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Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

Bill Gates
This is a famous quote given by Microsofts co-founder. The combination of creativity and
application are required for making a product unique. This implies that theory and practice
are very closely related. Software Engineering provides engineering principles for
development of software and its application leads to unique successful software in the
I have passed All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) from J.H. Ambani School,
Surat, Gujarat in May 2010 with CGPA 9.6/10. Then, I passed All India Senior Secondary
Certificate Examination (AISSCE) from Divine Child High School, Surat, Gujarat in May,
2012 with 88.4%. These both examinations are conducted by CBSE (Central Board of
Secondary Education).
Having achieved 98 percentile in All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), I
decided to pursue my undergraduate education at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information
and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gandhinagar which is one of the pioneering
Institute in India. This institute provides Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree in
Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This field is unique because it is
amalgamation of the two disciplines: Computer Science and Electronics and
Communications. Along with gaining programming skills for software development, this
discipline gave me an opportunity to gain an insight in the field of Electronics and
Communication Technology and understand the interrelationship existing between the two
disciplines. In this four year degree program I have studied various interesting subjects like:
Introduction to Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Basic
Electronic Circuits, Digital Logic Design, Signals and Systems, Introduction to
Algorithms, Systems Software, Operating Systems, Database Management System,
Computer Networks, Software Engineering and Models of Computation. I had an
opportunity to learn some non technical courses too like: Approaches to Indian Society,
Principles of Economics and Introduction to Business Finance. In order to gain practical
experience, I undertook projects to get hands on experience in software development.
I did two projects in my technical courses of Database Management System (DBMS) and
Software Engineering. In the Database Management Systems Project, I created Aadhar Card
(Identification Card in India) Database which included the basic (Name, email, password
etc.) and demographic details of a particular person. It was distinguished with the 12 digit
unique number provided to citizens of India. The Database was created with the ER
modelling technique to provide graphical representation of entities, attributes and the
relationship between entities. It was also normalized in order to remove the data redundancy.
The Software Engineering Project included development of an e-commerce website. From
this website, people could purchase books online. Apart from developing website, this project
gave me hands on experience in understanding software development life cycle (SDLC), the
importance of using proper tools and technologies, maintaining and updating the website
from time to time.

Apart from the projects in course curriculum, my interest in software development drove me
towards exploring new opportunities in the outside world. I did an Internship at Reliance
Industries Pvt. Ltd which was my first industrial experience in the month of June,2014. The
main motive of the internship was study and analyse various networking fundamentals and
network layers operational in the company. Understanding the functioning of the red hat
server and VLAN servers were also the objectives of the internship. I did a two month
internship as a software developer at Aim2Excel in the months of September and October
2015.I was a full stack web developer developing websites for the clients of this firm. This
internship helped me in getting acclimatize with the new tools and technologies. The deadline
of the project in the industry helped me in meeting my goals in a quick and efficient manner.
Sometimes, I used to communicate directly with the client in order to understand their
demands. This gave me an opportunity to enhance my communication skills and interact
professionally with them.
To gain an experience in research, I did a two month research internship under the guidance
of Prof. Bhaskar Chaudhary. The internship was aimed at developing a new compression
algorithm which could be more efficient than existing algorithms. I created a variant of one of
the existing algorithms which was efficient in memory usage. This internship helped me in
imbibing knowledge about the working of different compression algorithms as I did not had
any idea about the compression techniques before.
A Masters in Software Engineering in XXX University will provide me opportunities to work
on different projects and exploring new opportunities during my Masters. Eminent faculty is
also the factor which makes my decision biased towards pursuing MS in this university. Thus,
it will provide me with a broader perspective to advance in my career. I wish to take up every
challenge, turn it into an opportunity and look at as a chance to make an impact in the society.
The Masters Degree in Software Engineering which is my area of interest will help me in
securing position as a software developer in one of the esteemed industries in Software
development. I can see myself getting placed in various sectors like Financial Institutions and
health institutions. Thus, the multidimensional scope provided by the course seems
interesting and help me develop my intellect towards the profession