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Lombardo and Mollie Lang,) Philip Malone (brother Easter Sunday: Acts 10:34a, 37-43; Colossians ”Extra Helpings” for April
of Nell Ball), Robert Shaye (son of Christine 3:1-4; John 20:1-18++ The “Extra Helpings” flyer for April is on the high
Schade.) Next Weekend table in the church foyer. Your order and payment are
From the Desk of Sister Natalie---
Acts 5:12-16; Revelation1:9-11a, 12-13, 17-19; due no later than Thurs., Apr. 8 and delivery is
as well as our sick & homebound sisters & brothers: John 20:19-31 scheduled for Thurs., Apr. 29.
Dear Friends, Kevin Bagley, Bill Balfe, Nora Bermudez, Carol
It is the time of new beginnings. Branch, Jane Buchanan, Richard Burke, Arline Proclaimers/Petitioners/Servers/Presider/Homilist Wish List
Easter comes as the breath of spring tints Burton, Anne Bush, Lona Campbell, Nick Cavaleri, This weekend: Judi and I will be working with Amy Loehndorf, who is
the air with freshness and the hope of lovely Ann Clifford, Don Clifford, Valerie Clifford, Rose Easter Vigil 8 p.m. part of Americorps VISTA Fellows Program, in creat-
green sprouts peeking through the soil. It Connolly, Patricia Crawford, Nancy Dillon, Fran Phil Restifo, Bill Quackenbush, Carol Coogan, J. B. ing a space in our Center's waiting area for children, so
Donahue, John Doud, Dorothy Edwards, Margaret Horgan, Alice Kolb/TBD/John Lanese/John Lanese that when parent's come in with their children they
engenders hope in our hearts as we marvel at
Fox, Ted Fritsch, Bob Furman, Robert Gilberti, Easter Sunday, 10:00 a.m.: will have a space to sit and have some quality time.
the miracle of Christ’s resurrection. This year
Howard Glasser, Sarah Grover, Nancy Hayden, Bob Killar, Kathleen Balfe, Ralph Balfoort/Kyra For this space we are looking for: coloring books, story
we celebrate new beginnings and new growth in Mary Heil, Jim Holloway, Mary Ellen Holm, Mickey Malamood/Megan Malamood/John Lanese/John books and puzzles. Garage sales will be soon beginning
a very special way as we look forward to the Horgan, Shirley Hunter, Sr. Michael Jones, Sr. Next Weekend:
Lanese so if you could keep your eyes open for some gently
merger as the new St. Francis of Assisi Par- Maureen Joyce RSM, Peter Kirwin, William Maxwell, Vigil 4 p.m. used items for this space we would greatly appreciate
ish. Like the disciples at the resurrection, we Rita McCaffrey, Gordon McWilliams, Barbara Mur- Lucille Williams, Vera Hall, Bill Quackenbush/Bill it. --- Barbara
are not at all sure of what this new reality phy, Nathan Natale, Dakota Neese, Peg O’Brien, Wohlleber/John Lanese/John Lanese
will mean. I have picked up some heaviness Helen Purcell, Pat Renzi, James Reynolds, Mary The Lord’s Day, 10 a.m. 16th Annual Community Auction to Support
Jane Rice, Kathleen Rosch, Jim Ryan, Kim Salmon, Marie Maxwell, Sue Clarke, Joe Lapinski/Matthew
and fear in parish members as they contem- Food Pantries of the Capital District, Inc.
Sr. Catherine Schuyler, CSJ, Margaret Siary, Clarke/Kerry George
plate this new beginning and I wonder what The 16th Annual Community Auction to support Food
Naomi Simcoe, Margie Smith, Avery Toole, Sharon
Christ would say to us at such a time. Proba- Pantries of the Capital District, Inc. will be held on
Vergura, Debbie Williams, and all those remembered This week’s breadbaker is Mary Briggs. Our bread-
bly, the first thing he would say is, “Fear Sat., Apr. 24, from 12:00-3:00 p.m. at Christ Our
on our Prayer Chain. baker for next weekend is Jack Brilling.
Light Catholic Church, 1 Maria Drive, Loudonville. Why
not. for I am with you always.” And then he
not continue the fun that day and after coming to the
might ask us why we are so fearful about this Also, our loved ones who have completed their earthly
The “Little White Books” for the Easter Season are Spring Run Off head over to the auction for more fun!
change in our lives. “I came that you may sojourn, especially those who have recently died: An-
now available on the credenza in the Ann Lawlor foyer.
have abundant life and I came to make all gelina Mosca, all others who we hold dear, especially:
Please take one per family until we know if we have Annual Friends Appeal
Austin Roberts, Ann Fox, William Fox, Frances
things new.” I think Christ would want us to enough. As the end of the almsgiving season of Lent draws
Moran, Pearl and Tony Forezzi
look forward with a positive attitude about near, so does our 2010 Friends Appeal. As we are
the future of our new parish. We can make it and, those individuals who were victims of violence and SERVICE significantly short of our goal we ask that you again
what we wish it to be as long as we don’t give help us serve the poor in Albany's South End. Please
war from from Mar. 21 to 27:
up. Without change, there is only death so, take the appeal letter out of your saved mail and re-
--108 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed. Happy Easter
turn it. If you did not receive the letter, or misplaced
let’s choose life as a new parish community -- 7 of our brothers were killed in Afghanistan: Judi and I wish each and every one of you a blessed
it, please send your donation to:
and allow our hearts to be filled with the Sgt Carlos Santos-Silva 312 Clarksville IN, Cpl and happy Easter. Many thanks and blessings for all
St. John's/St. Ann's Center,
promise of Easter. Justin Wilson 24 Palm City FL, Sgt Steven Camp- you do for our neighbors. -- Barbara
88 Fourth Ave.,
bell 30 England, Sgt Robert Cottle 45 Whittier
Albany, NY 12202.
CA, Cpl Rick Centanni 19 Yorba Linda CA, Cpl Welcome Table
PRAYER AND WORSHIP Thank you on behalf of the people we serve.
Jacob Ross 19 Gillette WY, Cpl Jonathan Wood- On Tues., Apr. 6 the Welcome Table will be hosted
gate 27 England by Christ the King. On Sat., Apr. 10 it will be
We continue to pray for the safe return of all of those -- 220 Afghanis and Pakistanis were killed. Spring Run-Off Meeting
hosted by Christ Our Light.
serving in the military, and their families, especially: --The next meetings for Run-Off volunteers are
Richard J. Bailey (grandson of Helen Bailey), Vin- Scripture Readings scheduled for Apr. 6 and Apr. 13, both at 6:30 p.m.
Food Pantry
cent Catalano (grandson of Ellen Catalano), Matthew This Weekend in Zacchaeus’ River Room
We need: reusable grocery bags, dish detergent, laun-
Digeser (son of Nancy and Hank Digeser), Glenn Easter Vigil: Genesis 1:1-2:2; Exodus 14:15-31; --HELP! The Spring Run-Off is in serious need of at
dry detergent, toilet paper, toothpaste and soap.
Gottschalk (son of Peter & Casey Gottschalk), Dan Isaiah 55:1-11; Philippians least 6 shade canopies for use on Race day. Do you
Please remember to pick up a list on the high table of
Hotaling, Joseph Lombardo (nephew of Ann have one we can borrow?
items we always use. Thank you.
--Also, we need dessert bakers for the Pasta Dinner, Irish Night – Sat., April 17 PARISH LIFE DIRECTOR
Fri., Apr. 23, and for Race Day, Sat., Apr. 24. Look forward to “Irish Night” on Sat., Apr. 17 in Sr. Natalie Runfola, rscj #15
Cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. are gladly ac- Zacchaeus’ River Room, after the 4 p.m. liturgy. Emergencies only: cell # 1-917-364-6905
cepted! Please see sign-up sheets for these requests The doors open at 5:00 p.m. Adults $20, Age 7-
on the high table in the church foyer. Bless you! 16 $10, Age 6 and under-Free. Corned beef din-
-- Mary George ner includes beer, wine, soda and ENTERTAIN-
MENT!! Come join us for an evening of Irish de-
Parish Staff (Office: 472-9091+Ext.)
ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE light! Tickets on sale now after Masses. Ann Marie Carswell – Pastoral Associate,
Faith Formation #17
The Parish Budget Spring Enrichment Michael Conti - Cemetery Superintendent
Our “target” for our weekly offertory collection is The 37th Annual “Spring Enrichment” program of the 465-3970
$3,770. The following was received on Mar. 27/28: Albany Roman Catholic Diocese is scheduled from Patricia Holm – Pastoral Associate,
Offertory $3,403 Mon., May 10 to Thurs., May 13 at The College of Administration #16
Building Maintenance $108 St. Rose. You can find a complete conference
Lauren Lomanto - Music Director
schedule on the bulletin board in the church foyer
Barbara Quinn - Outreach Dir. #14
or download from the diocese’s website:
Weston Retreat Fees Judith Doody - Asst. to Outreach Registration by Apr. 21 affords you
If you haven’t yet paid for your retreat, please make
a discounted fee, $10 per session. After that date Dir. #10
your check payable to: St. John’s /St. Ann’s and either
the session cost is $12. Furniture Program #12
mail it to me or put it in an envelope in the collection
WELCOMES ALL! Konstantin Tsykun – Musician
basket with my name on it. Thanks. -- Pat
CALENDAR We’ve been celebrating and serving
The parish offices will be closed on Easter Monday, in the South End since 1837 John D. Kirwin, Pastor Emeritus
Tues., Apr. 6 11:30 a.m. the Welcome Table 88 Fourth Avenue, Albany, New York 12202 PASTORAL COUNCIL
Siena College’s 23rd Annual Lecture Series will be hosted by Christ the King 472-9091, Fax 427-5983 Ann Marie Carswell, Ellen Catalano, Michael Clarke,
The King Lecture Series on Race and Nonviolent parish 463-3429 Parish House Co-Chair, Michael Conti, Bruce Doud, Leo Hetling,
Social Change at Siena College presents Charles J. 6:30 p.m. Spring Run-Off meet- Wayne Higdon, Patricia Holm, Sec., Millie Holmes,
Ogletree, J.D. on Wed., Apr. 7 at 7 p.m. in the ing Alice Kolb, Barbara Quinn, Nicole Robilotto, Co-
Alumni Recreation Center. The topic is “From Dr. Wed., Apr. 7 7 p.m. Finance Committee
SERVICES/CELEBRATIONS Chair, Sr. Natalie Runfola, rscj, Christine Schade,
King’s Dream to President Obama’s Mission: Race Thurs., Apr. 8 7 p.m. Transition Team meeting Ken Umina, Dale Walts
Matters.” The lecture is free. Please see the bulle- at St. James Masses (Eucharist)
tin board for details. Sat., Apr. 10 11:30 a.m. Welcome Table Saturday Vigil 4 p.m.
hosted by Christ Our Light The Lord's Day 10:00 a.m.
Bruce Doud & Nicole Robilotto
The Students of the RPI Newman Music Min- Christian Initiation of Adults & Infants
istry SAVE THE DATE and Marriage
The Students of the RPI Newman Music Ministry
Sun., Apr. 11 RPI Newman Concert Please inquire of Sr. Natalie Runfola, rscj.
Gary Johnson
will be in concert on Sun., Apr., 11, 2:00 p.m. at @ St. John/St. Ann Reconciliation / Penance
St. John's/ St. Ann's. This concert will journey Mon., Apr. 12 Pastoral Council Individual celebration any time by appointment.
through the church’s calendar with unique harmony Tues., Apr. 13 Spring Run-Off meeting The community celebrates semi-annually
04 APRIL 2010
and an incredible blend that has touched many in P B & J meeting During Advent & Lent. EASTER SUNDAY
the RPI community. Please be sure to invite your Wed., Apr. 14 Cluster Finance Committee meet- Anointing of the Sick
friends and let them know about this moving and ing at St. James Individual celebrations by appointment. We celebrate
inspirational program of sacred and contemporary Sat., Apr. 17 “Irish Night” Please turn off all mechanical devices and dispose of
semi-annually during Easter & Ordinary Time.
music! Sat., Apr. 24 “SPRING RUN-OFF” chewing gum before you enter the worship space.
Sun., May 2 First Holy Communion Thank you.