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10, 2015
*Prof. Campen, Consultant, ZSA & AAC Accreditation
*Consultant, Evaluator & Head of Telangana State for HLACT Accreditation
*Associate Member of IAO
*A retired professor with 47 years of experience in technical institutes

ZACs SAR Format for UG T-II programs is under revision. Please explore


website!! Give your feedback and improve clarity of instructions.

ZAC & NAAC Accreditations became mandatory since Jan 29 & Feb 28, 2014


for all AICTE approved programs offered by University Affiliated Institutions..

NAAC Accreditation is mandatory for all University affiliated general colleges



ZAC & NAAC accreditation for all affiliated technical colleges, if they want to
survive as educational service providing enterprises.

All member online educational universities and institutions must go through evaluation process
set by HLACT in order to get our accreditation status. Here is the process through which we
evaluate the standards of education being provided at online universities and institutions.

Step 1:
Submit your application with complete information regarding your educational institute and get
yourself registered for acquiring accreditation status. Our representatives will then guide you
about the whole process of evaluation.

Step 2:
HLACT reviews the eligibility of an Institution or an Individual on the basis of provided
documents. The application is forwarded only if the provided documents are valid and

Step 3:
Once your application is approved, you will be awarded membership status. With the
membership status, you can get several benefits and services from the commission.

Step 4:
After becoming the member, you will be provided with assistance via training sessions,
webinars, seminars, digital systems and software resources to increase the quality of
education system of your institute.

Step 5:
After receiving HLACTs accreditation status you will eligible for our lifetime continuous
evaluation process that is set according to international standards of education.


There are several benefits of Accreditation, through which universities, high schools and other
vocational institutes can increase their value in the field of education.

Benefits for Educational Institutes

Accredited institutes get assurance that quality of education in their

institution meets international standards

Efficient improvement in management and continuous accountability

Reduced number of issues in managing programs and students outcome

Increase recognition of member institutions all across the globe

Get feedback on implementation of new resources and methods of teaching

Accreditation increase credibility of educational institutes

Benefits for Students

Students can earn quality education accredited institutes and earn

knowledge and enhance practical skills related to their professional field

Highly experienced and qualified faculty members are available to assist

students in studies

Continuously improving quality of education enhance innovative abilities of


Updated resources , equipment and teaching methods are provide to


Get access to best student services from accredited institutes

Get better employment opportunitie

DIGITAL INDIA MISSION: Preparing a Dynamic Website and installing a
software for managing operations of the college or programs

Under the digital India mission and MOU between GoI & USA assistance
shall be extended by M/S Microsoft and associates MNCs in preparing a
customized software for keeping records of students and facultys progress in
learning performance. More information shall be sent on request.
Professional Certification
Individuals can earn professional certificate to widen their career horizon and stepping into the
better professional world.

Equivalency Certificate
Students who want to settle down in any country rather their native country are provided
equalization certificate attested by embassy to get better opportunities.

Practice License

Enjoy becoming a member of prestigious councils and get hands on experience with the
practicing license provided to you

Now individuals from different parts of world can get their academic credentials accepted in
United States and start their new journey of life.

Dr. Nick Thomas

Founder Cum CEO

Dr. Ashok Kumar Satpathy

Co-Founder Cum
Executive Director

Dr. Govinda Rajulu

Co-Founder Cum
President-India Chapter