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Stefani Tweedy 8th Grade Language Arts Created: 5/28/09

Zillah Middle School Modified: 1/8/10

Unit Title:
Getting To Know You

Time Frame:
10 Days

Grade Level:

Unit Summary:
During this unit students will complete a variety of activities to
get to know one another and to “break the ice” at the beginning
of the year. Students will learn classroom expectations and
consequences, get familiar with the textbooks, learn about
performance portfolios, practice interview skills, create posters,
and present their posters in front of the class.

Essential Question(s):
What is expected of me?
Who am I?
Who is in my class?
How can I be a part of this community?

Core Concept(s):

Content Area Standards (GLE’s):

Reading: 3.1, 3.2, 4.1
Writing: 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 4.1, 4.2
Communication: 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2

- Students will answer a journal prompt question
regarding expectations, consequences, and basic
classroom procedures.
- Students will participate in a “BINGO” game that
requires them to find classmates that have certain
- Students will present Me/We posters to the class after
interviewing their partners.

- There is not a summative assessment for this unit.
Stefani Tweedy 8th Grade Language Arts Created: 5/28/09
Zillah Middle School Modified: 1/8/10

Key Vocabulary:
Portfolio Log
Reflection Sheet
Goal Sheet
Work/Study Habits
Goal Card

Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation
Me/We PowerPoint Presentation

Class Syllabus (1 per student)
Me/We Rubric (1 per student)
BINGO Sheet (1 per student)
Textbook Trivia Worksheet (1 per pair of students)
Portfolio Log (1 per student)
Reflection Sheet (1 copy as an example)
Goal Sheet (1 per student)
Portfolio Conference Letter (1 copy as an example)
Portfolio Conference Rubric (1 copy as an example)
Give Me Five Outline

Other Materials:
File Folders (1 per student)
Used File Folder (1 per student)
Glue Sticks
Markers/Colored Pencils/Crayons
Magazine Cut-outs
Photos (encourage students to bring from home)
Photo of each pair of students (1 copy per student)
1 Set of Four Corners Cards
Example Give Me Five Letter

1. Welcome to Class
a. Hand out syllabus to students
Stefani Tweedy 8th Grade Language Arts Created: 5/28/09
Zillah Middle School Modified: 1/8/10

b. Go over syllabus, expectations, consequences, and

classroom procedures (book check-out, bathroom sign-out,
pencil sharpening, etc).
c. Discuss classroom library form.
d. Signed syllabus and library form due at the end of the

2. Meet Your Textbook

a. Journal prompt – Review information from yesterday
b. Hand out textbooks
c. Textbook trivia worksheet (with a partner)
d. Cover (and decorate) textbooks
1. Books will be kept in class throughout the year. The
covers are meant to protect them from usual wear
and tear, not to personalize them for each student.

3. Just Like Me
a. Four Corners Game
b. Connections BINGO

4. Me/We Project
a. Introduce project, go over rubric, show examples
b. Have students get into pairs
c. Discuss interview expectations
d. Begin interviews

5. Me/We Project
a. Finish interviews
b. Cut out posters
c. Begin decorating

6. Me/We Project
a. Decorate posters

7. Me/We Project
a. Present Posters
b. Explain Rubric Grading

8. Introduction to Portfolios
a. Go over purpose, expectations, and procedures
b. Hand out file folders
c. Show examples of all forms
d. Explain the importance of keeping folders organized (clips)
e. Decorate folders

9. Goal Sheets and Portfolio Logs

Stefani Tweedy 8th Grade Language Arts Created: 5/28/09
Zillah Middle School Modified: 1/8/10

a. Discuss short and long term goals

b. Discuss citizenship and work habits
c. Brainstorm a list of short term goals
d. Fill out goal sheet and log as a class

10. Give Me Five Letter

a. Introduce letter format and purpose
b. Read example letter
c. Give students outline
d. Student write letters in class and finish as homework
1. This is the baseline writing piece that we will refer
back to throughout the year to look for
improvements to students’ writing abilities. The
teacher will keep these in a class file.