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Publication Plan


Plug In

slave only dreams

to be king, size- 260pt

Positioning Statement: Connecting you to your favourite artists Tahoma Bold,
size 15pt
Frequency of Publication: Monthly
Price: 3
Distribution: Newsagents, Supermarkets, Music shops, Gigs, Festivals.
Rationale: The approach of the magazine is from a younger audience for a young
audience. We will offer insights and exclusives through articles and interviews,
and these will focus on what the target audience will want to hear and provide
answers to questions that they are interested in. The focus will be on positive
music news, rather than negatives and emphasis on bad press for artist/bands.
Style: The style will be informal, using humour, but it includes all the informative
sides of articles that will interest the audience. The magazine is for all fans of
Indie Rock music and it is mainly aimed at 16-30 year olds and therefore the
vocabulary wont be too complex, with short paragraphs and slang language.
The layout will be busy but structured with eye catching elements where images
draw in the attention of the audience.
Regular Content:
- Dont Stop Me Now - Artists/bands that have become bigger within the
- Underdog of the Month - New artists/ bands that are working their way up the
- Gigs going the extra mile - Gigs that leave people talking about them for
- Plugged In - News about the Indie Rock industry
- Posters
- Q&A
- Subscriptions
- Reviews all round -Reviews of albums, singles and artists/bands.
- Wanna Win?! Have your chance at winning this months gig tickets.
- Unplugged - Artists/bands that let loose and tell all.
Feature Content:
- Total Mayhem with The Opposites- Interview.- Font = Colors Of Autumn Reg
and Impact Regular
- 20 Things you didnt know about Franz Ferdinand
- The Arctic Monkeys are monkeying around
- Exclusive Interview, Accepting April
- Tech rehearsals with The Volts Their original ways to lose stage fright

- The Strokes sneak peak at new song- Interview and insight to the writing
- Top 10 Tribute Bands
- Fanta, Lemonade and Oasis- Interview with Oasis.
- Back in Time with The 1975- Interview
- Top 50 Indie Rock Bands of all time
- Rocking around the Christmas tree- Christmas Indie Rock hits of this year.
- Spotted your Favourite artist- Fans spotting their idols in the streets, interviews
about what the artists are like not in the spotlight and pictures, Mad Mike will be
included with this.
- Writing a song with Alt-J
- Hum let it all out- Interview with Hum, telling fans about what really happens
behind the scenes.
- Tour Dates Changed- Artists/bands need fans to know they arent cancelling
their tours, the dates are just changing.
- The Killers- Interview.
- Imagine Dragons get creative with fans- Imagine Dragons visit their old colleges
and get crafty with fans for their upcoming concert.
- Fall Out Boy How we made it- Interview.
- Green Day vs Panic at the Disco: The ultimate Review
- The ones to watch for 2016
House Style:


Plug In

- slave only dreams to be king, size-

Main Cover Line: Total mayhem, Tahoma size 46pt + The Opposites,

Tahoma size 52pt

Arial Narrow

Cover lines
, size- 18pt
Headlines Tahoma, size 20pt
Standfirst Arial, size 14pt
Captions Tahoma, size 8pt
Body text Arial, size 9pt
Colour scheme Blue, Purple, Black, White
CONTENTS Arial, size 55pt
Regulars Tahoma, size 10pt