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Bullying can includes the following points:
it is deliberately hurtful behaviour
it is repeated often over a period of time
it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves
Bullying can take many forms but the main types are
physical hitting, kicking, taking belongings
threatening looks, verbal name calling, insulting comments, racist remarks
spreading nasty stories about someone, excluding someone from social groups
We aim to provide a supportive and caring school environment where all children feel safe and
know that bullying is totally unacceptable and that any reports of bullying will be dealt with
To ensure that all children and staff know what is meant by bullying
Assemblies, social and moral education, circle time, role play and drama provide ways of making
children aware of what bullying is. Themes such as friendship, conflict, power and trust can be
used to deal with this issue. Displays of artwork and writing can promote aspects of the policy.
To make every effort to supervise children carefully
All staff need to make sure they are on duty on time and back in the classrooms on time.
The cloakrooms and toilets should be closely monitored.
All staff need to be alert to possible bullying both in the playground and in school.
All staff should be made aware at the earliest possible opportunity (no later than the following
morning briefing) that a bullying incident has occurred.
To develop children's ability to challenge bullying behaviour
We aim to give the children some strategies to use when dealing with 'bullying situations'. All staff
need to provide opportunites to rehearse how to deal with bullying - eg. role play, circle time and
Through the use of these strategies, children will have the confidence to:
make assertive statements e.g. "Please go away"
Anti-Bullying Policy
Bedlington Station First School

respond to name calling e.g. "I would prefer you to call me by my correct name"
be able to leave a bullying situation
be able to tell someone.

To promote school values which foster co-operative behaviour and reject bullying
All staff create an ethos where everyone is valued within school.
We actively promote the school rules at all times.
We recognise successes in both academic work and behaviour with certificates, stickers,
achievement assemblies etc. (see Code of Conduct for additional information).
We encourage our older children to share responsibility for making our school a happy
environment through the Buddy System.
To encourage children to tell staff they are bullied
When a child reports a bullying incident the following steps must be taken.
informed adult to have an initial discussion with child to ascertain the nature of the incident
when a bullying incident is identified (see definition) the incident is reported to the Head
Teacher and it will be recorded in a log.
parents of children involved are informed and invited to discuss the matter.
sanctions will be taken against the bully in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Anti-Bullying Policy
Bedlington Station First School