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Shae Frierson

Professor Kurlinkus
ENGL 3183
8 December 2015
Assignment #4: Job Packet
The job that I applied for was Copy Editing position at a fan-based entertainment website
called MoviePilot. The company is looking for detail-oriented, pop-culture savvy editor with
experience with social media. They also want someone with experience working with
successfully with a team. Since this is an entertainment based company, the culture seems to be
incredibly informal but clearly still strives for excellence as is indicated by their emphasis on
their on-the-job training program. The ad talks a lot about editing and creating shareable
content, which basically just means SEO-friendly or that it will be more likely to show up in a
search engine. Another main focus is pop-culture which means literally anything entertainment
based, ranging from TV and movies to superheroes and comic books. In my cover letter and
resume, I discuss my experience editing for a similar but smaller company in addition to my
experience managing social media platforms for my fraternity.

Theresa Frierson
1302 Charlotte Ct.
Norman, OK 73071
(918) 406 7448
December 8, 2015
Tobias Bauckhage
CEO and Co-Founder
Moviepilot Inc.
512 Victoria Ave
Venice Beach, CA 90291
424 228 4703
Tobias Bauckhage:
Hi my name is Theresa Frierson and I am applying for the Copy Editor position available at the
Moviepilot.com I was very excited to find this open position because I believe that my
experience editing movie, television, and entertainment centered content would make me a great
asset to your team.
My time editing for PopWrapped Entertainment has given ample experience in editing and
crafting high-trafficking fan-based content. As a Content Editor for the company, I was in charge
of checking all content for spelling and grammatical errors, researching facts and sources to
ensure validity, and crafting SEO-friendly headlines and meta-descriptions to increase article
searchability. I would love the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gathered at PopWrapped to
your wider platform.
Additionally, as Communications Director for the Delta Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.
During my time as Director, I launched multiple Instagram and Twitter-based campaigns
designed to increase our chapters social media presence and name recognition. I implemented a
monthly member appreciation initiative known as the DB Spotlight which recognized highly
active and extraordinary members and increased our Instagram followers by 30 percent. If
offered the position, I could apply this knowledge of various social media platforms in order to
increase article distribution and amplify the companys social media presence.
I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss this opportunity. Thank you for your time
and consideration. I can be reached by phone at (918) 406-7448 or by email at
Theresa Frierson

Theresa Frierson
Present Address
1302 Charlotte Ct.
Norman, OK 73072
(918) 406 7448



After May 15th, 2016

1109 N. Butternut Ave.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 406 7448


B.A. in English, Minor in Film and Media Studies, University of Oklahoma,

May 2016

Video Editing
Short Film Production

HTML5 and CSS3
Podcast Production

Content Editor, Popwrapped Entertainment LLC., Sept. 2015- Now


Editing and Creating engaging and shareable content about movies, TV

shows, celebrities, and more

Editorial Intern, KotaPub, Inc., Dec. 2014 March 2015

- Editing and Publishing both fiction and non-fiction works using Google
Play processing systems

Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity 2013-2016

- New Recruit Trainer (Junior Year)
o Oversaw and Coordinated with 32 pledges
o Planned and Executed three official ceremonies
Communications Director (Senior Year)
o Designed and Created chapter merchandise
o Edited and published chapter newsletter
o Boosted chapters social media presence and name recognition by
instituted 3 new social media campaigns


Dani Strehle, Editor-in-Chief, Popwrapped Entertainment LLC

Cincinnati, Ohio, ladyinred1986@gmail.com
Dakota Yates, Founder and CEO, KotaPub Inc.
Calabasas, California, dakota@kotaapps.com