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Ruth Lozano

Im going to make a speech about the life before and after internet.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I have lived this
change. As you can see. Im not a spring chicken. In other words. I was
around when there was no internet and now leading up to being an
expert user.
To star with. Isnt it true that our lives have changed enormously over
the last 20 years, due to tecnologies and internet?
In fact, One of the amazing advantage of using internet is that with
only one click on your laptop you can download anything you want.
However, before internet, you would have gone to the library and
spent there hours searching through a lot of books. What is more, you
would have copied up by hand all the relevant information, instead of
just copying, pasting and printing.
However, on one hand, the great disadvantage is underage
children are able to access websides that are only suitable for adults. If
I were the person who held the responsibility for this dangerous issues, I
would have obliged parents to intall an application or special password
to avoid minor watching these kind of pages.
Another downside of internet is that we are lossing face to face
comunication. Nowadays, people dont bother to communicate
personally with other people, everything is done via e:mail and
whattsapps. Which means, that people are losing social skills and the
ability to converse face to face with others.
On the other hand, a further crucial point to conseder is social
networking, which allows people, from teenagers to silver surfers, to
be in touch at any time and at any place with another ciber user.
Lastly, In spide of that ,I strongly believe that these days, In Spain at
least, people are becaming more concious about tth need to use the
internet correctly. Besides, not being connected for hours, It fills me with
great optimisim and hope for future. So this way, in 20 years time,
Spanish people will definetly be using internet in the correct way.
To sum up, Its pointless saying to young people; how difficult our
lifes were. If when I was 15 years old, someone had told me: in 20 years

time, you will definetily be using new technology like internet or a

gadget like telephone without wire. I would have thougt It was a hoax.
Although the internmet has given us a lot of opportinuties in our lives, It
also has some downsides, so that I hope by 2015 we probably wont
have had many opportunities to use internet in the negative way.