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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Try practicing Main Events

All of these events are important. BUT, what if you could only choose 7 main events? Which 5 would
you pick for the rising action? Which one do you think is the climax of the story? Which one do you
think is the final resolution?

Captain Orlov arrives at the island to hunt for otter.

The village doesnt share the white bass.
The Aleuts try to leave without paying for the otter.
There is a terrible battle on the beach and most of the men are killed.
The white men arrive to take the tribe to the east.
Karana jumps off the ship and is stranded on the island with Ramo.
Ramo is killed by the wild dogs.
Karana is so sad she leaves the island in her canoe, and she almost dies.
Karana returns to the island and decides she is happy to be alive.
Karana defies the tribe law and makes weapons.
Karana builds a permanent home.
For revenge, Karana shoots the wild dog, but then helps to heal him.
Karana becomes friends with the wild dog and names him Rontu.
Karana kills the devilfish.
The Aleuts come back, and Karana makes friends with Tutok.
Karana tames Rontu-aru (Rontus son).
An earthquake and tidal wave hit the island and destroy Karanas canoe.
The white men return but leave without Karana.
The white men come back a 2nd time and take Karana to Mission Santa
Karana finds out that her entire tribe drowned when the ship sank in a
Karana lives the rest of her life at Mission Santa Barbara.
rising action
rising action
rising action
rising action
rising action