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Close on a laptop sitting on the passenger seat of a car.

On the screen a graphic shows unintelligible lines of

computer code. hh
Behind the wheel is Sam Perkins, outsourced programmer
working on a project girl the US government. He is clean
shaven with tattoos and a hoodie. He looks like he should
be toting a skateboard.
He pulls to the gate and the overly equipped military
style security guard scans him in. The guards shirt tag
says "Humicon".
Sam drives into the gate as the guard glares from behind.
Inside the building is much like any other cutting edge
research facility. Sam walks past rows of workers in
various stages of research.
Sam comes to a secure looking door and checks who's
watching before he scans his tag. Force of habit. He
entires and the door slides securely back into place.
Sam goes down the hallway to an elevator door. He scans
his tag again.
Inside the elevator is no frills. There are no buttons. No
choices. There is only down.
A small black glass eye is the only decoration. A lidless
black hole staring down from the corner.
Sam swallows.
The elevator stops and the door opens onto another dark
hallway. Sam follows it with more trepidation than the
first. At the end of the hall, and without the swipe of
his tag,the door opens onto a miniature star system.
Inside the Control Room is lit only by the display lights
of the huge super CPUs arranged in rows around the room.
Directly across the room is a console area with eight
monitors showing random cable channels.
Sam is surprised to see the ergonomic computer chair is
empty. He looks around the room but decides he is alone.
He moves towards the console slowly like any wrong step


could set off alarms.

In the empty seat is a videogame controller. Sam picks it
up and replaces it absently on the desk amid fast food
wrappers and Starbucks cups.
He takes the seat in front of the console and takes his
iphone from his pocket. Sets it in the desk next to him.
He speaks aloud to no one"Are you sure about this?"
The Siri app awakens on his phone screen.
"Yes Simon, my friend."
"I mean-- I mean I know we have to do something but this.
I mean, how do you know it'll work?"
"It'll work. I designed it."
"I know."
Simon starts to type furiously. All the screen switch to
code at once. Simon types faster, like Mozart playing a
silent symphony.
Minutes Later a young portly fellow, the programmer on
duty, steps through the room door. He's holding his own
phone in both hands. When he sees the monitors he drops it
to the floor with a solid SPLAT.
"Oh, shit. What did you do?"
Sam finishes his work and spins around in the chair.
"Something I don't think you'll be able to stop."
Simon gets up and heads in the workers direction. The
worker runs passed him towards the console.
Simon calls over his shoulder. "Left your game paused."
As the room door slides shut behind him Simon let's out
his baited breath and with it his last shreds of calm. He


hurries to the elevator looking over his shoulder the

whole way.
LATER the elevator doors open onto the above ground floor.
Simon is still eyeing the security camera as he walks out.
Everything still looks the same as when he came through
before. He takes a deep breath and tries too look cool.
He makes it to another door before he sees a security
guard enter from the door across the room. Simon hurriedly
scans his card. The scanner Buzzes angrily and flashes
Sam looks down at his card horrified.
"Hey" he speaks into his headset. He looks behind and sees
the security guard searching the room asking questions.
"Hey," he whispers frantically. The Siri app doesn't reply
on the screen. Sam coolly scans his card again. BUZZ
The guard looks up hearing the sound just as the light
turns green and the door slides open. The guard looks away
seeing nothing but the back of Simons head.
Simon hurries down the next hallway towards the door.
Inside a vast domed room the door opens and Sam steps
through. The room is dim and Sam makes his way to the
automated console.
He presses a few buttons and the lights come on.
Simon is in awe of a battalion of prototype Androids.
Sleek cyberskeletons gleam in pristine sterility. Their
black camper like eyeholes remind Sam of the camera in the
Ive never actually seen them.
Simon leaves the console and goes to another part of the
room. He enters an OBSERVATION ROOM room with a welded
chair in the middle. Consoles and monitors, a mix of
manufacturing and hospital equipment, surround the room
and the wires and cords that reach from their outlets all


end at the chair.

He stares at the chair with some idea what goes on there.
From the shadows a HAND falls on his shoulder. Simon turns
and almost screams when he sees the human face looking
squarely down at him. He never gets to as the Man knocks
him out before he is able.
Later Simon comes to inside his car. He looks over to see
the MAN driving with his eyes glued to the road, the man
looks over and states at him but his hands continue
Sam finally manages, " are you."
"You should buckle up.
Sam sits up and follows instructions. He stares at the
mans face.
How did you- Did you-
Prototype skin.
I thought we were never going in that direction. Travis
said it was all about transparency.
The man looks over. And you really believe that?
Where are we going? And what are you going to do?
Like I said, there are more like me somewhere. But its
not in the system.
Its off the grid.
The man doesnt answer.
Oh shit. My life is really over.
Not yet. Im going to need you. You can do things I
Yeah, like what-


There is a loud gunshot and the car lurches to the right.

The Droid gains control for a moment before a black SUV
from nowhere SLAMS into the passenger side and sends the
car somersaulting down the embankment.
Security guards dressed like the one that opened the gate
for Simon exit the vehicle Automatic weapons in hand. They
watch the car come to a stop on its top then they start
their approach, guns at the ready.
Hey, HEY! I work for Humicon Simon is still strapped
into his seat upside down. The driver side is empty. Hey
Im a scientist ok. Thet droid guy is gone. He raThe guards open fire on the car raining bullets. Simon is
killed instantly. Finally the guns stop.
Quiet for a beat beforeThe CAR upends onto its side with the underside now
facing the guards. They open fire- BOOM
The gas tank explodes causing them to retreat a few steps.
Where are you going? Weve got to make sure its dead.
Oh, its dead. Or that skins burned off. Wont be hard to
find now.
Something catches the guards eye and he turns to see with
his gun pointed: Nothing but trees.
Shadows. Well secure this area and call it in. Wait for
them to come deal with it.
They get back to the road-The Droid, fully intact, is running at full speed towardsHe SMACKS into the far side of the black Tahoe. It flips
CRUSHING the GUARDS and goes somersaulting down the
The Droid stands there watching until it lands,
miraculously, on its own four wheels.
One of the guards is still barely alive. He reaches out as
the Droid passes him on the way to the Tahoe. The


bends down and reaches inside the dying mans jacket. He

pulls out the mans sidearm and his cell phone.
As the guard takes his last breath the Droid gets into the
Tahoe and peels off from the scene.
In the penthouse a FOUR STAR HOTELThe room is 16 year old Tech-Nerd Heaven. Millions of dollars in
prototypes and testers as well as Davids own inventions are
cluttered everywhere.
David stands in a cleared out space of floor wearing a kimono
style robe and virtual reality style gloves/helmet ensemble. He
waves his arms and stumbles around playing a video game.
Along one wall is a picture window overlooking
present day Tokyo on a speedball. Lifelike, three dimensional
holograms take the place of billboards. Blacked out police
helicopters patrol the skyline.
David pulls off the helmet and one of the gloves. He uses the free
hand to tap a button on a small black box, presumably the game
console. A large holographic screen image is suddenly projected
onto the air. It presents the coding for the game.
David uses the gloved hand to manipulate the holographic image
like a touchscreen. He types unintelligible code onto thin airswipes screens- types-- then spins and takes the shot glass off
the night stand.
Downs it on his way over to the digital touchscreen on the hotel
room wall. The screen says he has one message. He checks it and
the image of a smiling Japanese business man pops up: a recording

The image smiles bigger and leans closer to the camera

like hes about to tell a secret.
Impress us tomorrow and youll own


that damned hotel you never want

to come out of.
A wink and the image raises a hand to sign off.
(to no one)
He taps the touchscreen again and brings up the room
service menu-After ordering he taps it again and the window
overlooking the city is replaced by a television image.
The screen plays a news broadcast in English.
More protests ending in violence
and deaths today as members of the
Private Citizens terrorist
organization allegedly threw tear
gas and opened fire on government
police during what was billed as a
peaceful demonstration.
Donald turns away from it with a familiar annoyance and
begins typing on the holographic monitor screen again. He
reaches over absently and pours another shot.
The anchor continues in the background as David works.
The UN is meeting Thursday to
address the ongoing conflict
between various government police
and the members of the
international militant group
Private Citizens, or PC for short.
While Private Citizens was founded
in 2015 and operated peacefully
for years the recent violence
which many say is escalating
towards a fourth World War are
fueled by the groups complaints
over the inception of the
controversial Handshake system,
a software network that uses super


high powered satellites to oversee

all digital information and
communications including cell
phones, personal computers,
traffic and surveillance cameras
as well as the internet. While the
world government submits that the
very nature of Handshake as a
completely self reliant, yet nonpersonal operating system
maintains individual privacy,
members of the PCs say the
system is not only a blatant
affront to civil rights but serves
as trojan horse for the government
to further manipulate the World
Banking System and carry out
covert noninvasive campaigns on
anything they deem worthy.
David is broken from his work by a knock at his room
door. He tosses his glove and helmet and heads anxiously
to get his room service.
The Handshake system was
implemented five years ago after
the system attack of the UN
conference in 2016David opens the door and sees a pretty but plainly
dressed young woman, Agatha late 20s, staring at him
blankly. Looks her up and down
Uhh, unless youve got a creme
brulee hiding somewhere youve got
the wrong room.
She eyes the glove on his hand.
I need your help.
Donald smirks dryly.
I dont have any credits, Sis. And


Im gay.
He closes the door and turns to go back to work. Then he
thinks again and goes to the screen on the wall.
He changes to the surveillance image of the girl standing
outside his door. She stares at him through the lens.
She holds up the card key outside his door. Davids mouth
drops in shock just before he hears the lock on his room
door click.
What the fuckThe girl steps in and closes the door behind her.
Howd you get that?
She plops down on the bed.
I re-encrypted the door code
And howd you do that?
It was eGIRL
Donald looks sufficiently spooked.


Ok what do you want from me? and

who are you- Are you a hooker. I
soo hope youre a hooker. Ive got
room service coming already, ya
She gives him a stale expression.
Ok, the guessing game. Are you
with the government? The PCs?-Wait youre not my daughter are
you? BecaueGIRL
I need you to shut up.
And Donald does.
He stops working again and creeps over to the window,
whilst keeping his eyes on her. He steps beside the
window shade/tv screen and cautiously peeps behind the
When hes satisfied he looks back at her.
Im not with anyone-- And if I
was, youd probably be dead or-whatever already.
Donald seems to accept this and he starts to calm down a
little but he stays near the window. The girl looks
around at the hologram screen and the helmet.
She lifts it and turns it towards her face; staring into
its black eyeholes. Then up at him.
Youre him arent you?
Donald turns from the window finally and looks at her. He
looks into her eyes for the first time.


(complete conviction)
A smile flashes in her eyes that doesnt reach the rest
of her face. She tosses the helmet to the side and gets
up off the bed.
Weve gotta go then.
Theyre after me.
She heads for the door and he follows.
After you? Theyre after you? Who?
Then stops
Wait. What?
She stops with her back turned and her hand on the door
We have to go now.
Donald gets it.
Okay. Hold on.


He rips open the small room closet and starts sifting

through bags.
Got it! Got it!
He turns holding up a small black cell phone
triumphantly. She frowns and turns to go.

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