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Ginza Rba

My Lord be praised with a pure heart!

1. In the Names of the Great, First, Foreign LIFE. From High Light Worlds transcending all struggle,
let healing, vicariousness and purity be given me, NN, mine father NN, my mother NN, my wife NN,
and children. May Manda d Hayya, the Gnosis of Life, keep their names in Their Treasure Home,
preserve them in the reverent community, and be unto them a support. Because I have confidence
in the Names of LIFE, and the one who composed this Scroll, may I through it be remembered in this
Tibil world and have my name established in the House of Perfection.
2. Then will sinlessness be bequeathed to all the Priest(ess)hood and Mandai who seek instruction in
these writings, and who praise and hearken to the Voice of the First LIFE.
3. Praised be you, my Lord, with a pure heart, you Sovereign of all worlds!
4. Praised art thou! Blessed, praised, glorified, honored and established be the Great, High, Lauded
Living Ones, the Lofty Light King, the True Deity, whose power is endless and infinite. The pure
brilliance and the great luminosity never end. The commiserative, inheriting, accommodating,
mercifully, redeemer of all believers, the feast of al goodness. The mighty, wise man, the knowing,
seer, distinguished; the potentate with dominion over every thing. The Master of all upper, middle
and lower Light Worlds. The Grand glorious Presence, invisible, unending, without shared crown,
without a partner in dominion. Those who commit to Him do not come to disgrace, those who
sincerely extol Their Names do not fall, those who in confidence trust on Them are not abased.
5. The Vast Sovereign of all Angel-Kings, nothing existed which was not of Them, therefore nothing
exists which is not in Them. They created no death, for in Them there was no deficiency. Being
manifest light, its brilliance radiates over all beings and kings. Before him stand in its brilliance and
the great Clear which over them hovers and shines.
6. They loaned them prayer and praising, those who in their heart stand within the light cloud. You
adore, praise and avow submissiveness to the Vast Sovereign, the High Light Rulers, for of its
brilliance, light and glory is no measure, no number, no limit given, the whole glamour, whole light,
whole brightness, whole life, whole fidelity, whole clearness, whole compassion, whole charities,
whole eyes, whole face, whole extollings beautiful face, the whole understanding, knowledge and
disclosure, whole names of glory.
7. No one has measured the power of the vast High Deities, no one has contained Them, no one
targeted Them, and all power in the worlds is from Them.
8. They are the High Light Rulers who with ancient benedictions are blessed, from the beginning to
all eternity, the first of all originators, the creators of all forms, the pattern that gives meaning to all
things, within which is saving wisdom that is hidden and not revealed.

9. They are the High Light Rulers, the Sovereign of all Light Worlds, the head over all Uthra-Buddhas,
the Deities over all, the Royals of all Royals, the Great Sovereigns over all kings. Their brilliance
changest not, and Their light falls not away, beauty, brilliance and glory, are They are not
condescending. Life beyond life, brilliance beyond brilliance, light beyond light. In Them is not found
any lacking or fault.
10. They are the Light in which there is no darkness, the Living Ones who die not, the good bereft of
any bad, the merciful with no sedition or anger, the gentle with neither poison or bitterness.
11. They abide in the exalted north, creating overflowing beauty and being the source of all
luminosity, the Parents of all Uthra-Buddhas.
12. They bless all beings, They rest on all completion, upholding truth and the believers in whose
mouth is established Their Name.
13. The Royal Ones in the habitation of Life because They abide in the residence of Royalty. They are
constant, Their brilliance ascends upward and enlightened They are without end, measure or
14. They rejoice with a joy unsubject to affliction, and Their whole realm rejoices with Them.
Beautiful images, adornments and splendor are They and there is no beauty that resembles Them.
15. They are the Truth, They dwell in the highest Heights, The Vast Sovereign, the Great Sovereign of
all things. No one can come close to Their power to determine or describe all of Their worlds, Where
ever there are overshadowings, They dwell there, and Uthra-Buddhas and Angels abide there awhile.
16. The Lofty Light Sovereigns sit secure in Their Abodes. They reign over all the earth and her
inhabitants. As the heavens are to the mountains, and the sun above a lamp, so are They above all.
They are brighter than all even as the moon is brighter than the stars.
17. Their attributes are flawless. Their crowns denote Their boundless power and vastness. They are
not confined by either calculation or number.
18. The flashings of Their crowns bathe every place. Shining radiance of luminous glory go from Their
presence and between the leaves Their Wreaths sparkle. All Uthra-Buddhas and angels in all worlds
stand in prayer and praise, praising their high Light Sovereigns.
19. From Them go five vast great attributes, from the first translucence rises over Them. The second
is a wift of incense which wafts over Them. The third is the loveliness of Their voice through which
They sing. The fourth is the speech of Their mouths through which They create and testify. The fifth
is the beauty of Their forms which is more fruitful than the sun.
20. All Uthra-Buddhas opened Their mouths, and They praised the Lofty Light Sovereigns and speak
to Them: Who shall you praise who shall you glorify, who shall you bless, who shall you revere, who
shall you mount? When we shall praise you according to your due, your worth is boundless. When
we bless with your blessing, your blessing is boundless and endless. When we behold your grandeur,
your grandeur is immeasurable. When we praise your depth, your depth is bottomless. When we
speak words of your brilliance and power, and speak of your boundless and vast light, we continually
talk and tell of it.

21. The blessings and grace and majesty of the lofty Light Sovereigns flowers upward, comes out and
is uncontainable. Nobody can comprehend it or understand it as it flows out of the Living Ones out
of you and the Uthra-Buddhas and the Messengers that stand before you. All beings are ignorant of
your Names. The Angels stand then and speak to each other: Which Names carry the greatest light?
You say: They give no Names that are Their Names, it gives them not, it mentions not Their Names,
Their Names are not captured.
22. The purified are completed, the pure of heart know you, those of true disposition have believed
on you with a white conscience. With mouths they have blessed you, all praise you, they praise you
with a sincere tongue, with words the believing address you, unified are the Royal Ones of Light in
Their realms, none are greater than those there, none contest Them there. There is none to
compare Them with, none are seen as greater. All about the crowns of the Royals of Light are those
that support Them.
23. A high mountain are They, weather storms disturb Them not.
24. With fresh garments of splendor are They vested, garments unlike those of the world. No woman
declares that she will create a robe for the Crowned Royal Ones.
25. The shine all about Them goes not out, nor is extinguished the glow of Their Abode. The Crowns
on Their heads fade not, nor do its leaves fall off Their foreheads. All Uthra-Buddhas are enveloped
and cry for joy in Their scent.
26. They are higher, more powerful and more praised than all gods, before all ages were They, Royal
Ones from genesis onward. Their name is not in our mouths, nor are Their Names contained by our
lips. They are the Judge of Their realm, in Their mouths are found no error.
27. Solidly founded are Their Colossal Thrones. From all eternity They are not moved from Their
28. No hollowness is below Their Thrones, for under Them is solidness, no master builder built the
Their Mansions, for They have been the Royal Ones from the genesis onward, Their realm is from all
eternity and will not come to an end.
29. The Royal Ones are crowned for all eternity, for in Their realms are no misdoings, and as Royals
They are praised by all in Their Abode, with huge solid walls are They encompassed. The Royal Ones
are Vast and rich with Uthras, bountiful with Messengers, and great with angelic-kings in that place.
They are joyous, joyous in Their abode, and joyous is Their whole realm.
30. They have no parents, as They are the Eldest with none existing prior to Them. They have no
siblings, who have a share with Them, no twin brother of common nature. They have not divided or
separated Themselves, and no disunion is in Them or in Their abode.
31. They require no sacrificial victims, eat no meat, drink no wine of lust and sing before Them no
chant of sacrilege.
32. The garments, which They are vested in, is not black, the crowns on Their heads wither not, nor
do the leaves fall off their wreaths.

33. No wailing of the dead is in that place, nor barrenness of beings. No dragging of the dead before
one, for it is not contaminated by the dead ones.
34. They are not hardened for war, nor do They experience any terror there.
35. The Royal Ones rejoice before their children of light, They call and a thousand answer Them.
Through an utterance They create Uthras, and through speech of mouth mature them to perfection.
36. Royal Ones of all Uthras and Monastic-Abodes, with great crowns on Their heads, lofty, gentle,
you are the mighty humblers of the powerful, the glory of all, blessed and praised are you in every
age and in all eternity.
37. More extensive is your natural made world, more than all the palaces of the kings of darkness.
You abide and live in an abode that is translucent and bright, and is beautiful and elevated.
38. Blessed art thou O foundation of the good ones, established in They abode which is all blessing.
You please them and make all their hearts to rejoice.
39. You are existent from the first days of creation, and shall exist for all eternity.
40. You spoke with great creative force and tremendous speech, and angelic-kings of light came into
being all full of light and pure brilliance and great light, and the praise of these angelic-kings ceases
not to come up before you, they arose and were called in Life, for there is no end to the number of
misdoings forgiven. You are full of praise and stand and laud the Great Royals of Light, rich in
brilliance are They, beyond what one with a mouth of flesh and blood can express, and greater is its
light than one with lips can articulate. Being brilliant radiance, its light is manifest to all worlds and is
luminous in its expanse, and in it they live.
68. Thy brilliance is lovelier than the sun and the moon, Thy brightness is brighter than the
brightness of this world. This world contains only a clouded form of Thy brilliance, however the
brilliance of Thy worlds is a brilliance without cloudiness. Certainly the brilliance shines in, and
forms, all created images, even as sand in the cavity of a oyster forms into a pearl.
69. Your earth rests on no movement, your firmament turns not on wheels, the seven stars wander
not in them, the five and the twelve control no fate.
70. Dust lieth not on your pathways, mud is not found in your waterways.
71. You travel there as swiftly as the thought of humankind, you go not on foot but in a moment
reach any place. Easy and peaceful are your travels, like the sunbeams seen by the eyes of humans
reaching from heaven to earth.
72. When one encounters another there, each are open and full of mutual esteem.
73. Those there are pure toward one another, and as brilliant as the sun and air and as the fire and
water of those worlds.
74. Your food, both fruit and tree, is blessed by flowings streams.

75. There is no end and no limit to her virtues, and no one there speaks with force. Thus it is said:
How in the stinking body can we praise Them with our tongue? If our mouth were like the sea, or
our tongue as large as a mountain, or our lips as big as the oceans shore, yet still could we not, my
Sovereignty, adequately characterize your power over all worlds. Impossible is it for anybody to
describe your likeness.
76. Those that are purified are those that have come to have gnosis of You, the purified are those
knowledgeable about your teachings. The purified are those who have become clean in You, the
purified are those full of Your enlightenment. The purified are freed by Thy truth from erroneous
beliefs, from erroneous thoughts are those in Thy truth liberated. The purified learn wisdom from
You and are delivered from the error and confusion of the world. Absolutely are the purified healed
and made whole when they understand and perceive You, and thus rise triumphant upward into the
realms of Light.
77. Blessed and praised art thou my Sovereign, you lofty Sovereign of Light who is from now unto all
78. Through Your Word became each thing.
79. From the innumerable hosts of the Vast Sovereign came forth an emitted and created UthraBuddha whose name is Hibil-Ziwa, He is called Gabriel the Messenger.
80. According to the will of the High Light Sovereigns, I was called from the brilliance and the
translucence, They drew me forth from that Vast Presence of Theirs, established me on Their right,
and spoke to me: Now, go to the world of darkness, which is wholly bad. To that place full of evil and
consumed by it. To the world which is full of deceit and grumbling, and full of thistles and thorns. To
the world of confusion and set without steadfastness, to the world of darkness without light, to the
world of stench without sweet smells, to the world of hunting and death without eternal life, to the
world where goodness passes away and plans are not fulfilled.
81. They spoke to him: Go, step down into the darkness and the mystery and shape it, solidify the
earth, secure the expanse above and form therein the stars. Loan brilliance to the sun, brightness to
the moons and shimmer to all the stars. Loan flavor to the water and brilliance to the fire.
82. Create in the world resplendent fruit, grapes and trees. Animals make arise, fishes and fowl, from
every species a male and a female, to serve Adam and all his kind.
83. Man and woman shall arise, and you shall name them Adam and Havah. And Adam shall be
subject to a fiery judgement, and everyone that deviates from your word, shall become enclosed in
that blazing fire. Three angels of light and radiance shall arise and minister to the society of Adam.
84. Living Water take and mix with the rain water. With the scent of living water shall the whole
earth be seen. The four houses of the wind shall come into being, as soon as the air over them
blows. Light up that world through your hand.
85. The Lofty Light Sovereigns spoke, and everything arose thought Their Word.

86. Gabriel the Messenger came, made the lofty firmaments and secured them, utters the words
that established the earth called Tibil and the entire world through the power of the Light Sovereigns
on High.
87. Adam the man and Havah the woman became formed, and the soul fell into the body. As the
soul fell into the body. As the soul came into the body it comprehended and understood each thing.
88. The angel came and served Adam. It came and helped him and they deviated not from his
counsel. Only the evil one who came from the evil formation fell away from the words of its
89. I called the resounding Envoys, who were commissioned and called by my Sovereign, and spoke:
With a mighty voice all upon Adam, his woman Havah, and all his lineage. With a reverent voice all
them and inform them about each thing. Inform them about the high Sovereign of Light, of Their far
reaching power and greatness which is without limit and infinite. Inform them of the immortal Light
90. Speak with them, that their mind be enlightened, and inform them in what way enlightenment
comes. Show them the advantages of creating a Holy-Order, you and the two Uthras that are with
you. Teach knowledge to Adam, Havah and all their descendants. Teach them of evil and Satan the
unworthy, that they be not seduced.
91. Teach them prayer and worship with which they may advance upward and worship the
Sovereign of all worlds - Three times each day and two times in the night.
92. Tell them to take a wife and build a family that from such the world might increase.
93. When you and your woman become intimate, wash yourselves with water and keep yourself
94. Harm not, steal not, nor harm any human being.
95. O you perfected and believing, deviate not from your word and engage in neither lies or
falsehoods. Love not gold and silver, and the possession of these in the world, for the world passes
away and elapses, and your ownership and creations shall be left behind.
96. Revere not Satan, idols, images, or the error and mazes of this world. For those who adore Satan
fall into the blazing fire till the days are counted, till the hour, the time of deliverance set for all
beings by the Sovereign of Light who ordains such for every soul according to the karma of its acts.
97. Hearken not to the allures of Satan and place no confidence in his deceptions. When you hear
the truth, correctly observe it and twist it not. Every one who distorts the truth shall reap the blazing
98. The righteous servant, however, will not be delivered into that hand of an evil master, nor leave
the feeble for the strong.
99. Be honest with father and mother and respect seniors brothers even as a father. A child who
despises father and mother will become condemned.

100. Look not with greed and desire to that which is not yours. When your Sovereign grants such to
another, be wise and sinfully contend not with others about it, for the goodness of your Sovereign
determines how each thing is allotted and given.
101. When troubles come over you, so bear it and stand steadfast in your faith. Bend not your knee
nor cease your focus and render not homage to the Satans fallen stony end.
102. Hold yourself far off from all evil, and the idols and images on which they pray. Be to such no
friend. Do have, however, compassion and love for them, and leave for them the writings and
speeches and the hymns that your Master has given you. If he hearkens therein, is faithful and
testifies to the High Royal Ones of Light, the Deity, becoming attached to Them, so adore that one,
draw near to that one and consider them as having become good through that which you have given
them. If that one hearkens not, gains not a testimony, nor is faithful, leave that one alone and be not
influenced by them.
103. When you see one imprisoned who is absolutely faithful, so pray for, ransom and remedy their
situation. But deliver their soul not only with gold and silver, but with fidelity and faith of the mouth
and with pure speech from the darkness to the clearness, from error to truth, from deceit and
rebellion to the prayer and praise, from unbelief to faith on ones Sovereign. Who disentangles a soul
is worth more to me than generations and worlds.
104. I say to you, my chosen, to you my believers in my teachings: Give alms to the poor and be to
the blind a guide. When you give alms, my chosen, so mention it not. When you mention it once, so
repeat it not. Offer you with your right hand, so tell it not to your left. Offer with your left hand, so
say it not to your right. One who testifies of their alms giving has such nullified and not credited to
them. One who donates alms and abounds in good works, but then ceases to donate alms, falls into
the unquenchable fire until its sins are canceled and all its misdoings are nullified.
105. Mine chosen, see you to the famished, so satiate such a one. See you a parched one, and
thirsty, so offer that one a drink. Seeing a naked one, so place around their shoulders garments and
scarves. Because one who gives with feeling, and to each lends, is rewarded. One who gives alms to
another is supported by greater alms. One who supports the naked with garments and vestments
has around their own neck laid garments and vestures. Whom a prisoner releases, to that one the
Messenger of Life draws near.
106. To such ones They clear up and remove error, to such a one helpers are created. One whom the
Call of Life addresses, of it is a sure building erected and founded. One who through my worship is
purified from impurity, their name is daily remembered in the Light Land. One who through my
words leaves the world illuminated, is taken to and counted among the Uthra-buddhas.
107. One who frees another from the evil of dishonesty, is without sins and is taken upward to look
upon the Light Land.
108. And upon each who creates in the murderer a love for the Sovereign of Light, is pure and
without taint.
109. To you my chosen I say, to you my believer I explain: Fast the great fast, not the fast from food
and drink in the world.

110. Fast with your eyes from winking and gawking and do nothing evil.
111. Fast with your ears from listening at doors which are not your own.
112. Fast with your mouth from sacrilegious lies and love not falsehoods and gossip.
113. Fast with your heart from bad intentions, and hate, jealousy and breach it not with your hearts.
One who tends toward jealousy is not called a perfect one.
114. Fast with your hands from the act of murder and commit no theft.
115. Fast with your body from the wives that are not your own.
116. Fast from kneeling to adore Satan and kneel not before deceitful icons.
117. Fast with your feet from cunning paths toward things that are not yours.
118. Fast this great fast and break it not until you depart from the body.
119. One who sins in childhood, but then sins no more, and it is seen that he goes and sins no more,
such a one is given the grace of their Sovereign. They, the Sovereigns of Light, are compassionate,
indulgent and merciful. They erase all sins and misdoings.
120. On one whom the gold and silver of this world is loaned, who acquires such by murder, falls in
the blazing seething fire.
121. My chosen, have no confidence on the kings and potentates and the unyeildingness of this
world, nor on armies, weapons, fighting, crowds, which are enwrapped and entangled in her, and
those who are brought together in this world for the sake of gold or silver. You possess contention
and endless quarreling. You amass possessions and then abandon them when you leave the world
and go to be boiled in the fire. With her acts she stokes the coals, and with her lips she fans on the
burning blaze. She is tortured and her ruler and her are aborted together, and her splendor is closed
off. Neither your gold, nor still your silver, prevents them from suffering and supports them not.
Neither your money or still your possessions is to them a deliverance. Your dominion elapses and
comes to an end, and them judgement is declared.
122. I say to all of you all who listen to the teachings of Deity, With your standing and with your
sitting, with your goings and your comings, by your eating and your drinking, by your resting and
your sleeping, generally by all your actions mention and worship the names of the Light Sovereigns.
123. Baptize thyself in the Flowing, anoint your souls with the Living Chrism which I brought from the
Light Land. Be baptized with the all the complete believers. Pronounce the blessings over the PitaBread and eat it, pronounce the blessing over the Mambuha-Drink and drink it, with such your sins
and misdoing will be erased.
124. On one who the sign of Life is signed and the name of the Light Sovereigns is pronounced, and
who hold fast and firm to the anointing and good and beautiful actions practice, nobody shall stop
them on the way.

125. Eat not the blood of animals, no carcass, no pregnant creature, neither the . . . nor what wild
animal has killed. Slash slaughterings with iron, wash, rinse, clean, cook, and eat it.
126. Eat and drink not what is received from the House of the Twelve, for such is full of filth and
127. O ye men who want to take woman from such, why seek you a woman from the midst of such?
128. Love and support one another, for the Eight give sight and movement to such. Love and support
one another, then shall you cross over the great Suf-sea. Siblings in the flesh pass away, but siblings
in Kushta-Truth abide forever. Ye are siblings in the Kushta-Truth because you triumph over evil,
because the Name of the First has been erected upon your head. You are signed with Living Water,
and by virtue of it you shall ascend to the place of Light.
129. When you, my chosen, listen to my sayings, when you do what I command, then shall I bestow
upon you our Ziwa-Brilliance in abundance and Nhura-Light in endlessness. You shall abide
gloriously in the House of Life, even as the Uthra-Buddhas of light are glorious in that Light World.
130. When you hearken not to what I say, and when you observe not my commandments, so shall
you descend into darkness and into evil sink, without re-ascending.
131. Purified are those that hearken and are faithful, but woe to each who closes off and falls. The
good, who are faithful and knowledgeable, rise victorious upward and behold the Light Land. The
evil, who are neither learned or faithful, direct your gaze to the great Suf-Sea.
132. My chosen, keep far from the hard hearted ones who aide not in the Truth. Daily, daily they sit
on thrones of rebellion, on the thrones of rebellion they sit, and goad themselves onward with such.
They goad themselves onward, and fidelity, meekness and peace are upon them not.
133. Take no pride in ignorance, and commit no misdeed with gold or silver. Those who abide in
ignorant conceit have their name removed from the Place of Life.
134. When anyone departs from their body, weep not and raise no lamentation and mourning over
that one. Eat no bread over one with such. A brook surrounds and engulfs those who are wept over.
One who is garbed in neck tears keeps error on their garments. When one tangles their hair for the
dead, they tangle them in the mountains, in dark mountains they entrap them.
135. Go, you poor, miserable and pursued, mourn for yourselves. Because you are still within the
world, and take your sins with you.
136. When you are sorrowful that one leaves your midst, so extinguish annoyance and remorse from
your hearts and hold sorrow and complaint far from yourselves. For from sorrow and complaint are
fashioned demons and spirits. You hasten the souls on their way and stress them in the toll house.
When you love one. So perform intercessions, prayers and praise for her, recite hymns, recite
liturgy, and organized Requiem Masses, for with such the Great will be full of mercy for them. ZiwaRadiance shall lead their way, and Nhurah-Luminosity shall abide with them continually.
Messengers of Life are on their right, and angels of light on their left, and she comes forth from the
prison-house and are redeemed from the seething kettle.

137. Inform all souls, that their hearts shrink not. Let them learn from the gentle talk and worship
that I have brought to you. Let them desire to hear and give testimony, and let their hearts find
support and rest.
138. Offer bread and water and assistance to the poor and pursued human beings who approach the
139. Alter the Ways of Kushta-Truth, and no reward of wages shall be given after the night.
140. Rob not a partner and deceive not a friend. One who has embezzled on a partner does not
behold the Light.
141. Make yourselves a realm of righteousness and take vows not to lie because Uthras and Angels
of Light allow each other alliance and solemn vows.
142. O you chosen and perfected ones who are humble and modest, by such you chosen and
believing ones shall be called. Support each other in faithfulness and lead forth your love unto
perfection. Be meek and modest before your teachers, those who teach the discerning wisdom.
Exalt not yourself over them that there be no taint upon your soul.
143. Pray not to the diviner and lying Chaldean, because such a one abides in darkness.
144. Swear no false oaths and twist not your promises.
145. Consume no interest or compound interest that you be not condemned in the darkness
because of it.
146. Go not awhoring, or to nightclubs nor danceclubs, nor let your heart go after the chant of
Satans which are full of deceit, magic and seduction which distort the perfection and cause the heart
of the faithful to stumble.
147. My chosen, beware and arm yourself, and be called one shielded from the world. Keep upright
in the world and bear the struggle of the world until your measure is full. Be to one another a
support and help, as soon as the culmination of the struggle draws near.
148. When your mind in anger surges, so calm it and hold humble your heart. Strengthen it with
words of your Sovereigns for the angry state of is filled by the anger of Satan, but it is through the
discerning wisdom and faith and humility that one endures. One who neither through faith nor
through humility endures, is through sword and broadsword reaped. Gathered is that one through
sword and broadsword and falls in the blazing fire.
149. When you see a good one who has learned wisdom, so draw near to that one and receive
wisdom from them. When you see an evil one, who is learned in evilness, so keep you far from such
a one and take nothing from them of their knowledge., do none of their works, and change not to
their path.
150. O you faithful, waiting and completed ones, all that is abhorrent to you, do it not.
151. My chosen, do good works and accumulate substance for your journey. See your faults and be
faithful and keep the words of your Sovereigns.

152. See with your eyes, speak with your mouths, listen with your ears, believe with your hearts,
practice with your hands alms and tithes and donations according to the will of your Sovereigns,
however, the will of Satan do not.
153. Have no confidence on the beauty of the body, for it quickly becomes degraded. Transform
yourselves to the words of your Sovereign, for through such you shall ascend victorious to the Light
Land. Give to the Lofty Light Sovereigns submission, veneration and praise, for by such your sins and
guilt will be taken away.
154. Revere not Satan and the deceptive images of this world, because everything that is born, dies;
and all that is made with hands becomes corrupt. The entire world comes to an end, and her idols
155. My chosen, have no confidence on the world in which you exist, because she hears you not.
Have confidence on the purifying work that brings you to the Fullness. When you depart from your
body, be able to lean on the works of your hands.
156. My chosen, show no contempt for the commandments that your Sovereigns have commanded
you. Show honesty, meekness and humility which are from the nature of the Light. Show charities,
compassion, forgiveness and lovingness which are from the nature of the light.
157. O you men whom the woman might take, o you women that the men might take. O you men
the woman might take who swell and beget children. When you dont swell and give birth, so bear
the illness in bearing. After all I want you over the ugly work to clarify, that which the woman walk
on, the magical practices and the soul oppressed in the body, and doing what is not agreeable to
Deity nor beautiful to humanity, for it resembles the bad and suffering and gives no healing.
158. Take no woman, no maidservant, who is not free, and bring your children not into anothers
mansion. Because in days ahead the servant errs and the heart of the master gets angry, because of
mistakes made by the servant. And the father becomes the master. When you take a woman who is
free, so goodness and plenty abounds.
159. Receive faithful love from a woman, on whom fidelity resides. Turn you not from one another
until your measure is full. Because one who cheats on a woman in whom is no deceit, fault, or
gossip, and who abides in the lust of the Tibil-world, over such a one is judgement spoken.
160. Your children are conserved and remain in the Life when you teach them, and show them
knowledge when they are able to bear it, and discerning wisdom when they can adapt themselves to
Kushta-Truth. When they are not taught and informed, so they become condemned in the law
courts. When you inform them, but they will not receive it, so they for their own sins become
161. After one has drifted once because of ignorance, set and prop them up again. If they drift off a
second time, so set them and prop them up again, If they stray a third time, so set them up again.
Show them the writings and teachings, prayers and praising of the Sovereigns. When they are
propped up and leave not the support, so you weed out the evil plant and bring forth a good plant in
its place. For one who has heard the call, but does not hear, one who has been shown but will not

see, one who has been revealed but will not accept, shall in future days come to an end. Such a one
shall fall into torment, and shall fall in the day of evil, without ever arising again.
162. When you see one afflicted with a bodily defect, so show no ridicule or laughter toward them.
Because only flesh and blood formed flesh becomes contemptuous through suffering and
handicaps, however the soul is not through suffering and handicap made contemptuous. The soul
becomes ugly only through ugly deeds that she commits.
163. So I say to you my chosen who believe my teachings: praise not the seven or the twelve, the
rulers of the world who flitter about by day and night. Because they blind and deceive the root of
souls who have been misplaced here from the place of Life.
164. Praise not sun and moon, the illuminators of this world, because their brilliance is not their
own. It is only borrowed to them, to illuminate the dark dwelling. They are the angels of a decayed
house who can hear not your call.
165. Praise not Shammish the sun, whose name is Adonai, and whose name is Qadesh, and whose
name is El-El, and who has other hidden names not revealed in the world.
166. He, Adonai, collected to himself a people and set up a Church. The place of Jerusalem was
built, the city of the Jews, that was won with the sword, and with blood are they splashed, and
Adonai they adore. The men leave their women, go there and lay they with one another. The
woman, in their menses, lie with their men. They turned from the original doctrine and made for
themselves a book.
167. I say to you my chosen, abide not with such apostates that stray from your Sovereign. Mix not
with the Jews who stand not united in thy teaching.
168. From the nation of the Jews are all people and receivings arisen.
169. False prophets came about, who in lies and deceit go forth. They walk with the angel of
defectiveness from their mothers womb, and they become pregnant while in their monthly
bleedings. They announce false wisdom from their hearts and cast captivity into the world. They say
they are from God and call them prophets. They take on themselves the body and fashion of
humanity. They write a book of deceit and set up prophecies therein and abandon themselves to
improper rituals. Much greed, lust and passion cast they over the face of the earth in the name of
their Prophets.
170. Now I, the First Messenger, teach and say to all Nazoreans who now are and the still born-Jews
who shall become: Listen not on their speech and deviate not off from the Ways of Life. My chosen,
abide not with these, who stand not unified with you in the Teaching.
171. Some do they take through chant, dance and captivate through lust. Some of them they seduce
through images of gold and silver, through sculpture of blocks, through golden shrines and from
music and other flawed works.
172. Some they suppress by the sword, broadsword, breathe war, fight, anger and terror, and
frighten them and order them and make them be slaves to the planets against their will.

173. Some of the children of Adam they seduce with humbleness and candy, with honey and
craftiness, with lies and deceit. They claim with their mouths to speak in the name of God, and that
their books and teachings have been given by the High and great One. Thy convert by preaching to
those souls who are hooked by them and fully go to them. They contort the heart and cast
foolishness in the world.
174. I now, the resounding Messenger, say to you: Listen not on the speech of the lying prophets
who pretend to be true seers and who claim for themselves a likeness to the three Uthras who have
gone forth in the world. Your radiance is no radiance, your mantel is no true mantel. Some from
them are vested in garments of darkness, bedecked with robes of darkness, and your odor is odious
and rotten.
175. To you, my chosen, my believing whom I call and teach: Clothe yourselves in white and bedeck
yourselves with white like the shining garments and the robes of light. Place a headband around you
like a wreath. Bind your Sash around you like living Waters which the Uthras bind about their hips.
Place cleaved sandals on and take staffs in hand like the staves of Living Water which the Uthras in
the Light place carry.
176. O you believer who has become perfect. Say nothing that you do not know of have not had
disclosed to you. Because nobody is given to reveal the hidden things of the Golden, Vast and Lofty
who has not known and perceived them completely.
177. Mine chosen! Arm yourselves with one weapon which is not made from iron. Let your weapon
be the Nazirutha-Gnosis and the truthful discourses of the Light Land.
178. Counsel one another with good pieces of advice, and warn and depend upon one another. That
which your eyes have seen, with your mouths spoken, and your ears listened, so accomplish
beautiful labors with goodly hands. Likewise, water not the bad plants lest to your Sovereign you
bring no produce.
179. Mine chosen! Behold how I have announced to you how the Light hath no end or is calculable. I
have taught you about the blazing fire and the darkness. I have taught you about Satan, how he has
no power or firmness, and is deserving of fiery destruction and burning.
180. This is the first teaching that Adam, the head of the Race of the Living, was given. It was a
speech and a testimonial.
181. Afterward the world, through sword and pestilence, is reaped. It is certain that the soul, by
such, is separated from the scabbard like body. When this happens the soul rises upward into the
Light without sins and karma.
182. Then there remained in the world Ram the man and Rud the woman, from whom the ensuing
age is called. Then the world is begun anew by her, and the world is continued by him.
183. Adam the man is ordained to last one thousand years. From Adam the man till Ram and Rud
are thirty generations. All rise upward into the light if they stand firm in the teachings, and have
given testimony with their walk and with a voice of praise.

184. Then is the world through fire reaped once more, and remaining alive are Shurbai the man and
Sharhabel the woman. All souls separate from their scabbard like bodies and rise upward into the
Light, if they do not adulterate the doctrines nor twist the teachings.
185. Then the world is newly restored by them, From Ram and Rud until Shurbai and Shurhabel are
twenty five generations.
186. Then to Shurbai and Sharhabel is the world through water destroyed. The only remaining ones
being Noah from the ark and his Shem the son of Noah. The entire world through water was
destroyed and those souls whose names were written down did separate from the scabbard like
body and ascended into the light
187. The age of Shurbai and Sharhabel, until the era of Noah, are fifteen generations.
188. From Noah the man the world increased, and its reputation and praise grew ever evident. And
incarnate will I myself become, and we will manifest, both I the Messenger of Life, and my
archangelic companion.
189. From Noah the man until the building of the place called Jerusalem there are six generations. It
flourished and lasted one thousand years.
190. Then was born Solomon the son of David who was a king from Judah and a mighty ruler over
Jerusalem. The demons and influence were subject to him and did his will, until he became puffed
up with himself and ungrateful for his blessings. Then the demons and influence turned from his
commands and dominion over them was taken from him.
191. Then appeared Christ, the prophet from the Judaic land.
198. Christ also revealed himself in another form with fire is he vested, with fire is he covered and
he shows miracles in the fire. Yeshu the Messiah said of himself that His name was Amun-il. His
house is of Fire, and he shows His venture in the fire. He presents Himself before you and says:
Come and stand beside me so that you be not burned!.
200. He says: I am God and Gods son which has been sent by the Father. He tells you: I am the First
Messenger, I am Hibil-Ziwa which has come from the height.
201. He goes and comes in the years of Pilatus, the king of the world. Enosh-Uthra comes in the
world with the power of the Light Sovereign. He heals sickness, makes the blind to see, purifies
lepers, sets up the crippled from crawling so that they can walk, makes the deaf and dumb to
communicate and animates the dead. He makes converts among the Jews and shows them what
gives death and what gives Life, what gives darkness and what gives light, what gives error and what
gives truth. He converted the Jews to the names of the Sovereigns of Light.
202. Three hundred and sixty prophets go forth from the city of Jerusalem and testify to the Names
of the Vast Life. Enosh-Uthra ascends then to the height and is established in Mshunia-Kushta where
all Uthra-Buddhas are hidden from the eyes of humanity. Afterwards the place of Jerusalem is made
desolate, and the Jews are banished and become dispersed to other cities. [interpolation]

204. Every one, in that last age who remains true to the Call and true to their baptism in the Flowing
Water, will become one with the Messengers who reveal the brightness which comes from the Light
Land. The Nazoreans, with the cloth around the head, become worthy of generations and worlds.
On that Mandai, upon who the Kusta remains, will I, Manda d Hayya lay my authority. Because they
hearken and listen and dispel error among my chosen, they shall ascend victorious to the Light Land.

And Life is victorious over all struggles!

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