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University of La Salette

Master of Arts in Nursing

Santiago City, Philippines

Take Home Exam in Principles and Concepts in Nursing

1. Interview your nursing leader in school or hospital where you

are working and create questions to come up on how she or he
uses the principles of management.

Questions and Answers during the Interview:

1.1As a nursing leader do you follow certain plan on managing your


Yes. Actually it is difficult to manage subordinates if you are not using

any plan. It is the blue print of what you want to achieve. So you will never
get lost in the management process when you have it. These principles serve
as guidelines for decisions and actions of managers like me.

1.2Do you agree that every organization should use management principles
to achieve its goals and objectives? Why do you say so?

Of course! I believe that every organization should use management

principles, because these principles are already the accepted professed rule
of action. They are already proven to give a positive impact in an
organization. They are derived through observation and analysis of events which managers
have to face in practice. To prove this, we are also using these principles not
only to achieve our goals but also to initiate and aid the processes of change,
organization, decision making, skill management and the overall view of the
management function.

1.3From the Principles of Management what your top 3 favorite principles

and why?
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My top 3 favorites are Unity of Command, Division of Work, and
Remuneration. Subordinate should follow only one superior, so that
employees are not confused who should be followed. The division of work, so
that no single employee should do all the work by themselves alone, it shows
that workers are treated just and impartial in the workplace. Teamwork is
also observed with these principles. Remuneration is one of the most
important principles, because employees are working not for free but to be
compensated, it serves as a fuel for workers to perform well in the work area.
Thus, workers must be paid sufficiently as this is a chief motivation of
employees and therefore greatly influences productivity.

1.4Do these principles of management help you a lot? In what ways?

Yes. These principles really help a manager especially in the nursing

profession like me in different and many ways such as to organize
subordinates, to plan and forecast, to command, to control and also to
coordinate and lead.

2. What do you think is the theory of management he or she uses

to manage his or her staff?

In order for an organization to survive, succeed and reach its goals, it

should be guided with management theories. I believe that the chief nurse of
Cauayan District Hospital is using Situational Management theory or the
Contingency Management Theory. This theory implies the use of any theories
of management according to its need. With his theory, there’s no one best
management theory, it means that all theories are important based on the
present situation. Therefore, several theories determine the functions and
problem solving techniques in the organization.

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