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Capitol University

Corrales Ext., Cagayan de Oro City

S.Y. 2015-2016
Lesson Plan
Date/Grade & Section/Time Schedule
Aug. 22, 2015
9:00 4:00 PM Every Saturday
MAPEH Studio

Learning Competencies
At the end of the lesson, 90% of the
students will be able to:
1. Identify the system specification of
their PC/Laptop.
2. Make sure that their computer
supports the products
(hardware/software) they will buy and
about to install.
3. Purchase a computer that would
suffice their needs and uses.
4. To appreciate the value of saving and

Computer system specifications (important
1. Operating System (i.e. Windows XP SP2
or MAC OS X 10.3.8)
2. Processor Speed (i.e. Pentium 4, 3.2
GHz or Power PC G5, 2 GHz)
3. Memory a.k.a Ram (i.e. 512 MB RAM)
4. Graphics Card (i.e. ATI Radeon 9800
with 256 MB video memory)
5. Hard Disk Space (i.e. 8GB available)
6. I/O Ports (i.e. USB, Firewire, Serial,
Parallel, VGA)
TLE-ICT-Computer Hardware Servicing
Grade 9
By: Jonathan Paranada
pp. 69-72

Value Integration:
Inculcate the value of saving and

Prepared by:
Wyzty Delle O. Sabud

A. Prayer
B. Checking of attendance
C. Review/ General Questions (Pre-Assessment questions)
Lesson proper:
1. Lecture
2. Discussion
3. Demonstration of hardware component.
Pre-assessment Questions:
1. What are your preferences in choosing to purchase a computer
hardware component, software application or even a computer?
(i.e. Processor Speed, reliability, budget, would match the
system specification)
2. Do you wonder why your PC/Laptop seems to operate slowly
in some applications? (i.e. RAM, processor speed, Hard disk
1. Show PPT presentation.
2. Discuss the performance of a PC depending on the four factors:

The speed and architecture of CPU.


Graphic System

Internal Hard Drive Speed and Capacity

3. How do we relate the value of saving and contentment in
todays lesson?

We should verify first our system in order to buy the

correct components (hardware or software application) for
our PC, in that way we can save money, time and effort.

We should not envy other peoples computer. We should

always consider our needs and uses in buying a computer.
(i.e. if your daily usage are just reading emails, social
media, office then a netbook will suffice.)

Checked by:
Janet Parpa, Ph.D.

Scoring Rubrics
Open your computer and
list down the computers
system specification
(important information).
Do you think a video
editing software like
Premier Pro CS5 would
softly run on your device?
Support your answer.