, Intendlngto present herselfas.animrnovable and trnpervlousobject, "But' do not believetnthis distinction between the dark and the light. To me they ere but one andthE:J same. And I have come to complete-my learning byrnastertng tli techniques ef_theSithmetho,c;lsJQr,u§ingt]jeForC:~-r:1ot thedarkstde.of'the Force - just the Force."

The spirit raised itshead slightly as if summoning long-dormant memories or receiving i niorrnati o rrfro m some invisible SOUTee. \lara's breathing had begun tespeed HI), and she dld her .' best to mask her ne rvou 5 ness , Jar to allow'thespecterto see such weakness-would be tile-last mistake she would ever make.

The-splrtt returned its gazetoher. "Weare ... -puzzled h;ly this perspeetive. How didyou come 1'0 this conclusion?"

"By many years of r.e_a'Soning and medttatton," she said, more confident mow that she natJ a.lr.e.i)d~ s.W,Cc.§ie'decHTI c0,nfusing the Slth b:y her words. "The-,ligHt and dark sides are but-aspects 'Qf theFo,,~~e. TheJedi.have always.sought to shew the barrier between the, two - but rtdoes-nor ,e:('jst, Tlaeline 1;>1 urs .. All that can be relied upon then Is thesouirce of these two aspects, for itthe FOl'@e- depends on theextsrence of nctlung.unltkethe.light, w)iij::h WQUld Iilet exist Without the dark, the Force lust is.An.d therefore, worrying aboutits subdivisions does not matter."

The'Slth did not respond; leaVing the silence to speak for him. Vara began to wonder whether she had taken her ruse rob fa,!,-

The specter laughed, a beoming.outburst. Ilkethe rumbling of stone grtndtng against stone. '''~b!'Jt IQgi'c is faulty, Jedi. Did you think that your masquerade would -allow y@u',to'eJ;)ter, our '!.I;>@de, to steal our secrets? We allowed you to.find us. We allowed you to call us Irorn thedepths qftb,is world. And it.Is we who- will determine theeonsequences c.-f your attempted deception,"

-Yara- could nat help shrinking-back, .feeling fO.r the llghtsaber tucked into her robes,

'''Djp y:eiU think us charlafans? Do y.:o>,u 'even ({'r){\lW wl:la):+p@:y;.rer W~ possess? By yburae:tiC!1I1s,. t would have to,sa:.y not.' TIi.e S:itl1 :s'eethe:cl to 'gro,w', l-tq, sba~~wf.lol'll1 stl!laliqg--awaym0re,and mo'r:e ofthe surtoundlng emptiness. "Other Jedi have came here beforey.ou,. D6 not thrnk1"o~'ate'ltle liist",C:>.r WiU be tile last. Flerh:9.ps you would tlk~to_see sorntO'f those who.have tailed;ilil tllis,s~:mc;;' endeavor."

WIlli awave of itsarrn,tlleoSitnsurhrnoned'three_adt'fitld,nal' spec:t:ers. But these did,n9tJJos~ess 'the ssmebtack farm. These werefaded_gtayfigure$, therr fa¢esG:~,ntorted as V irrtremendous pain. Bu t ev~nTn thel r spectral·for.ill, V;an\ e-G.uid tell they-w.,el7e J.!i!d,i MMt~.r;s. Al;'JeI if'~lir~ Slth could do f hat to a-Master ...

She i ab~ed her, h;a(1)Q ,in ~e bel" T(#be and r.arnkecil ouf her Iightsaber, igni tihg it lDef0fe she,.even had ,acfii,m grasp on the hilt. The gIacle blJmrneil to vibT~nt red 1ffej1aifclshe field it in tri:)O't 'f her.Its tip p;oiTi't!'!C) tOWard the lower.lYing 01 t'be'~~o moons; wl'ltdl huiig:ir6L¥(e s~'j:ust: above the temple's

obelisk-sptre: __ -

'The Sitb shadow focused en her again) andthen suddenly S:\y00pe:d forward.

V~J.:r~ SWW1g her lightsaber around in a wide arc, shclng the specter from.its Jeft shoulder to its r~ht hlp. But the red 'blade-passed through, Without leaving S9 much as a mark -

And then the spirit was 'Ll!'lc!m hee.It wrapped its shadowyform .around her, r;endering her vi.sual sense useless and a~ the same time Durning hen skin with a c61c1 fire. She seteame-c;l, and slashe~J, V:i@le)ltly'With trer lightsaber, B utthe specter's attac-k on Iy ihlen sified; her botly went, num bIrom the pain.as the darkside Iire penetrated her corporeal sbeIl and assaultedherspirtt.

"Theend came sWiftly, and "lara 'found herself 'nlerely a bleached shadow {:)f her fli>rm~r self SJ.1Tr9Unded by dark side power. Andthe l'-eali-k:aHoi1 that she \YaQUI remain in torment for eternity swept Over her-like a shadoW.l can.'I1.Qtbeli'eiJe wha_! J IU1Ve.dQn'f!,. J onty wish I hada.mayto WWTI those iilho come alter me no! (0 underestimate 117e power of the dark side. __

po_p,pJ~:r: during times of revolt, especially durtng the rGhe!)ion againsl the 'Dark Lords lead by the pure-blood Sitb, Naga'Sadow, 'The-recent resurgence in, Slth -rnaglc has - perhaps unintentionally, perhi'rp's not -fgiled to explore thls aspect of dark lore. When the Jedl begin 10 pose a j-eiioustl:ire'at to these new Sith devotees, however" tnterest in these protective "powers willsurely increase.


"Ey.iI began in a, time before recorded history, when magicians made themselves into kings ... and gOds .... using the powers of the dark side.ofthe Force. Theweakminded have ever been ready 'to. obey one who wields great power, Those Who learned the JJOWerS of the dark

sldewere qulckto'explott this weak-

ness- ttl make war .. Agp:in and agam the clark-side has surged forth, Hkea storrn ... devourlngwholeworlds and 'entire star systems. Thos'e who mastered dark P0W12t became dark power. They unleashed destruction, fo,t no other reason than selfish gain, They despoiled natlons ... destroyed whole .clvlllzatlons. Some of them. I am

ashamed to say.were Je~lt" .

- Master Ood Bnar

The Fence powers -developed by the Slthhave long ago receded into the darker recesses of the ,galaxythose burnt, out planetoids where He_eiM.g.dark'si:dr.- magidans cou ld hi de fro In the-Jed i.d uring the Grectt,Si,tL.i War. The lore th 'Sitb,lanatics Carried has remained on these desolate, remote worlds for a thousand years, waiting

IOr'the resurrecttorr of Slth teachings that was destined to occur.

Thefollowjngpowers'haveresurfa.cedin recent.times, but alii untold numbercontmue to await revtvilleatlen. And as the new breed oJSit'll adepts grow in power. they may begin to create new, more horrtble perversionsof the Force-to. inflict on thelr enernles.


Alter DifUculty: Moden~'te , _ Warning: Ariyone whcuses.this.power gains a Dark

Side Point -

Effects The Fo[,ce-aset cr,eates in hIs hand a t·adian_t sphere of pure hatted whi<;h' hecan h lilr] at anY' target withinhis ltne of sight: ,:A'~tet.a' successful Q.[t~r: tt;)Jl to injtiate the' effect, the Force-wielder makes 9-Jiv-ol)Jn weapons roll with a 21YbonlJ,s to launch the boltgiene.r8¥' at his target. 'Characters 'hit b~ the sphere .suffer 60 damageandautornatically-lose a Charade'r Point.

DARK SIDE WEB' Alter Difficulty: Diffieult

Warning: Any character who uses this power gains a Dark Slde.Potnt,

This penoe;- may be I?ept up. "

,Effec:t: When successfully iri'iti.q,~ed, this 'pOWer ~.un)o mons .strands oJ dark side power tbaf wraparound the Force-user's target, ensnaring him in a mesh ot 'brilHance. The lattice of energy severs the (Connection between theForce.and the trapped individual and saps the

strength from. his body. .

,11J.game fertns, the tasget efthe dark side web loses. a own bgr· of Farce skil I dlce up.to ~h'en.l1,m I)~e'i' of th'e'fofG.f::wieldet's~{ierdice. For example, if King Ommin.lw:d'60 'in alter, hEJ could 'lower anyone of M.a~.~er Area's Force skills by six dice; or, he could break up those six dice across art three (j[Arca's'Fo:rc:e skills (cQrifrol, sense, and (fl'{fer), lowering each by 2D (or in. any combination as long as the total number of dice r'emovedtptais6Dl

ltthe Force-user desires, he maylrrelude the.Strength I attribute in the-reduetton, thereby givenhim:ttLe aptian Q{ t!:'!U1 porartly rem9viQg,:d i~_E;! fro!!l'contrql, sense ••. alter, and Strength in any combination of dice that adq:;; up t9 'his alter skill.


Control Uifl'iculty: Easy: Modlfied by, prOxtl:nity, but limited to line-ef.slght.

Alter Diffir;:lilty; Easy.

Wan,ing: A character who uses this power agatnsta, sentient beiqg trumedlatelygets a Dark Side Potnt. _ __ .Effect: This power allows. a Slthto project a 'field of

vague dlscomfort and unease around him, whichcauses nonsentient creatures to avoid him.


Control D.iffic'Ull:y: 'Easy for non-sentient machines; Moderate fen serrtrent machines; Difficult lorsentlent machines hostile to.Slth. M6dJU¢d byproximlry.

,A1t~r Pifficulty: Easy for sught alterations: Moderat for sigOifi<::_<lnJ changes in programmlng: Difficult tor

mq_jp:r Tt;!prograrnmi,ng.. '. .

Requ,ired_P~w~~tA~bsot:9AJls.stl?_Qte,.~nergy~ Qf~ect:mm?; Warnl~g: A character who uses thts power irnrnedlately gMns a DarK Side Polnt,

Effect: nus _pewe-t allows a 5ith to. ehannel his anger into. the electronle 'tJr~LiJts of ai• cernputer, drold, Q1' machine-and reprogt ~tn It bY",m anipulating its p J;tys,ic(!,L Sind eleetrtealcomponents, The [t;!programmingcan only restore ori'g!nal programmingwhlch has. b.e~~ altered, not actually rewrite a computer's programming.

Since this Srth power can .only be evoked ina state of rage, the Jedi .have la.rig a\(OideCl usi-rig it

VIA VE:S 'O_F '))AR~.1tSS,

Control .Dlfficulty:

Ateaof Effect 1-2 meters

~.:...,W 'lIl,eJexs H-20 meters '~h-"3d meters A,ltfjr Difficulty:

Area of Effect Difficulty

1~2 meters Mgoerale

·3'-l0'Ii1:eters Difficult

11 -':ZO iTiete~vs 'Ve'ry D,iffi(:uTt

21-':30 meters Heroic

warPirig: A[ly'eh~racter.who uses this power gains a Dark Side Point.

thi~ pouie» may, be kept up.

Effect:T,he user delves into the darkness of herOWTiI spiJ,lt and dredges: up tlie feelings of hatted, jealou~y, gree'~i,andta~e that Iinger,in snadoWed tecesses .. Ustng the FetG¢9:s a power source, sheexpels. thesevile emotions in waves of dark side energy that l'~c;liat(:'! outw~rd 'in an eXl¥nding's:pherl7' Anyone caught in the disturbance suffers immediate coniusion,arid a few seconds later, flees in fear.

In game terms; those entering the-area infested by the dark .stde waves.mustmake a, willp6iJjer or control, roll agalnst tLi.e .Force-nser's contro! total Ior initiating the effect. Auyone-who fails the roll cannot take his n~xt action (in this combat round or the next) and mustIlee on the successive round. Anyone' who succeeds' becomes confused and can take no more 'than one action each combat round until he exits the Lield@f dark side

Difficulty J\If o 11I eta,t e -nnfficillt

Ve~'Y (iiffi'QuJt Hemic

el1ei~ .


FORCE 'W1ND s:e.n.seDifficulty:ry!otier:c:lte

Alter Dlfflcu] ty: Moder ate to affect 5 meters; Hi fficu It to a;ffect 10 meters, Very-Difflcult to affect 15 meters; Required Powers: Magnify ,.~e.nses·shift sense, telel?inesi«

T1iis pouier.may be ke.pt,u.p.

Watnirig: A character Who uses this power tmmedlatetygets ~ Dark Side Polnt.

Effect: This power allows the ith to manipulate and ehannelalr currents to form powerfuland destructive tornadoes that can lift people Into.the air.and flilig them about, The cyclone does the 81th's r1llercode in damage to all. within its range.


DRAIN UFE ENERGY Control DifficuJty: Easy:

Sense Dlfficulty: Easy. Modified for proximity. Alter Difficulty! Easy.

Required Powers:

This power may be kept up.

Wa:ming: A Jedi who uses thispower gains a DarkSfde P'oJl1t,

Effflct: This power allows a Sith to draw, l)ow:er fjQIl'I .nearby ncnsentient beings to boost his abiHty to go without sleep, Asl<1ng',as thJs power is kept 't4P, tlile $it.l;t will not fatigUe or require sleep, US'e oJ the ,power' depends .on a ready s,tlpply oJ nearby, insects. small r0J. dents. birds, and so Qn to'dr~w~ne:rgyU:om.l'his power .may not be used to draw-energy from sentient beings,

MEMORY WlPH -Contrel' DMc;ulty:: Moderate.

Sense Difficulty: 1h:J:get's Perception orcontrol. roll.

Modified by relationsliip,

Alter Dlfficuity: Target's Perception or co.ntro/'roll.

Modified by relatienshtp;

Required Powers: Control pain, hibernation 'trance, hfe'detection. Ufe sense, ,magnify-senses., receptive telepathy. sense Force; releklnesis., farseeing. projective telepathy" pJfeCl'mind; controrrain d. dim other's senses

Warning: A,character who uses this power irnmerliately gets a Dark Side flo Int.

Effect: This-dreadful power al lows.a Stth to $if~ t,hrough a person's mind mid destroy all Kn()W,IE:dgeof'sp~Gjfjc eventsor learned skills. Use or the skill requires direct contact with the-target, and only one specified objective can bepursued per session.

You have-mastered the basic tenets of the Jedi Way, and you have learned many of its techniques, but y6u have taken.enly the smallest 0'1 steps into a greater world. Mud'! remains far Y0l:l to. experience. The Forte' possesses, ITIao)( subtleties. that hide from the uninitiated, revealing themselves only after years of practice. These .w,ill .. come'if.ltime, but I feel 1 must at leas t begi n to prep~~:y0 u for th is part 'Of the j ourney.

One ol the most important conc~pts to assimilate conoems the difference between the ,I i.ghtand 'dark aspects of the Force; M<inyfbolis-I"ily beUev.e that .eachls trnmed iafely-re€Qgn fza~le. HefMneltght, hete the dark. But it is not so. Thetwe have no separation - youshould 'not consider them dtsttnct entities. What links these two sides of the For-ce' is.a nebulous area ofgray wherein the allegtance 61 ai:Jygiven betngts-nottmmediately apparent The Jedtand the Stth stand at oppostte ends -of the speCtru:m, beacons of light anddarkness, respec-

,rive)'. But the multitudes across the galax)d i e sornewheretnthe eenter, some J~ani ng toward.the light, others falling toward the dark. These are the peoplewno must Qe protected, wh9 must be.shown compassion and understanding, who must be .gulded to. the light. These are the people whocan he brought together beneath our luminescent banner to help us defeat the dark side ...


'The number of sentient species in tne ga-Iaxy defies any attempt CJ:t'a!:cwrate calculanon, The Republic spends 'I1mc'J;1' tif its'-I"e:soufces,expl.~rjf:lg spCj:ce,_peris,tcintly: expandrng tile Known Gala-xy outwardtrom ttscenter in the Core Worlds. Life-seems to continually beat-the 'odds; pf'upaga,t(rj.g en planets many wou!(iI'CQoSider uninhabitable, so this branohof the R_ept).bll'c gov€rnment~tCJ;Ilds little: chance.of succeeding in its misslon t(') catalog every species in the.galaxy,

Each 9f these-species has developedits own dvilizatiolijarid togetli.er allo! the spacefaring peoples of the Republic; ha,ve created a-galactic community. Anyone who plles the spacelanes·<::onstantlyenc,0i.Jnters,.alie£l5 he has 'never seen or heard 01 before, but most of these beings are in the.midst of s,imilg,:r wotk,whether theyare dj;fllom~t?, traders, techs, explorers; or members of (iAyofhundreqs of professions.


Though this. q'OQ& concentrates on the Jediand the Sith, only the smallest.silver of the ~al~y's population- belongs to one of these two groups. Adventures set in thfserashould contaln mostlynon-Ferce-uslng characters, like those descrlbed In this chapter. Also.enceurage players to select non-Jedi characters - though,,yousnoulcln'tfb[<i:l'!; them into such a declsion. A partycan.always use a good pl1 .. o:t, mechanic, medic, 0.'1' scout.

The adversaries of the characters also shouldn 1 always beSith sorceren. If so, the players would quickly become bored with the garTle because they would knowwhat to expect at every turn. Introduce Slth-characters slowly, bringing them from the periphery of the campaign toward the center in short steps.

For more about designing adventuresand adversaries, seeChapter Twelve, "Runnlnga Tales of the Jedi Campaign.'


Characters traveltngthroughspace r ter any of thefollowing individuals or-g in the vi cini ty ol an es tablis hed j urn p poi ever characters.arrive at a jump beacon the area for a substantial.length 'oT time (d, on the amount of tr ave I t~.ro'iJgh thet jump point), roll 5D and consult the c::.1· Fot more well-traveled routes, .rando '

.severa! entries. -

select , « $


Astrogatlon Survey Ie; rn 4 't

Bounty I-,funt~r i' 4 if I I,

Ciiminal , ! til,


,5-'6 7-$·' 9-11 12-13

'14 15-16 17 18""19 20

21-22 23 24 25

26-27 2'8-30


lnfbrm ationBroker .tedJ Knight

Jump Bea on Patrol Loca I Military Chlft Passenger Transport Pirate

Republic Battlegroup Rocket-jumper I'?atrol Smuggler



Some beings have corrupted hearts ana minds, thetr sense of moralsandethlcs thrown askew by the events of th eir lives or by thei r [ n herent rend en cies, or py some cornbination <Dr the two, These indlvlduals come from CJ_1l class strata, from the poorest street urchin to the wealthiest corporate executive. Whether led to such a life by necessity or by greed, crimi rials 'spend their days harming others, stealing, away that which the true owners consider valuable" from money to ltves,

Often groups of criminals collude, realizing that a [oint effort increases the chances o( success, Criminal organ tzat.on s can be <1$ s mall as, apal r of petty th ieves or as large as a corporat -structured syndicate controlling hundreds or even thousands 01 beings through dozens of sub-organlzntlons. These collectives ply all, lorrns of illegal actrvlty, 'Including (but not limited to) racketeering thievery, blackmail, extortion, smuggling; and arms trading.

While R public constabulary fore s usually handle the tnvestigatton of crimes and the pursuit of criminal's, the Jedi sometimes become involved with efforts to destroy the largersyndloares. especlallywhen the.group bas managed toprocu re the allegta nee of ,3 Sl til sorcerer or some other dark side Force-user.

The sheer amount of resources at the disposal of

successful criminal organizations - from finances and durable g00'dS te underltngs and polltical influ n emakes them extrem-ely powerful and dangerous. Even Jedl tread cautiously within the spheres of influence of such groups.

Fortunately, the use, of hyperspace beacons for astrogatlon (which has created establtshed spacelanes that only the brave or-tile insane would dille stray [rom) allows the Republic to monitor many of the normal trade routes, leavmg onJy th rnorerernot ClJId I s-traveled carrldors completely open to criminal exploltation. But unlawful rogues have learned to mariipulate the hyperspace beacons, reprogramming them to sene ships into deep space, Iarfrorri anylsepublle tactltty.orbattlegroup. This tactichas become <1' favorite 0f plrates and privateers the galaxy over,


Type: Hun Ga!\g)orcJ DEXTERJTYOih2

Grenade [D+ I, 'pulse-wav weapons 1 D<-Z KNoWLFJ)CE 4D+1

Alien species 66,2, bureaucracy.Sf). business: crtmfnal orgalllr.il" lions- 7.0-+2, lnttmtdation (51).;,2, planetary systems 51), planetary systems: 70"-1, streetwls 50, value 9D


Astrogatton 2D~ I, r pulsorltr! operation :m,.;,1 P£RcE;'p;rfOI'{ 31)+ 1

Bargaln 4D~'2, con 5D., forgery 6D~2 STRENG,TH 3D

i?rawliTW 5D, ~"ha,riillla Gp"l TEO-INJCAL ID

Computer prtlgrilnJT11illg!r p!l~r 3D:.-,2

Speelal Abilities: '

Force Resistance: Hutts ha ve an lnnate-detens • againlii Force-based 1111,nd mal\'!ljuJ~li'(Jtl teehntques, allowing them to-roll double thelr Per cplicm di't,e to resist such attacks. However, litis resrstanc appears to prevent Hurts from learnlng ,"ore e.skllls.

'Force Points:'2,

Dltr'k Side Points: I)

Character Potms: I I

Move: 2'

Capsule; Bogga [lie Hutt was be/'n 'On Na:1 Hutta. the

Jromeworld'ot hts species but-he maintains a resldenee on his petsonal-mcen la the'$tenness systems. He rules the underworld in· much at the sector, .and his illegal enterprtses continue to expandoutwardlr» every direction as 11e gtow:s in Weal't,l~ a;f:ld-p0we~.

Great Bogga (as he prefers to be addresss d) controls many irfdtvii1lJ_a·ls throwghoLi't the S1;enMsss:ystems 'and s\-l_i:mqnding space, whether thl'Ough blackmail <or 'mon~ etary er polltlcal remunerarfon, Asa resu I f Me. kn owsevery.thing that oc urs within a l;iall-doz'el-l parsecs> allowing.him to seek out -opportunlttescand tak.e a'd:vant'lge of them before other garig,10~as ~ve'i'i_ beq011,1e aWa_t~ of th¢'ir- eill.i'stence,

Receniry B:og.ga !lias [earned of' a shtpmen; of Ad~gan crystal's bejMtn\r:lsler~ed fnom t_he.pIan et j,.{' ralth't0Am·b:ria. He made. an educated .guess that.the y.l'lunrFJi:d1tcartying them, would have to stop at the Sten:Qess I'lYJ~,!!,r~aGete.rI:ni:' nal.and ther Bogga would'have.atrap.·wa1ting. Thecrimelerd needed tei obtain the crystals Jdr a m!lster:.i'.011$, cloaked Indlvldua] who had offered to pay a Hurt's ransom Ior the precious.gems. Great B'oggan>uld not lejsuch an OPPOrt\..k nity slip-away, espectally when a sudd_el;pinflu-l-i ef capit.al at this point Would enable him to overtake several border systems closer to the GaJaclLc 'Core. Such.a -str.ateg\,c Iocatio1lWQuJ.9 lhen g·j·v him a:gat~way to the rnore wealthy civlllzattens.

B<:lgga professes ;;t. deep-rooted abmty to- rorgl:ve those who cross him, attaching the ntcknameThe Merclful One" to h IS name' when involved in situattorrs wh ere leniency might come'tnto play. Noone has refuted this proclernatlou - mostly because they don't want ttl ndupon the wrong side of a conflict with Bogga.


type: Weequfl-Y·PllhlceEpforcer .DEXTER[TY'1O

Biawlin:g"!la.;ry 5D+2, dodge 60, f1rearms·4D.+-2, grenad-e 5D, melee combal60.i-2. mele parry fiD,rnissil' weapons 5D,;-1, pulse-wave weapons GEl +2. thrown weapens 'lD-<-2. vebkle blasters 40,.,2 KNOWLEDG'E 2D

lntimtdation 31)~2, w,ilIpuwer2D+2 MECHANICAL 3D+l .

GrClunc:1. vehlcl operarlon 4D. hover vehlcle operanon <lD+2, -repulscrlllt operation 40. swoop operation 3L1+2 fl-ERCEPTl6N'-3D+Z

rllvestigati~i'I 4[) .. I. search 5D-,·2


Brawling 70+1, lUlfllgAI) .. Z l'ECffNI~ 2D

;<)_nub.r rl:\pair.2IJc-2, demol'ft·lons.3D ,1, firs.!' aid 2D+2, securil-y5D+l Special Abilities:

Sflor/:n:lllg_e Coi't1rrfUfJ/c(llion: Weeq,uays of t~e same clan caJ1 Q.I·;,mrnuntcate t.hrO,ugh ~onlplex·'{!_orribil'latirm$ elf plHil:om.orles. Aside Irom Jedi sensingabllltles. no species is-known Iobe able to detect. such ccmmunlcatioris.

Character Points: '8'

Move·: 10

'I::q~p)n¢'nl: PuJ5e~y,ia\(e rllle (.5-0.), dlJla*reel.l~OIe<"ltm (STR ... 21J).

~psu'le:'Gr'imOl'g, one of S·ogga's.mosU0¥'ill parae enf0rc.ers, ·s_pends. rnos] of 11 ts t~rrle h:Ur!tl!'lg d_pwn and t;_aQluri ng tnd!:v.iduaJs foolish' enough ro cross the ganglord, Several ofhis 'Iell ow dan members ha;ve feCently l(jined.t.he,.cmforcer $.taff <!.t lrts prompttng, Uslngtmetr shcrt-range-eomrrruntca-

tton tli·ey can easily corral arid' corner thei r.pre.y. As of their apprehension of Fin head' Stonebone they. have yet to fail In <lny dUheir- J1'Ul'lts.

B_ogga the Hutt tel,i~~ on hundreds if not thousands of' underlings_ ~o carry out.his will,

Bogg~'s Thugs. An statsare 2D except: dodge 30, PUISNVlfJ3e weap(:Jns 313+-1, repulsbrlifttJperation- 28'-ll2, hide 2D'+1. -brawling 3D. Move Hl. Pulse-wave blasJeT . (3D+2).


Re[jui)li!:,-Cjty 011 Coruscant houses the entirety of the ga1iictlc'gpvernrnent (aside f'ro!B its sector outposts). 'Those polttictans permanently stationed in the CIty. handle aU aspects ofofflcial legislation arid policies, including budgets, trade agreements',' social programs, Jaw enforcement, and military matters, a1lJ:oilg others. Some' bureaucrats, .however, QnJY1 ~arely~et foot on Coruscant, These In.p_ividlJ.alsa:1'e-cJ1~rgerl wtth .bringing new Sy;st¢lTl;S intp tile galactic G.Qmmuni~y~s well as sertllng disputes between member worlds of the Republtc.

_P911Ucal inflghting with'in 'the Senate continues to plague the government, especially orussues concerning the use of military forces, hut the II1'ajorit~ of the Senators can quicklyeorne to' some type' otcompsomise,

,Rec.enUy, however, rumors have surfaced that one of the Senatons - or a small group, as some reports- have it - plans te severe the link between the J~di Knights and the Republic. Though still wllispereda:bollt the congested s'kyways of COTLlSCarit. the rumor has yet to be proven true.

NET us

T.ype: Republt Mlnlstet of Defense DEXTERiTY 3D+.2

Arclralcguns 4[h2, brawling parny sb·,.i, dodge tiD"1, hreanns 51)'<,2 ~ g:rena:de'.5D, melee L'-0111 bat 7D, melee 'pa,rry6D.,2, pu1s'e-waVe weapous 7!)t'J, l'uri'nin!l4D~,2, tl1rmi.rh weapurjs$D+ I, v!'!I,lcile I~.r<lst ers-6D+l


Alien species 5'0, bUl'ea~cr<u:y '6D~ llb1;lre<\!J(:t~cy. f{t;!P~I1l[jc gl~vernroent, WO+ I, ,I'~w enforcement 5D+1, planetilYY systems sn.z; tacttcs 7D~'?, wlll[joWer4D


Archaic starsltlp'j2l1totin:g 4lJ+ I., astrog.ation,SD .. 2. capital ship gunnery 41)+2, C"<it)ital shlp Ijllo~lng SO. I. pO\II rsuit ()per~t,fo'll 40, reputsorlltt operation "D'~2, rocket PH' Ie operatlon 7,1).,2> -space transports 3D+2


8arg~i'n 6Q~2;,-¢bJ11m'and 'i'ID, pe-rsl1;;tSion,oD.t2' STRENGTH 3D

BraWling 7JJ~2, ',tlirnbii1g/Juml:ling6D; 'stan'liJi.a' 4D~,SWi.LnnlJrjg 40 .• 1


Computer prl1w:'amniing!I'el~a-rr5D, (lerqpllti\)ns .. ')D+2, ,fltst'ald <lU+J, securtty 4D~ [,

Character Poinls:-12

Mov.e: tP'

Capsule; AsRepu blj c Defense Mini ster, Senator Netus spends the rnajodty,qf,l;liS ti'm,e POIH'ipg over requests for inJlitary rnt rventlon.jncreased rnilttary.presence, higher budgets I:or design and development ,o!,new,wea;pons'i,lod delerise systel1lSc~ ;:in.!.1 a therrand om heec~~ .)\1 tJ~,e'-salJ1ellm~ h~ll) ust oversee matters of 'Republic security, the maintenance of Army and Navel forces; arid til !it~mS: 'of any- (urJ"ent rnjli~aryengagements.

Netus has particular experfence in, this area, having served-the l}!,;!p'l!IbH(' two-dozen sre~l's ''l~o as a mernher of the elite roeket-lurnper corps, Tbjs !il.dv;ance, torce heads l1l'i,Ul:Y land-based confliots, i;ls'tiaHystr'lI{i'mg ubder (::0ye~',of d~kn~ss at a, low altitude lnan effort to slip b~neat,l'i,eJteJTIy. sensors.

N tus leltthe hl).litar-y l,Ef.e after ~ nv~ye.anu);, ped_t~a'~Jng himself Irorn that point on to. politiCS. He hus- btlly: recently assumed the ro'i.eciI Defense Mihlste.r aJ)CilI~e:.Il:opes to correct all the problems he believes his predecessors

created, - - -

Though he approaches most tssues 'with Cantion, h realizes that sometimes sv.1'ft action Wins the aay - an. '()l~hiio.il previous lY1iniste~s of [)el,ense and iT)ajlY: current Sen atorsd lsagreewtth, As ares ult hewasees hou rs.er-even days arguln g for the approval of. mi i i tat'y a.'di OJI; all the wli i le hoping that when tl\e Defense Council finally reaches-a consensus the confllct has not yet been won by the opposition.


Robotic automatons of various 'types: serve in many: facets of galactic ctvtllzatton, from manual labor drones to etiquette and translation droids. These mobile rnachi nes (Irrimobl Ie rnechani.cal/electr.iC<l,J, constructs are tradltlorrallyrelerred to at> cornpnrers) handle functions t(1O,di:,ffi(:.ulto·fof, their sentient: counterparts especiallythose requlrtng harsh cenditlons or quick calculation. Unfortunately, droids fail with respect to. biological lltelorms in' several areas. typically actions requirin'g

creative solutions, like combat maneuvers.

The druids of this era need constant recharging and maintenance to remain functioning. Once per week .a technician must perform a "tune-up" on the drold, The fe'at requires a Very Easy droid repair roll. Failure means that the droid I .eases to.' function lmrnediately and remains Inoperative until repaired (requlrtng a Difficult amid repairrolJ 01- the hiring of'a drold tech for one-tenth 01 the droid's "new' cost).


TyP~ D(jWl;!:l'Ii Meehl\ni'c~l Products :moProwt:ol/Sel'vke, Droid DEXTERI1l'Y 20


AII-e-rl species 6D~2" Plu;eautJ;acy::5B'12, cui hures,SD, languages .mn planetary ,Jj,ystems 9n~2,,~dtbl<lr; protQ.c~1 run- I


Gn)uljcl vehicle. 01).crll'tipll 40+ J, hover vehicle eperatton 4D, repulsorhft (.)p'r!'lUOI1 41)+2. !1.eilS0rs 5.0, space I raJisPIllI'lry 'iD!:2, starshlp shl iss.3i).t2 . PERCEPTION 2.0+2


TEffiNICAIJ ':$0

Al1morFep11tr ~!l),,2, C"OJn.!,!U let ,1)tog1'<lmmil1s(repalr 4D. repulscrf fr ,repaJr 49" :_;·p'i1C'.e (Tilpsports r J,)air 4Dj 1


• i-lum<tnOici body ('two 1LHUS. two le '~, h e ad)

• AdYl,1m:e,d lin -motcn ,(Jell: 'ull rY' <1J1d servos for dell¢1it'e i·~pifi;rwork

• ''fw.r) visual I:Jlld ~ut:U.ahe:rt.~or.s- human range

• VO!;11 i;ltila lor s]jeecl'l.' ~ysten'l' '('apa.J)l.e' til Lmi lllflll!I ,:V(jNl,1 sound

waves wllhln human ral1g.~ Character 'Poin:l$: s M.ov~:7

Size: 1.6 meters tall

'CQsl: I ,SOO credits (.'lli I urchas d hY'AI1r.lur Suurlder)

Capsule: The drold A-:mO has developed a deep sense of loyalty to. his current masters and considers htrnself il rnemtrer of their 'family, Inslsttng that they refer to him by the more iolloqnia] designatir)l1 Three'Dee. He dedtcstes rnest 'of hi's tim 1:0 ensuring that the Lightside Explore!'. Andun's and Norni's passenger space transport remains-In tQI~ condition. 'V:he ,rest elf hi,S power-reserees be sp nds cwor,rying about theJarntly's safety anti cornplalrring about foe risks he i')eli,ev,E!S And~lr takesalltoo f)f~el1,.


Much of the space beyondtheCore Worlds remains a mystery to theR~publIc:Few detailed-astrogatlon charts can be considered more than marg'ihaJlyac,€Urafe, ;;tr:i'd data on the systems and-worlds themselves most often

has U:rtle if any basi's tntruth, -

To combat tills Jaek.o] iriformatlon.and.in an effort to locate more crvtllzattons.tc bring into the Republic, the, galactic government has-created .a branch 61 the SCience and Culture Admmlstrattoncalled the Astrogatlon- Survey Team. This agency is responsible for charttng and catalogJng all celestial phenomena past the borders of the Kn own , Gal-axy. Bulky survey ships loadec;i withs-enserreccrdersand llfe-sustatntagsupplres spend three to six months explering-desjgnated regions of space, returningwtth thetr.collected.data.upon completion ofthe Il1is$ion.All astrogaticn. system. and plarietary.lnforrnation is stored in the central computer banks of the Science and Culture Administratlon on Coruscant, a section of: which is available publtcly from ;anyterminal with access to .Hie agency's eomputer gateway.

. Individuals ,joining the SUT¥ey Team's ranks range from dedicated astrophyslclsts obsessed with obtaining data on as ¥etgus~en spatial occurrences to rogues-with a passion for the danger of pilotthg a shlp 'wlth few defensive eapabtltties bit'0.unkn:owri arrdposalbly inhospitable territory,


The' ability to-contretand manipulate the Force is not tne sq:le,pl"Qvinee of theSith 'or the j~di Kii@'its. Other cultures ha\o!y learned ohM unseeo\snergy,:f'ieldtlJat exists within all things and have uiis,co:v:eried 11,0w,to act:-"ess tts power 'f-orilie'rr' own purposes, whether peac,¢fQl or vi~-

lent. .

One notable Force-ustng, ci~,iliz,atiQn is the Kaslu Mer mOID-arch),! to' Phelleera sector, appmxlllately thirty-orre standard days, from 't;orl!scant (at xl hypeT(hife~. The Kas !'li worship "the Breath" ~_as:they tefei-l6 tM Forcefor its Jife~.givlng power "The Guat€liai1s of the Breatb keep the lore o'I and the met h otis for_caUing!j)J) tills u biql;li'.tous eltergy byora:l trad:i tten '- It is constdered ,l)lasphemy to laydownthts-Intorrnatton In any-concrete format.

The Guardians call all the Breath to aid in the growing .of crops and' the healing of the sickand injuredAlso, Guardian Elders rely on the Breath to provide them with. vislons that tell them the appropriate pathtor the'society

as a whole to follow. '

Each' year, tens of, thousands of Kashi pledge fora. posltlen among the ([juar~Jjar)hi'erarchYi put only a-select few -olter') less than a h:andful- have the innate ability to access the Breath. At each level 01 Attainment, Kashl initiates learn more of the lore and powers of the Breath. But most Guardlans flnd that they have a limit fo their understanding and-control over tbe.Breath, 'and therefore at-each stage.of advancement there are fewer and.fewer

remalnlng candidates. . ...

The Kashi Mer rnaintain an isolationist policy, refusing to even, sneak withoff-worlders (though they do have

space-travel capabilities, tncludlng lightcs,pe_ede__ngines and craft). Those outs'icJel's who bellev:e the K~hi wlll accept them and teach them abour the'Breath.usually fiud themselves io(d£ed -ih·tbe depthsof a dank.cell for the rest of their HvesjQI',da,ring·to utter such sacred words,

A 'few 'GuCU'qiaj1s, have been' exiled Qver"the ~'enturie&. ·seL)ten~7'd (0 wander'the$aJaxy',world-IeSs u[i)tillhey ale. Some of thesefridtviduals have turned to evil ways, :ustng the Breath 'for' seH~gii.in:an:at1:te destru,etjon, ofoth.er.s. Thosetravelers Wb@ have ericQLiri:teredsuch'excGuardi~s have De ,deS:it,e' to ever enter the same parsec .as one- ot

tb~ir kind. .


Inf.(,)l·mati@n in this.era is 'a. highly prtced COlflrflodiW: especially.with theu'elatively slow speed of ,lityp~.t'space traveI.·Sevel:aJstar.s'hip ~otlj-i0,rat;ion_s ha,ve destgBed speeii'll coW_ier craft tQ na.,nsport- fi'm"e-,:qitkal correspondence or data ~H)t(i)SS, tlt~ .gal_~, Many unscU!pdJous jncliv:i~uals l1'a:ve turned this legttilnate business [nUl a b~rr<ely l~gaj'eif L1(/t blatantly illlclt) trade Irr stolen iiifof" m~JJ:on.

MostinfbfmaHcm th:QKersmainfaliil.a networko! inferments and spies at the major'liyp!:!:f'space ter:m'i'raals liie Stenness 'in the b~tliet worlds, These beings are often ernplcyed by a business lecated within the terrntnaland Se.11 tl)ej.f knowledge to the information 'broker for a, modest (or exorbitant, depending all the nature of the infortnation) fee.


Because aILlong-dlsJaD,.~,esp~ce travelrelies on the existence ano.atcunf€Y of [ump beacons, the Republtc has set UJil a special IJr an ch of the Spacelane Bureau to maintaln, rep<.tir, and replace the astrogatlonsateltltes. Many of th_es.e patrols operate In-deep spate f(:')J months ata time .. Pulling duty, at a majer terminal. therefore, seems 'liKe a v:aeaEion. '

The Spacelane Bureau has noted ever jhe years that be'ac(!)n_pa.:tJ:ol~rs's0meti rnes develop psychol ogical dysIunctlens as the result of long-term conilnernent ina elaustrophcblc environment. These maladies manifest themselves 'in a variety of ways. Irorn paranoiato lullsensory.delusions, and patrol members-must therelore, undergo psyclrologfcal tests between. missions. In-one downplayed instance anentir'€:' patrol disappeared with, Its cr alt after des troytng a beacon that acted as a h 1;) P for travel betweeuseveral major systems. The vessel and its

:crew have not been.seenstnce. . -


Since a large percentage of natural resource exploitation occurs in theoutlyirig colonyworlds. like the three systems of the Stenness Node, pirates often find ,their prey far from Republic or lo_eallaw enforcement vessels .. Thesemarauders liein wait along.establlshed sublighf routes - usually these leading-to jump beacons - and attack cargo ships and ore-haulers at strategic points.

To combat this epidemic of pirate assaults {and to fill

their own coffers in the meantime), many ganglords have offered protection to these haulers-s- for asubstanfial fee. of course. These advance guard teams patrol -deslgnated regions, of space, paying particular attentton

totheroutes of those transports un'o,er:t:he'irempJoyer:\s preteonon, An)! vessel that makes an, a,;ggt€'$SiV€ move' agatnst a protected shipbecomes the target-of CUI irnme.diate, all-out attack. Any-captured piratesare typically brought betoretheganglord providlngthe advance guard

for "sentencing." '


Type: Allen PirateCaptaln DEXTERffY 3D

Archaic glln~ 4D~,,1. podgii: 4P, Pl1}-s~wfI:V w"e<lp0n.s 3D-+2, vehicle blasters 4.0,,2_


6us-iness: piracy 4lD-+2; slrel;;LVlls 30, t?lC1,tij::s: pi[JI(::.¥ 3D,2,i,.·<;},ue. 40+1

MECi:tANlCAL 4D'il']

Arohai,c statship piloting 60. asll'ogtltiO,n S9" 1 ,~epUJsorlfft opeF~tlol15D. sensors 40~2;sptlcetraHsports 6D+2', starshlp gmlnery'5D. sWsh1p s!i I eJ(I~-5D~ 1


Command 3D~:l


'ttCUNJCAL 3D' Security 4D, space .transports repair4D,.2, ~bli:stiip'w,eapo!J repafr ··m+l

Character Pj)'iI)I:S: a Move: 11

Captatn: Captain .Stonebone arrived'to known space less t-han adecade a'go wlthouta,single pos$eS~i()hoa;lld Mnabl? to speak Basic. He quickly rook to lllegal means ot' generati,n.gln,come, !jading a gunne·ty posttien .aboard a ph-ate vessel in Vorc sector within a week of arrival.

Twoyears later-he had assumed the role, of first mate, and eventually stole and embezzled enough funds to buy lii5 own p,jrate marauder corsair, the ,Stmjacke-r,

After a shprt:(but bloody feud w,ith his former,employer Qver a terrttcrlal dispute,Stonebone decided bead tnto the Stemless Node where new ore depositshad recenl'1y, 6een, discovered. There he became embroiled In a eonlllct With Bo.gga'the Hutt, thevlclous ganglord who dO.~linates the Node-At Ilrs], Stonebone has struck a deal with Bogga. h, would harass ore-haulers passing through th are a 5'0 that thelr captatns(and the, crperationsfor whreh theyworked) would be f0H~:edtog0 to Bogga: for p n;;Jfect'i on.

Unfortunately, Bogga decided to alter the agreement after Stonebone had perlcrmed his part 6.1 the bargain. Rather than letting the pirate score an occasional booty. Bogga'sadvanced guard.lntercepfed the marauder ships on every-attack, forcing Stonebone in astate oJ rregattve cash

flow and starshlps desperately rn need or zepalr, With that he declared War on the Mutt, and pU$IWd his pirate b~ld to the limit trying to hit evel"_y hauler that passed through the reg.iOn. Hogga, was rQol_pleased by the plrate's a.ctjQrl~" and ordered ~he capture of Stonebone and anyol )ilLs c:rev;:.

Thernysterlous pi rette'has severalhidderrltoldouts within, 'the Stenness Node andIn surroundrng-space, and B(>_gga .and hls mlnlenshave had difficulty locattng hlrn. Stonebone .r rnai'i;rs an' eJtis1v,e quarry - )10 00 has yet discovered whatspecies hels arnember of, whtch ts the way he likes it. His true name li-es nlflSkeo berdnn along list olallsses and altern ate t):ersQnas, tl)'1lI!--I-g!l hecC!,rt'%ttly :gl'les by: Hj1head ''Shmebolle-a meaningless flame he purposely created t.o ir(fuiia.tethose wh@ wish-to uncover his ty.l'ie"i(lru'\tity.


TJle Rpeke,f-illffiper Elite Advance Unit has two main hmcflons: 1. to holt! the Republic Battle: line until rein'f6rcemimts or heavyertill ery and warcralt arrive.and 2. to perfermllmlted-engagenrent reconnaissance, rescue, and quick-response rntsstons. Wilen needed, however, ,r,0G-k~t;_jump'e_r unrts.act as for-ward guard [or large-scale g:round cenfllcrs.

Only the most-skilled combat officers and soldiers may join the ranks of this unit ~ on Iy ei gh t percent' of the annual candidates succeed in winning a rocket-jumper billet.

Rocket-jumpers ,ha~e a.reputatlon f0r outlandish beIiav:iodil their off-hours, a stark COi\trast to.thetrstnct dlscipline in ba.tt~e sltuatious. 'To a jumper; nothlng supersedes the mlsslon objective. Failure or surrender is not an optron.

Typical Rocket-Jumper. All slats are 2D except: Dexterity 3D, brawling pa;ny 3D+.2, doti.r;e .5D, grenode 4D. pulse.-tlia'Ve~weapQns,,5D-+:2: l'lmningSD42, tactics.SD, rockel, pack-oj;rera-tien 61), s'neo,k 3Dt2. . stamina 3D J, swimming 3D; demolttions 2_Dt2, tirst aid 3D. Move 10. Puis-wave :tit.le (5D).


Many spacers make their liVing transporttnggeeds between system'S, Most are ltmtted to a aistanee.'of 'one or two parsecs due to thO length of Hille ittakes to travel during this era, Most buyers an; not wllltnqto wait month,s for.rnerchandtse, Instead relying on local substit utes. As a res U It, a given prod uct often is Iou nd in agtven cluster of systems, like mutoniurn ore in tile Stenness Node. The fartller a world is from Steriness, the lessllkely it is to have ac essto mutoruum.

A sl!ll'H.J'ac1e has developed as.a result of till's llrnitation. V:atiOus traders eechange cargo at hyperspace term lnals (or in dee p spacew hen deal i n gin iJ legal goods), and then transport the newly traded merchandise to consumers in their normal domains. While this inrlates the cost of the products, it enables individuals to obtain items they would.notusuallg.ltnd 'in therrregton o! space.

TyplcalTrader, 1\:11 stars are 20. except: business;' trade 4D, languages .'iD+2, planetmy systems 4D-F2,'vafue 4D+ 1. a,~frQgQ;tj(m ;;D, spacetransports 3D+2; bargain4D+Z space transports repair 2D+2. Move lO. Pulse-wave blaster (40)..

Know, Jed! stlJd'el'lt, that there we m.an~ species throughout the galazy, mally, of w\lom ye;t rwnainhldclen jrom" Republic survey , teams OOjR:g1t falsely~eJ:i~v!;lih51t humans -,or any other's pecles 0.1" ci:viUzatign - is more irnportant' than the Fest. The galaxy

~thrl:v;e'S on diverstty; nature 'is out an amalgam of elements

randomlyassembled toto finite entitles, bt;ijngs, creatures, and objects that quickly Iade and then rise again in D@W forms. This COFI'Cept, then, is the heart ·of all. It is the entral tenet required to understand the universe.

All is one, and one, therefore, is all. No duality exists in this statement. This is how yow. must think This is what guides you, what tells yow how to conduct yourself. This is the Force, the ·erietgyth'at1iv.es In everythIng, that is.exlstence itself -

Jean see that you are having trouble penetrating this idea, and that is expected. But you must not dismiss it. You must instead concentrate on acquiring enlightenment. % though it may seem impossible, Many Jedi, even som€ of the greatest Masters,

devote years to this very issue. Do hot gtveup.

I see that I have agaln strayed fr-om the discussion at hand. NoW, there are many species in the galaxy ...


Llteovercomes all obstacles that wouldthwart its existence, Just travel to any sector and look upon the won drou s-vltl'iety oflife Iortns that exis t upon COl:] n tless worl ds. Species of all kingdoms-and e lasses rise and fad e away over th e rni llennia, playing their part in the galactic continuum, contrtbutlng to the evolution of all life.

Many species throughout the Known Galaxyhave thrived for millennia, and will continue onward rhrough other epo .hs - Hults, Twl'Ieks, Gotal, and humans, to nam just a few. When runni ng adventu res in the Tales of the Jedi era, feelfree to use any aliens listed in ot her Star WQ~ products, especially GdlaXY. Guide 4_' Aliens and GaldiyGu.ide J 2: Alieris- Enemies and Allies. Just check the historical notes in each entry to determine whether or not that species could have had a partin galactic society 4;O(JO years before Star Wars: A New Mope. (For example the Noghri werelargely UllkhOW)l in the time of the New Republic; obviously. this species should not appear in Tales of the Jedi-ere adventures.)

Till's chapter includes four allen species unique to this setting. All appearedIn the Tales of the Jedi and the Freedon Nadd Uprising; future sourcebooks will cover aliens from the subsequent comic series.


The Mlraluka closely resemble humans in form, although they have han-functioning, milky-white eyes.

The NHraluka's home planet of Alpheridles lies in the Abron system at the edge of a giant molecularcleud called The Veil. On fortunately. none of the standard trade routes pass near Abron, thereby.segregating the system and its inhabitants from the rest of ,galactic civilizatlon. ~ a result, the MlralukaIwho migrated to Alpheridies several rnlllennta ago whentheir world of orlgtnentered a phase of geophysical and geo-chemieal Ins tabllity-d urin_g which the atmosphere began to vent into space) have become an independent and self-sulllcient species.

Since the Abronsystem's red dwarf star emits energy mostJy in the infrared spectrum, the Miraluka gradually lost their ability to s :nse and process visible light waves. During that pertod of mutation, the Miraluka's long-dormant ability to "see" the Force grew stronger,

unfit they relied on this Force-sight w:i'thout conscious effort,

Grad ually the Mi raluka seltJedacrosstlie'enti re pl anet, focusing thelrclvillzationon agriculture so that they required little in the Way of off-world cotnrnodtttes. Though small tndustrial sections arose in a few populanon centers" the mas tadvanced technologtes man ulactilled on, Alpb rtdles include, only small computers, repulsorlttt parts, and tarmingequtpment.

The Mlraluka Iollow an oligarchical form of government in which alipolicies and Laws are Legislated JjY,(l council of twenty-three representatives, one from each of the planet's provinces. State legal codes are enforced by lecal eonstables=> the need for a natlenal force 'has yet to come about.

Few Miraluka leave Alpherldles, Most are. content with their peaceful lives, and have no desire to drsrupt that equiltbrlurn. Over the centuries" however, ITIGl_ny young Miraluka have experienced an iTrepressible\\t.~iOderlust that has led them off-planet. Those Miraluka encountered qWa~ from Abron usually-have a nomadic nature, settling ln.one area toroulya short time before growlng bored with the sights andthe routine.


Attribute Dice: 12D

Alb:lbllie Mini:m;uJ1I/.N:Iaximnms:

DOO'ERJTY 20/40 KNOWLEDGE 20/40 I\.ffi(';HANICAL 2'Dj4D PERCEPT[ON 10/50 STR~NGTH 20f40 'rECHN}CAl.: 20"'/40

Special Abilities: .

'F""orce '!;,ighl: Th Mitaluka rely 011 thelr ability to percelve their surroundtngs by-senslng 1'I1.esll£ht .Fol'(:eyll~I'atio.nsemarlatedfrom 'all objects. III (lny location where the Force is In some way cloaked, the Miral,Llka are effettl'iicly blind.

Move: ],0 '

Size: 1.6-1.8 meters tall


The Nazzar have eq utn€. tacral features, but their bipedal bodies can.otherwtse be onsldered analogous human, Their short fur ranges in colorIrom light gray to deep blue-black.

The Nazzar go-vernment, which controts three neighboring; systems - ineludlngtheherneworldef Nan!"i -slilift-ed gra.duaJly from a rnO"Flarchy to an oligarchical theocracy led bya sovereign and fourteen praeiects.fhe headsof the fourteen sects of the Ulizra, the state religion.

at Naszrt. _

The N azzar always, tollew th e tenets of Illizra, almest to tbe.point of fanattcism. TMyusetloJe rellg1~:l1i's law~to,gl1idetlwm in all -decistons. At the Ioundatlon of QU.zran. t_h'so):o;gy lie three main rules: seclusion fromoutsiders ,(who might taint the Nazzar culture), the destructlon of blasphemous phllosopfncaland fheologtcal beltef. systems that underrntne-Ulizra and above all, tne importance of the sode-ty'over the indiViidu/lL

Off-worlders often re etve less-than fri'endlywe}c;:omes from 6fflcia~:; a~, - accordjng to the Nazzar - most .allens possess stranganp potentially-dangerous.tdeals 'that mighHt'lf_eat-en Ullzra,

Nazzar encountered In the. galaxyat large usually hail from one of two major types. The first are the ~J~'<;J those wlioin some way dellled an Ulrzran temple or otherwise broke one of tts moral codes. These Nazzar

seek Ihto;wl~g,ge of other civilizations, hoping to find a place where they belong.

The second are the preachers whostrtve tespread the Ultzran beliefs bey01'ld Nazzri an.d its sister s'¥&tems, Often these fanatical evangensts get themselves, into localtrouble by declaring a, bulldtng or business blasphemous and fr-ighten'i'r:tgawtly·thQ:sew'ho wish to enter, TJ1el?~_ individuals are best avoided, for, ehey often become belligerent when they are refuted or sllenced.


Attribute'Dice: 1,2D

Attrib~te ~~tpu'm/)\fuXlmUrils:


Panottcism: Nazzar havea prolound sense of loyal tv. to any relation~hipsthey-entei,either as <\' friend, ally, 01' n,'- rrlb.er ~fari- Qrgahization: They tlercely defend anyone tIIld,anyt!hiDS'toward,whi'(:J:J theyhave made-sucheny lorrn of vow,

Mov_e: l2J11 - -

Size: 1.5-2:1 meters-tall


The Vultan restde on the ptanet Vulta In the Atreyts system at the splnward edge of the Mid Rim. Th-ere clvillzatiJlFI' hasexr sted for more til an ten millennia, graqually blossoming from afeudal agrtcuttunal economy

. - - irito a -thrivin,g

trade ana high

. techoo\og,y

" center.

~ ~~ Vultan

~\. .: ' _', '_'. males have a

, ." _ net of inter-

. ,.._-~~~

twined carttlage.that covets their delicate ererual region, :forming. a first defense ag.ainst In111r'ies,t'0 the ,I,'ead. Females'orthe sp·¢(:'i es nave a, s iITl'ijar formation .but the 'cattjl",g~pj"Q1:r1J~~On$ polpt away from the head,' rather

than' lying 'P.!:l;ralleJ. .

Vultan sgciety is eclectic and trendyconstantly pro.gresSlngthr.ough tadsin- ey,erYthil'lg' from fashion to teehriolegy, The fOUl'ide:is of 'Greff-Tlmms Industrlal, .a world-s'panning,conglomeratetMat produces pulse--~;ave weapons <)JI,d communtcatlons.deetces. alI hailed from \(,i:I Ita , thel1eadCijtl£9:ters pI tbe company remain in the cap.lt~J" ~ity, 01 Dram, end multl-levelcemplex of' tall edifices! arllli~ailpMks'l and parking bays, ali connected by a fabjrrinthine.sy,stem '0f'.skyways €enhlosecl bridg-es tl1at link on:e s't'ruclur-e' '>Miih anottier,).-

Many Willfans,erlloy the.ff'adet~s life, WhHe··the remainder engage in p:rc:>fessj~tls that sustaln and.support that 'indus.tty, .trom legal counseis to tl1,e manufacture of, .repulsorlift-:igrJltion ~oil~. Vutbans are generajly curtous and frie'\1.dIy, although st?m~ have been known to posses~ a relentlesslycorapetlttve riafure;Tlii:ey are taselnated b¥ clevloe:s't):(e-y,ha:v:-e not De-Ioreen'countered, anti are oJl!en- willing to patt with a g,j'eat' deal tobe the first Vultan to o_btaiB_a~gi~en :piece of technology.

VULT AN Attribute j),i~; 1'2])

Attribute Mbilmum/Mrudmmns; D~n:RIt¥ 2Q/5P' KNoWtEoG'E; 20/4:0, MECf{AN1CAL 2Di4D PJ;,RCEFHOl".2D14D, STRENQ.TH 2:0/40

tt08NlCAL 2Uf4D

Story FaQlon;: .

'fedlflologicaICudo.~ify: r\tIostV)lltan cons~ntly seek out new.tomis of te~llnol(Jgy,often offering outrageous sums to obtaln a gtven dlivlce.

'Mov.e: loiu

Stile; 1 .. 5"::1.8 meterstall


The 'Ze)@(I's most prominent teature is the' pair or -wickMly shaped tusks, that jut from the sh:\:es of their mouths: These sharp bones-can-tear apart livingttssues lor consumption or for.other, more fiendish purposes.

Toe Zexx have J1ea'Vily muscled bodies and thick skeletons, giving them. an Imposing stature. that often frightens lndtviduals.of smaller species. Their-skin color ranges frorrr an off-white to a dark-blue or gray ..

The Zen bomewontd.cl PrazhiIies on a- major traGe route through toe Expansion ~egjoi:l. Bef.ore the arrival of galactic traffic, t:h!'! ZeJO( had lived under a tribal system where strength and cunningheld more importance than kl!lowtegge and intelligence. Now, the planet boasts several docking areas complete with cantirias, refueling stations, and repair shops. Many Zexx earn a living workirtg at these sites, while many others have signed Gil board tr<idill.g:(bt smuggling) vessels as body guards and.loadltfters.