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Field Rectification Program Announcement

M022/M024/M026/M028 LSU Power Supply Update

Introduction: Mandatory Machine Inspection and Retrofit Part Update! Due to a potential specification issue
with the DC Power supplied to the Laser Imaging Unit an additional DC Power control PWB has been added.

Effective Date: January 2, 2015

Who it impacts: All Affected Units Serviced Directly By Your Dealership
Program Summary:
Update PWB Kits are
currently available FOC
from the TSRC web
portal. Query you MIF
and order parts for the
necessary machines

PWB kits
from their

Inspect every
machine on the
affected list.
Install update
PWB kits on all

Machines with a
history of LSU
Errors should
have the LSU
replaced at the
same time the
PWB is added.

Parts and
Service are
via the
TSRC web

Tracking &
Progress is
monitored via
the TSRC web
portal reporting

completion date
is 12/15/2015

Parts are currently available for order via the automated system on the TSRC web portal. The part is
available Free Of Charge (FOC) and a labor reimbursement (SPIF) will be paid per unit completed and
properly reported.
Part number for the retrofit PWB Kit is M0269904
Parts kits are available for all affected product Free Of Charge
Parts kits will ship from the nearest RICOH Parts center after order

Technicians should order the necessary quantity of update parts kits based on their affected MIF.
For the details of the affected product please refer to the published technical documents on the TSRC or RFG
esource web sites

Note: Any unit with a history of LSU error codes should have the LSU replaced at the same time the
update PWB kit is added to the system. An extended warranty credit is available for these LSU units.
Machines that do not exhibit a history of LSU Service Codes do NOT require replacement of the Laser
Scanning Unit but should still have the PWB kit installed as a proactive measure.
Upon receipt, the parts department should distribute the Boards to the necessary technicians
During technician visits to the affected machines:
Inspect each machine on the affected list in accordance with the technical bulletin
o Inspect each machine for any history of laser error codes

Of primary concern are SC240 and SC241

o Print and save the Service Code History to document each unit with a history of laser Errors

This printed SC history will be required as evidence for claiming the extended warranty on the LSU,
when necessary
o Install a new LSU if required (Must be ordered through normal channels as necessary)

Be sure to properly set the necessary Service Program settings after installing the new LSU

The necessary LSU SP settings are documented on a label on the new LSU

Be sure to copy down the SP settings for later reference before installing the LSU
Install the update PWB kit
Update the Engine Firmware to the latest version as posted on the TSRC or RFG-esource web sites
o The LSU Error Correction Firmware patch is included in the Engine Firmware version V1.03.02 and later
o The posted Engine FW is compatible with all models in this series
Verify proper operation of the system

Mandatory Retrofit Announcement (continued)

M022/M024/M026/M028 - Power Supply Update
Additional Part Information:
M0269904 The modification PWB part kit includes the following items:

Update DC Power Filter PWB


Update PWB Mounting Bracket


Update PSU Connection Harness


Update Relay Harness


Mounting Bracket Screws (Longer)

M0269904 Part Description: PCB:5VSCNT:ASS'Y
The LSU Part Number is M0261855 and is compatible with all models in this series

The LSU need only be replaced on machines with a history of LSU Service Error Codes

Servicing Priority
All affected models in the current MIF should be updated.

1 Priority: Units that have a refractory issue with Laser Scanning Unit Errors
2 Priority: Units that have had a past history of Laser Scanning Unit Errors
3 Priority: Units not experiencing any current or past issue with Laser Scanning Unit Errors.

Labor reimbursements will be calculated by call completion status as logged in the automated system
available on the TSRC web portal.

Be sure to order one M0269904 kit for each unit completed

Consumption of the parts kit will:

Ensure proper tracking of the update by serial number (machine completion reporting)

Initiate the labor reimbursement process

All required information must be provided for each serial number to receive the labor payment


Serial Number

Date of Service

Meter Reading at time of update installation

The warranty period on the Laser Scanner Unit for machines exhibiting the captioned issue/s has been
extended through the completion period of this update program. LSUs replaced under this program must
be returned and processed for warranty credit per normal procedures and include the SC Print showing a
history of Laser Unit errors.
o The warranty administration department has been apprised of this issue and will honor the warranty for all

properly documented claims through the end of the Field Rectification program.
You must include a copy of the machines service history along with the Service Code print collected at
the customers site, at the time of parts update kit installation showing clear evidence that the LSU Error
Code problem has existed in the past to be eligible for the extended LSU warranty credit.
Dealers will be compensated for any LSU/s they have previously purchased from the RICOH parts center
as part of this program.

Tracking and Reporting

All tracking and reporting for this program will be accomplished through the automated system available on
the TSRC web portal.
Unit Completion, Compliance by Serial Number and Labor Payment initiation can be accomplished by
inputting the necessary information to the automated system available on the TSRC web portal.
LSU Warranty Credit can be accomplished through the normal warranty system.
o Proper documentation is required for LSU Extended Warranty approval.
This includes either/ or
LSU SC history showing LSU specific error codes
Service history showing the pattern of LSU errors

Mandatory Retrofit Announcement (continued)

M022/M024/M026/M028 - Power Supply Update

Additional Documentation and Information:

A more detailed Technical program overview is available via the TSRC or RFG-esource web sites
An additional retrofit program announcement letter has been posted on the Service Managers Portal

That document contains additional details on the financial compensations available through this program

The referenced Technical Bulletins can be downloaded for the TSRC or RFG-esource web sites
The referenced Firmwares can be downloaded from the RFG-esource web site

Retrofit Program Management
Jerry Olsen
Senior Business Analyst
Engineering and Corporate Product Support
Quality Assurance Department


Retrofit Parts Distribution

Gabriela Baccino
National Parts Center