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MARCH 2010

Volume 13 Issue 3

Celebratory Air Pervades 2010 Annual Meeting

The atmosphere was celebratory Seitz, Jean Wilson, and Bill Woolam
as 100-plus owners, residents, and served as tellers.
guests gathered in the Potomac In addition to President Hauser’s
Room for Marina Towers’ 29th An- report on the Association’s overall
nual Meeting on March 10. status, Treasurer Mary Harris pro-
“This past year has been a good vided a financial update. She noted
year for Marina Towers, albeit a that Marina Towers finished the year
challenging one,” outgoing Presi- with an unaudited surplus of
dent Terri Hauser reported. “Even $38,623, with over $1 million in
while our nation is weathering the Capital Reserves, and with delin-
worst recession in modern times, quencies in the low range at about 1
Marina Towers approaches this percent of assessments, adding that
year’s Annual Meeting in sound anything less than 3 percent is con-
financial health. While our region sidered excellent by auditors.
Vice President Chuck Adams up- From L to R: Tony Rouhani, Mike Mallot,
has weathered historic blizzards, our Heather Graham (all from CMC/Associa) and
dedicated staff has kept our building dated the community on the status of Jeremy Moss from Mercer Trigiani. The Manage-
operating smoothly. And while our (Continued on page 6) ment Company gave three $100 door prizes.
community weathers changes in our
leadership team, we continue to
make important progress on issues Four Million Homeowners United in Savings
important to our property values and Through the national purchasing ily” members that exceeded even our
quality of life.” power of Associa and the opening of expectations.
The primary purpose of the meet- our website, AssociaAdvantage.com, Although we are just getting
ing – election of two members to the our 7,000 client communities, 4 mil- started, Lowes, Shaw Carpet, Dal
Board of Directors – was quickly lion homeowners and 4,500 employ- Tile, Dunns Flooring and yes, even
dispatched as Mary Harris and ees, will realize savings of up to 30% Doody Calls, have gotten on board
Marie “Bitsy” Bullock were elected on a wide range of household goods with us. AssociaAdvantage.com is
to two-year terms by acclamation. and services. We have negotiated dis- available now in the Washington Met-
Despite the absence of a contest, counts on carpet, flooring, counter- ropolitan area and will be active na-
40.3 percent of owners were repre- tops, roofing, gutter cleaning, pet tionwide by the end of the year.
sented in person or by proxy (the waste services and much more with According to representatives of
quorum requirement is 25 percent). national, regional and local service Associa Advantage, “The program is
Judy Cooper, Diane Kapanowski, providers, who were willing to offer (Continued on page 6)
Janet Marx, William Mattison, John significant savings to “Associa fam-

Inside... Breaking News:

The Prez Says . . Page 3
Marina Towers Musings . . Page 4
Board Appoints John Blackburn From the Desk of the General Manager . . Page 5
Astrology Column: Apologies Unnecessary . . Page 7
General Manager
National Survey Affirms Community Association’s Success . . Page 8
Resident Profile: Kem and Phil McCombie . . Page 9
Editor/Publisher: Gail Miller
gail.miller@comcast.net Provides programs of social, recreational, educational and cultural activities for
all age and interest groups within the community.
Marina Towers
Administration Office
703-549-0660 Administrative/LEGAL COMMITTEE
FAX: 703- 549-8958 Advises and assists the Board in administering and enforcing the
Association’s covenants (Bylaws, Rules and Regulations) and
Published Monthly by:
makes recommendations for revisions thereof. Also recommends
MARINA TOWERS: administrative policies and examines personnel policies and training.
ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314 Advises/assists the Board in energy management matters and in
BOARD OF DIRECTORS developing programs for the operational, structural, mechanical &
electrical maintenance of the building.
President: Chuck Adams
Vice President: Don Devries
Treasurer: Mary Harris
Sgt-at-Arms: Marie “Bitsy” Bullock
Responsible for the monthly newsletter, and for communication
between the Board and members of the Association as well as
between Marina Towers and the broader Alexandria community.
General Manager: John Blackburn
Assistant Manager: Chris Nahlik
Director of Facilities: Paul Sherman FACILITIES/GROUNDS COMMITTEE
A rate card indicating the cost and Advises and assists the Board in developing programs pertaining to
size specifications for ads is available building appearance both interior and exterior including landscaping.
from the Administration Office.

Ads and copy are due the

FIRST Monday of each month.
Please use email to send information Responsible for making budgetary recommendations to the Board,
to the editor whenever possible: monitoring income and expenses, reviewing financial information,
gail.miller@comcast.net. Thanks! assisting with insurance program review, and preparing recommendations and
reviewing the auditor’s work.
DISCLAIMER: The appearance of
any advertisement in the MARINA
imply, recommend, or constitute any Advises and assists the Board in administering and enforcing the
endorsement by the Association, Pet rules. Reviews all complaints and violations, offers pet owner an
Member of the Board, or Administra- opportunity to respond informally and makes recommendations for
tion Office. disposition.
The cover sketch is used each month
by permission of its owner, Patricia LONG RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE
Farrell Thank you!
This committee will formulate a long range plan for the
community, articulating a vision, a mission and a subset of
objectives for establishing future organizational priorities.

River Views Page 2

The Prez says . . .
Spring: A Time of New Beginnings!
Spring is here again and I am looking forward to being outdoors more often than the snow
and cold of winter allowed. Spring is also a time for green to emerge, not the least of which
are the various Saint Patrick’s celebrations – most notably the annual parade down King Street
and our own get-together on the 17th. Thank you Veri and Viddy for coordinating another
community event that we all enjoy so much! As I write, I am especially looking forward to the
Marina Towers St. Patrick’s Day party, because my daughter, Julie, from Seattle will be here
and attending it!
This is my first “Prez Says” column for River Views. I find I am energized by the thought
of communicating with all of you – friends and community – in many ways that we as a
community interact together.
The first way I will be communicating is by leading the Board in responsible management
of our property and the funds we all contribute. I will be signing the new Management
Contract with CMC this coming week, which begins the new era of letting the “full service”
management company truly manage the building. This is a significant change from the prior
practice of having the Board hiring the building manager. It may take some time getting used
to this arrangement.
How we interact as a community is one of the things most of us enjoy when we think of
living here. The various parties (e.g. Christmas, Super Bowl, and Blizzard parties), dog walk
socials, movie nights, Outdoor Gourmet Guild (coming soon), yard sale, and the pool and
gazebo offer quality interaction time with our neighbors, their children and pets in this
beautiful setting. We all contribute to make Marina Towers very special in this way. I look
forward to facilitating these good times we all enjoy.
We also live in a beautiful historic town across from a major city with all the realities of our
culture and times. Times are hard economically for many, including members of our own
community. We cannot be sure how and when we might be affected by economic, natural or
manmade disruptions to our society and way of life. I think that it is important to consider
what the building can do to prepare for a disruption of any sort as well as what we as
individuals can do personally to prepare. In this regard, I plan to lead the building in
considering and developing written contingency plans. I also will lead community discussions
about what we as individuals and families can do to become more “resilient”.
Being good citizens of our Old Town Alexandria community, Marina Towers will actively
take a part in appropriate community initiatives. North Old Town Independent Citizens
[Association] (NOTICe) and At Home Alexandria (AHA) are two such community initiatives
that come to mind. There may be others we will want to support as we can.
Enjoy Spring! And when you have a moment, consider how you can contribute to our very
special community. We will be organizing the volunteer committees and letting you know
how you can join them in the near future.
Thank you,

Chuck Adams, President

River Views Page

Page 3
Committee & Board Meetings
Facilities Committee—April 5, 7:30 p.m.
Building Technical Committee - April 15, 7:30 p.m
Finance Committee—April 19, 7:30 p.m.
Board of Directors Meeting - April 26, 7:30 p.m.
Meetings are held in the Potomac Room unless otherwise noted.
The Board Meeting agenda is available at the front desk and online on
Friday before the meeting. The Board Book is available for review a day
before the meeting. All residents are welcome to attend Board meetings.

Marina Towers Musings — MARCH

By Jan Macidull unless otherwise noted
Anyone for a Nap? By Don Mela sailing marina) and, south, to Alex-
Until recently, I always felt a andria – either along the Parkway or
slight twinge of guilt about my naps. the river. Both gates are opened us-
After all we Americans don't take sies- ing your blue Marina Towers build-
tas — we work through the day. But ing key. (Please remember to shut
now there is a report on the beneficial the gate behind you.) A special thank
effects of napping in the February 17th you to our “I’d like to be anony-
issue of The Economist. Dr. Matthew mous” Marina Towers woodsman
Walker of the University of California who spent an entire morning clearing
at Berkeley has headed a team study- brush and pruning trees in the woods
ing the effect of sleep in consolidating so we can all enjoy a comfortable
memory. An experiment showed that walk through this cozy woodland.
a group that napped retained previ- GPS: “Global Positioning Sys- thing on display that could tempt a
ously learned material better than tem” (“Gosh, Please don’t Steal!”) thief – or that would let them know
those who did not nap. Indeed, Dr. While crime statistics as a whole you’ve got something valuable in your
Walker says that the benefits of a nap are declining in our area, one may be car. Suction cup marks on your wind-
to memory are so great that they can increasing: larceny, i.e., theft. A shield or portable GPS cradles on your
equal an entire night’s sleep. favorite these days, according to Sgt. dash are a dead giveaway that you’re
Farewell, guilt! But, if perchance I Harold Duquette, Jr., of the Alexan- using a GPS or other electronic equip-
fail to remember your name the next dria Police Department, is the theft ment that may be stored in your glove
time I meet you, maybe I missed my of resalable GPS equipment from compartment. Take equipment with
nap that day. cars. His advice: do not leave any- (Continued on page 10)

To the Woods!
Did you know that there are several
shortcuts to the bike path from our
property? The one most known and
widely used is at the end of the side-
walk and steps to the right side of our
building. This entrance puts you onto
the boardwalk part of the bike path
right behind Marina Towers. The
other shortcut is located at the far right
end of Casper’s Friendly Dog Park.
This entrance takes you on a short
jaunt through newly cleared out woods
to the intersection of bike paths lead-
ing north to Daingerfield Island (the

River Views Page 4

From the GM’s Desk … March, 2010
John Blackburn, General Manager
The transition from winter to does it cover improvements you or a Mike Mallott from
spring always amazes me. One week previous owner made to the unit. An CMC and Executive Vice President -
ago, temperatures were consistently upgraded kitchen or bath, wall to Associa Advantage, Inc. discussed a
in the mid to high 20’s at night and wall carpets or area rugs, new floors, new program that CMC’s parent
we still had big piles of snow left furniture, TV’s, etc. are not covered company, Associa, is rolling out that
over from the storms that greeted me by the building’s policy. Be smart will provide discounts from retail
on my first day of work; now, the and make sure your homeowner’s merchants to community associa-
daffodils I see along the road on policy limits are adequate to cover tions nationwide that are managed
sunny south facing slopes on my all your stuff! Remember, the build- by Associa member companies and
morning commute are up and bloom- ing will only restore damage in a unit the residents of those communities.
ing, the trees at the north end of the to the fit and finish existing at the Log on to associaadvantage.com for
property are showing their first time of conversion to a condomin- more details. One of the questions
flushes of color ranging from pale ium. Mike took from the floor dealt with
reds to soft greens and I have this The Annual Meeting went off getting a kitchen remodeled for un-
urge to plant something! In the East- without a hitch and I would like to der $15,000. Mike contacted Tim
port area of Annapolis, they are get- thank everyone who attended. Terri Thompson at REICO, the local
ting ready for their annual spring Hauser can sure run a meeting! She kitchen and bath partner in the pro-
sock burning festival, although I am set an example for all condominium gram, and his response was
not quite ready to go that far just yet. Board Presidents. One of the funni- “ABSOLUTELY! We could put
My old tootsies like to be warm. est lines I heard that evening was together several packages and offer a
Speaking of seasonal transitions, “Terri’s meetings always end on the volume discount if there are enough
everyone received the flyer on the day they start.” In the property man- homeowners to make this work.”
need to clear a part of the parking lot agement business, this ain’t always The community, working with Man-
on March 16th and 17th to make way the case! The Board presented Terri agement just has to figure out how to
for the crane needed to lift the new with tickets to a wine tasting in ap- determine the level of interest there
cooling towers up to the roof and take preciation of her work on behalf of is within the community for a
the old ones down. However, the the community. Three individuals kitchen/bath remodel. Tim has al-
shipment from the manufacturer won $100.00 door prizes, compli- ready contacted me and is ready to
has been delayed and installation ments of Community Management talk. Anybody out there interested
will not take place until the follow- Corporation. You had to be there to in spearheading this effort? Please
ing week at the earliest. It’s a big win. At least three others had their contact me to sign-up. There just
project and should provide at least tickets drawn, but had left early. might be an extra discount in it for
four to five hours of fascinating side- Next year you might want to stick your efforts. Everything is open to
walk superintendent time for Marina around. The odds of winning are negotiations.
Tower’s residents when it happens. sure a lot better than the lottery.
I’m disappointed, but delays in con-
struction projects are part of the busi-
ness. Keep your fingers crossed that
22nd Annual Potomac River Cleanup
we get the new towers installed be- April 10 —10:00 am-Noon
fore we need them!
We had a flood this month and Come one, come all. Whether you fancy fishing old tires out of the Poto-
four units were damaged. The build- mac or running coffee to others who like to do that, your help is needed!
ing’s insurance adjuster has been here Marina Towers’ residents have been enthusiastic participants in this event
and restoration efforts are underway. since its inception. Come out for a good cause and a good time!
This is a reminder that it is a good There’s a photo contest, so bring your camera! The winning picture
time for everyone to check their will be posted on the front page of the Potomac Watershed Website.
homeowner policies. The building’s
master insurance policy does not Join your neighbors in support of this good cause!
cover the contents of your unit nor

River Views Page

Page 5
Mary Harris, Marie Bullock Elected by Acclamation
Owners Hear Update on Busy Past Year; Preview of What’s Ahead
the Fan Coil project, noting the asbes-
tos abatement would begin shortly, to
be followed by engineering specs. He
elaborated on what would be involved
as fan coils were replaced in the walls
of each unit on a tier-by-tier basis.
The community also heard from
Acting General Manager John Black-
burn on the upcoming replacement of
the cooling towers on the roof. Spe-
cial guests included Jeremy Moss,
representing the Association’s law
firm, Mercer-Trigiani, and Heather
Outgoing Board President Terri Hauser New Board President Chuck Adams’ engi-
Graham, Executive Vice President of neering expertise has made him an invalu-
who has led the Association for the past
Community Management Corporation four years. able resource for Facilities Management.
(CMC), who introduced Mike Mal-
lott, Vice President of National Pro-
certificates of commendation to Bingler, and Matt Hennessey.
curement for Associa, CMC’s parent
committee chairs Chuck Adams, Hauser exercised her prerogative
company. Mallott provided an over-
Bitsy Bullock, Veri Crain and Viddy as President to present special
view of Associa Advantage, an excit-
ing new program that leverages Asso- Comsa, Jan Macidull, Katherine (Continued on page 11)

cia’s buying power to offer discounts

on household goods and services to
both associations like Marina Towers
and the individual homeowners who
live there.
Noting that the past year saw a
marked increase in committee activity
and in the active social life of the
building, President Hauser presented

Associa Advantage
(Continued from page 1)
wildly popular with homeowners and
suppliers as well. We are adding new
vendors every day!”
In addition to being a vehicle for
discounts, AssociaAdvantage.com is
also an online magazine with articles
about gardening, maintaining your
home, caring for pets, being green
and everything else that affects com-
munity association living.
Visit the Website to see the articles
and learn how Marina Towers’ resi-
dents may take advantage of the pur-
chasing power of this unique pro-
gram. :
River Views Page 6
Apologies Unnecessary
—Dianne Eppler Adams
“It is a good rule in life never to For example,
apologize. The right sort of people when my daughter calls
do not want apologies, and the with a concern, rather than apologiz-
wrong sort take a mean advantage of ing that she has to deal with this
them.” —P.G. Wodehouse, The problem and suggesting solutions, I
Man Upstairs could listen to her story first. After
Have you ever noticed how an initial emotional release, a more
many times you apologize in the empowering approach would be for
course of a day? Lately, I have ob- me to ask questions. Asking her what
served how frequently I apologize she plans to do encourages her prob-
for anything and to anyone. One lem-solving capability and places me
day, I apologized almost a dozen in the position of an advisor - rather
times . It started me wondering. than a rescuer - as she manages her
According to the dictionary, the own life. I think I will try it next
word apologize means “to express time.
regret for an offense or fault.” Was One last thought about apologies:
I really at fault or to blame every we also never need to apologize for
time I apologized? No. Sometimes, who we are. It is unnecessary to ex-
however, my insensitive words may press an apology for our human na-
have caused hurt feelings. Or what if ture, our bodies, our mental capa-
I tripped and jabbed someone in the bilities (or lack of), or anything else
side with my elbow? In each case, about ourselves.
expressing regret is the right thing We are all so wonderfully differ-
to do if I caused hurt or injury. ent. As for me, I will always have a
Other times I was not the cause. My changeable nature. That is who I
apology was simply offered in re- am. You are surely different. I do not
sponse to feeling empathy with an- need to apologize for my change-
other person’s situation. My heart ability, nor do you need to apologize
responded to their pain, but it was for your unique nature.
not my fault. Perhaps like me, you have apolo-
Why do I apologize when I am gized when your apology was unnec-
not at fault? Here is my point: we essary? Notice next time and con-
do not need to make another feel sider a different approach.
better by apologizing for the suffer- _____
ing we never caused. It is not our Dianne Adams is a Marina
responsibility to make them happy. Towers resident and author of the
Doing that is a pretty tall order! In- forthcoming book, “Conscious
stead, you can empathize with oth- Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Every-
ers’ troubles without taking them day Matters.” She and a certified
upon yourself. You can convey astrological consultant providing
your awareness of their struggle life-affirming relationship, career,
without either making yourself re- and spiritual guidance with a keen
sponsible or trying to make it go
intuition and a loving spirit. You
There’s still time to away. Doing so, I believe, is an act
can receive her free monthly news-
of solidarity with them. It also dem-
take advantage of the letter, Astrology in Matters, by
onstrates confidence that they are
Government’s first signing up at her website -
capable of finding their own way
time home buyer www.SpiritinMatters.com.
out of their dilemma – an act of em-
credit. Buy Now! powerment.

River Views Page

Page 7
National Survey Affirms Community Association Success
For the fourth time over a span of expressed displeasure with their tiveness (23 percent), less mainte-
10 years, community association resi- boards. An estimated two million nance for individual homeowners
dents have told pollsters they are satis- homeowner volunteers serve on the (22 percent), community safety (13
fied with their homeowners associa- boards that govern associations. percent) and property values (11
tions, condominium communities and Other key findings percent).
cooperatives. Ninety one percent of residents Asked to name the worst aspects
Independent, national research con- say they are on friendly terms with of their associations, 37 percent say
ducted by Zogby International in De- their association board members; there is nothing bad. That is fol-
cember 2009 showed that seven in ten just 3 percent indicate a negative lowed by restrictions on exterior
community association residents are relationship. improvements (14 percent), dealing
satisfied in their communities, with 82 percent say they get a “good” with neighbors (12 percent) and pay-
only 12 percent expressing some level or “great” return on their association ing assessments (10 percent).
of discontent and 17 percent neither assessments; 16 percent say they Conflict among neighbors
satisfied nor unsatisfied. don’t. Of those who cite neighbor-to-
More than 60 million Americans 76 percent say their professional neighbor issues, 24 percent say con-
reside in an estimated 305,000 asso- community managers provide value flict relates to the appearance of
ciation-governed communities, from and support to residents and the as- homes. Other leading reasons for
town home communities and coopera- sociation at large; 18 percent say strife include parking (12 percent),
tives to high-rise condominiums and they don’t. personal habits and noise (11 per-
city-size master-planned associations. While some homeowners chafe cent, respectively).
The 2009 findings are strikingly when confronted by rules they don't “Conflict and dissention make
similar to the results of surveys con- like, 70 percent say their association headlines, and that’s what many
ducted by Zogby in 2005 and 2007. rules "protect and enhance" property Americans read in newspapers and
The news is positive for the home- values, while only 2 percent say the see on television about community
owner volunteer leaders who serve on opposite. Almost 90 percent oppose associations,” says Thomas M.
association boards, with almost 90 more government involvement. Skiba, CAE, chief executive officer
percent of residents saying board The best and worst of Community Associations Institute
members "absolutely" or "for the most Asked to name the best aspects of (CAI). “But when you ask residents
part" strive to serve the best interests living in an association, residents themselves, the news is largely posi-
of their communities. Only 7 percent most often cite neighborhood attrac- tive.”

NMNH Celebrates Centennial with New Human Origins Exhibition

On March 17, istics that define human beings to- fossil Neanderthal skeleton in the
day evolved over the past six mil- U.S. (housed at the Smithsonian)
2010-the 100th lion years. It explores how our and the original fossil skulls of Cro-
anniversary of the unique physical traits, behaviors, Magnon and the La Ferrassie Nean-
National Museum and ways of interacting with our derthal (the most complete skull of
of Natural History surroundings emerged as our ances- this species in the world). Also on
on the National tors struggled to survive in a dra- exhibit are bronze reconstructions of
Neanderthal Skull Mall- the David H. matically changing world. The exhi- early human species created by the
Koch Hall of Hu- bition is the result of a collaboration renowned paleo-artist John Gurche.
man Origins opened. This long- of more than 60 national and inter- The museum will offer a variety
awaited exhibition addresses one of national institutions-including the of public programs and educational
the most profound questions humans National Academy of Sciences and materials, including a Teacher's
have asked for thousands of years: the American Association for the Guide. Visit the Human Origins
What Does It Mean to Be Human? Advancement of Science. Program's new website at http://
The exhibition takes the visitor on The exhibition features several humanorigins.si.edu/ that includes
the epic journey of the human spe- original archaeological artifacts. videos and interactive displays and
cies and explains how the character- Among them is the only original content from the exhibition.
River Views Page 8
In Focus: :
Kem and Phil McCombie, Entrepreneurs
“ ast is East and West is West,
and never the twain shall meet,”
wrote Rudyard Kipling over 100
years ago. How wrong he was!
Thousands of miles from their home-
lands, this twain met—in Herndon,
Virginia. And not too long after that,
these natives of London and Bangkok
came to be Marina Towers residents
and owner-managers of two popular
North Old Town restaurants.
Phil grew up in London and after
finishing school began as a sur-
veyor’s apprentice. This was a seven
year program, but he soon began to
look for greener fields. At that time
the computer industry was in an early
stage and offered great opportunities
for persons without formal training
who had an aptitude for the work.
So, after eighteen months, Phil struck
out in a new direction as a computer
programmer and continued for the Their leisure time is limited, but when they have the chance, the McCom-
next 35 years. He was sent to New bie’s like to travel. And, since they grew up in other countries, they often
travel abroad. Here, they enjoy an afternoon in the Hong Kong harbor.
York in 1987 and then to Washington
where he was in charge of an office.
And one day in January 1999, Phil they bought the PERKS Coffee Shop Thaviphoke, works in the restaurant
was eating in an Italian restaurant in from the wife of the man on Sundays.
Herndon ..... who had had the packing and The McCombie’s have been River
Kem grew up in Bangkok and shipping business. Kem managed Views’ advertisers for some time.
studied pharmacy at her university. the coffee shop and Phil, the packing They started with the Thailand
She worked in that field until at age and shipping business. After two Royal Restaurant and now advertise
32 she married an American military years, the latter business was sold Perks as well (see page 10).
officer. She came to America, be- and they concentrated on the PERKS When the couple came to Alexan-
came a housewife, and had a son. shop. The shop prospered and in dria, they lived in Carlyle Towers in
Kem could not work in the pharma- 2009 doubled in size. The British the Eisenhower Valley. They be-
ceutical field as the couple moved to and American menu includes such came drawn to Marina Towers by
various posts where licensing proce- items as pancakes, a traditional Eng- the easy access to their businesses.
dures differed. Eventually they di- lish breakfast, or fish and chips. See What little leisure time they have
vorced. And one day in January 1999, the website for more information: they enjoy traveling abroad. Phil
Kem was eating in an Italian restau- http://perkscoffeeshopandcafe.com also is a fan of British football
rant in Herndon ..... In 2005 the space that is now oc- (soccer) and watches the matches
Ten months later in November cupied by the Thailand Royal restau- when he’s not at PERKS.
1999 Phil and Kem married. They rant became available. Kem returned Samuel Johnson said: “A second
wanted be their own bosses so they to Thailand to relearn Thai cooking marriage is the triumph of hope over
acquired an independent packing and and opened a restaurant three and a experience.” This one triumphs.
shipping business. Not long after that, half years ago. Their son, Yord —Don Mela

River Views Page

Page 9
Meandering Around and Musing …
you and, of course, be sure to lock to stay while here on a visit from put up friends or family for a week-
your doors and close your windows, England. This could happen to any end or week when they’re visiting.
even if you’re leaving your car for one of us, right? From time to time, These individual arrangements can
just a few minutes. If you want to we’re on travel and would be glad to be initiated among residents using the
know what happens when someone have someone stay in our place – just Marina Towers website, bulletin
breaks into your car and steals every- so long as have confidence in the boards, or an ad in River Views.
thing (including your Christmas pre- person staying there. Or, we’d like to
sents), ask resident Billie Mattison
whose car was broken into on a re- Terri Hauser’s
cent trip home to Texas. If you want niece, Lexi, en-
to know more about crime in specific joying “Yappy
Hour” with
areas of the city, just click the
Munchkin and
“Crime Information” link on the po- some of her
lice department’s website and select friends on March
“Crime mapping” or go to 18. “Yappy
www.crimereports.com and search Hours” for dogs
for Alexandria. and their humans
Putting up Friends and Family are held Thurs-
days at 6-ish p.m.
at Marina Towers (weather permit-
Recently one of our neighbors ting) in the Dog
was looking for a place for her friend Walk area.

River Views Page 10

Annual Meeting
(Continued from page 6) SEASON MOODS
awards to owner Larry Harms,
“whose vision and sweat equity as a
landscaper transformed the dog-walk The seasons have their moods.
area into an inviting park,” and to en-
gineering staff member Willie Parks, The spring greets with flowered smiles.
who “went the extra mile – more like Summer exudes a laid back comfort.
100 miles – during repeated record
snow storms this winter.” Autumn celebrates in colored robes.
Secretary Ann Kaupp presented
Winter’s mood is cold, stark grey and white,
Hauser with a certificate of apprecia-
tion for her leadership and contribu- spawns a longing for the rest.
tions to Marina Towers over the past
four years as President of the Board of
Directors. “You might not know that —Roger Waud
Terri is something of an oenophile,”
Kaupp added as she presented two
tickets to a special California barrel
tasting in April as a thank-you gift
from the Board and the community.
Welcome newcomers! We hope you will enjoy living in what we call our
Before the formal meeting ad- “Paradise on the Potomac.” Please come to the social functions and help us
journed for refreshments provided by get to know you! For those moving away, our very best wishes for happi-
the Mihns (who run the Marina ness in your new homes.
Valet), a drawing was held for the MOVE INS
three $100-dollar door prizes donated MOVE OUTS
413 – Stephen Hedrick 1121 – Stephen Rosasco
courtesy of CMC. Jan Marx, Matt 506 – Mary Pinckney
Hennessey, and Jean Wilson were the 709 – Jan & Don Philpot
113 – Jesse Suskin 120 – Sarah Pires
lucky winners. 923 – Frederick & Barbara Humphrey
Following the meeting, the new 13 – Rachael Seda
709 – Jack & Carol Hughes
Board met and elected Chuck Adams
to serve as President of the Associa-
tion for the coming year. Reporters, writers & photographers needed ...
The other officers are: Don Devries, River Views welcomes those who have an interest in providing regular
Vice President: Mary Harris, Treasurer: or occasional articles for the newsletter. We especially need news of
Ann Kaupp, Secretary:and Marie historical interest, upcoming events, film, book and restaurant reviews.
“Bitsy” Bullock, Sgt-at-Arms: ALSO, we urgently need photographers. This is a fine opportunity to
showcase your work and help your community. Interested? Please
contact Gail Miller at 240-667-2050 or gail.miller@comcast.net.


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