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JCHA Housing & Development Corp. - Request for Qualifications - Architectural Services

December 2, 2015

The JCHA Housing & Development Corporation is Requesting Statements of Qualifications from Interested and Qualified Architects and Architectural Firm to provide the full range of Architectural Services and Construction Management Services needed for an upcoming Modernization and Renovation Project for the structures and property at Spring Gardens Apartments which is located in Jefferson County.

Any Architect(s) selected by the JCHA Housing & Development Corp. through this RFQ process shall provide all required professional services for cost effective designs, solutions to design problems and increasing energy efficiency, including the preparation of drawings and technical specifications to accomplish same. This work includes but is not limited to: writing design specifications, design of building system modifications, prepare all plans and drawings, write regular construction progress reports, conduct regular site visits and site meetings with owner and contractor; also the Architect shall overseeing the bidding process, provide services for the inspection & testing of all construction materials and the workmanship of contractors and construction in progress; provide certification that construction is performed in accordance with construction documents.

All enquiries, requests for a copy of the RFQ, and any questions regarding this RFQ shall be directed to:

Mr. Ken Vaughan Phone: (205)849-0123 JCHA Housing & Development Corp. 3700 Industrial Parkway Birmingham, Al. 35217

The Development Corp. will accept responses until 2:00PM on December 29th, 2015. Submission Time and Place for the RFQ. There will be a Pre-proposal conference on December 21, 2015 at 11am at the above address. The Development Corp. may take as much or as little time as it needs to complete the review of Statements of Qualifications, Conduct Interviews with Ranked Architects, and to Complete fee/schedule Negotiations with the Selected Architect(s). However, should no Agreement be made/reached with an Architect Participating in the RFQ within 90 Calendar Days from the start date (02-30-16), then the Development Corp. will reject all responses and begin the full RFQ process over again. All Responses and Statements of Qualifications shall be made in writing only, in triplicate (3 Original Copies), and should only be mailed and addressed in the following manner:

ATTN: Mr. Ken Vaughan JCHA Housing & Development Corp.

3700 Industrial Parkway

Birmingham, Al. 35217 RE: Spring Gardens A&E RFQ

JCHA Housing & Development Corp. - Request for Qualifications - Architectural Services


The JCHA Housing & Development Corp. Design Professional Agreement award(s) (Any resulting from this RFQ) will be made to the Respondent(s) whose Qualifications are the most advantageous to the JCHA Housing & Development Corp., with price and other factors considered. The JCHA Housing & Development Corp. encourages participation by qualified businesses owned and operated by minorities and women. We use best good faith efforts, consistent with applicable federal regulations and executive orders, to fully promote participation and utilization of disadvantaged and historically underutilized businesses in all areas of our contracting. Respondents are expected to demonstrate diligence to achieve participation and utilization of MBE/WBE/DBE firms. The JCHA Housing & Development Corp. reserves the right to reject any or all Offers, Proposals, Responses, or Statements of Qualifications in whole or in part, and to waive any informality in the RFQ process.