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International Postgraduate Scholarships

Nottingham Trent University is pleased to offer scholarships for international students starting a fulltime postgraduate course.
This application form can be used to apply for the International Development Scholarships and up
to half fee School Scholarships.
Visit www.ntu.ac.uk/internationalscholarships to find out what scholarships are available and
which courses are eligible.

How to apply
Complete this application form make sure you fill in all sections.
Send your completed form to international@ntu.ac.uk before 4 pm GMT on the deadlines below.
For courses starting in September 2015
Wednesday 25 February 2015
Wednesday 29 April 2015
Wednesday 24 June 2015

For courses starting in January 2016

Wednesday 21 October 2015
Wednesday 25 November 2015
Wednesday 9 December 2015

We will contact you with our assessment decision within three weeks of the deadline.

Section One Your Personal Details

First Name(s):



NTU Student Number:


This is usually an N or T followed by seven digits. You will

find this on your course offer letter.

Please use the same email address you used when applying for your course. This email address will be used for all
communications about your scholarship application.

Current place of study:

Name of School, College or University

Course applied for:

I would like to apply for a School Scholarship

Tick this box to be considered for a School Scholarship (up to half fee).
Visit www.ntu.ac.uk/internationalscholarships to see if you are eligible.
All applications will be considered for the International Development Scholarship.

I would like to apply for a partner scholarship

Please choose the scholarship from the list below.
Visit www.ntu.ac.uk/internationalscholarships to see if you are eligible.

Select scholarship
Section Two Your Scholarship Statement
This is your opportunity to tell us why you should be awarded a scholarship, how you will excel in
your studies and the future benefits of studying at NTU.
Please write a statement that answers all three criteria below. You should write around 300 words
for each section. Your statement should specifically relate to your scholarship. If you reuse your
course application statement your application will not be considered.
To be considered for a School Scholarship (up to half fee) you need to demonstrate outstanding
experience, achievements and ambitions for all three areas.

Why do you think you should be awarded a scholarship?

Tell us why you have chosen to study at NTU and why think you are a good candidate for one of our
scholarships. You may want to tell us how your experiences will make you an excellent student
academically and socially and the impact you will have on the University and its student community.
You should write around 300 words for this section.

Your potential for academic excellence

Demonstrate your potential for academic excellence by showing how your previous studies and
experiences will help you to excel in your chosen course.
You may want to include some of the following or other examples:

Results from previous qualifications, including individual module results where particularly
Prizes and awards you have received.
Any published work or articles (whether academic or non-academic).
Presentations you have done including conference presentations.
Achievements outside education.

You should write around 300 words for this section.

The benefits of your studies

Show how studying at NTU will benefit you, your career aspirations, future employers and the wider
society. You may want to tell us about:

Your future plans and ambitions.

The career path you would like to follow
How studying here will help you have a positive impact on society.

You should write around 300 words for this section.

Section three Terms and Conditions

I confirm that the details given in this scholarship application form are accurate and I have read and
understood the terms and conditions of the International Scholarship.



1. To be eligible for consideration of an international scholarship, applicants must:

a) have been offered a place on an eligible full-time postgraduate course (excluding MBA, GDL, LPC, BPTC and
exchange students), please check the list of eligible courses at www.ntu.ac.uk/internationalscholarships.
b) be classed as overseas students for tuition fee purposes.
Please Note: NTIC progression students are not eligible to apply for a scholarship. Please check our website for
details of funding for NTIC students at www.ntu.ac.uk/ntic.
2. Students who are sponsored by their employers, government or a funding body (full / part) are not eligible
to apply for this scholarship award.
3. Applicants are only able to apply to the international scholarship once per academic year per offer of a place
on a qualifying course.
4. There are three scholarship application deadlines for International students starting a course:
a) in September 2015. These are: 4 pm GMT 25 February 2015, 4 pm GMT 29 April 2015 and 4 pm 24 June 2015.
b) in January 2016. These are: 4 pm GMT 21 October 2015, 4 pm GMT 25 November 2015 and 4 pm 9 December
5. If your application is received after one of the above deadlines it will be considered as submitted for the next
deadline. Applications received after the final deadline will not be considered.
6. Scholarships of up to a maximum of half the tuition fee are available.
7. Scholarships will be available in the form of a tuition fee reduction. If you are awarded a scholarship your
tuition fee will be adjusted before enrolment.
8. If you are awarded any other scholarship, bursary and / or tuition fee reduction from the University, the
maximum amount awarded will not exceed more than half the tuition fee for the course.
9. The scholarship is not transferable and will not be awarded if you choose to defer your entry to a different
academic year or if you choose to transfer to a different course at the University.
10.Applicants will be informed of whether they have (or have not) been awarded a scholarship (with the value
of the scholarship award if they have been awarded) within three weeks of the application deadline dates.
11. The scholarship will only be awarded once an applicant accepts and meets the conditions of their offer,
accepts their scholarship offer and is eligible to enrol on the postgraduate course.
12. Scholarships are competitive and selection is based on the information you provide on the application form.
It is, therefore, of great importance that you give your personal statement careful thought and preparation and
you refer to the criteria provided.
13. The Universitys decision in all matters relating to the scholarship is final.
14. The University reserves the right to revoke the scholarship if you leave the University before completing the
15. If your scholarship application is successful, you may be asked to appear in online and / or printed
University marketing materials. This may involve providing a student profile and a photograph which may be
used to promote the Universitys scholarship schemes and postgraduate courses.