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Ozi Alenazi

123 Main Street MOSCOW, ID 83843


Seeking a challenging position where my customer service skills, strong commitment, and
experience will contribute to achieving goals.
AT&T Mobility, Moscow, ID


Retail Sales Consultant

Work on a team in a fast-paced sales environment.

Listen to customer needs and make recommendations for solutions.

Meeting sales goals.

Greeting, educating, and assisting customers and closing the sale

Always be a knowledgeable go-to customer service expert.

Opening and closing store procedures.

Maintain high level of training in a high-tech changing industry.

Wells Fargo, Moscow, ID



Handling all banking transactions for all costumers in a fast-paced environment.

Quickly and effectively looking at customer profiles for potential sales opportunities,
discovering their financial needs and presenting them with solutions.

Have a friendly and professional rapport with customers and find the best products and
services to fit their needs.

Referring customers to personal bankers who can assist them further with account
information and changes as well as sales.

Print and file daily special transaction reports and balancing.

Working closely with team members while striving to meet daily, monthly, and quarterly
sales goals.

Qanawat Mobily, Riyadh, SA


Finance Supervisor officer

Handled all the financial transactions between Qanawat Mobily and the supplier.
Handled all the financial transactions between the Qanawat Mobily Corporate Office and
the 13 regional offices.
Monitored the banking transactions of Qanawat Mobily on a daily basis and interfaced with
the banks.
Reported to upper management periodically.

Atos Origin Company, Riyadh, SA


Charge Officer

Handled both local and foreign workers documents.

Responsible for managing the travel and documentation needs of the employees of Atos
Origin Company.
Handled the housing, company transportation and other allowances provided for the

ABTSAL Trading and Marketing, Riyadh, SA


Customer Service Supervisor

Started out as a Warehouse Door Incharge.

Advanced 3 positions to a position of Market Manager within a span of 2 years because
of my managerial, technical and customer handling skill.
Strong technical knowledge and a flair for marketing are my strong points.
Work responsibilities ranged from monitoring the inventory of the warehouse and
coordinating with the suppliers to make sure that stock levels are sufficiently maintained,
to attending weekly meetings with other Market Managers to plan the strategies to
implement in the marketplace and reporting to upper management.
Acted as an interface with government agencies because of my good knowledge of
government policies and laws.

High School Diploma, Riyadh, SA


Academy, England


University of Idaho, Moscow, ID


Deals with all applications of Microsoft office and other POS programs.


Excellent written and verbal communication (speak English and Arabic fluently).

The ability to learn new skills, quickly.

Outgoing, motivated, creative, and intelligent.


Rachel Laine, Service Manager at Wells Fargo


John Ulmen, Friend


Melissa Goodwin, Admissions Director at the University of Idaho