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Sex, Drugs
& Rock
N Roll
(in a boy

I just want to
maintain our
creative responsibility and make
good music thats
a true reflection of
who we are.


ing are interviews with members of the band or
peoples thoughts about the band in general.
Online interview sources we found are Atwood
Magazine, Huffington Post, Bang Tidy Music, and
Amby Music Blog that discuss important topics
about the band or interview the band specifically.
Our opinion based source is an article called why
your kids shouldnt listen to The 1975, which
examines the controversial side of The 1975s
image, lyrics, and behavior.

Matt Healy, the singer,

has been noted as bold,
arrogant, and brash

The 1975 use their lyrics as a form of me-

dia to reach people in the way that newspapers

mong the thousands of artists

today, a band that stands out in stark contrast to

the popular mainstream is The 1975. This British
band has been around for the past eleven years
and continues to come out with music that may
seem controversial in the eyes of the media.
Sex, drugs, and rock n roll is their aesthetic and
theyre not afraid to delve into their own heads
to write about issues that plague our society or
even problems that arise in their own lives. Fans
of this band have fallen in love with them for
their ability to not conform to the stereotypical
pop sound that so many artist who want to make
it in Hollywood or the United Kingdom feel the
need to do. Many sources we will be referenc-

and even blogs do. Another unique aspect of this

band is that their music and the type of people
they are stand for something bigger than themselves. They speak what other artists are afraid
to say. Matt Healy, the singer, has been noted as
bold, arrogant, and brash when in truth he isnt
conforming to what other artist have signed contracts about; he has the ability to speak his mind
and if there are any repercussions he deals with
it head on rather than through some manager.
For example, in an interview for Metro UK, Healy
was asked if he had said his band defines a generation, a bold claim, but he clarified himself and
stated our band is defined as being a generational thing, we couldnt have come out and been

as accepted as we are before now. This genera-

where she played a young girl with a secret per-

tion is open to music in a different way. Im sure

sona who was a mega pop-star. This show ran

I didnt say that. Or I have done but I must have

from 2006-2011 in which she also was bounded

been having a really arrogant day.

by a contract to follow all of Disneys rules for

Another topic that is debated among

representing their brand. When she was finally

many is their image vs their sound and lyrics.

released from the contract, the world witnessed

Their exterior may come across as your typical

a complete transformation of the young teen

badass boy band; the cool hair cuts, the stylish

sensation. She went from being every young girls

clothes they wear, and the tattoos. Yet their mu-

role model, to doing drugs, cutting her hair, and

sic sonically kicks back

singing about sex. What

to the 80s where they

most people overlook is

drew inspiration from

that since she was forced

artist such as Michael

to live on a tight leash

Jackson and Peter Ga-

by Disney as well as her

briel. Matt Healys voice

record company, of course

is also not your typical

she was going to rebel and

alternative pop sound,

finally try and find herself

maybe its the weed,

when she became free. Her

maybe its the cigarettes

story proves how intense

either way his voice has the ability to make peo-

the pop industry truly is, and how harmful it can

ple stop what theyre doing and listen to what

be if someone is trying too hard to fit in. This

he has to say. The singer stated in an online

industry has been brainwashing the artist as well

interview, I just want to maintain our creative

as listeners in todays music era. Had the pop

responsibility and make good music thats a true

industry not held Miley Cyrus back throughout

reflection of who we are, which reiterates our

her younger years, she may have been able to

point. Although parents, mainstream artists, and

find her sound sooner and been able to express

the media may disagree with their image and

herself without all of the negativity she faced

lyrics, this band resonates with so many people

from reinventing herself after years of being held

of our generation because of their bold opinions


about government issues, social rights, drugs and

alcohol, and their lyrics are raw and speak what
people wish they could actually say.

Has anyone seen what the pop culture

music industry has done to some of todays

biggest celebrities? For example, Miley Cyrus was
scouted out at a young age and given a TV show

This industry has been

brainwashing the artist
as well as listeners in
todays music era.

A story like Mileys elaborates upon our

unique about the lyrics this band writes, is how they

argument about how major artists have felt the

dont sugarcoat the stories they tell in their songs like

need to conform in todays society due to intense

most pop artists do today. When you combine power-

record label contracts. Something interesting

ful lyrics and originality you get authentic music, which

about The 1975, and somewhat ironic, is that

is why The 1975 is going to continue to make waves in

even though they want to go against the grain,

todays music industry.

they arent afraid to call themselves a pop band

or have a pop sound. They aspire to try and capture the original pop sounds using synthesizers
and catchy beats that stem from pop music from
the past. A big glamorous pop band like us has
become a band of the people, Healy explained,
and all of the cooler bands that are doing things
slightly less pop, more theatrical, are more controlled by the industry. Its kind of a weird irony.
This was an excerpt from an online article titled
The 1975 Front man Matt Healy An Unapologetic Lover of Pop Music. Overall, The 1975 has
the ability to speak their mind and write about
social issues/personal experiences, which has
attracted many listeners. For example, lyrics from
their song Robbers, She had a face straight out a
magazine, God only knows but youll never leave
her, Her balaclava is starting to chafe, When she
gets his gun hes begging Babe stay, stay, show
an authentic representation of what an unhealthy
and toxic relationship can become. Whats so

Feel like a legend.