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Duration : 60 minutes
1. Girl, 8 years old, sneezing and itchy nose, almost happens every morning.
Her mother found out that she snores during sleep
a. Another 5 symptoms?
b. 6 clinical findings?
c. 2 possible diagnosis?
d. 4 diagnostic tools
2. Male, 50 years old, recurrent stomatitis in the 1/3 anterior part of the tounge
since 3 months ago. The lesion is occasionally bleeding and he found a lump
in his right neck.
a. What is the possible cause of the condition?
b. Is there any correlation between tounge lesion and the lump?
c. Plan for this patient?
d. Possible treatment?
3. Female, 30 year old, hearing impairment since 1 months ago after prolonged
common cold. ENT examinations : AD TM dull, light reflex negative, intact.
AS normal
a. Possible diagnosis?
b. Characteristics of hearing impairment?
c. Pathogenesis of the disease?
d. Tuning fork test result?
e. Draw the audiogram
4. Female, 30 years old. Complaints of right ear otalgia after cleansing the ear 2
days ago.
a. 4 possible diagnoses
b. Anamnesis and ENT examinations expected
c. Treatment/management for this patient


25 written questions, 3 skills, 5 breaks. 1 station @ 2 minutes

1. Laki-laki 16 tahun, riwayat keluar cairan berulang pada telinga kanan 1 thn
lalu. Sekarang mulut mencong ke kanan. Pemeriksaan radiologi yang akan
dikerjakan? Hasilnya? WD?
2. Gambar laring + vocal cord. Pasien batuk, sesuatu yg mengganjal di leher,
riwayat gastritis, sore throat. WD? Anamnesis tambahan? Management?
3. Gambar Dix Hallpike maneuver. Aim of this examination?
4. Gambar tympanogram. Type of tympanogram? (B type) possible condition
causing this type of tympanogram?
5. Gambar cricothyroidotomy dan tracheostomy. Pada keadaan apa dilakukan?
6. Anak iritatif, otalgia, history of common cold 4 days ago, demam. WD? Stages
of OMA? Management?
7. Gambar daun telinga. Pseudocyst. Management?
8. Gambar liang telinga, jamuran. Describe the otoscopy findings! Pathogenesis
of pH changes? WD?
9. Mention the 3 semicircular canal and the balance examinations
10.Gambar tympanogram. Type? (C type). Possible condition causing this type?
11.Letak gelombang I-V BERA? 3 jenis BERA?
12.Gambar MT, air bubble. Describe the otoscopy findings. WD? Management? 2
other examinations?
13.Gambar telinga + pipa Grommet. Pada keadaan apa dipasang Grommet?
14.Male, 50 yo, bleeding from the nose. History of HT. management of this
patient as emergency case?
15.Gambar pleksus Kiesselbach. Sebutkan nama arteri yg membentuk pleksus
16.Male, teenager, obstructed nose since 1 year ago. Recurrent epistaxis. WD?
DD?anamnesis to differentiate between WD and DD?
17.Gambar foto rontgen dari lateral sumpah burem banget. Name of the organ
pointed by the arrow? Adenoid. Mention the complication if this organ is
18.Male, 50 yo. Sudden hearing loss since 2 days ago. Tinnitus (+) vertigo (+).
History of DM and HT. WD? Tuning fork result?
19.Gambar audiogram. Mixed hearing loss. Ambang dengar brp dB? Derajat
20.4 pemeriksaan audiologi utk bayi. Kapan sebaiknya dilakukan?
21.Foto waters position. Describe the radiologic findings! WD? Intinya chronic
22.Gambar deviasi septum. Jenis deviasi? Komplikasi? Management?
23.Foto hidung, riwayat tertampar bola. Saddle nose lah. Ada gambar rinoskopi
anteriornya. Yang ditanya deskripsi kelainan sama komplikasi jika tidak
direposisi segera.
24.Gambar anak gosok2 hidung. Nama tanda? PP? WD?
25.Gambar tonsillitis lakunaris. Deskripsi kelainan, ukuran tonsil.
Skill : penala, pf telinga, pemasangan tampon anterior.