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Free-lovism in the Philippines today

Donna Faith Y. Calura

Well everyones doing it, why not? A line in which we often hear from adolescents concerning trends
and since adolescence is a stage when a young individual experiences physical and mental changes it can
trigger their curiosity about sex and sexuality. In order fit in or to belong with their friends they are
usually open to try new things. Peer pressure and curiosity? Both of them can result to premarital sex, the
popular concern of our society. Premarital sex involves sex before having a legal marriage relationship,
which is actually a modernized and euphemized form for fornication. As to it happens to adolescents, who
are still in the process of preparing for adulthood, it has risks, nontraditional sexual practices damage the
natural sacredness marriage, unwanted pregnancy, sudden commitment to raising children, which can
probably lead to abortion, and the harm from STDs and pregnancy. Despite the risks, the percentage of
pre-marital sex on adolescents still increases. Studies in some Asian and African countries found that
many diverse factors influence adolescents' level of risky sexual behavior. Age at puberty, poverty,
ethnicity, religiosity, peer relations, school performance, involvement in risk taking behaviors like
drinking alcohol and taking drugs, and family composition and relationships have all been identified as
determinants of adolescent sexual behavior (Lacson et al, 1997; Kiragu and Zabin, 1993; Isarabhakdi,
1997; Twa-Twa, 1997).
Adolescents all over the world are sexually active, but the age at which they start having intercourse
varies between regions and, within a country, between urban and rural settings (UNESCO and UNFPA,
1999; Mehta et al., 1999; UNFPA, 1998) And still the question still hangs from this topic, Is it morally
wrong or right? Since Western countries are known to be liberated, and propagandas sexual freedom, for
example the recent approval of same sex marriage, how do Philippines, a country known to be religious
and conservative perceive this question? As Filipinos that are traditionally known to value purity and the
sacredness of marriage. As we trace the Philippines culture, beliefs, tradition, values and tradition proves
that it is immoral.
In Philippine culture, courtship is far more subdued and indirect unlike in some Western societies. we
have the image of Dalagang Filipina with the qualities of fine, young, pure lady, mind the outfit of
which the length of the skirts before that ranges from below the knee up to the ankle just to cover the legs
of the lady; there also goes pamamanhikan of the young men in order to marry the young lady, along
with the tradition, that just holding the hand of the girl simply means you need to marry her. Showing that
Filipinos have strong value about chastity and very conservative in nature. Studies have shown that 60%
of Filipinos disagreed even if the couple already had marriage plans. Moreover, 70% disapproved of sex

if there were not an emotional relationship between the parties (Cabigon and Zablan 2001; Benares 2001;
Cruz and Diaz 2001; IPHC 2001; Badayos 2002).
Filipinos are also known to be very religious, and this is shown through the unapproved divorce, the
conflict between the church and government about RH Bill (now a law), looking back through the
traditions and culture of the Philippines the practice of abstinence was long ago practiced by Filipinos.
According to one research of World Health Organizations in the Philippines, Adolescents generally
disapprove of PMS. The majority of them also disapprove of homosexual relations and abortion. Males
are more open to having PMS, but place great importance on marrying a virgin (89.82%). According to
researchers, although the bible hasnt stated a specific verse about premarital sex exactly, it is sexually
immoral, for it is a sexual relation outside of marriage. Yes Premarital Sex is immoral, but sex is not
immoral, Sex is a one of the most beautiful and important functions that human beings perform.

Without this act, life cannot be brought into the world and life in the world cannot continue.
According Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274, God implanted within human nature a set of instincts that define
our purpose as human beings and establish what is morally right. For Aquinas, this adultery, fornication,
and homosexuality, each of which involves sexual relations that are not for purposes of reproduction.
Such sexual misconduct, according to Aquinas, is a serious sin. A lot of studies and researches have been
made and showed that religious Filipino people are more likely to disagree with premarital sex and
doesnt get involved with premarital sex.
As time goes by our beliefs changed, one in every three youth between the ages of 15 to 24 years old has
engaged in premarital sex according to the 2013 study conducted by the University of the Philippines
Population Institute (UPPI) and the Demographic Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (DRDF).
The 2013 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFS 4) indicates that this statistic reflects a 14
percent leap from 20 years ago, when the second YAFS was made. UPPIs Maria Paz Marquez states
that 6.2 million youth have engaged in pre-marital sex. Through the influence of the western culture and
the continuous modernization of our generation, our perception changed and it saddens me.
Even though our culture, beliefs, values, religiosity, the high risks of premarital sex were presented at
teenagers what seems to be the reasons they still do it? As our country were colonized before it has
affected our culture, yes we are free from them but their effect on our culture are still existing and have
corrupted our beliefs, history shows how we value purity and marriage and after we were colonized by
the Americans, that attacked us physiologically damaging our beliefs through culture. Liberation was
presented to us and since theyve created that image of superiority on us, we adapted their culture caused

us to forget our own. There also where we got the Double Standard, in which there are already two
faces of a Filipina. In todays time, the conservative culture of our country dies every day; the image of
Dalagang Filipina? Its no more women wear shorts, some of which were called short-shorts that almost
exposed every skin of her body, never mind the conservative, the pamamanhikan? What for? Through
technology, such as cellphones and computers, well men doesnt really need to make such efforts,
courting is now done on internet and cellphones, even our moral views on sexual relations are changing,
Many studies have suggested that the influence of modernization, western culture, changes in market
economy, widespread availability and use of communication technology have changed the cultural values
among people in developing countries (Mehta et. al., 1999; Isarabhakdi, 1997; Twa-Twa, 1997).
All in all, In Philippine culture, premarital sex is having sex before having a legal marriage relationship
that is morally wrong in the eyes of Filipinos, from our historical background, our culture, beliefs, values,
and religiosity, all of which were against the freedom of having sexual relations before marriage. Also
apart from premarital sex as a sin, it is harmful for young adolescents both on their physical and mental
health; unwanted pregnancies may happen and may lead in abortion another for having threats in
acquiring STD and HIV. Although I fear that one day that as we continue adapting to the modernization of
society well soon forget our culture that will eventually kill our identity as Filipino, we still have hope.
One study stated that Seven out of 10 adolescents surveyed say that virginity was an important
consideration in ones choice of a spouse. Almost 50% said it was unacceptable for a woman not to be a
virgin before marriage (Perez n.d.; DPF 2001; Zablan 1999) I as a Filipino still believe in chastity and the
sacredness of marriage and it is morally wrong to have sex until you are married, Instead of following the
current Let us be the ones who opposes it. And whenever somebody says, Everybodys doing it, why
not? Let us be the ones wholl answer Everybodys doing it, so what?