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ENC 2135
Academic Essay Proposal

My goal for this paper is to write a type of expos or an informative paper. I want to focus
on corporations in America that have been using their power to manipulate the
government and the people of the United States, certain corporations include Philip Morris
International, Monsanto, and Chevron. I would like to focus on a few corporations rather
than just a generalization because I can use specific examples of the countless scandals
these companies have faced and the scientific evidence that is available to support them. I
have found the companies that seem to be the most corrupt according to multiple Internet
searches and articles, and they are definitely among the largest and well-known companies
in the world. We see products from these companies around us every day, but we dont
realize how powerful they actually are. The sole purpose of these corporations is for their
own benefit and I truly believe that they are preventing the world from progressing. How
can the government turn a blind eye to the corruption and manipulation and threats that
these companies pose to their nation? This is what Im hoping to discover while
researching this topic. Does the American government actually believe that these
companies produce products that society cannot function without? I dont think that
corporations have the right to manipulate the law in their favor, at the expense of the
people. Others may disagree and I would enjoy reading about the logic behind their
argument as well. I have always been interested in these types of issues, in fact in another
class that I am taking this semester I am writing a paper about the immorality of animal
testing. I have my own beliefs on this matter, but I also think that other people may have
many valid points that would oppose my argument. I will provide information from both
sides of the argument and analyze them to support the idea of a fair argument in which the
audience can decide which position they will take based on careful and analysis and
evidence gathered and put together by me.