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Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church Summer Bible School Staff

Morgan Allen and Treasa Plude, Co-Directors Rivermont Evangelical

Presbyterian Church
Nursery Child Care Third Grade Class Drama and Music
Mrs. Linda Givens Mrs. Nancy Hicks Mrs. Betsy Weaver,
Mrs. Jeanne George Mrs. Sonia Terrell Drama Coordinator
Sarah Zajac Thomas Lass Mrs. Leah Turchin,
Kara Simon Fourth Grade Class Music Coordinator
Catherine Patterson Mrs. Debbie Chennault Mrs. Christy Murphy, Accompanist
Four Year Old Class Mrs. Phyllis Westenbarger Stephanie Bettcher
Mrs. Claire Dodd Mrs. Rita Haun Danny Harner
Mrs. Hollie Coalson
Ms. Bonnie Morgan
Lindsay Shaughnessy
Fifth Grade Class
Mrs. Lisa Alty
Mrs. Brigetta Eshleman
Beth Adcock
Mary Ellen Lass
Ricky Rosenthal
80th Annual
Chelsea Flowers Joseph Lass Refreshments
Paige Hylton
Five Year Old Class
Mrs. Karen Creasy
Mr. Matthew Hildebrand,
Recreation Coordinator
Mrs. Anne Kistler,
Refreshments Coordinator
Elizabeth Ware
Summer Bible School
Mrs. Kelly Hartless Michael Zajac John Petrey
Sarah Morgan
Jessie Buzzy
Marti Deacon
Matthew Shaughnessy
Levi George
Connor Bright
Ricky Rosenthal
Marylin Marks
Special Thanks To…
Bridgette Rosenthal Rachel Hall
Kindergarten Class Evan Ware Summer Bible School
Mrs. Noel Yeatts Phillip Shaughnessy Decoration Team
Miss Mary Beth Chennault Matthew Knopp Susan Sipos Paige Darden
Katie Morgan
Jenni Knight
Arts and Crafts
Mrs. Kaye Moomaw,
Beckey Nettles Mary Owens
Becky Griffith Heather Meyer
Chelsea Flowers Marti Deacon
June 17, 2005
Anna Wade Arts & Crafts Co-coordinator
Cassie Sipos Mrs. Kathy Pickard, Courtney Stevens
First Grade Class Arts & Crafts Co-coordinator Betty Lynn Blanks, Photographer
Mrs. Paula Petrey Mrs. Paige Darden
Rivermont Evangelical
Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ministry Staff
Mrs. Julie Plankeel Mrs. Jeanmarie Harris
Elizabeth Petrey Clara Moomaw Presbyterian Church Staff
Lilly Deacon Cyrus Hinkson Ellen Geisert Tracey Fox John Trimble Mabray, Pastor
Second Grade Class Sean Rosenthal Rita Fleet Marie Seiger Ronald M. Cox, Associate Pastor
Mrs. Lori Flowers Tabitha Hindman Lois Porter Morgan Allen Vic Uotinen, Director of Missions and Administration
Mrs. Kristen Tomlin Sarah Louise Dechow George Everson Bill Drinkard
Peggy Bettcher, Director of Music Ministry/Organist
Anne Patterson Coty Hudson Rivermont Evangelical Wes Bettcher, Director of Choral Music Ministry
Elizabeth Patterson Presbyterian Church Matthew Hildebrand, Director of Youth Ministries
2424 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA Deborah Chennault, Director of Children’s Ministries
(434) 846-3441
THE ORDER OF SERVICE for the Fourth and Fifth Grade Classes
Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church Scripture Memory: 2 Corinthians 4:7, Hebrews 11:1 and 6
Catechism Questions: Those pertaining to the Ten Commandments
80th Annual Summer Bible School Commencement Songs: “They All Point to Jesus” and “God’s Grace” and “We Believe”

Music for Preparation Christy Murphy, Pianist The Reception of Offerings

Welcome The Offertory Elizabeth and John Petrey, Violinists

Processional Song: “Faith” Bible School participants will enter at this time. *The Doxology
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow;
*Call to Worship Pastor Ronald M. Cox Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
*The Gathering Hymn I Love to Tell the Story Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.
Hymn #478
*Offertory Prayer
Drama Presentation Danny Harner
Stephanie Bettcher *Charge and Benediction Pastor Ronald M. Cox

Four and Five Year Old Classes *Recessional of Bible School Participants: “Faith”
Scripture Memory: Hebrews 11:1
*The Congregation will please stand.
Catechism Questions: Numbers one through five
Song: “Lord’s Army” The cost of operating our Summer Bible School has always been met at Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian
Church by special offerings and donations for that purpose. Summer Bible School is not a budgeted expense,
Kindergarten and First Grade Classes therefore, the offering this evening will go towards the cost of this special ministry. Thank you for your faithful
Scripture Memory: Matthew 6:20-21 prayers and generous financial support.
Catechism Questions: Numbers six through fifteen
Ministering in Music tonight are: Leah Turchin, Music Coordinator for Bible School
Songs: “We’re Walkn’” and “Seek First” Christy Murphy, Pianist
Elizabeth and John Petrey, Violinists
Second and Third Grade Classes
Scripture Memory: Ephesians 2:8-9 A nursery is provided downstairs for children up to two years of age. Please feel free to let our loving nursery
Catechism Questions: Numbers Sixteen through twenty-five staff care for your young children while you enjoy the service.
Songs: “Hold to His Hand” and “Step by Step” Following tonight’s service, please remain seated while your children recess to the Cheatham Reception
Center where you may promptly pick them up. You and your children are then invited to join us downstairs in
the Fellowship Hall for an ice cream social in celebration of our wonderful week at Bible School.