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Nurul Amirah Bte Amran


Singapore 640766
Mobile Number: 93630912

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently a Year 2 Student pursuing Diploma in Mass Communications at

Republic Polytechnic of Singapore. During my stay here, I have been equipped
with many skills a media practitioner should have be it in the public relations
sector or the journalism aspect.
I am applying for a position at your company as writing news pieces and
producing broadcast stories has always been something I enjoyed and exceled
in. I am in the Journalism track in my course and I would like to offer your
company with my knowledge and skills in writing and broadcast.

These are some internal and external projects I have wrote for:

Chingay 2015
o A school assignment where I had wrote a hard news story for The
Peoples Associations Pioneer Generation float. This piece got
shortlisted by the school facilitators and was presented to the panel
board consisting of Chingay 2015s organisers.

Music Matters Live 2015

o A soft news story I had wrote on a South Korean indie band, Glen
Check, who had performed at MMLSG 2015. This piece was
published in the schools Office of Students and Graduate Affairs
(OSG) monthly newsletters.

This is also one broadcast piece that I have produced alongside my schoolmates:

Sembawang Town Council (SBTC) Kampung Sembawang Promo

o We had created a current affairs broadcast video on the remaining
bunkers in Singapore after WWII. With its quirky yet fun content, my
team had received a special mention by the judges from SBTC.

I have also been participating in social media activities for SBTC in which I was a
Social Media Ambassador. I went out to events organised by SBTC to promote
their Facebook page and tell people about what the brand I am promoting has to

offer. With that, I have equipped myself with the knowledge of increasing brand
awareness though social media and public speaking. I also believe that what I
have gained from my participation as a Social Media Ambassador would be
useful for your company too.
I am a conscientious person who pays attention to the details while on task. I am
quick at adapting to new environments and work well even under unforeseen
circumstances. I am always eager to learn new things and have the ability at
coming up with unique yet effective ideas. I am a cheerful and enthusiastic
person and I am really keen to work for a company with great reputation and
high profile like yours.
I am also well-versed at using Microsoft Words, PowerPoint and InDesign due to
the nature of my passion in journalism as well as when designing the layout of
my articles.
I am thrilled at the possibility of creating new contents for your company. I would
love the opportunity to meet you and discuss the values that I can bring and
offer your company with. I appreciate your consideration and am looking forward
to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Nurul Amirah Bte Amran