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European Furniture

Makers in Lebanon

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Tabolh / About Us

Were Passionate
About Design
Were passionate about quality.
Were passionate about helping
businesses and individuals use less
money to buy the best furniture
that money can buy!

We are very proud to be an award winning

European contract kitchen and furniture
Our products are designed and manufactured to
a very high specification in our factory in Holland
and in the German factories of our partners.
As a Taboleh customer youll enjoy the many
advantages of dealing directly with a specialist
manufacturer including design expertise, cost
savings and reduced lead times.

Tabolh / Services

Made in Germany


Made in Germany


Factory direct

Tabolh Europe

Tabolh Middle East



Damastbloem 32
Breukelen 3621 RV , The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 142 77 179

Gemayze, Saifi 95 Tekeyan center 3

rd. fl. S320. Beirut Lebanon
+961 7 001 00 42

Made in Holland

Award winning








Tabolh / Philosophy
In everything we do we believe
in challenging the status quo of
the kitchen market in Lebanon.
We are bringing innovation in
real time to Lebanon and the
Middle East.

Did you know?

Innovative furniture hardware
solutions arrive 5 years later in
Lebanon. Your new kitchen is
already out of date.
4 of the 5 top kitchen brands still use
outdated hardware.
Top furniture brands are often
The well known brands do not
necessarily deliver higher quality.

Real value

Tabolh / Brands

Some of
the brands we
work with.

Wrap Spaces
E xpress-Kchen

Tabolh / Nolte

Quality is not a
standard, but
a process.

Made in Germany
Nolte Kchen
Nolte Mobel
E xpress Kchen

Building and working with top brands

Our brands

What makes Nolte special?

Our kitchens are as individual as their owners. Here, you will find
your dream kitchen: suiting the room, suiting your budget and
completely tailored to your taste and personal requirements. Be it
classic or modern, matt or high-gloss, small or large we would not
be Germanys second biggest kitchen brand if we could not live up
to your expectations! It is not without reason that we export to over
50 countries worldwide, too, whilst producing solely in Germany.

Made in Germany

Our brands

Reliability and continuity.

We stand for variety and service. Reliability and continuity are
important to us. To make sure you are always in the best hands
we train our staff and partners. Our kitchens are available through
qualified specialist retailers only. As they consist of complex, highly
functional furniture it is important that an expert guides you
through the buying process, someone who gives you advice and
knows best about planning.

Made in Germany

This is not a kitchen!

Our brands

25% less m
It is a modular piece of wall-mounted furniture that can be extended. The design delivers a hybrid
environment including a kitchen, workspace and a living
The concept is developed for urban lifestyles. The modular system uses living space very efficiently,
providing 25% extra living space. Or, if you wish to look at it the other way, takes up 25% less space. This,
of course, can save thousands of Dollars when buying an apartment, as you dont need to buy as many
square metres of living space.

Made in Holland

Living 38 m
Kitchen 18 m
Circulation 8 m

Living 64 m
Kitchen 64 m
Circulation 64 m

Living 40 m
Kitchen 40 m
Circulation 40 m

Physics can be so elegant.

Revolution for
every kitchen
Our brands

BORA Principle
Or physics can be so elegant.
We nip cooking vapours and odours in the bud by drawing them off where they arise: directly at the
cooktop, from the saucepan, roaster, frying pan or grill. And we do this not by magic, but by applying the
basic principles of fluid mechanics. We simply use a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of
the cooking vapour.buying an apartment, as you dont need so many square metres of living space.

Made in Germany

Cooking vapours rise at a

maximum of one metre per second.

The BORA cooktop extractor draws

air downward at approximately
four meters per second.

The higher cross flow draws off

cooking vapours and odours
effectively, directly at the cooktop.

Building and working with top brands

A real eyecatcher
in your kitchen
Our brands

The subtle integrated burners will fit in every kind of kitchen. Classic, rural, contemporary, design: PITT
cooking knows no boundaries. The position of the burners can be established from the customers point
of view. With PITT cooking, you will be the designer of your own cooking area.
Instead of the lack of space people experience when cooking on a traditional stove, PITT cooking will offer
you enough space for using each indiviudal burner at the same time, even when using large pans. It will
always fit. With the so-called XL-variant, even more space will be created for cooks who need a little more
freedom of movement.

Made in Holland

Traditional cooking plate

PITT cooking

Pitt cooking XL


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