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MATH 19 Discrete Mathematics

TTh 12:30 2:35 pm, SM 10

Section 44635, Fall 2015


OFFICE: SM 3B, (408) 741-2596
EMAIL: betty.weiss@wvm.edu

Course Description: This is a 4-unit transferable course in discrete mathematics appropriate for
computer applications, for students who have passed precalculus algebra (Math 1, Math 2 or high
school precalculus) with a C or better or have a qualifying score on the placement exam. The
course topics are drawn from logic, sets, graph theory, trees, proof techniques, functions,
relations, combinatorics, the theory of algorithms, finite state machines and recursion.
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Determine whether two logical expressions in either propositional or predicate logic are
equivalent through the use of truth tables or rules of logical equivalence.
2. Given a graph, find a Hamiltonian or Eulerian path and the chromatic number.
3. Given two graphs, check to see if they are isomorphic.
Required Textbook: Discrete Mathematics and its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen, 7th
Edition, ISBN 9780073383095. An electronic version (Smart Book) of the text is also available.
To purchase it, go directly to the publishers website rather than through the campus bookstore:
Office Hours: I am available at these times to help you with your coursework, so please drop by
or call whenever you have questions or want to talk to me about the class. No appointment is
needed for these times; other times to meet can also be arranged.
8:30 9 am
Wednesdays 12:302 pm

SM 5 (Math Resource Center)


HOMEWORK: Homework will be collected and graded for completeness and correctness. The
lowest two homework grades will be dropped. The list of homework assignments and directions
are posted in Angel Lessons. Due dates will be announced on Angel announcements. You will
receive a penalty for late work (10% off per class day).
Homework can be redone to make up points you miss (see homework directions for details).
EXAMS: There will be 4 exams, all on Thursdays. The dates are September 24, October 22,
November 12 and December 3. There are no makeups. If you miss one exam with a valid excuse,
you will beallowed to replace that exam score with your final exam score.
FINAL EXAM: The cumulative final will be Tuesday, December 15, 11:50 am1:50 pm. You
may not bring notes in any form to the final exam.

COURSE GRADE: Your course grade will be a weighted average:

Final Exam:


A 90-100%
D 60-69%
B 80-89%
F 0-59%
C 70-79%

ANGEL: Updates on course grades will be posted on the site http://wvmccd.angellearning.com.

Be sure to log into Angel regularly to check on your progress and to see announcements, due
dates, exam reviews and handouts. You may also contact me through Angel email.
DROPPING THE COURSE: If you decide later in the semester that you do not want to
continue in this course, it is your responsibility to withdraw by contacting the Office of
Admissions and Records. Feel free to discuss this decision with me if you wish.
If you do not drop, you may receive a grade in the course, even if you have stopped attending.
This class can only be taken for a letter grade (Pass/No Pass is not an option).
November 21 - Last day to drop with a W grade
CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: You are expected to be in class on time and for the entire
class meeting time. Please respect your classmates right to an uninterrupted class environment.
Do not get up to leave during class unless you have spoken to me in advance or it is a medical
emergency. No side conversations allowed during class. We will have a break between the first
and second hour of class. Please return from the break as scheduled, so that you do not miss class.
CELL PHONES: Do NOT use your cell phone in any way while you are in class. You may not
have your cell phone, laptop or tablet out during exams. Devices must be turned off and put away.
TUTORING HELP: If you are having trouble with the course material, please come see me
right away. For help from other sources on campus, the Math Resource Center (Room SM 5) and
Tutorial Services (behind the library) are staffed with faculty and student tutors for free drop-in
help. To use the Math Resource Center, you must register for the free (0 unit) class
LS110M, Section 43940. To use Tutorial Services, you must register for LS110, Section 43937.
Many students find it helpful to become part of a study group, working together on homework
problems and exam preparation. Your group can meet in the Math Resource Center when it is
open and group study rooms are also available in the campus library.
CHEATING POLICY: Any student who is caught cheating once will receive a 0% for that
exam or assignment. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: using unauthorized notes (written or
electronic), using books or unauthorized formulas or online access during an exam, sharing
calculators, looking at another students exam or allowing another student to look at your exam,
or copying or plagiarizing homework solutions (from a student, from a website, from a solutions
manual or any other form of copying). A student who is caught cheating more than once will
receive an F for the course. [See WVC College Catalog for the college policy on cheating.]
STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: West Valley College makes reasonable accommodations
for persons with documented learning or physical disabilities. Contact the Disability and
Educational Support Program (DESP) at (408) 741-2010 no later than the end of the first week of
the semester, and talk to your instructor about your accommodations before the first exam.
SAFETY PROCEDURES: In the event of a safety drill or emergency, such as a fire alarm or
earthquake, please listen for instructions from your instructor. Do not leave the campus until your
instructor knows you got out safely. Driving out during an emergency can interfere with first
responders entering the campus, so please stay with your class until you are told it is safe to go.
SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is not allowed on campus, except in the parking lots.