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By Fortune Obikwere

The Director of Sachi Water, Mr. Ibeh

in a hand shake with Rev. Fr. G.

The Director of Sachi Water,

Mr. Ibeh welcoming the

Some of the gifts for the

customers of Sachi Water


HRH, Eze Okwudinma with

his wife arriving to the

Cross-Section of Sachi
Water Staf

The president Obibi Ochasi

Development Union, Sir Kevin
Ukabia (Capitol)- 2nd from left at
the event.

Cross-Section of Sachi
Water Staf in a group

HRH, Eze George Uzoma

(Otawaike I of Owerri-ebeiri
reading ICNews) with other
Traditional Rulers.

The Director - General of

SON, Dr. Odumodu reading
his address.

The Director - General of

SON, Dr. Odumodu handing
over the certificate to Mr.

Mrs. Ibeh displaying the

MANCAP Certificate

HRH, Eze Okwudinma with

his wife and other guests

The Director of Sachi water,

Mr. Ibeh (3rd from right) with
wife and other guests

The Director of Sachi water, Mr.

Ibeh with wife displaying the
MANCAP Certificate

Mr. and Mrs. Ibeh in a

photograph with Obibi-

April 1, 2014 was a special day for a company of repute, SACHI Water Nig. Ltd (makers of
SACHI Table and Sachet Water) and a Trail Blazer Director in the industry, Mr. Sabestine Ibeh as
it was a day the firm was honoured with a MANCAP Certificate award and LOGOby the
Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON). The ceremony started under a clement weather with
the introduction of the guests by the M.C. and an opening prayer by Rev. Fr. George Iheanacho of
St. Martins Catholic Church, Ihiteowerri, Orlu LGA. The colanut was blessed by an Heir to the
throne of Owerri-eberri ancient kingdom (the community hosting the industry), Eze George
Uzoma (Otawaike 1 of Owerri-ebeiri). However, there was a minute silence observed in favour of
the deceased Monarch of the community, Eze Uzoma, who just passed on (May his soul rest in
In his opening speech, the Director of Sachi Water (Nig) Ltd, Mr. Sabestine Ibeh, thanked all for
coming to the occasion. He was particularly happy with the customers of the company, whom he
recognised as being behind the companys success and particularly to the Standard Organisation
of Nigeria (SON) for finding his company worthy of honour with the MANCAP Certificate of
recognition. He promised SON that he would not disappoint them adding that as the name
implied; SACHI water is still searching for the best position in the water bottling business in the
world. Until we get to that stage, we will not rest. He hinted.
Mr. Ibeh also said that since water is an essential part of life, the company will ensure the
production of good product of high quality and expressed happiness that the product has received
the Standard Organisation of Nigeria recognition within three years of its establishment.
According to him, this certificate by SON will take SACHI Water to a greater height and assured
the customers of regular supply of their quality products. Hear him: We are not competing with
anybody because we are from the word go decided to be the best at producing quality goods to
satisfy our customers. If you drink alcohol, you can get intoxicated, but you can never do away
with water.
Imo Community News correspondent noted that the Managing Director was full of praises for his
customers whom he described as the most valuable asset because according to him: Without
your support and patronage, all the much desired recognition and reputation would have been a
mirage. He called on them to continue to patronize the establishment pointing out that he was

not in water business to compete with anybody but to device a means of uplifting the living
standard of the people through a genuine product anchored on Japanese technology and made
available to them consistently and at an affordable price adding that SACHI water is the only
product in the water business industry that is consistent in production and does not change its
price both in dry and rainy seasons.
According to the Standard Organisation Director, Dr. Odumodu, the Certificate and Logo is an
honour well deserved and advised the company to keep fit to its maximum advantage. The SON
Director- General stated that the MANCAP award is designed to protect the new manufacturer
against the unhealthy practices and to encourage investments in the country pointing out that the
certificate could be withdrawn if the company deviates from the approved standard. He
commended the SACHI water producer for attaining the high standard of purity which is in line
with the policy stipulated by SON. Here him: It is in the best interest of our country for standard
to be maintained at all levels of production of goods and materials used by the people of this
nation. As part of this report, the government is geared at maintaining standard in order to make
life meaningful to all Nigerians. The staff and management of SON have resolved not to relent in
their effort to continue to maintain standard and we thank them for that.
Furthermore, the Standard Organisation of Nigeria Director, Dr. Gabril Odumodu thanked SACHI
water for being a reputable firm within its short time in water bottling business industry in Nigeria
and said that they were in Imo state and precisely in Orlu LGA to give its MANCAP certificate of
honour and recognition to SACHI water Nig. LTD for being a trail blazer in the zone. Dr.
Odumodu challenged other water bottling companies in the area to emulate the good works of
SACHI water. He eventually awarded the MANCAP certificate of honour to the Director, Mr.
Ibeh in the company of his amiable wife, the company staff and other notable figures in the event.
The ICNews correspondent reports that the highlight of the ceremony was the appreciation of the
companys valuable customers through the giving out of more than 1,000 giant coolers each of
which could take five cartons of SACHI water bottles at once by the Director, who also promised
them of a better offer in future, if they continue to keep faith with the company.
Earlier in an interview with Imo Community News, the President General, Obibi Ochasi
Development Union, Chief Sir, Kevin Ukabia (Capitol) expressed happiness over the event of the

day and thanked the Managing Director, Mr. Ibeh for being an excellent human being whose
aspirations from childhood has been on how to be the best. He thanked the Standard Organization
of Nigeria (SON) for recognizing the good works of the company and the customers for their
support to the company and prayed to God to continue to bless the efforts of SACHI water in the
Also speaking to ICNews, one of the customers, Mr. Cletus Nwadike from International market,
Orlu appreciated SACHI water because it is one the best international waters in Orlu: We like it
because it is all season even in December time, everyone has water, no scarcity and the water is
good, no taste, no particles. This is my 3 rd year of buying this product and there are no stains
inside the sachet; it is the best water I have ever seen in Orlu, we are happy today because SACHI
has made us well. He concluded.
Collaborating with the above is another customer, Mr. Nicholas Nwanosike who said: We are
happy today because we left everything we have to attend to today in order to be here so as to
show our likeness to SACHI water. SACHI water as a product has no rival; there is no water
company in this area comparable to it. Those who used to buy 50 bags are now buying 100 bags
and so on because of the innovation in the company. SACHI is the best, it is the hero, it is No.1. I
am happy with SACHI water. This view was collaborated by those of Mrs. Blessing Nnadi, Mrs.
Loretha Ogadabe and many others that were interviewed.