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Service Procurement: Using Formulas To Calculate Service Quantity

In this document I am going to explain about using formula's in Service procurement for
calculating the ordered quantity of a service.
Ex: You made an agreement with vendor for painting or flooring of tiles in your building at
Rs.200 Per Sq.Meter. In this example if You enter length and breadth then SAP will calculate the
total area and thereby ordered quantity is determined.
In order to achieve this follow the below configuration steps.
Step 1. Define Formulas:
Goto SPRO > MM > External Service Management > Formulas for Quantity determination >
Define Formulas.

Here Click on New Entries and create formula as shown below for calculation of area.

AREAFORMUL -- is a key to identify the formula
L & B are parameters for entering Length and Breadth
M2 is unit of measure of the formula result i.e., for Area SQ.Meter

Step2. Specify Names of Formula variables:

In this step you will define or name the parameters in the formula.

Here click on new entries and select your formula and define each variable by giving unit of
measure and description.

Now you have done with the configuration part.

To test the above Follow below steps
1. Create Service master in Transaction code 'AC03' and in Basic Data section select your
formula as shown below.

2. Create Service PO and enter your service master number in the item detail level. The quantity
field is in display mode. So to enter the ordered service quantity scroll to the right in detail and
enter the values for variables as shown below. Here the variable names will not be displayed and
shown as Form.Val1, Form.Value2 etc.

The Values for these variables can also be entered at formula tab at detail screen of the service
line item as shown below.

Observe that ordered quantity is calculated as per the formula.

If you want to carryout service based invoice verification then select the same in invoice tab.
3. Create Service entry sheet against PO in transaction ML81N and adopt the services from PO
by clicking service selection. Now if you want to change the service quantity goto formula tab at
service line item details.

4. Carryout the invoice verification in transaction MIRO for the services rendered by vendor.

Note: The above scenario has been done in SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp4. If You are working on below
versions of SAP, then formula tab will not appear in Service entry sheet line item details and
Error message SE252 will come as shown below.

To Solve the above issue follow the steps as shown below.

Go to Transaction ML90 and click on ENTRY as shown below

Below screen appears. Now click on additional data as shown.

In the pop-up select the optional radio button for 'FORMULA NUMBER' field which is hidden.

Now observe the formula tab appearing in Service entry sheet ML81N as shown below.