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Verbal for NCLEX

By Thianlyn Chu
Q1.Patients weight 188 lbs., the doctor ordered dobutamine drip
Stock is 250 mcg in 250 cc D5W
A1. 188 lbs x 2.2 kg = 85.4 kg
85.4 x 2.5 mcg = 213.6
0.213 250 x 250 cc = 0.2 ml
0.2 1 ml is the range of dobutamine
Q2. Which of the following meds should you give first?
A2. 1st - Neostigmine to a myasthenia gravis patient
2nd Zafirlukast to a bronchial asthma patient (a long term use)
Q3. Which is correct nursing action in cervical radiation implant?
A3.Disposable plates & utensils
Q4 What is the priority nursing action in cervical implant?
A4. Maintain Complete Bed rest
Q5. PTU (Prophylthioracil) needs to be reported immediately
A5. WBC of 2,500
Q6. Which of the following would indicate machine malfunction?
A6. Hypothermic blanket with a temperature of 38.0C (100.7F) to
38.8C (101.84F)
Q7. Which is a correct cancer screening?
A7. Occult blood test beginning at the age of 50 then annually
Q8. Which is correct about Addisons disease?
A8. I will avoid persons with colds
Q9. Osteoporosis, which is the correct understanding?
A9. I will walk in the morning for a few minutes in the sun
Q10. Post MI patient correct understanding
A10. I will resume sex if I am able to climb 2 flights of stairs without
dyspnea or
Chest pain
Q11. Osteoarthritis correct understanding
A11. I will maintain ideal body weight

Q12. Gouty arthritis, correct understanding

A12. I will get my protein sources from fish, eggs and poultry
Q13. MRSA (Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), correct
understanding about
A13. Assign a stethoscope to the patient
Q14. Select all the best apply about the drug CIALIS (Sildenafil)
-Check for dizziness
- dont increase libido
-Check for hypotension
-I will take nitrates
-Visual disturbance
-to be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour
Prior to intended intercourse
Q15. Granisetron
A15. Anti-emetic use in cancer chemotherapy
Q16.Celegenin (Anti parkinsonian) correct understanding
A16. Caution patient to move slowly for it causes hypotension
Q17. PTB patient
A17. Negative air pressure room
High efficiency particulate air mask
Strict hand washing
Q18. When is rifampicin and INH best given?
A18. 1 hour a.c. or 2 hours p.c. empty stomach
Q19. Post op craniotomy day 1. What is the essential equipment?
A19. Oral airway
Q20. Correct instruction about crutch walking
A20. Unaffected leg first up the stairs and then followed by crutches
and affected leg
Q21. Patient with UTI/cystitis taking cotrimoxazole, which is incorrect
A21. Take medications with grape juice
Q22. Post-op vein ligation and stripping. What should you instruct?
A22. Elevate above the level of the heart
Foot flexion exercise q 1 hour

Q23. Ulcerative colitis, correct understanding

A23. I will avoid stressors/colds
Q24. Cardiac catheterization, priority nursing action
A24. Check for allergy to iodine/anti platelet
2nd priority IS somebody available after the test?
Q25. Bladder Cancer risk factor
A25. Cigarette smoking ---1st PRIORITY
Working in a rubber plant factory 2nd priority
Q26. Pediatric Nurse assigned tit he Medical-Surgical unit, which
patient should you
A26. Sickle cell patient asking for pain medication
Q27. Which task should you delegate to a nursing attendant?
A27. Assisting a Parkinson patient to ambulate in the hallway
Q28. A medical-surgical nurse assigned to the Ob ward, which patient
should you
A28. Pregnancy Induce Hypertension (PIH)
Q29. Which of the tracheostomy care require intervention?
A29. Tracheal cough pressure at 40 mmHg
Normal 20-25 mmHg
Q30. Diverticulitis which is correct
A30. Increase intake of celery and cabbage
Q31. Prevention of thrombophlebitis
A31. __X_1. Ambulation
__/_2. Cross leg at the ankle
__X_3. Foot flexion exercise q1 hour
Q32. Pneumonectomy correct understanding
A32. Turn toward affected side
Q33. HIV, select all the best apply which requires urgent reporting
A33. __/_1. Very low CD4 count (normal is 500 and up)
__/_2. Sore throat (means infection)
__x_3. (+) Elisa
__x_4. (+) P24antigen
__x_5. (+) Western blood
__x_6. High viral load

Q34. Herbal medication correct understanding

A34. Saw palmetto is used to decrease urgency in BPH
Q35. Cushings disease correct understanding
A35. Avoid people with colds
incorrect understanding - CHON diet and K diet
DIET: CHON diet and K diet
Q36. Which following assessment indicates ventricular failure/left
sided failure?
A36. Crackling sound heard on auscultation that does not clear upon
HINT: Left = Lung
Q37. Which is correct physical assessment?
A37. Dullness upon percussion of the spleen on Left side of thorax
Q38. Patient is seen staring blankly at the wall mumbling, best nursing
A38. Are you hearing voices? - Validating hallucination

Q39. Which of the following should you see first?

A39. __x_ 1. G1P0 10 com dilated station 0
__/_ 2. G3P2 8 cm dilated station +3
Q40. Patient is tearful, best nursing respond?
A40. You seem bothered
Q41. Scabies, select all best apply
A41 __/_ 1. Gloves & Gowns
__x_ 2. Door is always kept close
__x_ 3. Mask
__x_ 4. Items, blankets are not brought outside (place plastic
Q42. Lamisil (Terbinafil) - antifungal. Report urgently.
A42. Dark urine - hemolysis
Q43. Patient suspected of intestinal obstruction, assessment findings
A43. High Pitch tingling sound Early sign
DONOT ANSWER: Absence of bowel sound late sign

Q44. Small bowel obstruction, select all the best apply

A44. __/_1. Vomitus that is bowel stained
__x_2. Abdominal pain through out the abdomen and flanks
__x_3. Abdominal distention
Q45. Alendronic/Fossamacs (to bone density), correct instruction
A45. Sit upright for 30 minutes after ingestion
Q46. New RN in the Med-Surg unit, give what patient?
A46. Patient with an infection for antibiotics
Q47. AIDS roommate
A47. D. Post op patient or patient with seizure disorder
Q48. Tamoxifen, correct understanding
A48. It blocks estrogen receptor to prevent recurrence of breast cancer
* It causes flushing of the face/hot flashes
Q49. Phantom limb pain drug of choice
A49. Elavil (Amitreptilin)
Q50. PTCA balloon tip catheter, essential question to ask
A50. Are you allergic to aspirin?
Q51. Bronchoscopy essential nursing action
A51. Maintain on NPO, check for gag reflex
Q52. Spinal cord injury at level of T2 spastic bladder intervention
A52. Catheterize patient intermittently
Q53. Obstetric patient on CTG/Fetomonitor. Which of the following you
should report?
A53. Deceleration at the peak of contraction/acme of contraction
resembling a mirror
Image of uterine contraction late deceleration
* Signifies utero-placental insufficiency
Variable deceleration - Cord compression} turn to side
Early deceleration
- Head compression} turn to side
Late deceleration
- Utero - placental insufficiency}
Q54. Pericarditis s/sx
A54. Chest pain worst upon inspiration and supine
Q55. Corticosteroids correct understanding

A55. I will inform my health care provider if with sore throat

I will avoid persons with infection
Q56. Latex allergy
A56. Assess presence of stridor, allergy to kiwi and bananas
Q57. Patient type 1 DM with ketones and fruity dour of breath initial
nursing action
A57. Check patency of the vascular access device (IVF)
Give insulin (2nd best answer)

Fluids first
Insulin (regular insulin)
Electrolytes or give K

Q58. DM patient, correct guidelines sick day rules

A58. a. I will increase my fluid intake / I will drink cup of cola
every 1 to 2
b. Continue medication
c. Report sugar of 250 mg/dl and above
Q59. Lithium, correct understanding
A59. I will maintain fluid intake/ maintain normal salt intake
Q60. Pneumonia physical assessment
A60. Bronchial breath sounds / increase tactile premitous
Q61.Theophylline signs of toxicity
A61. Nervousness
Q62. Lanoxin common side effects
A62. Fatigue
Destructor: Bradycardia
Q63. Osteoarthritis correct understanding
A63. I will lose weight
I will avoid jogging
Rheumatoid Arthritis - avoid flexing
- take medications with meals
- avoid stressors and infection
Q64. Stroke highest risk factor
A63. Atrial fibrillation
Q65. Lyme disease risk factor

A65. Camping
Q66. Hyperkalemia 5.6 expected findings
A66. Bradycardia
Q67. Toddler Which among the following is a safety hazard at home?
A67. A container of balls in the table near the sofa
*hazards are at the eye level of the toddler
Q68. Manic patient
A68. Portable foods/finger food
Q69. Levofloxacin side effect, select all the best apply
A69. Diarrhea
Q70. Heimlich maneuver
A70. a. Stand behind the patient
b. Wrap arms around the abdomen between the umbilicus and
the typhoid
c. Make a fist
d. Place hand over the fist
e. Make an upward thrust
f. Continue upward thrusting until the object is dislodged
Q71. Clostridium deficile, correct precaution
A71. Contact precaution gloves/hand washing
* Patients at risk are those at long term antibiotic treatment, s/sx diarrhea
Q72. Morphine SO4 essential nursing intervention
A72. Assess respiratory status
Q73. Hepatitis, correct understanding
A73. a. Hepatitis A is transmitted via fecal-oral route and sexual
b. Hepatitis D will occur only in the presence of hepatitis B
c. Recombivax is given in series of 0-1-6 moths intervals
d. Hepatitis E is transmitted by oral-fecal route
Q74. Hepatitis B vaccine
A74. a. 1st dose is via the vastus lateralis in new born
b. 2nd dose is given via deltoid

Q75. RSV, contact precaution correct understanding

A75. Patient does not need antibiotics since its a viral illness
Q76. Cimetidine (Tagamet) is taken by patient, correct understanding
A76. I will inform my health care provider that cimetidine will interfere
with other
Q77. Femoral popliteal by-pass surgery, needs immediate intervention
A77. Knee flexion/ pillow behind the knee
Q78. Pulse oxymetry correct understanding
A78. The reading is affected by excessive light from environment
*The probe on fingers must be covered by opaque material
Q79. Post cholecystectomy patient, laparoscopic nursing care select all
best apply
A79. __/_ early ambulation
__/_ Low fat diet
Q80. Bronchial asthma patient, immediate intervention
A80. Absence of wheezing during asthma attack
Q81. Kcl IV, priority nursing assessment
A81. Check urine output
Q82. Sulfasalazine/5 ASA. Correct understanding
A82. I will take it with meals; I will increase my fluid intake
Q83. Pancreatitis, correct understanding
A83. a. NPO
b.H2 Blockers (Ranitidine)
c. NGT
d. Meperidine
e. IV Fluids
Q84. Hyperthyroidism signs and symptoms
A84. Nervousness, Tremors, heat intolerance
Q85. Tapasol/PTU report
A85. Sore throat
Q86. ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Colandronic Pancreatography)

Question to ask before the procedure

A86. Assess for allergy to iodine/dye
Q87. Branchioplexus injury in Newborn
A87. Assess for Moro reflex
Q88. AKA (Above Knee Amputation) correct understanding, select all
the best apply
A88. __/_ elevate for 24hours
__/_ figure of 8
__x_ ROM exercise
Q89. Cystitis incorrect understanding
A89. I will void if I feel the urge
Q90. Burn patient, what type of isolation?
A90. Reverse isolation all things must be sterile
Q91. Dental bleeding incorrect understanding about herbal
A91. Ginko bilova will prevent it when I ho to the dentist
Q92. Multiple sclerosis, correct understanding
A92. I will avoid persons with colds
Q93. Gentamycin/Neomycin
A93. Monitor BUN, Creatinine and Increase fluid intake
Q94. Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP), correct understanding
A94. I will not contact the disease, since I have it in my nose
*Personal Protective Equipment: GLOVES
Q95. Reynauds correct understanding
A95. Avoid smoking
Q96. Correct neurological assessment
A96. I will let the patient identify the figure drawn on my hand
Q97. Cyclopospomide/Cytoxan a chemotherapeutic agent it
Thrombocytopenic precaution
A97. fluid intake
Monitor BUN and creatinine
*It causes hemolytic cystitis
Q98. Spina Bifida, incorrect instruction
A98. I will sit up my patient during toilet training

Q99. Which among the following is correct understanding about safety?

A99. Store medicines in a locked cabinet
Q100. Essential question to ask during intermittent claudication
A100. Do you smoke?