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Nutrition Memorizations

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Grains , Cereal, Bread, Rice, Fruits , Potato


F ats

Oils , Salmon, Red Meat

HIGH Calcium
(Ca) F oods

Milk, Chees e, Dark Green Veg g ies (broccoli), Dried Fig , Soy, Leg umes Note: Calcium is important for blood
coag ulation. When tis s ue damag e occurs , s erum calcium is neces s ary to promote coag ulation by activating
certain clotting factors . Calcium acts as a catalys t in the clotting proces s in both the extrins ic and intrins ic
pathways . Calcium is res pons ible for a number of body functions s uch as bone health, blood clotting , and mus cle
contraction and nerve impuls es ; Hence g reen leafy veg g ies like Vitamin K = CLOTTING! One s erving of white meat
chicken or one s erving of beef contains more than 200 mg of calcium. Orang e J uice and Waffles have Ca. (Kids to
develop bones ) Cream of mus hroom s oup, macaroni and chees e, broccoli, and milk


Pea s oup, roas t chicken breas t, mas hed potatoes , creamed s pinach, and orang e juice (need hig h calcium for
HIGH in Iron
(F e)

Rais ins , Spinach (more than Squas h, Carrots , and Apricots ) Org an Meat (Liver)

Phos phorus
(PO) F oods

Milk, Liver, Leg umes , Fis h, Soy

Potas s ium (K)
F oods

Potato w/ Skin (800+mg ), Banana (500+ mg ), Strawberries (200+), Corn (200+), Sweet Potato (100+), Milk 754
mg , Orang J uice 496 mg , Tomato J uice 550 mg .Tea, Avocado, Apricot, Beef Broth, Dried Fruit (prunes , dates ,
rais ins ), Cantaloupe. s pinach, fis h.

HIGH Sodium
(Na) F oods

Veg g ies (Canned), Carrots , (Canned), Tomato (Canned), Cats up, Tomato J uice (fruit), Celery, Bouillon Cubes
(s tock, chicken broth cubes ), Mus tard, Olives (Canned, pickled, bottled), Pickles , Cucumber, Dills , Dalad
Dres s ing , Soy Sauce, Bacon, Chees e, Ready to Eat Cereals , Peanut Butter, Soups (Canned), Corned Beef

Low Res idue


Examples : J elly Sandwich, Lean Roas t Beef, and Scrambled Eg g s (les s irritating Colon).


Red Meat, Leg umes , Fortified MILK, Eg g s ,

Thiamine Rich
F oods (for
Alcoholics )

Lean beef, org an meats , nuts all provide hig h levels of thiamine; other s ources include leg umes , whole and
enriched g rains , lean pork, fis h, eg g s , lentils (leg umes ) are cons idered a s ource of thiamine; mos t veg etables
contain only traces of thiamine


Vitamin B

Brig ht yellow urine is an expected, ins ig nificant s ide effect of vitamin B complex. Taking it on an empty s tomach
may precipitate naus ea; therefore, it s hould be taken with food.

12 .

Vitamin C

Orang es and g rapefruits are excellent s ources

Strawberries contain 88 mg of vitamin C (as corbic acid) per cup.
One baked s weet potato contains 25 mg of as corbic acid.
One cup of g reen beans contains 21 mg of as corbic acid.
One banana contains 12 mg of as corbic acid.

Vitamin E and

which help inhibit oxidation and therefore tis s ue breakdown, are found in s pinach and mang oes .
Fis h and peanut butter are excellent s ources of vitamin E, not beta-carotene.
Carrots and s weet potatoes are excellent s ources of beta-carotene, not vitamin E.

Vitamin K

Green Leafy Veg g ies (lettuce, cabbag e, Spinach, peas , as parag us , Meat, Milk, and Soybean Oil






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